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Harley, The Lost Kitty

Meet Harley, a little black and white kitty we found late one night on our way home.

We spotted this little two pound bugger, just in time before we ran him over!

He was looking right into our headlights with these big, hopeful eyes.

When we picked him up, he was purring as loud as my truck!

We drove him to our house and quickly gave him some tuna and water.

He gobbled both up in a heartbeat!

We then took on the task of giving him a bath to rid him of the hundreds of flea's that were eating him alive.

He was such a sweet little thing!

He didn't like the bath or us picking off the flea's, but he sure did smell and look pretty after he was all toweled dry!

Needless to say, our hands and arms were covered in claw marks!

He kept us up all night.

He constantly cried and wanted to get up on my neck to cuddle.

He seemed scared and very tired, but finally fell asleep.

The next day, we took him to the vet where he was diagnosed with a bad case of heart worms.

A few weeks later, he got a clean bill of health, gained weight, and had captured our hearts.

He was now ready for his new home with my daughter and son-n-law.

He is now officially called Harley Davidson Isenberg. (Named for his loud motor and cute goatee)

We feel blessed to have found him.

His favorite place is to sit up high on his perch and look out the window.

Thank you Harley for giving us so much joy!

Our families will continue to help all homeless animals.

They ask so little, but give so much.

We love you Harley!

The Sanders & Isenberg Families
Deland, FL


My mom and I were going to her house one day when her truck broke down. When we pulled off the road, we heard what sounded like a kitty. As we were working on the truck, this pretty little calico came out from behind the hedges and went straight to me. Scared she would get on the highway, I put her in the truck for her safety. She went to the drivers seat, stood with her front paws on the steering wheel and said "Meow", as if she were saying "Let's go." On a whim, I tried starting the truck and it started right up as if nothing had ever been wrong. Then I got a good look at the kitty - she was severely emaciated and had a wound on her back with two puncture wounds. It took me all of 2 seconds to decide to take her with me. I was unemployed at the time, having just relocated back home to be close to my parents. One and half hours later, the phone rang and I got an interview. I've been at my job for over a year now and love it. Jynx is my good luck charm.

Constance Mills
Montevallo, AL

Quiet Best Friends

Our eyes met across a large roomful of cages at the SPCA in 1999, and it was love at first sight. Buddy was about 3 months old, a long-haired tiger, Maine Coon mix, who had no voice. He does have a heart of gold though, and is an intelligent, gentle and loving kitty. I will never know why he has no voice, but in November of 2007 I had throat surgery, and lost most of my voice, too. We whisper to each other and it is quite good enough.

Cheryl Kane
Greene, NY

Finally Got My Pony

All girls want a pony at some stage in their life. I took my kitty boy, Puck, to the vet on my way out of town and saw a little beauty in the window. When I asked her name, the staff said, "Pony...she's been waiting for you." I laughed and said, "Nope...she's very cute, but I can't." They said she'd been left with $100 on an account because the owners could only have 2 cats in the apartment, and Pony lost the draw. Three weeks later, on an impulse, I called to see what happened to Pony, and they said, "She's still waiting for you." I've had her ever since. She's skitterish around strangers but a sweetheart with those she's an honor when she agrees to have you for a friend because she'll adore you in return.

Cathy Talbert
Falls Church, VA

Jessie Girl

Jessie was found by an animal rescue shelter wondering the streets somewhere in PA. She was only two or three months old at the time. For over seven years now she has been my best friend and companion. Jess is extremely intelligent. She will respond to most everything you say to her! She has a basket full of toys (about 25 or so) and knows most all of them by name! Although she's endured two knee surgeries, I'm happy to say she is still very active and loves to play!

Jarrettsville, MD

Precious Penuche

In November of 08' I was laid off from my job. My beautiful Tortie Autumn had been sick for months and in December of 08' she was diagnosed with bone cancer and was hours away from death, so I made the decision to end her suffering. I knew as she slipped away, I wanted to get another cat, but my husband wanted to wait a few months. A week went by and my husband also lost his job. We thought about waiting to adopt a cat until we were in a more secure financial situation, but every time we saw just one kitty face instead of two it made us sad. Our family was incomplete.

In the beginning, my husband wanted a kitten, but I wasn't set on any age though I did prefer a female and she had to be very cute and sweet.

We went to some of the cat adoption clinics at Petsmart and Centinela Feed, but the ones we liked weren't up to be adopted as singles. None of the others really seemed a good fit for our situation.

A friend suggested we look at the animal shelter where they had found their patched tabby Pisco. We went by and looked at the cats, most were older, some were sick with colds, and there were no kittens. The youngest cat was a year old, but she was beautiful. Her color, blue cream is blue cream. She wasn't up for adoption, so we came back on January 2nd. She was very afraid of the barking dogs which could be heard in the play room, but I knew she was the one. They had called her Echo, but we named her Penuche, which is a kind of fudge made with brown sugar and milk, because she's so sweet.

Culver City, CA

Peanut and Nettie

Hi Animal lovers,

I rescued my little woman Nettie (bottom left in the picture) from a kill shelter through She had heartworms but is heartworm free now. She and her big brother Peanut are such little lovers. They are both my children. They fill my life with so much love. They are mistaken for brother and sister because of their similiar looks. Mister Peanut was so sweet when Nettie came home to us but he has learned to become even more cuddly since Miss Nettie came into both our lives. Please Adopt from animal rescue shelters and let's make sure they will all find a loving home.

Thanks, Lori from Florida

Tampa, FL

Bubba Rescued and Lives at Our House!

15 years ago I went to the Shelby County AL Humane Society with a goal to adopt 2 kittens. I found a fuzzy female but couldn't find a male. On the way out, I happened to glance in a corner cage and there he was...a tiny black and white kitten. The Humane Society helpers said he was less than 6 weeks old and had been dumped outside the shelter. They didn't think he would live, but look at him now! At first we named him BB for Busy Boy because he was so active, but he quickly became BubBa because he is so big and loving.

Ginger Talbert
Birmingham, AL

Princessita Missy

Missy is my little Silver/white Princess. She was owned by the neighbors next door who could not keep her. She was bedraggled, thin and had bloody gums, but her owners never got around to taking her to the Vet. One day I catnapped her and I took her to the vet. Then they allowed me to have her.

THAT was my LUCKY day. Much money later and no teeth, Missy is the most courageous, most loving tiny girl EVER. She has her own bed by a space heater, goes out back to sun herself and climbs the ladder to check over her property. She takes care of her "boys" (her brothers) and gives me so much love that she makes me feel like the luckiest person in the world. I am truly HONORED to be her person, and I love her MORE than I can ever begin to say!

Heidi Helene Christensen
Modesto, CA

God Sent Him

We live in the wood and he came along almost 3 years ago. At the time we had two older cats and our vet bills were outragous. So my husband tried to trap him but for some reason the trap didn't work. Were weren't going to keep him so I called him the Little One. See how well that worked out he's still here. So I just kept feeding him and got him a dog house which was defective had a replacement and I called an Organization called Stray Cat Blues( they handle strays and feral cats ) and gave the house to them. I told the guy that I didn't know what I was going to do since we had two older cats that were costing a fortune every month he asked if I could afford $50.00 which I agreed . So now I had to trap a cat that just started to trust me (he hates people and still does) and I had just lost the" love of my life "( he was sixteen) the week before which looked just like this one. Now by this time he weighed 12lbs and I called him Little One. Everyone told me that he wouldn't come back for at least two days if not longer. The next morning at 5:45AM I called him and he came running and rubbing right against me. I say God sent him to me help me get thru putting my baby down. Which he did help I still had another boy quite old (17) and had so many things wrong with him I almost became a tech. I just lost him almost 9 months so now Spunky is the only one I have that's what I named him. He now weighs 14.2lbs.

Green Lane, PA
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