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Dutches the baby alligator

Today, the story of Dutches, a baby alligator touched my heart. Dutches is a rescue alligator and she cannot eat due to a stone lodged in her tummy. She has not eaten in a long time and without expensive surgery she will not live. Please see and read about Dutches here and help if you can:

Clarence, NY

Spark Day hits the big time!

In 2010 a holiday was created that was inspired by a rescue dog who had much pluck and stamina. At what was surely to be his end, he was rescued by Wetzel County Animal Shelter in New Martinsville, WV and given the name Sparky because the Spark of Life was still present in him; he had not given up. His endurance and kind, appreciative nature inspired a holiday wherein those celebrating do life affirming things to add more kindness and beauty to the world and their communities. Each year Sparky's person would make up little seed packets of Sparky Marigolds mixed with pollinator supporting mixed wildflowers to send to the people who wanted to share in this holiday. Over the years Spark Day has spread like seeds on the wind and has grown. Last year people in 19 states and three European countries celebrated! It spread so much that the company who carries the Sparky Marigold Mix decided to get involved -- and now they have a special SPARK DAY SEED PACKET available to anyone who wants to join in the celebration and plant beautiful flowers that last and last -- like Sparky! American Meadows has the story of Spark Day on their site and surely this means that the message of Spark Day, animal rescue, and compassionate caring will reach many, many more people this year and in the future. Spark Day has hit the big time! And it was all inspired by a little old down on his luck dog. :)

Michele Krause
Huntington, NY

Marley's Fight for Her Life

Marley is our 2 year old rescue from Mexico. She found us when she was 6 weeks old. She was very sick and alone. The moment we saw her it was love at first sight. We treated all of her issues, brought her back up to Canada and she was a happy healthy pup up until a few weeks ago.

Marley very suddenly lost all strength on the right side of her body and lost the ability to stand or walk. Over the next week with the help of many specialists we tested for everything possible. MRI's and CT scans showed a mass in her upper sinus crossing into her brain cavity, so cancer seemed likely. The swelling was putting too much pressure on her brain which was causing the majority of her symptoms. The CTscan also showed a gap between the sinus and brain that should have been sealed. She underwent emergency surgery to remove what we now know was a giant abscess. It appeared that Marley had been hit quite severely in the head at quite a young age which caused the abnormality in her skull and allowed an infection to cross over into her brain. It breaks my heart to think that this could have been done on purpose (it is not uncommon in this area for people to dispose of a litter).

Finally thinking that we were done, we brought Marley home to heal from her operation and started her on antibiotics to take care of the rest of the infection. Culture samples were sent off to show exactly what started the infection. The results came back 2 days ago and were not what anyone expected. It turns out that she has an uncommon fugal infection. Due to the lack of barrier between her sinus and brain it was able to spread causing an extremely rare central nervous system infection.

Marley needs many different medications as we fight this infection in her brain. She can fight this. But we need help. Her vet bills have reached $16,000 and she still requires more more treatment.

Calgary, AB, Canada


Sharing the story of Rocky the best Rottweiler in the whole world, he wasn't a rescue but a rescuer he was. I was privileged to have been the owner of his dad and brought Rocky home from his momma when he was six weeks old. He looked just like his daddy. He was the most loving, kindest, and loyal furry friend. He always knew when to give you a kiss, when to play and when to lay his head on your lap for comfort and was the most obedient dog to all his commands. On April 3, 2017 after 12 awesome years I was privileged to sadly;-( take Rocky home again and walked him to the Rainbow Bridge. I miss him greatly.

Lauretta Gutierrez
Denver, CO

Unexpected Furry Friend

I was a dog person. I was in the pet store and would talk to the cats, checking out their names. She was poised with her back up, feet tucked under her and chin down. She looked all black. When I said “Hello Heineken” she scooted to the frame of the cage. I did not realize in that moment that she stole my heart and would be mine. The next thing I knew, I was asking to hold her. I went home and told my girls about the tuxedo cat. They were excited, but one of them had been allergic when she was younger. The pet store closed in 15 minutes. They hopped in the car and went to the store, holding her to assure that an allergy was no longer a concern.

I submitted an application to the Humane Society and was approved. She came home the following weekend. She was 1-1/2 then, and I had 17 precious years with her. I had to say goodbye this past Thanksgiving. She changed me into a cat person, leading to 3 more kitties coming home with me over those years. I thank God for giving me these precious gifts and the privilege of caring for them. They are my furever friends!

I miss you every day Heineken. Half of my heart is with you.

Terri Pierce
Kentwood, MI

My Adoption Story

My story is more of my dog's story. When she and her family were left on the side of the road, a nice family found them and raised them in their house until they were about 1. Then, they were taken to Paws & Hooves Animal Shelter in Oklahoma. Chloe, my dog, was only there for about 10 days. I am glad that we have a dog, especially a shelter dog. I have always liked mutts better anyway! Now every year we celebrate her birthday, April 10(the day she was brought to the shelter)! I hope to be a volunteer at an Animal Shelter when I grow up. I love helping animals like my dog!

51250, IA

Hobbit a dog in cat fur

Hobbit, a polydactyl Maine Coon, was my fourth rescue kitty, so named for the hair between his toes. He was 8 when I found him; as with many rescues, we did not discover the medical issues—colitis, diabetes, upper respiratory and finally a torn ACL that left him with little mobility. He was a bundle of love, cuddling in bed or lying on my feet, always close by. It was funny to see this 17 pound boy being knocked over by an energetic 11 pound tabby when the boys played. But he did love his brother, Jack. Five years flew by. Four months after Jack passed away from renal failure, Hobbit joined his brother. You never forget the ones you love.

Springfield, VA

The Greatest Little Aussie

We had an older Golden that we had rescued at about the age of 10-11 and decided that he needed a friend. While tutoring, one of my families brought home an Australian Shepherd. I fell in love immediately and decided to rescue one. I went online to find a rescue near my home and when I saw the first Aussie, I was immediately in love. Phillip, at 10 months old, had been left tied up in the yard of a family that just took off and never came back. After several weeks, the neighbor brought him to the Aussie rescue. He was emaciated with very little hair. We were able to adopt him the same day the volunteer brought him to our home. He is now 8 years old and the sweetest, smartest most loveable dog. Our golden died several years after Phillip came to live with us and I could tell that Philly was not himself anymore - just moping around the house. We decided to rescue again and now both dogs are happy and love to play together. Rescuing a dog is the greatest gift a human can give to a dog. I only wish I could rescue them all, but instead I do spread the word to everyone who mentions they want a dog. Phillip agrees!

Marietta, GA

Kitten in the Road at a Stop Sign

When my husband and I got our first place in 1993 I announced that I needed a kitten. He said he’s not a cat person. I adopted a baby tabby from the shelter, he named Jimmi and they quickly bonded. After a year clearly he was my Husbands cat! It was mid summer and we had picked up a used car, late that night we decided to go for a drive. On our way back at a stop sign was a kitten standing in the middle of the road! He said if you catch him you can keep him! Seconds later I was pulling him out of the bushes. His eyes were crusted shut, crusty nose,ears black with mites, and covered in fleas. I named him Puzzle. The vet said he probably wouldn’t make it. I had the privilege of his companionship for almost 18 years. Was so hard to say goodbye. A year later a similar looking cat showed up on my deck. I call her a gift from my Angel Puzzle.

Mrs. O
Hartland, WI

The tremendous trio- the rescues that rescued me.

I’d just lost the last of my two boy cats and I’d convinced myself I didn’t want another cat. It had been a trying time and I’d been through loss of my mother and a lot of change. I thought I just needed to collect myself and try to move forward. During this time, my husband wanted a dog. It wasn’t easy at first to find what we wanted because the pure bred lab we thought we wanted was out of our price range. I suggested a slightly older dog and my husband agreed. After an intense search of, Our rescue lab came from Taipai and he’s been Daddy’s shadow ever since.

I also adopted a tortie cat locally since I’ve always loved the spirit in these cats. My husband swore the cat and dog would bond and live harmoniously ever after. I was skeptical, but he was right! They are tolerant of one another and I couldn’t’ be happier. I actually think the tortie is in love with the dog.

Lastly, I happened to befriend an adorable little feral cat that lived in the neighborhood and she was very affectionate to me. Thankfully my husband was okay with me taking her in, so she was spayed, microchipped, vaccinated etc.. She rounded out our tremendous trio. Our animal family comes together of all rescues (within 4 months). We worked at Scent swapping and helping them all adjust. I’m happy to report that they’re all doing fine.

The moral to this story is that as much as we rescued them, they rescued us too. They filled the house with soo much joy.

San Jose, CA
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