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OK one day I opened my door and this pathetic, sick looking orange tabby tried to come in. I had been seeing an orange cat but not close. He looked horrible! I already have a former rescue in the house Buddy, so I fed him on the porch and then proceeded to go through the neighborhood to see if anyone owned him. With some help I got a trap and set it up and caught an orange tabby BUT this cat looked OK ?? Well could not find this ones owner so vetted him and placed him at a local no-kill shelter. Paid over $400.00 for that cat and then 3 weeks later the "owners" go get him!!!

Then a week later there was the sick one again!! I KNEW I caught the wrong one. Horrible condition! Very hard to handle, hissing all the time! Thankfully a wonderful woman brought him to a clinic to be fixed and checked. Well he is doing much better now and has won over all our hearts, so he is staying! Mo other rescue Buddy is being pretty accepting of him and Charlie is an absolute doll! Very affectionate now! Still needs some things (dental work) and he seems to have a problem with one of his legs. Vet thinks he was hit by a car and was out for a few years. The ears are OK now, no more worms, all the ticks removed, and a nice clean coat.

I hope we have a lot more years with them!

Auburn, MA


This is my cat named Midnight. He is all black. He used to belong to my daughter. I had saved his life a few years ago when he had a very bad urinary infection that he almost died. He was close to death at that time and I felt that I wanted to try and save him. He pulled through that and he is on a special cat food by the vet. I took him in my home last Aug. My daughter got a pit bull that was tearing him up and chewing him up all over. My grandaughter Sam that lives with me talked to me on the yahoo messenger crying that his head was all chewed up and bleeding. And she wanted him to come and live with us. So we took him and he is a very happy cat now but when I got him here I had to put medicine on his head so his head could heal up and his fur was a real dull black and he wasn't a happy cat at all. It took him some time to get happy again and we gave him alot of love and he was treated like a baby. He is a wonderful cat but we call him the eating machine and two paws. He will eat alot of things that cats don't eat and he will get his paws and tap you for some food. I am glad I have saved him the first time and my grandaughter saved him the 2nd time. This is a very loving cat. He has to be fed 3 times a day with his canned cat food. He eats like we do 3 times a day. He loves his treats and he is so funny.

Anne Scott
Leechburg, PA

Our Little Midnight

About a year ago, a Siamese, a tuxedo kitten and a black kitten began appearing at my back door looking for something to eat. The tuxedo cat began showing that she was having kittens, and my son and his friend took her to a Cat Rescue Lady where she had her 5 kittens right after Father's Day. The black kitten was also in a family way - and usually famished. She had 4 kittens in the crawl space under my neighbor's porch on July 27th, and on Labor Day weekend the kittens came out of their hiding place - 4 adorable tuxedo kittens, two longhair and two shorthair. We tried finding an agency to take them, but there was 'no room at the inn' at any of the agencies' foster care homes, so we brought them inside and fostered them for 5 weeks. We gave the kittens up for adoption to the local Cat Project but decided to keep the little mother, whom we named Midnight.

We already had 4 other adult cats who were not that interested in another little one coming into the household, so there were a few tiffs. Midnight began to follow me around when went anywhere in the house, trying to beat me to the basement when I went down there, or would sit or lie at my feet while we were watching TV. Being a kitten yet herself, she would try to play with the tails of the others, or would play with her toys (some of which were lost somewhere).

Midnight loves being petted and loved, and we can feel her love for us. She likes to hide under the bed and grab at your feet as you pass by. She has brought us such happiness. The Siamese went home with our son.

Jeanne Buynak
Stratford, CT

Our Baby

On May 10, 2008, I was going out to dinner with my family and saw a dog on the side of a busy road. On the way home, she was still there. I called my friend, who's also a huge animal lover, and together we caught her and took her home. She was severely underweight, malnourished, and had a very bad case of mange. I took her to a no-kill shelter, but they wouldn't take her because she was a pit bull mix. The next day, I took her to the vet clinic I work at, and she was put on many medications, as well as a medicated bath I gave her twice a week. After long months of recovery, and three surgeries later, she was a totally different dog. Her fur grew back slowly, and she gained twenty pounds. By that time, my mom and I had grown so attached to her that she became a permanent part of our family. Baby gets along well with our cats, and she and our dachshund are good buddies. She loves going for car rides, as well as walks in the park, and she is one of the sweetest and most grateful dogs in the world. We're very happy to have her in our lives, and couldn't ask for a better companion.

Houston, TX

Rescued Dogs Find a Comfortable Spot

Dora, a Rottweiler mix, and Tam, a gorgeous Irish Setter, are rescue dogs who came to us on the same day. Dora arrived at the Humane Society during the confusion of the Katrina and Rita hurricanes, and Tam proved to be too spirited for his owners. Dora was scheduled to be euthanized the next day when someone rescued her and took her to foster care. From there she came to us. She was seven months old and Tam was eighteen months when they arrived at our house. They spent the first evening chasing each other around the back yard. By the next day they had learned to jump the fence. The fence is now fixed and order restored. Tam is the people lover who provides us with many laughs, and Dora is our Diva -- albeit a teddy bear if you rub her tummy. She is also the best swimmer at the dog park. Both dogs have found a loving and comfortable place both in our hearts and on our couch!

Kathryn A. Gerard
Sugar Land, TX

We drove out of state to get Taz, our wonderful Doxie Mix

Here's a picture of Scooter (front) & Taz (back).

We took Scooter in when my nephews couldn't handle him. He brought so much love to us that we decided to adopt a buddy for him. We looked on Petfinder for another Doxie like him, but all the ones at our local shelters found forever homes before we could get to see them.

Finally one day we saw TAZ on, but he was being cared for at an out-of-state shelter. We were worried that we would have trouble adopting him. We emailed the shelter on a Saturday and they agreed to stay late on Monday for us to come see him. We fell in love with him right away and decided to adopt him.

Taz was very nervous on the ride home; in fact, when we stopped to stretch he nearly got away from us. But when I called to him he stopped and let us scoop him up!

Scooter and Taz did not get along at first, but over time Scooter has come to accept his adopted brother. They still "fight" a lot, but mostly over who gets to give daddy the most kisses. They cuddle together all the time!

Taz is a Doxie mix, he looks just like a normal Doxie except for his looong legs! He never gets tired of giving kisses - we think he knows he's a rescue pup!!!

Thanks to & the Pearl River County SPCA!

Mark Guillory
Marrero, LA

And, Peyton makes 3

While visiting some friends in Indiana, they showed us 4 stray kittens living in their barn. One hopped into my lap and didn't leave -- even when her momma came to bring the babies back to the barn. She was the cutest thing ever and pick us to be her family! We took the baby, Peyton, to the vet the next morning to get her checked out. Weighing in at only 14 oz, she got a clean bill of health and the "okay" from the doctor to stay with us. It took some time for our other 2 cat children to accept her but now we are all one big happy family. Peyton is now 6 months old and has learned all the family routines.

John and Laconya
Marietta, GA

Rocky - not just a dog, a MIRACLE!

It all started early one morning when I was in school as my dad was at the animal shelter. I got home from school just as my dad opened our front door, and a very BIG and FURRY thing came up to me. I got startled because I never saw such a big dog. My mom even pointed out that she though it was a bear! But it wasn't, it was Rocky! Since he was born, he was separated from his brothers. Early on in Rocky's life, he was used as a guard dog to guard an old building. He has come home with us containing ticks, fleas, and scratches and an ear infection. Till this day, he's getting better and has absolutely no fleas, scratches or ticks, but we're still working on that ear infection though. But I knew - my family knew, that despite losing a pet who was more than just a "pet" we could share new joy and love with the next best thing, Rocky, and we all love him so much. German Shepherds are always going to be used as guard dogs, but to us way beyond and before that - he's considered a family member more, whom we adore.

Hallandale, FL

Its always sunny in Philadelphia

It was a chilly day in January 2008 when my wife and I, decided to pass through one of the local shelters to look for a dog. Well my wife went begrudgingly due to my insistence on wanting a dog. The second we walked into the PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society) in Center City Philadelphia we fell in love with Lady the Beagle. She was so timid when we approached to pet and play, but loosened up immediately and took a special liking to my wife (she went to sit on my wife's lap several times during playtime). We left the shelter and began to walk to the car to discuss how the adoption of a dog would change our lives. After about a block, we turned around and adopted Lady. We had no supplies, so off to the pet store we went. I'll never forget how we came about choosing a bed for her - because i had no idea how else to do it, I grabbed one off the shelf and had her sit in it. Not even thirty seconds later, she was lying snuggled against the side. What a feeling we had at that moment knowing that we were going to make a homeless dog comfortable. She quickly annointed our house as her furever home having free reign of all rooms with open doors, which weren't many, but after several weeks everyone was on schedule. I like to think of Lady as a Human's best friend, not just Man's - she brings a smile to everyone who passes us on our walks, It's nice coming home to my wife, but there's something about coming home to a howling beagle with a wagging tail! And my wife agrees!!!

Philadelphia, PA

Cat Mom to the Rescue

I had a stray cat that had been coming around for about a month that I was feeding. When I went out to feed him one evening, he was nowhere around. I went down to the end of my yard and called for him (which he took to the name Ears right away), thinking he might be in the pasture hunting mice. I could hear him answer me, but it sounded further away. As I kept calling him, he would answer, but wasn't getting any closer. I grabbed a flashlight and decided to check the woods along the creek down the road. I had no idea what to expect. I kept calling Ears and he was answering so I could go in the direction where he was. At one time when I called, he didn't answer so I said "You have to answer me or I can't find you", to which he then meowed. I finally found him with his front right paw stuck in a muskrat trap in the creek. When I figured out how to open the trap, I then scruffed him and put him down the front of my hoodsweater to keep him warm, since it was chilly and he was wet. I also took the trap so no other animals would get caught. Luckily, he didn't lose his paw. It must ache him occasionally because he holds it up when standing. Needless to say, we had him neutered and got his shots and he now lives in the house with my other 3 cats. It seems like he is so humbled because of the rescue , that he is very loveable and always vying for attention. This all happened on November 6, 2004. He will soon be 6 years old.

Robin Wallace
Manheim, PA
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