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Lord Ben

Ben came to me as a kitten and immediately took over my heart. His former owners - a girl and her Mom were moving and could not keep him so they offered him to me. THAT was the BEST day of my life!

He is the smartest, funniest young man I have ever known and each day,weather permitting, he takes me out for a walk.

Heidi H Christensen
Modesto, CA

Over 9 years ago we went to our local shelter and found Bella.

We had just moved into our new home we wanted a dog. We went to the shelter that day but did not intend to bring one home we were just looking...

We looked at all the dogs there were hundreds but we came across this one dog. We petted her through the cage. She was such a happy dog. But she was a full grown dog (4 years old) and we were looking for a puppy. I started to walk away she started to cry and whine just broke my heart but we kept looking at the other dogs. We even took a few into the play yard but I kept looking back at her. I told my Husband let's just take her into the yard and play with her. The people at the shelter told us she had her papers, but that she had a heart mummer and would never be a real active dog and that she did not like other animals and small children. Disappointed we left.

The next day my husband said " you know we should of just brought her home with us" I was so excited because I was thinking the same thing. I told my Husband to go back and if she was still there to get her and bring her home where she belongs. That was more than 9 years ago.

Her name is Bella Merritt but we call her bellbell.

She loves kids, she loves other big and small dogs we have adopted a German shepherd and a Chihuahua and over the years has even put up with our cat.

She is 14+ years old and she has never had a problem with her heart.

The only thing they were right about she has never been very active.

Maria Keller

Three Dog Night

Mr. Rico joined our family at age nine when his family divorced and made no plans for him. We are the lucky ones as our loving Black Labrador Retriever will turn fourteen-years-young this Fourth of July and continues to set off firecrackers in our hearts with every smile and wag of his tail. Haiku the long-coat Akita was found wandering the hot dessert streets when he was only four-weeks old. Like his now-sister Bonsai, I agreed to foster them but quickly knew they would never leave our house or our hearts. Time, patience and nurturing has made this pack work and they bring us all so much love. How great to start each day by gazing into their joy-filled faces after having spent a "three dog night" together.

Denise Fleck
Shadow Hills, CA

Gibson's Story

Hello, my name is Gibson. When I was six months old I was dumped on a street and left to die. I remember I was cold and hungery and was so week from being starved I could not walk. Then a nice lady picked me up and brought me to the Rescue, Cause for Paws in Illinois. They cleaned me up fed me and when I got better, they found me a fur-ever home. I am now a year old and lead a very charmed life with my Mom and Dad and my 3 golden brothers and sister. We get to run in our yard, go for car rides (we have a convertable) & to the doggie park. I especially like going to the Petsmart. I have been through all my classes and am almost ready to get my K9 Good Citzenship Certificste I will then be able to go into nursing homes or hospitals and cheer up the residents. My Mom & Dad say they are the lucky ones, but I say that I am the luckest Puppy in the World.

Crown Point, IN

Bella and Brie

I found Bella almost four years ago through the Italian Greyhound Rescue Organization in Arizona. She was 7 years old and a 'Biggie Iggy'. Just looking at her picture, I knew she was a sweet soul. A year ago, Brie was found wandering the streets of Denver when a good samaritan turned her in to rescue. She has brought much life and energy into our household. I feel fortunate and blessed to have them both in my life. They make me smile everyday!

Natalie Bassett
Colorado Springs, CO


On Super Bowl Sunday 2008 a pup and a young dog were dumped from a pick-up truck in front of an animal lover. Instead of chasing the truck she stopped and saved the dogs. They were put in foster care through a local rescue group. Colby didn't do well in his first foster home so he came to me. He resembles a Jack Russell with the accompany quirks and issues. Colby would also chase the cat and jump on the counter with her! Due to his circumstances he would also cower, roll over, and wet on himself any time somebody reached to pet him. Several months and two failed adoption attempts later Colby had become attached to us. He was comfortable with his surrounding and his people. Since he had found a place in my heart, and a spot on our bed, we decided to adopt him ourselves. It would have been detrimental to his well-being to figuratively dump him again after he made us his family! He is loved!

Deb Richards


We "rescued" Buddy from a neighbor who had a son with allegies and had Buddy on a lead in the front yard. He is so sweet and loving that he has even managed to win over our girls, Precious, Snowflake and Ms. Kitty, which is no small task. He loves to play fetch. He is so cute running around the house with one of his many puff or yarn balls in his mouth looking for someone to play. We would be lost without our little boy.

Sparrows Point, MD

Buddy the wonder dog

When we were living on a farm in MO, a dog showed up one day; scraggly, flea and tick ridden, rash-covered, half-starved. He came right up to me, tail wagging, sat down and gave me a paw. I was smitten.

He was about a year old at the time, extremely friendly and wanted love and affection more than food. His coat was so rough that I couldn't imagine how anyone would want to pet him. And he was afraid of everything; loud noises, wind in trees, going in the car, you name it.

We've had Buddy now for almost 5 years. He's friendly, happy, healthy, with a silky, shiny coat. Riding in the car is his favorite thing to do. He's the ambassador of our neighborhood, greeting everyone, letting all the children pet and walk him, comforting anyone who might be sad or in need of a friend. When anyone gets a new puppy, Buddy wants to play and teach it all kinds of doggy games. We can't imagine life without this wonderful dog. I encourage everyone to adopt a rescue dog.

Naomi Greenfield
Sunrise, FL

Spunky's Tale

My family wanted to get a dog, so they went to the local spca. And there she was, a bundle of energy, the most playful dog i have ever met. So my sister decided to name her spunky. She was a mutt with light yellow fur and a very lanky body. We were told that she was found by some train tracks out behind an industrial park. I don't care where she literally came from though, because she definitely fell from heaven. She's gained a little weight since then and is a healthy 55 pounds and her coat darkened to a more golden color. She's five now, but she still has all that energy just like the first day we met.

francis palmarino
drexel hill, PA

BOO! Magoo

It was Halloween and a co-worker called to say a stray kitten she could see from her window wasn't acting right. I was able to catch him because his eyes were crusted shut from infection. He was about 5 weeks old and weighed 15oz. The rescue group I called was out of space and asked if we could foster him for a couple of days. One eye had ruptured and was removed, luckily the hole in the other cornea healed and he has some vision in that eye. Of course we kept Boo Magoo and became volunteers for Rocky Mt Alley Cat Alliance.

Patricia S. Thompson
Northglenn, CO
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