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Wish List

Just after Christmas I visited a shelter to get their "wish list". Baby, a six year old, female Tortie was dropped off at the shelter after her human Mom died. I recalled the day my own mother died. I could only imagine how tragic it is for a pet that doesn't understand. I sat with her in my lap talking softly to her and petting her. Nothing I said could possibly reassure her everything would be alright. Her sad green eyes looked at me with concern when I put her back in the crate. I passed several other crates filled with tiny kittens eager for loving arms. I couldn't leave Baby there with a clear conscience. I'd always wonder of her fate. I decided I'd grant Baby's wish and adopt her into my home. Five of my pets were rescued. There was room for one more.

Darlene Bissonnette
Katy, TX

We Finally Found Each Other

I lost all three of my dogs in 2008. It was such a sad time for me. My girls had been with me through an abusive marriage and then a divorce. I fought to keep our home so we could stay together but it was tough. They kept me going and then, within a few short months, all of them were gone. I searched the rescues for months for another dog to share my life but something always happened. At one point, a dog I was approved to adopt died at the shelter from heartworm disease. I was so devastated. But, I kept searching because I knew there was a dog out there just waiting for me. And then I found Frankie. When I looked at his face on petfinder, I just knew he was the one. There was such a connection. I was approved to adopt him and travelled 12 hours roundtrip to bring him home. He has been a godsend to me. He makes me laugh and has brought joy into my life again. Frankie is a wonderful friend and companion and I will always be grateful to the rescue group that saved us both.

Coopersburg, PA


Right after I moved into my house I noticed a black cat that seemed to think he lived there, too. He would come up to the back door and meow to be let in. Eventually, I realized that he must have been abandoned by the family that lived in the house before me (neighbors eventually confirmed it). I started going onto the back deck, offering food and talking to "Black Kitty". After about a week of this he managed the courage to approach me. I renamed him "Onyx" and he's been my beloved pet for the past 11 years.

Santa Rosa, CA


In 1999, my two beloved canine companions (Bernadette, a 10-year-old St. Bernard, and Meggie, a 14-year-old Aussie) died within five months of each other. They had seen me through divorce, a difficult move, and a lot of grief and readjustment.

It took me almost a year before I could even think of letting another dog into my home, my heart. Finally, I started looking on the website of Second Chance at Love, a local no-kill rescue organization. And, there she was! Her warm, melt-your-heart eyes nailed me and would not let me turn away.

Bonnie and her brother, two of eight pups born to a homeless mom, had been adopted out together. But, it didn't work. And, over the first year and a half of her life, Bonnie had lived in five homes, including a prolonged stay at a kennel.

When Bonnie came to live with me, she was loving, but definitely cautious. During her short life, she had learned not to trust people who offered her a "forever" home. We both worked very hard at being comfortable with each other, at bonding, at trusting one another. It was a difficult time but, with the help of an animal communicator and some deep soul searching on both our parts, we made it through the process and learned to love and trust each other unconditionally.

Bonnie celebrated her 10th birthday on March 6, 2009, and she and I have shared life, love, and a home for almost nine years now. What a blessing she is! She gets me out on the hiking trail at least twice a day, shares life's routines, and snugs up with her head on my pillow each night.

Every day with Bonnie is a gift. She's the love of my life, the light in my soul.

Paso Robles/Heritage Ranch, CA

Late Books

I had some late books and movies I borrowed from the library and figured I'd watch at least one movie before taking them back. Right in the middle of the movie I had the urge to take them back RIGHT NOW.

So, I did.

It was the middle of summer here in Tucson, Arizona. The library parking lot was full, and I tucked my late books and movies in the outside chute. Right then, I heard a meow and saw a gray blur race by. There he was... rolling in the dirt. Hot, dehydrated, somehow his tail was gone.

I scooped him up and took him to my vet. Tests showed he was FIV positive.

No ideas on how he lost his tail.

He was also deaf.

So, he became part of my family. Loving, loveable, loud and sweet. He stayed with us here until he died two months ago...

His name? LB - for Late Books of course.

Tucson, AZ

Yue - New Moon, in spite of humans....

I do not know how old Yue is. I met him last year around April in a shelter here in BA (Arg) when I took a pregnant tricolor she-cat to have family there. Sandra from the shelter offered to help and care.

There I came across more than 300 cats!!!! Sandra pays for all expenses, and though I have tried toooo hard to find sponsors, no one helps. Not even the ones who adopt cat/s nor the food company. No one does even give the shelter a discount on food or medicine. (yet, they do give a big discount to breaders... who live on having more kittens and sell them)...

well, thing is, I found among those almost 350 cats every Sunday as I went there to help cleaning, washing, taking some cleaning products, taking care of the moms and babies, giving fresh fish to some of the cats, hugging them, etc. Some of the cats waited for me.

But one in particular called my attention (appart from the babies and moms). He was a quite big (yet skinny) cat. He could not walk properly and was dragging his hip. Sandra told me a "human" beat him on the column breaking 3 vertebras. Sandra was constant in physical therapy on him.

Almost 3 months later, I begged Sandra to let me take him home. And so, he became part of my family.

He walks funny and is a bit fatty now. He has no sensibility in back legs. I have to take him to the vet for full recovery.

Yet, in spite of what humans did to him, he is pure love! He begs for love all the time. I must thank Sandra for all she has done. I wish there were more people like her in this world.

Carolina Ragazzon
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Little Orphan Annie!

Our Sassy had just sudddenly passed away, and both my husband and I thought it was way too soon for a new cat. But when I saw a local rescue group showing cats for adoption, one kept staring at me and moving her paws in my direction; from at least 50 feet away! She would make direct eye contact with me and really beckoned me over!

We were interviewed on the phone by the rescue group, and brought Annie home the next day! She had been rescued from the streets behind a market in an older section of Cleveland. She is terrified of anything resembling a stick; wrapping paper roll, ruler, etc., so we are very sad to think she may have been abused.

Annie has brought so much love and laughter into our home since then! Our other 2 cats get along with her, and we refer to Annie as, "the baby."

We now think that Sassy angel sent Annie to us to ease the aching we felt when Sassy passed. There are far too many homeless pets who need loving homes.

Sharon Horodyski
Middleburg Hts, OH

My new buddy

My new buddy-Shadow- is a two time reject from the CNY SPCA here in Syracuse NY. By a reject I mean he was adopted twice and then returned twice. He finally found his forever home with me. After adjusting to our family, including two grandchildren and a cat, he has finally settled into a daily routine of walks, cuddles and hugs from all of us. He is the best dog ever and I am so glad he picked me when I came to the shelter!

Terry Powers
Liverpool, NY

Blaco Cocker Spaniel SAVED

My dad went outside to get something out of the car and he saw a black dog in the road , so i ran out the door and it was cold and raining and dark outside. So i grabed one of my dogs leashes and i put it around its neck and i brought the cocker inside my house and he was the sweetest dog ever and i noticed that he couldnt see very well! So the cocker slept in my dogs old kenel for 2 days until we found the owner! We gave him food and water an a bath and you could tell he was old. So 2 days later his owner came to the door and she told me his name and that he was partialy blind, his name was Snoopy. SO he went home to his owner and i had to day goodby. He was all black and had like almost blue eyes like you can see in the pic of Snoopy!

melbourne, FL

2 furry friends, make 1 heart

Both Nino (tiger) and Pumpkin (calico) were rescued as kittens from the mean streets of Jersey City. Pumpkin's feral mother dropped her and her brother, Monkers (now gone from cancer) off at my front door where I had put plates of food out for her. Five years later, Nino was found almost dead from an upper respiratory disease in my neighbors' backyard, but we nursed him back to health. Now they are the most loving and friendly host and hostess...greeting everyone at the front door. Other times they are either curled together or giving us wonderful cases of Cat-on-lap! Rescuing a stray animal has to be the most heartening, fulfilling and rewarding experience.

Valerie Leonard
Columbia, MD
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