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Carl the ferrell kitty:)

This is Carl, he was a Ferrell kitty that lived in the woods behind a McDonalds along with many others that I feed and water every morning for the last 3 years. All of them are very scared and won't get too close to me but Carl appeared one day and came a little closer than the others so I put my hand out and he touched his nose to my finger. I did notice the other Ferrell cats would take a swing at him when they were eating and would not let him in their house that I took for then to get out of the weather. Carl looked so lonely so after a couple of days, I was able to pet him.

As the days went by he was becoming friendlier towards me. A few weeks ago I was able to pick him up, and I took him directly to my vet and had him neutered and declawed so he could become our newest house pet, now he has two other cats to play with that I adoped they were found in a trash dumpster at two weeks old. Carl also is loving to play with our two older yorkies.

In conclusion Carl is one happy camper.

I would like to encourage everyone to adopt a pet instead of buying from a pet shop which is mostly supplied by puppy mills. There are way too many animals euthanized every year. Get your pets neutered or spayed there are lots of agencies out there that are either free or with low cost services. I really enjoy going to this site daily and thoroughly enjoy all of the rescue stories.

Best regards,

Barb or (Snow White) as my family calls me

Barb Lawhon
Kansas City, MO

My Hound Dog

Why anyone would want to leave a slightly grown puppy on the side of a highway in hot Arizona in the late summer? I don't know, but the pound picked him up and that's how I got my Copper. He was my "baby boy". We've been best friends since I first looked into that cage at the pound and saw him looking sickly leaning on the side, not even wagging his tail like the others begging to be adopted. "How about him?" my mom asked as we looked around." I like him," I declared to my mom at just 3 years old. He seemed to be the one who needed us the most. Turns out he was allergic to the food they were feeding him and that's why he was so sick.

Copper was my life's companion. He has been through everything with me, from braces, divorce, moving across the country, boyfriends and breakups, to sending me to college, he's been my rock. He started out as a bad dog but turned into the best dog.

During his life, Copper taught me so much. First about love because I never knew I would be capable of loving this much, and second about life; that it is lovely and sweet and valuable. I watched him quickly go through being a young pup, rebellious teen, middle-aged man, and my wise "old fella". I miss him so much and can't wait until I see him again, alive and wagging his tail to see me, eager to be petted as always. I believe that everyone should have a pet like Copper in their lifetime. He has only ever given and taught me love. I dreaded the day loss came, but I will never forget him. Not for one second. He's my best friend.

Amanda Lawrence
Charleston, SC


Ginny was a young stray who frequently lingered in the parking lot of the library where I work. A fellow cat-loving librarian would feed her every time she saw her, but eventually decided someone had to take her home. I really wanted a cat after being without one for a while, but we weren't supposed to have pets where my husband and I lived at the time. I decided it was worth asking the landlord, and he agreed that one cat wouldn't be a problem, so Ginny came home with me one night after work. That was a little over 7 years ago, and she has shown her appreciation for the home she now has with wonderful affection every day since! We are so happy to have her in our lives!

Somerville, NJ

Two peas in a Pod

Both Savannah and Chloe were both unwanted pugs. One was to be dumped on the street and the other was to be given to the shelter. I stepped up and gave them a forever home. They are inseparable and a joy to have. They are hilarious when they sing to go for a RIDE. Life would be boring without them. Pugs are the best.

darlene carrera
homestead, FL

She rescued me back

Tayah came into our hearts by accident, we weren't even thinking of having a dog yet. A friend of our's was driving home from work one night and saw a Jeep pull over and toss her out-she watched as the driver took off and left the dog running behind them. She pulled over and took her to my mother-in-laws home. My husband and I were visiting one day and they hadn't yet found a home for her. She stole my heart at first lick! How could anyone not love that face? Even though she destroyed our only couch the first week we had her, we didn't give up on her. Now we have fun going on walks, going to see Mom-mom and Pop-pop at the beach - riding in the golf cart, riding on the boat and swimming. Tayah loves kids, especially the ones who feed her cookies! Her name means "precious", and that is exactly what she is to me-my furry child. She makes me laugh everyday and I'm still not sure who rescued who.

Wilmington, DE

Foxy's tale

I had lost my collie nearly 2 years before and I still didn't want another dog. But my husband went on and on so to keep him quiet I went to the rescue kennels. While standing making excuses for not choosing a dog I felt I was being watched. I turned and there was this beautiful dog staring at me. The kennel staff were amazed. He was so badly abused he spent all his time hiding. But somehow he had got past two gates and was standing in the open looking at me. I still went home without a dog but his eyes haunted me and the next day my husband went back to make enquires. (I was at work). When I got home he said to forget him, you couldn't get near him. I said go back, put him in the car and bring him home. I will sort him out. He was 15 months old, had been locked up, beaten and starved. He still has problems and at the age of 12 he isn't going to change, but with me he is the gentlest, most loving most faithfull dog you could wish for.

Angela Rain
Paignton, United Kingdom

Sweetest of Peas

One winter evening, when my mother opened our back door to get more firewood, a little white and orange kitty walked in and made her way straight to the cat food bowl. We live forty minutes from the nearest city and none of our neighbors had cats that looked like her. Although my dad joked that we should have shooed her out the front door rather than take on another cat, Sweet Pea quickly became one of the family, a position she has now had for eight years.

Lida Sophia Townsley
French Gulch, CA

Tucker T, my lifesaver

I had been mourning the loss of my Tuxedo cat for two years. I had been looking for another one for awhile, but to no avail. My mother called me one night and asked me if I was still loooking for a tuxedo cat. "Of course!" I replied. She said that one just walked up into their carport just and seemed to want some love. I went to their house and there was this beautiful black and white cat who came up and rubbed up against me. I was in love from that point on. It took awhile to get him used to being an inside cat....and he still goes out from time to time for a walk...but, now, he is our source or entertainment. He rolls around with the dog, wrestles with our other cat and he even comes when he's called. My husband says he's part dog. This is Tucker T...the TUCKMAN!

Harrisburg, NC

Pierre Po Tate O & Scout Look Out!

Being a Veterinary Technician, I see and hear various rescue stories and have been involved with several rescues. I have 2 shelter dogs, these 2 I rescued. The Dachshund mix in back of picture's official name is Pierre Po Tate O but has several alias's, Gater Tater, Tate, Tater Bug, Tatie and Tater Tot just to name a few, surprisingly he comes to all. I first saw him on ultrasound, his Mom was a stray found by a family that never owned a dog before, they fell in Love with her. They didn't think they could deliver her pups, I offered to foster her but when it got close to delivery the owner was so attached she couldn't part with her. Five pups were born on Halloween, I found homes for three including my Tate. Tate has made friends from my old Vet Clinic to my new. He goes to work with me and would be the perfect dog if he was not so obsessed with food, typical chow hound.

Scout Look Out (in front) was not as fortunate as Tate, he is an akc mini dachshund. I adopted Scout at age 9 from a client who said she was moving and didn't think Scout would do well. The first time I went to get Scout he tried to bite me, I wasn't sure I would make it home. Scout had several issues including a bad case of separation anxiety. It was over a year before he learned to play, he would just bark while the other dogs played. It was so cute the first time he joined in, he backed up into Tate and kicked his back leg out. He has since made many friends and does not suffer much with anxiety, he is a happy healthy 15.

Karen Jo Sicotte
Pittsfield, MA

Given a bad rap

Every time Ms. Jayla, a 3 and a 1/2 year old Bull Terrier, hears humans speak ill of bully breeds she wishes she could have a voice of her own. Although she, her humans and her two bully sibs do well as being bully breed ambassadors, people's naiveness and close-mindedness really irks her. She wants people to remember the phrase, "BAN THE DEED, NOT THE BREED." After all, does this picture mirror a vicious dog??!

Geniece B. Medsker
Waynesville, MO
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