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Not the Pyrfect Pyrenees

Me and my sweet boy Yukon "Yukie", a Great Pyrenees needed each other. He had just had two leg surgeries from being hit by a car, and I had just lost the sweetest boy I've ever owned, much too soon. Yukie became mine 9/07.I thought he was out of the woods with his leg issues, but his limping got worse. Xrays showed a grade 4 patellar luxation in his "good" leg, but everything else was fine. At the end of January '09 he got his leg repaired. For the first time I can take him for a walk now and I can tell it doesn't hurt him. However a recent visit to the vet confirmed he has the same issue with his other knee. So sadly this poor, sweet, not yet 3 year old baby of mine has to face a fourth surgery. I have gotten a lot of help and encouragement from Indy Great Pyrenees Rescue (IGPR), where I adopted him. Through all of this, Yukie has remained the sweetest, most tolerant and gentlest disposition and is truly a happy dog. Three out of four dogs I've owned have been rescues and I will NEVER own anything else but a rescue dog, because some have been through hell and back and truly appreciate every little thing. I just hope I have made as much difference in their lives as they have made in mine. I know that is true with Yukie.

Connie Geiger
Englewood, OH

He Who Does Not Serve

My husband and I brought Bentley Barker home from the Humane Society when he was nine months old, planning to train him as a service dog for me (I have multiple sclerosis). After two years, he made it plain that he does not condescend to serve. So he became an obstinate but beloved companion. He's 13 now, with a gray beard, but still in good condition. Our lives would have been simpler but also poorer without him.

Nancy Mairs
Tucson, AZ

Born to Rescue

All my life I have been rescuing dogs. In the picture is "Skittzie." I rescued her in 1/07 from an elderly man that beat her, broke her legs and hips. She was withdrawn & it took nearly 6 months to get her to come out from under the bed in the light of day. Today, she is a happy, healthy little girl and one of my greatest accomplishments.

Along with Skittzie, we have a pack of 8 rescue dogs. Our home, at any given time can have up to 15 foster dogs.

Skittzie inspired me to do my research, to learn about the animal rescue industry. This past January, we opened People-4-PAWS Florida (Pets Are Worth Saving) and we nave rescued over 50 dogs, provided medical care (shots, spay/neutering) and are busy finding them all new homes. Financially we have had no support - but that won't stop us. There are too many "Skittzie's" in the world!

Along with the animals we rescue, we help pet owner's in need to get their animals spayed/neutered and whatever they need in order to keep their beloved family members in their homes.

By the end of 2009, we hope to raise enough money to open an actual facility that will include a low/no cost spay/neuter clinic. We have touched the heart of a local vet that is willing to move his practice to our facility if we are successful.

We buy from the Animal Rescue Site to help other shelters in need. And thank them for this opportunity to share a very small part of our story.

A lifetime of loving animals - they are my legacy to the world.

Warmest Regards,

Nanette Carter


People-4-PAWS Florida

Nanette Carter
Spring Hill, FL

I Love Lucy!

Eight years ago my husband had to leave for a three month deployment. While he was gone I decided it was time for us to get a dog. I wasn't looking for any breed in particular but I wanted one from a rescue shelter. Toward the last cage at the shelter I felt this lick on my hand and saw an adorable rottweiler named Lucy. She is the sweetest dog I have ever known and has changed my thinking that rottweilers are mean dogs!

Pacific, WA

Our best decision ever! Our Cat TIGER

We decided to rescue a cat. We knew he'd be part of our family... we didn't realize he'd be the best decision we ever made! He is WONDERFUL! We love him so much. He takes care of us as much as we take care of him. When we're blue... he sits with us. When we're cheery... he sits with us. He is anywhere we are! We really love him. Everyone ask for Tiger. He loves people.

We took some friends with us who knew a lot about cats, they helped us pick him out. Right away he came to the cage door and wanted to come home with us. Bring home your new family member today!

winter springs, FL

My Big Babies

I worked at the pound for a while, and couldn't help but walk past the cages everyday. One day I came upon this beautiful big sooky short haired border collie cross just sitting quietly staring at me. I got her out of the cage and she just sat in my lap and cuddled up to my chin. I just had to taker her home. Maggie May became my little baby. Then a while later I came across a big dopey Malamute with a big smile on his face. He was being put down the next day, he sat in my lap and nearly crushed I had to take him home too. Now Bear Bear and Maggie May have 24 acres to run around and a big family to love them.

Canberra, Australia

Socks, Feral Friends' Spokescat

Socks was found wounded by a gun shot in a yard. He was taken to an emergency animal clinc where he was told that his leg had to be amputated. The man that rescued him ironically was an amputee himself. The medical bills were going to be expensive and Ron, who saved Socks, called Feral Friends Community Cat Alliance to ask for assistance. They were happy to help. Ron became Socks' foster parent and helped rehabilitate him. The sad story is that Socks was also FIV+ and his chances of getting adopted were slim.

After almost a year, he was adopted by a Feral Friends' volunteer, Nikki Williamson. The group decided to make him their spokescat and have Socks participate in events and provide information to pet owners about vital issues. Socks is happy and healthy. He shares his home with two adopted rescue cats and his humans. Socks will be a wonderful Spokescat for Feral Friends because he has lived with abandonment, animal cruelty, FIV, amputation, learning to live with a handicap and finding a good-hearted person that saved him. He has many lessons and knowledge to share about all of these issues and more.

At Feral Friends, our mission is to actively assist the community in reducing feline overpopulation.

To accomplish this mission, we have two vital programs that work in unison to offer assistance to the cats and kittens of our community, Race to Reduce Litters (feral) and Rescue and Re-Home. We also offer tips and assistance to those whom have lost their pets.

Nikki Williamson
Richardson, TX


Aubrey was born without most of her brain undeveloped(hydronencephaly). Although her eyes were perfect, she could not see since there was no brain to interpret information. As a small kitten, she was petrified of everything and was not expected to live. A loving shelter director rescued her and gave her a knit teddy bear as a companion. My wife and I adopted her at 4 months and she has been a miracle cat! She is now almost 6 years old, gets along with our 6 other special needs cats, and lovingly carries her Teddy around the house each day!

David Francis
Guilford, CT

Miranda, who wasn't supposed to stay

Miranda and her siblings were foster kittens. I brought them home when they were about three weeks old. They were skinny and had tons of fleas. I tried really hard with them, but her sister didn't make it. After that, I poured lots of love into Miranda, the second smallest of the kittens.

Her brothers grew big enough to get neutered and adopted, but Miranda stayed on at my house because she was too small. By the time she was big enough to go, it had become obvious that she was going to stay. I named her Miranda after Miranda Priestly, the "dragon lady" in The Devil Wears Prada because though small, she's a demanding little thing.

Today she's a diminutive six pounds, and she still has a huge personality.

Michelle Green
Keene, NH

Lord Ben

Ben came to me as a kitten and immediately took over my heart. His former owners - a girl and her Mom were moving and could not keep him so they offered him to me. THAT was the BEST day of my life!

He is the smartest, funniest young man I have ever known and each day,weather permitting, he takes me out for a walk.

Heidi H Christensen
Modesto, CA
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