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The Boys

For ten years now, Deborah has been caring for a colony of cats in Passaic NJ. Sometimes people say they want a cat for a pet so she captures one or two, gets them treated medically and waits for the takers. In the meantime, the folks have changed their mind or gotten their pet elsewhere. That's how we ended up with the boys Harley & David. Needless to say we are glad they changed their minds because our lives would not be the same without them!!

Butler, NJ

My Shy Girl

I recently lost my dog to liver disease. A friend who works at the animal clinic called me to come and look at this foster dog that she had just spayed because she said she reminded her of the dog I had lost.

My husband and I came right away. There she was, still a little sleepy form her surgery. What a golden baby she was. A few days later we met with the foster mom and was told that Trinity was seconds away from euthanasia because she was previously beaten and really shy around new people. Who could have beaten this beautiful girl! Trin took to us immediately! We adopted her and she is a wonderful addition to our family ever since.

Katie Wirebaugh
South Bend, IN

Lola...a Diamond in the Rough!

Our search for a feline friend led us to a local shelter, where I wanted to take ALL of the cats home, but my sights stopped on a skinny, white but filthy little girl, who was about a year old. She had a nasty cold, could barely open her eyes and was having a hard time breathing. When I put my hand up to her cage, she stuck her little paw out at me and gave me a pitiful look. I asked an employee about her, and she said that she came in neglected, with her siblings, who were all adopted. She was the last one left. I knew right then that someone needed to give her a chance, and that it was going to be us! She only took about 5 minutes to warm up to us. We nursed her back to health, cleaned her up and fattened her up! She is the most playful, friendly, and loving cat I have ever met (not to mention beautiful, but I am a little biased!) She follows us everywhere around the house, fetches her toys, and makes sure to let out a meow if she feels she isn't getting the attention she deserves. She loves to nuzzle your face, cuddle and looks forward to bedtime where she sleeps as close to me as possible, with an occasional lick on the forehead during the night. We are so thankful to have found her, and can't imagine life without her. We just hope that our story will motivate people to adopt, and to not rule out an animal just because they are sick or have a disability. They have just as much if not more potential to be an amazing pet, and they will be forever thankful and love you for life!

Shana Overholt
Souderton, PA

A new baby in the house!

We felt our 15 month old female papillon named "Cricket", needed a kitten to grow up with. We were right! They experience endless hours of fun and naps together. We adopted the 9 week old female kitten we now call "baby", from the Halafax Animal Shelter in Daytona Beach, Florida on May 5th, 2009. Our two older cats are gradually adjusting to her, but her best bud is the dog. She also sleeps in our laps and enjoys free rides on our sons electric wheelchair. She has brought laughter and playfulness back into our home again.

Jean Schroth
DeLand, FL

Lily...The Best Dog I've Ever Had

Lily is a mix between an Amercian Staffordshire Terrier and a Boxer.

We rescued Lily the Summer of 2005. She was one of 5 abandoned puppies that the Humane Society of Springfield, Missouri took into their care.

(I was having problems with staying home alone with my bipolarity and other mental disorders, and my husband was working at the time. So my therapist told me to get a dog...the best advice ever!)

We walked into the building and I was overwhelmed by how many abused, malnourished, and abandoned dogs the animal shelters rescue and care for!

Well, to make a long story short, she looked up at me with her big brown puppy dog eyes, just 8 weeks old, and I knew she was the one.

I took her home and she's been my baby ever since.

I encourage everyone to consider adopting before buying a full-breed dog. I can honestly say that I've never owned a more well-behaved, loving dog than Lily. She's an angel from Heaven. I've owned pure-bred dogs, and they were fine, but Lily is the best of all of the dogs I've ever had.

She's my therapy dog as well as my baby! She licks away my tears when I cry. And I trained her to do many tricks, including "high-paw" and dancing.

You don't have to buy a full-breed dog to feel the rewards of unconditional companionship.

Cabool, MO

Skippy finds a home

Well, 3 and a half years ago I adopted Obie from Animal Rescue Fresno (ARF). Obie's constant unbreakable obsession with "cars" got the best of her on Sept 18 of last year.

In October I went "online" (this time) to ARF . They had great videos of the dogs and there was Skipper. Well not his real name and story is his owners abandoned him when they moved and a neighbor took him to ARF. I walk in and say I would like to see and hopefully adopt Skipper and we went to find him. The woman said I don't remember Skippy as we went out to the kennels' yard. "There he is", I said. Skippy was standing up on his back legs when he saw me.

The adoption included the problem with Obie being lost and I believe I got across to them her "crazy obsession with cars" and my sadness at her loss. Skipper has the more "normal" fear/caution/lack of interest in vehicles. And, he is still very cautious over certain daily "normal" things. It is like a reaction I don't really get, but I can tell there was something familiar too his old home that perpetuated it. So we are patient with him and reassuring and he is getting better. He is such a sweety and I am working daily on helping him learn to play. He is the most dearest lovable doggy who loves his walks on our property and nesting in our bed.... and his bed. 15 pounds of sweet joy.

Lynn Rank
Auberry, CA

Zarza & the printer

On my daily morning walk I heard the loudest kitten "howling"...... only to find deep in the brambles, a tiny kitten, named Zarza for 'brambles' in Spanish. Taken home & loved, she has given more laughs than anyone could possibly imagine! Her favorite is the printer! It doesn't matter where she is in the house...... if I start the printer she's there to 'help' whether

feeding the paper in or inspecting (or helping) what comes out, she's always 'on duty'. She's the life of the party no matter what! And she's also "Queen" of the realm!! She's turned out to be a beautiful cat in every way!

Mischievous & devilishly fun!

Gwen Hadland
Hillsboro, OR


I adopted Cinder in upstate New York in July 1999. She quickly earned her Canine Good Citizenship award & became a Certified Therapy Dog with Therapy Dogs International. In addition to visiting nursing homes, she went to work with me each day at a school where I was a speech therapist for kids with special needs. Cinder worked along side me for three years, encouraging the kids to speak, listening to all of their woes, giving them unconditional love, and even giving some of the kids a reason to speak. She is my personal angel and has been there for me as I have dealt with depression over the past few years. I am so grateful for her.

Carol Matthews
Blue Hill, NE

Angie - The Love of Our Lives

I got Angie, a pure bred Spike pitbull girl when she was just 5 weeks old, she was very sick and dehydrated, we've prayed her back to life. When she was 3 months old I had to leave where I was staying and they said I can't take her along, so I stole her!! The best crime I've ever committed all the other dogs from that farm died. She is 7 years old today and we only had joy from her. She is the most lovable dog on earth and one can't help to fall in love with her!! We love her to bits!!!

Karen Maritz
Brits, South Africa

Genesis Ming Mai...The Beginning of Something Beautiful

Jenny and I found each other August 8, 2002.

That very afternoon, I'd had to have my little Schnauzer, Violet, put to sleep due to liver cancer. I was beyond heartbroken, since I'd lost my husband not long before and Violet had been my constant companion and had gotten me through many long, lonely days and nights; she was always by my side and knew me inside out.

Jenny was wandering around outside my brother-in-laws office building that night. She was very fearful and would run away if I made even the slightest movement. There was some catfood, so I placed it on the sidewalk several yards away. She would cautiously come toward it, then run away. It took a couple of hours, but eventually, I was able to scoop her up and we came home together that night and have been almost inseparable ever since.

She is the angel that Violet sent to watch over me. I have no doubt about it. I named her Genesis Ming Mai because Genesis is the beginning, and Ming Mai means "something beautiful" in Chinese, fitting since her ancestry is Chinese/Tibetan.

Jenny was a starving, matted, sick little girl when we found each other, but she's now healthy, happy, and very spoiled...and a little bit chubby. She's so funny and sweet. Without Violet, we'd have never met, so Violet is also my angel as she had to leave, but she didn't leave me alone.

Two broken hearts began to mend that night...and that is our love story.

Parsons, KS
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