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Rosey the CHAB

While i was in Tennessee taking care of my aging mother, I would take my German Shepherd (Danny) and my Chocolate lab (Dusty) to the TN River to swim. One day while we were out there Dusty kept running down along the river and kept trying to get me to follow her. Well she wouldn't give up so I went down around the other side of the trees and there was a litter of drowned puppies. There were 7 of them and 2 were still breathing. They barely fit in my hand they were so tiny. I grabbed them up and took them over 40 miles to a vet who kept them a couple days to try and keep them alive. The vet spent a lot of time to keep them alive. She also thought that since they had so many ticks imbedded in their skin that it would be almost impossible for them to live long from diseases they might have picked up from those ticks. I spent the next couple of days getting each one of those ticks out of her skin and ears. That was in 2001 and I still have her today and she is such a sweet and loving girl. She has been a big help with my older dog and helping him to find things and is his ears and eyes for him now that he is aging. She had a rough beginning, but she is a blessing to me and my other rescues. Rosey loves to take long walks out in the country and believe it or not, loves to swim with me! She loves all the cats and makes sure they are all ok first thing when she goes out in the mornings!

Shari Rose
Anna, OH


Meet Baron, our 7 year old GSD. We got Baron from the "Save a Shepherd Rescue Alliance" in Philadelphia. Baron was, at the time, 4 months old, and had already been in 3 homes plus the Humane Society. Never abused, but shuffled off like a piece of clothing...

This was one big boy! At 4 months, he already weighed in at 45 lbs. On the 5 hour ride home, Baron laid in the back of our Trailblazer, played with his toys, and never made a peep. Unbelievably well-behaved!

Baron assimilated well into our home of 2 other dogs, and 3 cats. He was, and still is, a very playful dog. Baron loves toys...he has about a 1/2 dozen of them, and they all have names. There's Mickey (named for his buddy at the foster home), Santa News, Mighty Dog, and many more (and he, of course, knows them all by name and will go find upon request!).

Last year, Baron hurt himself running in the snow. After 3 surgeries and 5 months in a cast, his back leg was finally fused and ready for him to walk on. Unfortunately, in those 5 months, his hind end had atrophied to the point of virtual uselessness. So, it was on to Physical Therapy, and a weight loss program (Baron is now 120 lbs., due to some time on prednisone for another condition). He is still recovering with PT, and doing very well, although the hip dysplasia will always give him trouble.

Baron has been a wonderful addition to our family, and continues to be incredibly playful and loving, even with all he has been through. All of our pets have come from a rescue situation, and they bring us such joy, I cannot imagine life without them.

Deborah Ilic
Fairport, NY


Barney was a skinny stray cat with an embedded collar who hopped the fence into my backyard to raid the bird feeder last fall. It took weeks of setting out food before I could get close enough to quickly snip the collar off and then weeks more before I could grab him to put him in my basement before the snows were too deep. He had a medical setback during his neutering surgery, but is a healthy, playful and loving gentleman now. I have three other cats who are not happy about our guest, so we are looking for a wonderful forever home for this sweet boy. I'm so glad that Barney has a second chance for a new life!

S. Torrey
Erie, PA

Mr. Iggy

On January 5, 2009 I adopted a Pomeranian from The Albany Humane Society and we had not been aquainted 20 minutes before he ran away from me. I prayed to God that he come back but he didn't and until this day I have not heard or seen any sign of him. On January 8, 2009 I saw a dog on the Today in Georgia that looked exactly like the dog I had adopted on the 5th and I mean he looked just like my dog. They were the same color except for the one I lost was acutally darker in color but they were the same breed, sex and age and that moment I knew that it must have been ment for me to have a Pomeranian. The same morning I began calling the Lee County Animal Shelter where this dog was. I begged her not to let anybody get him but she told me that she couldn't hold him because if somebody came in with the adoption fee then she had to let him go. I started praying to God for that dog. On January 9, 2009 I called to the shelter to see if the dog was still there and he was so I told her I was on my way. My life changed that very day because the Lord had answered my prayer. I named him Iggy and he and I have been close every since that day. I truly love my Iggy, he is just like a child to me and he is very smart. I'm so glad that I saved his life and he has made a difference in mine. I thank God for my companion.

Pelham, GA

Roscoe and Zoey

Both of our dogs are rescue dogs. Roscoe came from the Sadie Mae Foundation in Bolton, CT where he was rescued from death at the pound at six months old. He has been with us for over two years now, and I have watched him go from a bag of bones and fur to one of the smartest dogs I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. My life would definitely not be the same without him. Zoey came from Bandit's Place in East Hartland, CT. She came to us after a long journey that involved being dropped at a pound in Tennessee and having seven puppies. Despite many set backs in housetraining and behavior, she has now been with us for over two months and we cannot imagine her not being there, either. Rescue dogs are the best dogs and my two are living proof!!!

Enfield, CT

Little Girl finds a home...

In the wooded area across the street from our home, I noticed an animal hiding in the brush. As I went closer with food dish in hand, a scrawny, nearly hairless cat ran to me with that loud, desperate "Meow" that signals a cat in extreme need. She was near starving, very dirty, and had lost most of the hair on her hindquarters and along her spine. She wore a ragged plastic flea collar but no ID. After feeding her regularly for a few days, we managed to get her to our local vet who diagnosed flea allergy, mosquito nose and extreme earmites. Medication took care of all her conditions and twice a day feedings gave her back her beautiful coat and a healthy weight -- 12 lbs at last visit! No matter what we had to do to her -- give her pills, clean and medicate her ears and nose, Little Girl has never once scratched or tried to bite us. She had already been spayed when she found us. She is the sweetest cat, and makes me wonder how she came to be in such bad straits. Her story has a happy ending since she is one of our family, which includes 3 more previously homeless cats, but there are many more abandoned animals out there, literally dying for a helping hand. Please do your part!

AJ Smith
Key Largo, FL

Saved from certain death at the Vets.

I took in a 7yr old male Rottweiler that was slated to be put down because his owner could no longer look after him. The vet was in touch with a wonderfull group called Adopt-A-Rott. The foundation contacted me because I was looking for a older dog. I had just had to have my boy of 15 yrs put down due to cancer. I told her to bring him up and as you can see by the picture I have sent, he is living the life of a king. He has been wonderfull with my other dog Angel. He also loves to sing with my husband. He really is a great addition to our family. So please if anyone out there is thinking about getting a dog, please look in to rescue groups or check out your local SPCA, there really is a Gem out there that is in need of a loving home. Older dogs need love too. Not to mention its a wonderfull feeling to know you saved a dog or a cats life by adpoting from a rescue group or your local animal shelter.

Louise Store
Everett, ON, Canada

Jaclyn, the cat rider

My husband and I had just moved to San Francisco, working very hard to find a nice flat to rent that would accept our two cats, Desi and Spidey. We found a great place, and the landlord reluctantly agreed to two cats vs. one. Three months into our stay in San Francisco, my husband's secretary told us about a kitten she'd found in her backyard in Berkeley. Her pot-bellied pig wasn't taking kindly to this new addition to the home, and she begged us to take her. While we worried about the landlord, we couldn't resist a baby in the family. The next Saturday, little Jaclyn arrived. She was so tiny she was sleeping in a shoebox with a washcloth for her blanket! Not only did we fall in love with her, but our two older cats took her in immediately. They bathed her, watched over her, and taught her all the tricks she needed to know to be a member of their clan. My favorite memory of those days are seeing the big boys running the long hallway of our flat, with a tiny little kitten riding on their backs like a jockey on a horse! An hour later, they'd all be on the bed for a group-nap, each with their front paws on her little body in a protective hug, snuggling her to sleep. Jaclyn is now the sole kitty-survivor in our house, and about 16 years old, but sometimes when I look at her, or watch her chase after a toy, I see a glimpse of that little kitten who "rode cats" many years ago in a flat in San Francisco.

Janet Greenwood
Seattle, WA

Rescue of 3 Kittens and their Mommy

08 January 2009 - On Tuesday, I went to my mechanic for a service on my car and found a Mommy Cat +/- 8-9 months old with 3 kittens that have become tenants at this workshop.

Needless to say it took about 2 weeks to catch them and then it was off to the vet to see if there was anything wrong and deworming and inoculations etc. Also I (the adopting mama) needed kitten food, toys, bowls, sand etc.

This is their story...

Our temporary names are Simba, Cheech and Chong and our Mommy is called Bella! We were really braving the odds when our Hooman rescued us from under a trailer… and we braved the odds against weather, rain, hunger and the big dogs next door….which would have ripped us to shreads…. We are just over 2 months old now and purr whenever our Hooman comes and gives us foodies!

WE LOOOVVVVEEE playing with string!!!! Or belts or anything that is long like string! WE love catnip! WE love HILLS Science Plan Kitten Food and enjoy a packet of Whiskers (wet food) every night. WE get clean water and clean sand everyday and on Friday's WE GET A special treat from our Mommy Hooman in that she gives us a bowl of milk diluted with water…. We are best friends and we love each other very much.

We our step-brother and sisters are called Paddy, Pringles and Lucy..Furr and so now our family is 7 strong.

Vanessa de Matos
Johannesburg, South Africa

The Boys

For ten years now, Deborah has been caring for a colony of cats in Passaic NJ. Sometimes people say they want a cat for a pet so she captures one or two, gets them treated medically and waits for the takers. In the meantime, the folks have changed their mind or gotten their pet elsewhere. That's how we ended up with the boys Harley & David. Needless to say we are glad they changed their minds because our lives would not be the same without them!!

Butler, NJ
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