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Bonded Bunnies are the Best

All three of my bunnies are rescued from The Rabbit Haven Chloe is white with magical ruby eyes and weighs 9#. Her boyfriend Dartagnon is the 6# brown lop. Kohl is the 3# little Hoto girl who is the star in educational events around Central California, and she gets handled by up to 65 kids in one day.

Raising bunnies as indoor pets that are litter box trained and socially bonded to you is very rewarding and fun. They come up for pets every day, and they play little games with each other. Chloe and Kohl play a daily chase game, and Dart-man just watches the fun. When bunnies are happy they jump in the air and do acrobatic moves called binkies. When they are content, they stretch out all four paws and make their bodies real long and skinny. They also flop on their sides at a moment's notice, then jump back up to play some more.

Indoor bunnies are much healthier and live much twice as long as bunnies kept outside in a hutch or loose in a backyard. Besides protecting them from predators and pests that carry diseases, they are safer from the weather, and they are happier living with you and becoming part of the family. Two of my bunnies are lap bunnies and enjoy sitting on the couch to watch TV with me or snuggling in my arms and giving me kisses.

I can't imagine life without my bunny friends.

Cindy Marshall
Mount Hermon, CA

King Fred

We'd been searching frantically for 2 weeks to find another furbaby after we'd had to have our beloved Misty put to sleep due to cancer. There was one very big catch. I couldn't bear to look at a happy, healthy dog with the idea of giving it a home so soon after losing our baby. When the local shelter called to tell us about a Japanese Chin we didn't know what it was and I couldn't work up any enthusiasm. But when we saw this poor little scrap of fur that reeked of kennel stench, had a crookedly healed but formerly broken lower jaw, and was 1/3 under body weight he was absolutely irresistable! He had no teeth and was so beaten down he wouldn't respond to touch or sound so I knew we had to do something about that! We had him neutered and vetted; then took him home to love him better.

He was soon responding to the words 'eat' and 'dinner' but the only way we could hold him was to catch him. We did a lot of rocking and cuddling with him and he soon started doing his little Chin Spin at sight of us. But it was two months before he let out one tiny little woof and that was in response to his Daddy coming into the sitting room. He's in his forever home now and has completely taken over.

Doe Run, MO

Missing the Love.

My family was devastated when we lost our dog Jax to cancer. My husband said never again, no more dogs. So our family tried to go with out for a year. My son & I,felt like we wanted to try again. We talked my husband into trying to get a dog again. it took a couple of times to find the right dog for our family. but now we have the love we was missing and our dog scooby is so full of love. and he gets it back ten fold. Both of our dogs have been rescue Dogs. and that for us, is the only way to go. We wanted to find a dog a home who has never known a real home and love and to be able to save a life. So please stop the puppy mill support and support your local rescue agency.

Kim Martin
Lowerlake, CA


My name is Amy and I greatly support rescue adoptions. I had a wonderful dog for 15 yrs, Shani who passed away 3 yrs ago. When she started getting sick, I started looking at rescue sites and found a dog in Chicago, Teeka. That adoption didnt turn out so great, she had been abused and as loving as she was, also very tempermental. I lost part of a finger trying to stop her attacking my older dog. But it has not stopped me from believing that abused animals need our help. I have since adopted Zoey, a mastiff /german shepherd mix who was 9 mo. old when I got her. I found her on Petfinder classifieds and drove 3 hrs to pick her up. It was the best thing ever! She is a wonderful dog (2 yrs old now and 105 lbs) and she loves to try to sit on my lap! She is still a little scared of new things but warms up wonderfully. We had to buy a bigger bed because she's only happy next to us, but we really love her!! I hope to start looking for a friend for her soon. Its so hard to choose when there are so many wonderful dogs on the rescue site, I want them all!! Good luck and A BIG THANKs to anyone who adopts a rescue.



When I got Sunny it wasn't pretty. I told his owners they needed to get him to a vet fast. They wouldn't do it. So I gave them a choice, either turn him over to me, or I will have charges filed on them for animal cruelty. Needless to say they did not argue with me. Well after lots of time at the vet with a tail broken in 3 places, damage to his back end from being kicked several times, and a hole that was very infected, on the side of his face, you could of put a dime in, not to mention being skin and bones. Sunny recovered very well. He now has a forever home, with me my kiddo and our 3 other cats, and is very grateful to us everyday.

Cleburne, TX

Shiloh, our guardian and protector

We had been working to ease the pain of our German Shepherd's many leg problems when her physical therapist told us about a dog in need of rescue. There was not much information on him, other than he was a Shepherd Mix, about 7 months old and had been left in the night drop off in a Reno shelter. His back legs work in unison, which makes him look like he's hopping. He was painfully thin, and because of his leg defect he was deemed "rescue only." This physical therapist friend of ours bought him a stay of execution saying "I know some people who have experience with dogs who have leg problems - let me see if they'd be willing to foster him." We fostered him for only about 2 days when we knew he'd be ours forever. Now Shiloh is our faithful guardian and protector! When police were called to a nearby house, and there were SWAT teams involved, Shiloh never stepped outside to bark, but stayed right at our side, following us everywhere we went, every minute of the standoff. Three years later, we couldn't ask for a better friend and companion.

Anne Pinkerton
Reno, NV


After living in my apartment for a few months, I finally decided that I needed some companionship. I spent, literally, months on looking for "the perfect pet." Then I found Boo.

Boo had a few pictures posted by the rescue group FURR who had saved him from a trash dump where he had been the only adult cat abandoned with several kittens. His online description impressed me, so I drove two-and-a-half hours to visit him. During my visit, he was not very affectionate, and he ran and hid. But, for some odd reason, I adopted him on the spot.

When I got him home, Boo hid under the bed for days. I was afraid he would be an introverted cat who wanted nothing to do with me. I was completely wrong.

Now adjusted, Boo is the most loving cat I have ever met. He follows me everywhere and "talks" to me by making a slight undulating meow when I address him. Oftentimes, he gives me "Boo kisses," little licks on the face to show his approval. He also thinks he is a dog. He absolutely LOVES belly rubs. When I walk through the door he does the "stop, drop, and roll [over]." And he likes to drink out of the toilet (only after it flushes and he gets to watch it go around in circles) and go for walks on his leash. (Yes, he has a leash. I live right on the interstate. Thus, he has a leash.)

Today, too many pets are homeless, and many of these animals must spend their lives in cages or be euthanized. That is simply not fair when so many of us have the option to adopt. To me, Boo has easily proven why adoption is such a great choice.

Rachel Rowe
Fayetteville, AR

Muddy Mollie

We needed a hypoallergenic dog and I was determined to get one from a rescue or shelter. After just a few weeks of searching, we found a miniature Schnauzer at a rescue. She was very sick our first couple of months together and she almost didn't make it. Our vet stuck with us and made her healthy. Now she is all puppy. I call her Mollie Love because all she wants to do is give and get love.

Morristown, NJ

Richey is a Really Special Dog

We adopted Richey almost 3 years ago (April 1, 2006) when he was a 3-month old puppy from the Richardson Humane Society in Richardson, Texas. We had lost our over 13-year old dog Oreo a couple of months before and were looking for a new friend. Richey is a Pomerian/Italian Greyhound mix. He is around 25 pounds. I took this photo a few months ago after my husband had already gone to bed. He just looked so peaceful there in the corner of the couch that I just had to capture the moment.

My husband taught him to shake or give-me-5 for treats. Now he will jump up in my husband's lap and hold out his paw as if to say "give me a treat."

My husband is retired and he and Richey are almost inseparable.

Winona Turner
Garland, TX

Riley the Rescue Puppy

I saw Riley's photo on a rescue website after we lost a beloved dog to cancer. His little fuzzy face captured my heart and I was thrilled to meet him when his foster mom and her son brought him to our home. He was the last puppy in a litter of mixed German Shorthair Pointers and German Wirehair Pointers who had been dumped on the rescue group because the puppies were not purebreeds. Little Riley was the litter runt and the last to be adopted - thank goodness for that, because we adore him and he adores us! He loves to stretch out on our bed at night and snuggle with us and our cat, who thinks she's a dog too! We are blessed to have him in our life.

Barbara Pringle
Scottsdale, AZ
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