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Archie from NY to WI

Archie was born in a puppy mill in Canada and sold to an 83 year old man in New York sight unseen. His dear neighbors quickly realized he was "too much dog" for an elderly man and took him under their wings. The family had other pets and decided to do the right thing in putting Archie up for adoption on the Beauceron (rare breed) rescue site. I had had another Beauceron for 12 years and they picked me to be his new mama. He was the love of my life and I spent numerous hours and dollars on making Archie a "good boy". He loved me and my mom, but was a bit standoffish to others. Beaucerons are VERY loyal to their owners. The family that had him met me and my best friend in Cleveland for the official adoption and from then he became by beloved Archie. Unfortunately, the story is sad...I only had Archie for 16 months, but they were the best 16 months anyone could offer a dog. His main compassion was spending numerous hours fetching soccer balls in the yard. He even broke my humerus bone as his leash wrapped around my ankles one snowy morning in April. He would sleep with his head tucked on my shoulder with his sad eyes saying he was sorry. Archie died in June of "08 of kidney and liver failure. There was NOTHING I could do, but I spent thousands of dollars to save his life. He forever sits on my shoulder as my Guardian Angel. He is buried looking over a beautiful lake in Northern Wisconsin where he loved to romp in the woods and wade in the water. He led a great life, albeit too short.

Marianne Case

Appleton, Wisconsin

Marianne Case
Appleton, WI

From Stray to Therapy Dog

When Olive was a street puppy in her first heat in E. St. Louis, a volunteer from Stray Rescue noticed her plight and stopped the car with the passenger door open. Olive made a beeline for it and became the "rescue dog", that I found via Petfinder after losing my longtime german shepherd companion Onyx. She has always been a "wild thing", but was willing to learn so now she visits human "strays" that many other humans don't visit at the VA hospital and nursing homes as we have time. We love her spirit and her gentleness both! She has a winning multi-faceted personality that the patients, particularly the older ones, really appreciate. I'm sure glad someone rescued this sweet dog for me!

Tori Vernau
Manchester, MO

Foster dog to family dog

My husband thought he wanted to be "dog free" for awhile since we have had 3 dogs in our life for the last 16 years. We had just lost Cleo, a shepherd mix, who was 15 years old. I talked him into fostering, since it wouldn't be a permanent situtation. Then along came Jasper in November 2007. He was chosen for us to foster by a rescue group consisting of all volunteers and run by sisters from CT and MA. He came from a high kill shelter in Chattanooga, TN. We picked him up from a van after his three day trip to CT. He came over to me and curled himself right into my legs. It was love at first sight. He was 8 months old and not trained at all, but was sweet as can be. In just three days he was potty trained and learned to sit and lie down. He loved other dogs and people. He was great with my then 6 and 8 year old girls. He fit perfectly into our family. He is the nicest dog we have ever had and someone threw him away. Their loss is our gain. Three weeks after he arrived he was officially ours. Jasper just turned 2 years old. We couldn't be happier. My husband is happy too and now has a great running partner. Lori Neil, Ridgefield, CT

Lori Neil
Ridgefield, CT

Gone but not forgotten

I fell in love with my precious Nemo while volunteering, and after spending a month with him at the shelter, I knew he was meant to be mine. Tragically, days after I brought him home, I lost him to feline leukemia. His initial test had been a false negative. Even though my heart broke, and I miss him every day, because I opened my arms to him, he got to know a family and felt unconditional love. Every animal in a shelter deserves that chance. Please give special-needs animals an opportunity. I don't regret at all making Nemo a part of my family. I would take him home all over again in a heartbeat. And I know now he's watching over me.

Brett Gentile
Chicago, IL

How Bambi Came to Be With Lucky and Friends

Bambi was thrown out onto a Quarry at the Cave Hill in Belfast.

She was brought to 7th Animal Rescue Trust. Her photo appeared on the trust's website and we fell in love with her instantly.

She came home to our Abode in east Belfast on the 16th Of February 2008 after Lucky's Mum Treacle had been put to sleep after a short battle with Cancer at the age of 14.

At first Bambi had to be kept in her safe room which just happened to be my brothers bedroom.. When Lucky went to bed at night Bambi would come alive and run around upstairs and down in the early hours of the morning..Keeping everyone awake.

Bambi has very strange litter habits, she would do her number 2's outside her litter tray and then she would scrape all the litter out of the tray untill she buries what she has done.

We would not swap Bambi for anyother cat, yes! she may have strange habits but she is the cutest animal in the whole wide world.

Helen Madden
Belfast, United Kingdom

Sargent Pupper & Samantha Pants Roberts

Dear Animal Rescue Site,

Here's a photo of two of our three wonderful rescued pets - Sargent Pupper and Samantha Pants. (Sir Pooky, our rescued Maine Coon was taking his usual 4 hour morning nap and missed the photo op!)

I was on a search for a Golden Retriever or Golden mix via a shelter or rescue. I finally found Sargent at a local shelter (Animal Welfare League in Chicago Ridge) via Petfinder in April of 2005. Sargent & I do volunteer work for As Good As Gold Golden Retriever Rescue of Northern IL, We do many "Meet & Greets" to let people see what fantastic, healthy, well-behaved dogs are waiting for them in shelters & rescues. So very many people we meet cannot believe that Golden Retrievers even need a rescue. There's a rescue for every breed and every kind of pet.

Miss Samantha Pants was adopted as an 8-week old kitten in January, 2006 from Animal Welfare League as well. We lost our first black cat, "Mr. Bean" to illness and had a big hole in our hearts. Samantha helped us so much to heal and stole those hearts in the process. She is a fun, loving girl who rules the roost but adores her pals, Sargent (as you can see) and Pooky (who is again, napping). She makes sure they are clean and loved...what a girl!

Sir Pooky was found by our neighbor as an orpaned 4 week old kitten wondering down the middle of a busy street. It was love (and a forever home) at first sight! I can't say enough about this wonderful breed of cat - he's so smart and mellow. A joy to be around.

We wouldn't have it any other way than finding our "furry kids" via adoption! Please, please don't shop...ADOPT!

Julie Roberts
Oak Lawn, IL

Went hunting for a Turkey and came home with a Bear.

Hi! My name is Bear and this is my story. One day my daddy took his nephews, guess they would be my cousins now, turkey hunting. Well you know little boys get hungry and just have to eat all the time so down the mountain they went for lunch. So I'm just sitting there alone by this road in the woods when they come around the bend, and I'm all wet and cold and hungry. I sure hope that they see me and want a cute little dog that don't have a home no more. Well I saw them go by and thought ok well there goes another car but they didn't stop either. Ok guess I'll just wait and see what happens later. Oh boy, here comes someone else! Oh wait it's that car that I saw earlier guess I'll be waiting some more. But no IT STOPPED! Holy cow it stopped and there were 2 boys in that car and they had FOOD, and not just any food. They had burgers and chicken and biscuits and ice cream. Was I ever happy to see them! They picked me up and put me right in that nice warm car of theirs. I sure was a happy little dog. Daddy told Mommy when she came home and saw me that he thought I was a little bear cub sitting there when he first saw me and that's how I got my name. I sure did get lucky that day, cuz I got the best family in the whole world now and I never have to worry about being alone ever again.

Crimora, VA

Old Friend

This is a portrait of our thirteen-year-old friend, Bronco: he and my husband lived happily (and messily) together in bachelor bliss for five years until I entered the picture. Bronco would stroll past, aloof and uninterested, when we first met. I could hear him thinking "everything was fine until YOU came along." He was right. No more sleeping on the couch. No more sleeping on the bed. No more digging holes in the lawn. No more free run of the house when the humans were away (he figured out how to open locked windows and would regularly escape). Then came the other animals, each one adopted as he had been. And the children, climbing over him, using him as a step-stool, "petting" him with a little TOO much love, at times.

Bronco and I pass each other in the halls like two polite co-workers: occasionally we'll stop for a chat (or a pet), but he's made it clear he's got more important things to do. Like nap. It makes me laugh because I know our aloof relationship is all an act. I know this because one day, years ago, Bronco saved me from two men who entered our home. They never had the chance to execute whatever their dark plans may have been: my fifty-pound mutt of completely unidentifiable origin stopped them. And then, one year later, on a frigid November morning at the beach, Bronco was caught by a rip-tide. I watched in horror as his head went under the waves and I did not hesitate to jump in after him, despite being fully clothed and very pregnant.

Bronco may never rush to the door to greet me first (that place of honor is reserved for my husband), but we both know how much we mean to one another.

Michelle Ciarlo-Hayes
Philadelphia, PA

Fred Reached Out

On a visit to my step-daughter at Ithaca College we decided to visit the SPCA. A six month old orange tabby reached his paw out through the cage bars towards me. Fred has continued to reach out for the last 13 years. At sixteen pounds he makes his presence known asking for whatever he wants in an insistent voice. You always know what he wants. He puts his paw on my arm to get some of whatever I'm eating. Even though he's had diabetes for over ten years he lives a full and active life. Fred loves people and greats everyone at the door. He's been a wonderful companion and I can't imagine what life would be like without my big orange guy.

Simone Gorko
Ardmore, PA

Orange Oliver

I received an email, from National Abyssinian Rescue(NAR) indicating that their was an Abyssinian at risk at the animal shelter near Cleveland. They thought the kitty was a blind female. I called the shelter and they said that they had a male abby, but that he was old, blind and going to be put down the next day.

I told the lady on the phone that I would take him. She said "But he's old" and I said I didn't care, whatever life he had left should be a happy one. She said "but he is blind" and I asked if he needed to wear a little helmet to protect himself from running into things and if he could find the litter box and food dish. She said he could find those things and was not in danger of hurting himself by running into furniture or walls. So I made arrangements to pick him up that night after work.

I named him after my favorite story as a child, Orange Oliver. The story about a little orange kitty that needed glasses. I took my Orange Oliver to the vet the next day and he confirmed what I had guessed already just by watching my new family member. Oliver is not blind, but only has cloudy vision and he is not old. He is probably between 2 and 4 years old. He's a joy to our family and such a little love bug. It amazes me that someone could have given him up or that noone else would rescue him from the shelter, but I'm glad they did.

He will always have a place in my home and in my heart.

Lansing, MI
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