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Riley the Rescue Puppy

I saw Riley's photo on a rescue website after we lost a beloved dog to cancer. His little fuzzy face captured my heart and I was thrilled to meet him when his foster mom and her son brought him to our home. He was the last puppy in a litter of mixed German Shorthair Pointers and German Wirehair Pointers who had been dumped on the rescue group because the puppies were not purebreeds. Little Riley was the litter runt and the last to be adopted - thank goodness for that, because we adore him and he adores us! He loves to stretch out on our bed at night and snuggle with us and our cat, who thinks she's a dog too! We are blessed to have him in our life.

Barbara Pringle
Scottsdale, AZ

My Princess Blue Eyes

We adopted our beautiful Bengal Snow cat who we named Abby (after Abby in NCIS) on the 3rd February 2008 from a private rescue home here in my hometown of Sheffield, England. This all came about after we had to have our beloved cat Chippy who was almost 18 years old put to sleep 4 days before Christmas 2007 he too was a rescue cat.

We said that we wanted another cat but would wait until the summer time to give us chance to get over losing Chippy however that went out of the window & we lasted all of 6 weeks before going to get another cat, the house was so empty & seemed so silent, the minute i saw Abby's eyes i just fell in love with her. She loves to play & is so happy with the middle out of a sticking tape roll she will play with it for hours & if there is any mischief to get into Abby will get into it.

She is coming on lovely shewas all skin & bones when we first got her but now she's filled out nicely & we love her to bits.

Bev Flude
Sheffield, United Kingdom

Love at First Sight

I went to the shelter dead set on getting a kitten, but when this beautiful 4 year old Tabby walked up to me I was totally taken. Believe it or not when I sat down to see if she'd sit in my lap, Miss Kitty came over and wrapped her paws around my neck and began licking my nose! I adopted her right then and she has brought me so much joy over the last 3 years she's been with me. Miss Kitty has had such a positive effect on me that I even became a volunteer at the shelter where I adopted her.

Jenn Rhoads
Chicago, IL

From Tombstone to Rusty

My spouse and I had discussed adopting a dog but couldn't come to an agreement, until fate stepped in and gave us the best pooch in the world.

I was working and on my way back from a sales call when I decided to take a short drive through a really big, old cemetary. I drove along the path looking out the drivers window when I glanced up and saw this skinny, dirty blondie trotting my direction. As an animal lover I had to stop & make sure he wasn't lost. I opened my door and this mangey dog, wagging his tail the whole time, sat at my feet and just looked up at me, as if to say "I'm a good boy, please pet me" He didn't have any tags or even a collar & had the biggest brown puppy eyes I've ever seen. Two guys working at the cemetary drove up behind me and tried to tell me he was their dog. But as they approached him, the dog wanted nothing to do with them, barked & ran away. They men told me that he had been there for a couple weeks and they had tried to feed him. I really didn't believe that, given the dogs reaction to them. As they pulled away, off to do their duties, one of them yelled out "If you want him, take him" I opened my passenger door & the dog immediately jumped in. He took a last look at his surroundings and with a big, relieved sigh, layed down in my front seat. My spouse, who couldn't believe I put this dirty dog in my new car, fell in love almost instantly. 1 year, 20 pounds heavier & with the name Rusty, we couldn't be happier & neither could he!

Jessica Seamount
Joliet, IL

Eggbert the Pigeon

I took my dog Tucker outside this morning (March 22, 2009) and he ran up to a grey thing in the snowbank by my house, and I thought it was a rock cause it wasn't moving. But he only acts this way toward other animals......The closer I got, I then realized it was a pigeon. Tucker was nudging it with his nose and it wouldn't move, but when I got up to it, I realized it was alive. I couldn't leave it there to die in the cold. I realized I would rather it die warm if it was dying, than freeze to death I brought it home, and put it in a box and wrapped him up in my sweater. I realized that the more he warmed up, the more life came back and he began moving more. He fell asleep and I called the Walden Animal Hospital because they have a wildlife sanctuary, and they told me to bring the pigeon in for them to care him back to life. So off we went this morning, Al and I to the wildlife hospital with the poor injured pigeon in the box and I bonded to him so much I named him Eggbert lol. I brought him to the hospital and filled out a rescue paper and I gave them my email address and requested someone keep me updated to see what was wrong with him and if he survives and the head of the hospital agreed to! So, Tucker saved his life cause had Tucker not began to act the way he did toward it, I would of simply thought it was a rock! The moral of this story too, is that all animals deserve a second my eyes, anyway....Update--Eggbert is going to be ok!

Stephanie Dumoulin
Sudbury, ON, Canada


From her early days, Lola had to struggle to survive, and did it with her tail up and wagging.

I found Lola six months ago, at She looked perfect for our family. She was a Saint Bernard puppy with Bernese markings - a white stripe from the nose to the forehead. I interpreted it as a good omen, since we have two Berners - Frieda and Geppetto.

In days, Good Dog Rescue declared us Lola's parents and gave us a date to pick her up at a parking lot in New Hampshire. Lola was one of dozens of dogs being unloaded from the truck to meet their new owners. At six months old, she was skinny, sick, and confused from a 20-hour ride. She was shipped from Tennessee, where she had been living in a foster home. Before that, her abusive owner almost starved her to death.

In the car, Frieda and Geppetto ignored her all the way to the house by the lake, where we were spending vacations. But Lola was decided to stay. As soon as she set foot on the beach at the house, she chased the dogs with sticks, raw hides and toys to get their attention. It didn't work.

But, after eating, Frieda and Geppetto were too tired to bother with her. Lola found her place on the blanket and slept the whole night, enjoying the warmth of her siblings' bodies.

The next day our playtime improved. Frieda played with Lola while Geppetto enjoyed a bone by himself. Geppetto wrestled with Lola when Frieda slept at my feet. Two weeks later, they were inseparable. And now we all are so glad to have succumbed to this sweet "Saint Berner" who, with a good attitude, took control of our toys, our bones and our hearts.

Daniela Caride -
Cambridge, MA

Just a Black Ball of Fur in the Snow

Cold, below zero, February, and this little black ball of fur kept appearing at my door. But, if I attempted to open the door it would disappear. I did all I could to keep this little one warm, with food and warm milk available so just maybe I could keep him alive. I was fearful that he would freeze to death. My husband was even concerned enough to go with me to look for him. We followed his tracks in the snow and searched every nook and crany. Under the wood pile, behind this and that. Finally, there he was, but out of reach. Just about the time I was sure we had he went like a jack rabbit being chased by a fox. "We'll just have to keep trying.. If he only knew what lays beyond those glass doors.., Warmth and a whole lot of love." It took several weeks, but we finally got that poor little abandoned kitten to trust us and make it inside. 2 days later, we managed to win over his confidence enough that I could bath him and brush out all the mangled and knoted hair around his neck. His poor little stub of a tail had some frost bite but the Vet gave him a clean bill of health.

It's been two years now and he trusts me and won't leave my side. He knows I need someone to keep me company and is extra cautious of my health. Knowing I have trouble going up stairs, he waits for me and won't go more than 3 ahead of me. I am so blessed to have him and he couldn't have picked a better place to call his home! From the movie CARS...we have named him "MATER", because of his big green eyes!

Sunbury, PA

Rock-A-Billy's Story

It was late September 2007. My trips from Maine to Long Island, NY were becoming more frequent and longer in duration due to my mom's terminal illness.

The night before this one visit, my mom called. Tearfully she told me about a little puppy that had been tied to her fence with a wire. The wire was around his neck and it was so short that he was unable to touch the ground with his front feet. She was able to untie him and bring him in to her house. I told her that I would leave early the next day and would contact a local homeless shelter and bring him there when I arrived.

The next day came, the drive was horrific and what at best was a five hour drive turned into an eight hour one. My mom met me at the door of her home in Roosevelt with her old dog and this dirty little ball of fuzz with legs.

I knew right away that I would be taking this puppy home, taking him to my vet, and ultimately finding him a new home.

My mom called him "Rocky", because of his rocky start in life. He was malnourished, had parasites and the worst ear infections that the vet had ever seen. He shadowed my every move and fearlessly played with our two (130 and 140 lb) dogs.

My mom passed away the following January. I did find the puppy his forever home. He now lives in our hearts and under our roof.

Our other dogs come from pedigreed stock. They have their registered names, and call names. It was only fitting that "Rocky" have a fancy name as well, in spite of his humble beginnings. So "Roosevelt's Own Rock-A-Billy" was coined ........and it fits, doesn't it?

Onneke O'Brien
Scarborough, ME


I got my dog, Tootsie, a mutt, about 3 years ago at a Pet Drive for Animal Friends, and I have to say she keeps me entertained.

She is a little bit of a brat, if you stop petting her she will bark until you do, she gets as much of the bed as she wants and no buts about it! LOL

But I love her and my cat Julia, shes 7, I cant believe it, she is one of the best cats I have ever seen. She likes to be picked up and is great with kids.

Tootsie on the otherhand... well lets just say they might take a few "falls" haha

McDonald, PA

Vonnegut doesn't write, but he does complete our family.

Our family didn't even realize there was a niche to be filled. We visited the Pikes Peak Humane Society in early February and met two dogs. The second one was a five month old Pit/Weimaraner mix with the most beautiful blue coat and and fabulous iridescent blue-green-silver eyes. When we met him, he was in quarantine. He came in as a stray with parvo and kennel cough. He was so energetic and friendly that we knew immediately that he would have to come home with us.

After we completed the paperwork and walked out of the Humane Society, he ran SMACK! into the glass door. It didn't slow him down at all, and we knew we'd made the right decision. Being big readers, we decided to name him Vonnegut after the late author Kurt Vonnegut.

Vonnegut is full of boundless energy and has the most astounding capacity to love. He is sweet tempered and friendly, and loves being with any member of our family, whether it's the two little boys, the German Sheperd, or the fluffy cat.

We were thrilled to bring home such a precious, perfect dog, and to realize he had completed our family without even trying.

We are grateful to the Humane Society for being so wonderful.

Jessica Battista
Colorado Springs, CO
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