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Vonnegut doesn't write, but he does complete our family.

Our family didn't even realize there was a niche to be filled. We visited the Pikes Peak Humane Society in early February and met two dogs. The second one was a five month old Pit/Weimaraner mix with the most beautiful blue coat and and fabulous iridescent blue-green-silver eyes. When we met him, he was in quarantine. He came in as a stray with parvo and kennel cough. He was so energetic and friendly that we knew immediately that he would have to come home with us.

After we completed the paperwork and walked out of the Humane Society, he ran SMACK! into the glass door. It didn't slow him down at all, and we knew we'd made the right decision. Being big readers, we decided to name him Vonnegut after the late author Kurt Vonnegut.

Vonnegut is full of boundless energy and has the most astounding capacity to love. He is sweet tempered and friendly, and loves being with any member of our family, whether it's the two little boys, the German Sheperd, or the fluffy cat.

We were thrilled to bring home such a precious, perfect dog, and to realize he had completed our family without even trying.

We are grateful to the Humane Society for being so wonderful.

Jessica Battista
Colorado Springs, CO


While visiting a friend in San Jose 2 years ago for a wedding, she got a call from the Humane Society for whom she fosters pups. The Pound was over capacity and on the verge of euthanizing- but they found 2 puppies barely 4 weeks in a Walmart parking lot- could she take them? I musta had a longing look on my face- she owned a dog of her own, was already fostering 2 and dog-sitting 3 others! But we picked them up that night. Jack was one of them- he stole my heart. After the HumaneSociety was ready to let him go for adoption- I was on a plane from San Diego to go get him. He's been my best friend since.

san diego, CA

Brandy - You're a Fine Girl!

Brandy was found as an 8 month old in a city park in my hometown of Tulsa, OK by a friend of mine. It was a cold January day and when she and her husband drove into the park, Brandy was sitting by a large boulder like she was waiting for someone to come get her. When they left 2 hours later, she was still there. They were afraid she had been dumped by someone, so they brought her home and started e-mailing her picture to people to find her a home.

When I saw her picture I knew I could not live without her! My best friend offered to pick her up and drive her to us in Arkansas a couple of weeks later and when she was brought out of the carrier, she looked around and immediately made herself at home!

She is such a funny little girl, and loves to talk to us when we have been at work all day. She loves getting in boxes, suitcases, crates, dresser drawers, etc. and chasing her mouseys around the living room! She has a special little bed in our bedroom in the floor next to my side of the bed, and that's where she goes every night to go "night-night"!

She doesn't much like to be picked up and carried around like other cats I have had. She will occasionally climb on me and lay down, but usually she prefers the back of the sofa or other perch where she can keep an eye on the dogs and catch a nap! She is such a pretty little girl and I'm thankful we were able to give her a loving home.

Jennifer Tripp
Lowell, AR

My 90 pound Lap Dog

We adopted Veddar when she was two years old, she had been seriously neglected. We took her to the vet and were informed that she had nothing seriously wrong with her that time and tender, loving care would not heal. She became an integral part of our home almost immediately. She spent 8 years with us before she passed. We could not have asked for a more loving and devoted dog. Her favorite place to sleep was on my lap! Well maybe not quite on my lap as she was 90 pounds, her head on my chest and most of her weight on the foot stool. We had to turn up the TV because she snored so Loud!!

New Westminster, BC, Canada

Cookie and Candy

Cookie and Candy came to me in the summer of 2005 from an old lady who was going into a Old Peoples home. She couldn't take them with and heart breakingly had to give them up. Cookie and Candy were going to the Dog shelter but her son asked me if I would be interested in having either of them since I was thinking of having a rescue dog. I said I would have Candy, the collie cross because she was 7, where as Cookie the Yorkie was 9. He asked me to take in Cookie until we could find somewhere for her.They arrived on 14th August (now their official birthday). Candy was lost and just stood wondering what was happening. Cookie was a sorry state. She needed a good haircut and had warts on her body. I took straight to the vet and he said get her cut and that the warts were just though old age. She had to have an operation to get some of the bad ones removed. A couple of weeks later I went on hols. Just to a friends caravan, and they were ok for the dogs to come with me. It's here that I fell in love with Cookie. She's such a little character. I knew then I couldn't part with her, neither split her and Candy up. If I had a couple of years with her then it would be worth it.

Four years later we are all still together and thought its been a struggle sometimes (Cookie was diagnosed Diabetic in Sept 2007 and unfortunatly went blind) I wouldn't change my life for anything. They have put my life on track, given me unconditional love and many many funny moments. Thank You Cookie and Candy. I Love You.

Maxine Mozley
Sheffield, United Kingdom

Blackie the Feral Kitten

Blackie was deposited at my doorstep along with 3 other feral brothers and sisters.

Seems Her mom knew a soft hearted soul would take care of them.

Well a year passed and Blackie almost a yr to the date decided to have her kittens in my bushes.

some 6 kittens later.

Being feral she had a real distaste for Humans, But i managed to win her over with feeding them all with meats- Iams - fish and water.

When the kittens got to be 6 weeks of age, i found homes for them.

Then came the chore of semi taming Blackie. i allowed her into the house with my 4 other cats, for short periods of time.

And she now comes in when she feels the need- lets me pet her and will be going in next week to be fixed at my local vet.

It would be ever so nice if more people took an interest in what is happening with unfixed animals and sought help to have them Neutered to cut down on the pet population and save these wonderful animals from starvation and death via other means.

Marilyn Thornbery
Kiowa, CO

Beautiful Grace

5 years ago,after moving to a remote property with acreage, we decided we had room for one more dog to join our dachsie family of 3. After hearing the depressing plight of puppy mill dogs, we were, one day, blessed with the news that a retiring puppy mill mom needing rescue was coming our way. We were told she was one of over 340 dogs rescued from a breeder in Houston. She had spent her whole life, 7 years, in a cage. She had never been in a grassy yard, had a toy or a treat or even a name - just a dismal life producing litter after litter for money. This poor 12 lb dog had had a cattle prod used on her and was so fearful she would jump in the air when touched. Humans had not been kind to her. When she arrived, we saw her beautiful chocolate brown eyes and delicate face and we saw the fear that she had learned after years of abuse. Sadly, her beauty had bought her a life of servitude - she must have produced extraordinary puppies and she paid a price for it. But her head was high and she was starting a new life. The only name that fit her was "Grace" - she is still the most elegant, graceful dog I have ever seen. Gracie inspired us to work in rescue and we have rehomed over 130 dogs in 5 years, sometimes having as many as 19 at one time. Since then we have had several puppy mill moms thru our home. Sadly they never completely recover the effects of the neglect and abuse they suffer.

Beautiful Grace is still with us, older but no less the queen she has always been.

Monti Markel
Forest Ranch, CA

Unexpected Love

My adoption story began when my mom become a foster parent to two puppies; one male and one female. The two puggle puppies had been dropped off at the animal shelter at 5 weeks of age, each with a 'cherry eye'. The staff thought a backyard breeder did this as they wouldn't expect to make much money off puppies with this condition. The puppies needed to be fostered until they were 8 weeks old and could be put up for a special annual adoption at spcaLA in Long Beach. At that point, they would be spayed and neutered, along with their cherry eyes corrected. I visited my mom's house quite often over those three weeks. We named the little, not even 3 pound female, Peanut. The chubbier, 5 pound male, Pudgie. I already had an older female dog. I knew I never wanted to have a puppy, and most defiitely, not a male. But love can change ones heart. When Pudgie turned 8 weeks old, he was officially adopted by my family; however, he had a place in my heart the first time I laid eyes on him.

P.S. Pudgie's sister, Peanut, was also adopted - by my sister and her family!

Colleen Rocha
Lakewood, CA

Finding Oliver

Once I retired, I started seriously thinking about adopting an adult or senior dog. When I saw the picture of this forlorn little black Chihuahua in the paper I knew I had found my pet. Oliver was a 7 year old male Chihuahua who had recently lost his right eye to cancer. If ever there was a dog that needed me and a forever home, he was it! The problem was that when I contacted the shelter listed in the paper, I was told that the newspaper had made a printing error. Oliver wasn't in that shelter! Where was my Oliver? I began to search in ernest for "my" dog by calling local shelters. When I had no luck, I turned to the internet and began searching shelters further afield. After a month of frustration and searching, I found my special pet in a shelter almost 50 miles away! It took me no time at all to make applications, provide references and pay the fee necessary to adopt this little dog. Oliver and I have been together for three years now. He is a beloved member of our family and I can't imagine a life without this perfect little guy.

Joanne Ciesluk
Holden, MA

Double Rescue Cat

Toby was a stray kitten we found in our alleyway, we thought he might be a neighbors but by the time we found out he wasn't he had us wrapped right around his paw!

Our Sheltie Daisy wasn't as excited as we were about having a kitten in the house, but she was tolerant.

One day after my husband got his orange juice Toby was for such a short time we hadn't even realized he was gone, but Daisy did! Daisy barked and whined and carried on until my husband followed her, she lead him right to our refrigerator, when he opened the door out hopped Toby! We were so thankful to Daisy for rescuing our dear Toby! Toby was a "double rescue" cat. Toby and Daisy were best freinds from that day on.

Chris Thompson
Brooklyn Park, MN
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