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Max The Cat (1989-2006)

When I found Max at our local shelter, he had just been separated from his brother. Since he was already 1 1/2 years old, he was not as likely to be adopted as the younger kittens. The shelter told me that this was his last day. He was to be euthanized the next day. No way was I going to let that happen. What a beautiful cat! I took him home and we had 17 wonderful years together. He finally passed away in his sleep at home from a long bout with cancer. He was my pride and joy and not a day goes by that I don't miss him and thank my lucky stars that he was in my life as long as he was!

Long Beach, NY

Maggie Mae

In February 2007, my husband, my two-year-old mini dachshund Venice, and I drove from Cape Cod, MA to Ohio to adopt 14-year-old Maggie Mae, who had been given up by her owners when she went blind. When we first adopted her, Maggie was very shy and would shake whenever she went out in public. She soon overcame her fears, and is now a very spunky and happy Cape Cod socialite who loves the attention she gets from her admirers (and everyone she meets becomes one of her admirers!) She now loves sailing, going to the beach, and traveling to New Hampshire and Vermont. She also joins Venice, and me at work every day, along with our third dachshund Marie (also a senior rescue we adopted last October).

I bought Maggie the little string of pearls she's wearing in her photo when we first adopted her, and she gets so excited every time I put them on her that she "talks" and does a little dance because she knows it means she's going someplace fun and exciting. She also recently became a "supermodel", having been chosen to participate in the Canine Couture Fashion Show on Nantucket Island, which raised money for the local MSPCA shelter.

Maggie Mae will celebrate her "Sweet 16" birthday on April 3. She is the perfect "poster girl" for senior/special-needs adoptions!

Phoebe Mossey
South Yarmouth, MA

My Handsome Boy

In August, 2005, my dog of 9 years passed away suddenly. I had another dog who was already a little anxious and decided right away that I wanted to get another dog to be her companion. I do a lot of volunteer work at the local shelter here in Northern California so on my next visit I filled out the adoption application and started looking. That September, after Hurricane Katrina devistated the Gulf Coast area, I followed many news reports, mostly focusing on the helpless animals, and wanted badly to go help but I knew that was not possible. Then I heard that my local shelter was going to be getting ten K-9 Katrina Survivors! They would be fostered out for 90 days to allow for owners to still claim them. I called the director and told him this was a way I could help and wanted to foster one of these dogs! After they arrived, I went and met the dogs and chose my handsome Barkley! He is an English Pointer mix (what I'm told!) and has the most beatiful coat! After 90 days, he was mine and he has been a joy! It took some time for him to come out of his shell but he was grateful from day one! He has become a great companion for my other dog, Roxy, a lab chow mix, not to mention MY best friend! He also gave me the satisfaction of knowing that I helped save at least one life from Katrina!

Leslie Cameron
Vallejo, CA

Daisy, a special Cocker Spaniel

Daisy (a purebred Cocker Spaniel with a wonderful temperament) was rescued off the streets in Indiana where many homeless dogs live. Hope regularly brings food to the street dogs and spotted Daisy running on the streets and called to her and she jumped right in her car. Hope brought Daisy to Karen, a groomer, because she smelled very bad and when Karen started to groom Daisy, she noticed someone had tied rubberbands around her ears and the ears were filled with maggots. I was called because I rescue, transport and find homes for animals. They needed help with medical treatment for Daisy and I called my vet, Dr. Kim and Daisy was brought to Dr. Kim's immediately. Daisy had to be on antibiotics and all the maggots had to be removed before her ears could be removed. Dr. Kim donated most of her time for this surgery and only charged for the supplies. Daisy pulled through the surgery and was fostered by Karen during her recuperation period. Daisy found a wonderful home with Nancy, a nurse. Daisy's new mom knew Daisy was special and enrolled her in therapy training. Daisy is now a therapy dog and has a wonderful home with Nancy, her mom and her cocker sister.

Jean Lazzaro
Cedar Lake, IN

Bringing a New Outlook on Life

This is a picture of our rescue pup, Mocha. She was named Sunshine when we got her, but we thought Mocha fit her coloring. She is black with lots of brown underneath, so she glows in the sunlight. We think she is a black lab, beagle mix, thus the awesome personality and perfect size. In the picture with her is our 12 year old cocker, Nillie who has a renewed outlook on life since Mocha came into our lives. They are constant company for each other, Mocha has taught Nillie that running down the street is much more fun than walking. We call her nurse Mocha quite frequently as she tends to Nillie like one. When Nillie was recovering from surgery, Mocha was right there to help. She loves to snuggle with people, she loves to lick, she loves to curl up in bed with us and try to pretend she belongs there. She has brought so much joy to our lives in the year she has been with us.

Mocha is quite an acrobat too. When it is time to go out for a walk, she jumps up with all four paws leaving the ground, waiting for her leash to be put on her. She is capable of getting at least 3 feet in the air! She loves to fetch a tennis ball and return it, as well as throwing it for herself. Her goal in life is to catch a squirrel, she is very entertained by them. She sits in our bay window and watches them jump from tree to tree for hours.

I will always be greatful for cruising the web and finding Mocha.

Melinda P Wise
Severna Park, MD

Cuddles Joins Diva

We bought Ms. Diva (on the left), as we wanted a Seal Point Siamese. A year later while getting her manicure at the vet, we met Cuddles (on the right). She had been abandoned by her owner when she was brought in for a C-Section, and had been living at the Vet's for four months. One would think she was Diva's identical twin. She immediately settled down in my arms and I knew she had to come home with me. We had to put a collar on her to tell her apart from Diva. They are now great friends along with our Golden Retriever, and will be with us forever.

Jenny Ebner
Springfield, OH

Just for a few days...

My son called frantic, in addition to his own dog, he had two additional dogs to care for (one was a very large chow pet sit and one was a bichon puppy), "Could I take the pup - just for a couple of days?" Courtney had spent her early life in a crate most of the time - she was a gift to someone who never had a dog. Kind friends were looking for someone to rescue her as the owner was taking her to the pound when she returned. My son, knowing his mother as well as he does, knew I'd fall in love with her and I did. That was 15+ year ago and I truly believe she has rescued me from chronic illness and severe depression. She gives me a reason to get up. There is no coincidence dog spelled backward is god.

Willoughby, OH

Martini Olivia

Ready to adopt a furry friend, I went to see a previously declawed cat at an adoption event. He and I were like a bad blind date! As I was leaving the event (feeling sad), I walked by a man with a cat on his shoulder. Before I knew what hit me, that cat jumped into my arms and I heard, "Let's go home"! We did and for the last 10 years, she has been the light of my life and a very demanding taskmaster!

Stefani S
Pacific Palisades, CA

Kindness within

Moe is a bad dog.

He repeatedly gets skunked, escapes from our hard and electronic fenced yard on a quest to terrorize the neighborhood cats and local wildlife. Last week, I spent 3 hours pulling 13 porcupine quills from his snout. But here's what's so amazing about Moe. He didn't try to bite me while I was extracting the barbed and horribly painful quills with pliers. As I sat there feeling discouraged, looking at this suffering dog, I realized, what an extrordinary and sensitive dog he is.

The next day we competed in a freestyle frisbee competition.His generousity of spirit and amazing drive earned us a third place medal in a tough competition.

I adopted Moe 6 years ago from a rescue in Westport, CT. when he was 11 weks old. Theories abound on what his breeeding is, hound, terrier, herding mix....who knows, who cares? He is an athletic, amazing, kind dog.

Did I mention he is also a therapy dog ? It is certainly not his favorite hobby, nor is he the best therapy dog in the world. He prefers tennis balls and flying frisbees to hospital halls and smells that are not quite right. He doesn't love everyone unconditionally. There are some people he absolutely does not like and I have learned to trust his jintuition about people.

But once in a while, particularly when a patient is very sick, Moe will sniff the the patient's face, lay his head down on their bed and allow himself to be petted. These patients often cry and a deep and desperate sadness is revealed as they remember a lost pet or family member. But the grief seems to hasten the healing process both in the patient and often in myself.

Thank you, Moe, you are a truly amazing dog.

Polly Kaplan
Rhinebeck, NY

Sweet Pea

This my St.bernard/Spitzer Spaniel mix I rescued from a shelter I found here on the Animal Rescue Site.She was 2 months old and was immediate partof our family. We have two other older dogs and 2 cats, since we live on 5 acres there is plenty of room for animals and we love them all.I recently lost my Chow/Shepard mix at 8 years old suddenly to cancer we didn't know she had and was devasted, she was my baby from the time we got her from a shelter.My husband and I met and he had two dogs so the family of animals was born.We then found two stray kittens.After losing her , I wanted to save another animal, so we got the adorable Sweet Pea.She loves the older dogs and they love her, as do the cats she plays outside with all of them.She is a lover and kisses anyone who holds her, she loves to cuddle, of coarse will be to big eventually to be a lap dog.We are thankful for your website and think the work you do for shelter animals is vital.We are thinking of adopting more adult cats from that same shelter soon.

Christine Kochanowski

Christine Kochanowski
Oxford, OH
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