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Katie's One Year Miracle

Katie was a mutt, part German Shepherd, a little Husky, perhaps some lab, and a whole lot of love to share. She was one of the dogs under my care at the humane society I had worked at. Katie had been at the shelter for a couple of weeks, and space was limited. Ultimately my boss decided her time was up, so that another dog could have a chance. But I had this feeling that Katie could get someone interested in her if she just had one more chance. So after a discussion with my boss, she allowed Katie to have the weekend.

Sure enough, someone wanted her! I was thrilled, Katie was saved!

The adoption fell through. Katie was once again slated for euthanasia.

Explaining all of her good points, I fought for her. She just need the time to wait for the right family to come along. After hesitation, my boss agreed to give her until the end of the week, and that was it.

Katie got another interested family, and this time she went home!

A year later I had changed jobs and was working at a veterinary clinic. One day this oddly familiar dog came in, very ill. It took me awhile to realize that it was that very same Katie (still with the same name). Even very ill, her uncontrollable tail wagged furiously when she saw anyone. While she was in hospital, I cared for her like she was my own.

It ended up that Katie needed emergency surgery to fine the cause of illness. During surgery, a large, irremovable mass was found. Her owners elected euthanasia before she woke up.

Though in the end, Katie was gone, she died peacefully asleep. She got a whole year of love, play, and family fun times.

DeFuniak Springs, FL

From Tethered and Forgotten to Loved and Spoiled

Camille was tied to a truck next to my parent's house. Her tether was so short, that she couldn't even hide from the elements. She rarely got fed, never had fresh water or human interaction. She was no longer a cute puppy, so the owners tied her up and forgot about her. With the help of some fantastic fellow rescuers, we managed to convince the owner to give her up. I fixed her up, and found the most wonderful home for her. This retired gentleman had recently lost a similar looking boxer and was very sad and lonely. He lives by a lake and takes "Cami" with him everywhere he goes. His daughter says Cami sleeps in the bed with him. I can hear her snoring as we speak. She's spoiled rotten and is the love of his life. I do miss that silly girl, but it brings joy to my heart to see that after being discarded and neglected, she is now bringing endless joy and unconditional love to a great and kind-hearted soul. And in return, she is getting all the love and attention she deserves.

Houston, TX

Our little Sanchez

I adopted my first dog 4 years ago-a rottie X from a reserve. He was beaten and pack attacked so whenever he's around big dogs, he isn't relaxed because he's scared they'll attack him. We wanted to get another dog to keep Koda company, but knew were had to get a small dog. I had been perusing for about six months before we found our new addition.

"Buddy" is a year old Chiweenie. One of the main reasons (besides his size) we decided to meet him was because he is black and tan, just like Koda. We knew it would look cute to have matching 9lb and 80lb dogs.

The day we headed out to meet Buddy at the shelter, a huge snow storm happened. A 2 hour drive turned into 5 hours but it was worth it to get him. Once we got him home, we renamed him Sanchez. Sanchez and Koda became instant friends. Koda has health problems, but Sanchez keeps him feeling young - always enticing him to play, even games of tug-o-war, which Koda had never had any interest in playing with other dogs before.

Sanchez spent the 1st year of his life gated off in a kitchen 24/7 so came to us not house trained, scared of new people and kids and hating the cold weather since he was never allowed outside. He has made great progress in the 3 months we've had him. He still isn't house trained and is apprehensive of new people, but it's hard to break a years worth of damage. He'll come around, we have faith in him.

I'm grateful to for helping connect us with our new addition.

We look forward to many years of doggy mayhem!

(the picture is Sanchez in his bed sleeping on Koda)

Erin Kelly
Calgary, AB, Canada

Stray Kitty At Our Door

One evening last November this beautiful kitty came to our glass front door & peered into our house, which is when we took this photo. We gave her some food & were able to pick her up and hold her--she purred & purred. She was wearing a collar with a bell on it, was very sweet, so we knew she was either lost or abandoned. After many days of "visiting" us, we took her to the vet to be scanned; no chip. She'd follow me around the yard as I gardened with her little bell jingling so we named her Bella. We made a bed for her by the front door with a warming mat in it, which she occupied regularly. We placed dozens of bold, color posters all over the neighborhood hoping her family would find her. After several weeks and no responses, we had her spayed & got her shots. The vet guessed she was about 8 months old & previously had a litter. We already have two inside cats and 7 feral cats we have trapped, neutered and returned to their home outside. My brother visited over Christmas and fell in love with her (look at that face--what's not to love?). After a shopping spree at the pet store for toys, carrier, bed, treats, etc., he took her home with him. She now has a wonderful life with Dale and his aging Beagle, Orbit. They dote on each other (all THREE of them). Don't you love happy endings?

Elverta, CA

What a shelter find

We saw Kiku in the paper as the pet of the week at the Clark County Humane Society and knew that we had to have her. We went to the shelter to see her, she was laying in her cage looking so sad. We went up to the cage and she stuck her front paws under the cage door. It was instant love, we took her home that day and have had the best time with her ever since. She was truly a great find and we love her to death.

Tom and Nadine
Fairchild, WI


Meet Miriam! She is one of my Maine Coons. I have two littermates - Miriam and Jedediah amongst my nine cats. This is about Miriam. I found her and Jed when they were 3 weeks old. Actually some man was giving them away in front of a grocery store. He had both parents but didn't want kittens (duh!! Spay and neuter!!). So they came to live with me. Miriam is a gem, a perfect little lady. Well, not so little, she does weigh 25 lbs. But then Maine Coons run like that. She is 15 years old and I have been lucky to have known her. She has a quizzical little face and can get your goat better than any of the others. She loves to fight and the other cats pay her no mind. If you get up in her face and bob your head up and down, she follows you, doing the same thing. She makes me laugh more that anything. She can get into more things, cause the biggest racket, and get away with murder. She has these big feet, kind of like those clown shoes, and when she walks across you, you know it! But look at that face - dainty, pretty, a real lady. She just doesn't realize she's a girl. I think that's what I love about her the most - she reminds me of me when I was a kid. I was a tomboy, too! I'm betting if I gave her a baseball, she'd know what to do with it. I will always cherish her love and friendship.

grace carrin
e. stroudsburg, PA

He recued me!

I found Spencer at Lifeline Puppy Rescue and he helped my to heal from the loss of a very special dog. He was a bit timid so I started him in agility training to gain confidence. He is now U-GRACH Spencer, OA,OAJ,NA,NJC,NCG (all agility titles) and the light of my life.

Leslie Ufford
Parker, CO

House full Of Perfect Misfits

We adopted Fiona, the Catahoula Leopard Dog shown to the right, through When I went to meet her she jogged in the room, climbed up onto the futon I was sitting on, and laid her little head in my lap. It was enough to make me say within 30 seconds of meeting her, "WHERE DO I SIGN!?" She is an absolute angel and has been since the day we brought her home. She has the best personality and is such a loving, amazing, intelligent dog!!

About a year later, we "saved" her best friend Snoopy, whom is a Pitbull/Boxer mix. The owner couldn't pay for the food and care that a dog needs so he tried to "let him go" on a four-lane business route, but Snoopy was too loyal to run away. We talked the owner into letting me come to meet Snoop, and when I arrived, they already had his bags packed and he had a large scrape on his nose. They insisted it was "No big deal, he must've just gotten into a fight with a neighborhood dog." It looked like a pavement scrape, and I imagined Snoopy in a "near-accident" with a vehicle. I instantly loaded him into the truck and we never looked back. I couldn't leave him there another minute, for fear of his life! Also, our shelters will not adopt out Pitbulls, so if he were to be picked up, he would not leave the shelter alive.

The two combined are the best companions we could ever ask for, and we are so grateful that we were lucky enough to be blessed with such angels, sad to think they were ever labeled "unwanted." We take them on vacation with us, spoil em' rotten, and look forward to their wonderful personalities every day!

Niles, MI


I was at a pet fair Bow Wow and Meows held once a year in Santa Clarita where several of the animal shelters bring their animals in the hope they will get adopted. I was there just to purchase a few things from the vendors and i saw Calvin...He was being paraded around with a harness coat (to hide his ribs hanging out) and a hat (to hide the scar tissue damage on his head) but he was the sweetest furbaby. Everyone was stopping to pet him but noone was adopting him. I waited til close to the end hoping he would get adopted as i had 2 dogs already and wasnt looking for a 3rd. Noone adopted him so i took him and what a blessing he has been. Both my 2 Girls passed away less than a year later and Calvin was my rock he kept my sanity and he is so well trained, by whomever owned him before. He has filled out and the scar tissue gives him character, eveyone has to stop and pet him wherever we go. Now i purchase alot of your purple paw rescue items to show a life was saved.

Santa Clarita, CA

Fly Like an Eagle

Eagle was found by my husband's co-workers on a cold, rainy and blustery January day. My husband works at an airport, and there isn't much around the airport, so we have no idea how Eagle managed to keep himself fed. Despite the frigid temperatures and horrible conditions, this happy little puppy bounded into our lives and we have never been the same!

Eagle was 8 weeks old when my husband Brian brought him home. He had a couple of injuries and a bad case of worms, but with the help of our terrific vet, he healed nicely and grew so fast! As a puppy he looked very much like a chow. We think he is a mix of chow and Collie or Sheepdog. Very long, beautiful black fur, with a curly Chow tail and a black Chow tongue!

Eagle is now 4 years old and has calmed down some from his early puppy days! He is fairly well behaved dog and sits very nicely when he thinks a treat is on the way! He likes to lay by the front door looking out the window and keeping an eye on the neighborhood. He seems to be protecting the house and his Mommy and Daddy!

Eagle is the first dog my husband and I have had who was OURS - not a childhood family pet. He has trained us on how to be better pet parents and we can't imagine life without our boy. We like to think that Eagle has a better life with us than he would have had on his own as a stray. He is a very handsome guy and I am so glad my husband rescued him from an uncertain life so we could give him a happy and loving one.

Jennifer Tripp
Lowell, AR
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