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Rescue Stories

CoCo was found under the church steps, not only hungry and ill with pneumonia, but also had frost bite to both ears and an eye infection. He was rescued by "Friends of Strays" in Salamanca, NY and I adopted him 6 weeks later. He is a wonderful and very vocal Siamese who loves attention/affection and gives it back by snuggling under your chin and neck. He loves to play with his toys and especially with just a piece of cardboard, throwing it in the air and rolling around the floor with it. He has already brought much joy to my life and I hope he is with me for a long time.

Joanne Bahn
Dansville, NY

Keisha comes home

In 2004, I was looking for a dog. I'd wanted one for a long time. I went to the shelter and saw a dog that was 26 pounds. This was just right for me, because I thought I'd be moving into an apartment, and some of the complexes only take smaller dogs.

Keisha was a furry black and brown spaniel mix. She was in a cage between two huge dogs, who were barking their heads off, and poor Keisha looked like she could use some relief. The shelter worker let her out, and we had Keisha walk around on a leash for a while. I sat on a bench and the dog walked over to my side. I pet her, and she was so sweet, I knew she'd be good at home.

Five years later, I don't know what I did without her. She is the sweetest dog in the world. I still joke with Mom and Dad that the $55 adoption fee was the best money I ever spent in my life.

Donna Rail
Port Richey, FL

Our Mischievous Stray

My husband found Rory at work a year ago. She was covered in dirt and grease and had ear mites. He brought her home and bathed her in the bathroom sink. She even let him blow her dry! Each day, she crawls in the same sink and bathes herself. Rory is curious and is always getting into mischief. Her best friends are our long-haired Chihuahuas Pepe and Prisca. Together they have exciting adventures and keep us on our toes!

Kathlyn Crabtrey
Conroe, TX

The Best Dog Ever

Having grown up with dogs, it was only a matter of time before I wanted one of my own. Two years previously I had moved to Chicago for gradaute school and had decided I was ready for the responsibility of owning a dog. Adoption seemed like the way to go so I started looking on to see what dogs were available around Chicago. I came across a listing for a young husky at Chicago Animal Care & Control and decided to go see the dog. I arranged to meet my boyfriend, now my husband, at the shelter where we found the dog had already been adopted. Although we never met the husky, my husband saw a very large yellow lab with a pink nose in a cage that was barely twice his size. With such an endearing face, we decided to take him outside where we quickly learned of his lack of manners. They called him "Tank" because of his size, and even with the pulling and jumping, we knew he would be a very lovable dog. It took us less than 24 hours to decide that he was the dog for us and we went back to the shelter the next day to fill out the paper work. I didn't know how I was going to control such a large dog, but after a few weeks of obedience school and some socialization at the dog park, we now have what everyone calls the "best dog ever". I'm sure it wasn't chance that led us to "Tank" who we have since renamed "Cooper, because he was the perfect addition to our family. He also strengthened my passion for animals and I now enjoy volunteering at adoption days where I get to help other families find their perfect pet.

Alexandra Dirlam Langlay
Eden Prairie, MN

Love at First Sight

Two years ago, following the funeral of my friend's husband, we were at her home with some family and friends, when out of nowhere, wandering on this small country road, was a little puppy who was obviously injured. So, I picked her up (all 3.8 lbs of her), and it was love at first sight. I decided to take her home & foster her until her "parents" could be located but that never happened, so Kassidy has been a part of my family, along with her big sister, Shelby, since then. She recovered quickly from her broken foot and has no idea that she once was a "street" dog, nor does she realize that she weighs less than 10 lbs. She loves to "play-fight" with my roommate's Golden Retriever, Keiba. She's a happy, healthy girl who loves to cuddle with me in my recliner. Oh, by the way, did I mention that she loves to bark!

Linda Wilson
Clovis, CA

Charlie, a great beagle

Charlie is an absolutely great dog. He had those soulful beagle eyes that melted my heart. Seeing him behind the bars of the shelter, so wanting to sniff and run, and play outdoors again, it was impossible for me to leave without him. He is a wonderful companion for me and my other beagle, Lady. My life is richer with my two faithful companions always by my side. They ask for nothing but shelter, some food, a couple of daily runs and in return, they give me all the affection and loyalty one could ever ask for. Shelters are filled with wonderful companions waiting for a friend to come and take them to their new home. In return you will receive unconditional love and a friend for life!

Joanne Gervais
Kingston, ON, Canada

Rusty Rescued - Four Times is the Charm

Rusty is a hybrid (he doesn't like terms such as "mutt" or "mixed breed") and is very energy efficient. Rusty (also known as The Dog of Great Hope) was owned by an elderly couple in Houston, until one of them died and the other went into a nursing home. Then Rusty moved next door with a neighbor, who suffered financial difficulties and lost his house and couldn't keep him. Rusty then was passed to another owner who later took a new job in Justin, Texas, which didn't work out. So owner #3 returned to Houston where he no longer had a house - and Rusty was left behind at the animal shelter.

Fortunately, one of the shelter volunteers decided that "Rusty was too nice to go into the general population," took him home and searched for a new owner on the DFW Pet Placement network. We liked his size and "Benji-look," so we traveled to Justin to be "interviewed" by Rusty. We were found to be acceptable.

When Rusty came to our home, he didn't know how to play. It took a long time before he would chase a ball, but now he runs and brings his ball to us when we come home, or just rolls on his back and growls because he's happy to have a forever home.

Robert Marquardt
Plano, TX

Rescuing Alexis von Houndenberg III

Alexis (which we usually call Alex), is a beautiful Redbone Coonhound that was abandoned by a callous hunter because she is terrified of loud noises. Thin and frightened, we took her to the nearest vet hospital to be checked out. When I asked what type of dog she was, the unfortunate answer was "she's just a hound!"..Horrified at this prejudiced response, when they asked what name to put on her chart, I decided quickly, "Alexis von Houndenberg, III." Alex is so much more than "just a hound"--she has so much personality and is the light of our lives!
Wilmington, NC

Dharma Is A House Cat Now~!!

I adopted Dharma from our local Animal Control Shelter about 6 weeks ago. She has been a great addition to my life. She is happy and she is putting on some well deserved pounds. She plays alot~~and is all around a happy & healthy cat. Words cannot express how much I care for her.

I love when she turns her head to give me a kiss~!!

Sheri Myers
Longwood, FL

Two kids, Two rabbits and Fate...

Ollie lived in a cage outside with no human contact, and Oreo was an Easter gift whose novelty had worn off. Neither rabbits were cherished by its human family, and eventually they were surrendered to Delaware County SPCA. "Two of my three kids are in the 4-H rabbit program and after completing a very exciting research project on what breed of rabbit is their favorite, I believe fate stepped in that day." Her daughter, Brooke, wanted a Lop-Eared rabbit, and her son, Ryan who has autism, wanted a Dutch rabbit. "I went on after their presentation to fellow 4-H club members about their favorite breed," Christine says, "and there were Ollie and Oreo," one a Lop-Eared, the other a Dutch. The family adopted both. Prior to adopting both buns the family had talked about the commitment they would be making in welcoming rabbits into their home. This was not an impulsive adopt at all! While the rabbits were being neutered, the Jameisons learned even more about rabbits by reading and surfing the Internet, and Christine recommends or contacting a bunny rescue. "We were well prepared and now ready to welcome both Ollie and Oreo into our family." The family continued to educate themselves about rabbit care by attending a "Bunny Basics" two local shelters were offering. "It gave us some additional information that we did not know," Christine says, "and also confirmed that we were on the right track in giving our bunnies a great life." Today, Ryan helps out at the rescue and enjoys going to outreach events to spread the "Make Mine Chocolate Campaign" message to kids & parents, Christine is Vice-President/Foster Mom and her daughter, Brooke, is Junior Executive Member/Foster Mom for Luv-N-Bunns, a rabbit rescue group in the Delaware County, PA area.

Christine Jameison
Havertown, PA
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