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Dharma Is A House Cat Now~!!

I adopted Dharma from our local Animal Control Shelter about 6 weeks ago. She has been a great addition to my life. She is happy and she is putting on some well deserved pounds. She plays alot~~and is all around a happy & healthy cat. Words cannot express how much I care for her.

I love when she turns her head to give me a kiss~!!

Sheri Myers
Longwood, FL

Two kids, Two rabbits and Fate...

Ollie lived in a cage outside with no human contact, and Oreo was an Easter gift whose novelty had worn off. Neither rabbits were cherished by its human family, and eventually they were surrendered to Delaware County SPCA. "Two of my three kids are in the 4-H rabbit program and after completing a very exciting research project on what breed of rabbit is their favorite, I believe fate stepped in that day." Her daughter, Brooke, wanted a Lop-Eared rabbit, and her son, Ryan who has autism, wanted a Dutch rabbit. "I went on after their presentation to fellow 4-H club members about their favorite breed," Christine says, "and there were Ollie and Oreo," one a Lop-Eared, the other a Dutch. The family adopted both. Prior to adopting both buns the family had talked about the commitment they would be making in welcoming rabbits into their home. This was not an impulsive adopt at all! While the rabbits were being neutered, the Jameisons learned even more about rabbits by reading and surfing the Internet, and Christine recommends or contacting a bunny rescue. "We were well prepared and now ready to welcome both Ollie and Oreo into our family." The family continued to educate themselves about rabbit care by attending a "Bunny Basics" two local shelters were offering. "It gave us some additional information that we did not know," Christine says, "and also confirmed that we were on the right track in giving our bunnies a great life." Today, Ryan helps out at the rescue and enjoys going to outreach events to spread the "Make Mine Chocolate Campaign" message to kids & parents, Christine is Vice-President/Foster Mom and her daughter, Brooke, is Junior Executive Member/Foster Mom for Luv-N-Bunns, a rabbit rescue group in the Delaware County, PA area.

Christine Jameison
Havertown, PA

Louie's Life

Louie was listed in a book at the pound, the smaller dogs were in 'foster care'. When I went to check him out, his foster 'mom' (And I use that term VERY lightly!) practically threw him in my arms, screaming...."He bites, he's aggressive and he runs away. I just can't deal with him anymore. He was my mother-in-law's dog (she had passed away) and we tried to keep him for sentimental reasons, but I just can't deal with it anymore!" So I'm holding him and thinking...holy crap...but when I looked down at him, he put his head on my shoulder, looked up at me and let out a long sad sigh. I took him home on the spot!

I discovered days later, while shaking out a rug, when he 'hit the deck' and went down on all fours, trying to become flat as a pancake, and other events that followed, that he'd been abused by this daughter-in-law. When I first got him, he only weighed 7 pounds and you could see and count his ribs! He lived outside on a farm with three HUGE dogs, which means he was probably last to eat, if he got anything at all! His original owner was excellent, he's so well potty trained, he actually will come up to you and 'push' on you with his front paws if he thinks you're taking too long, he loves to "talk" and his personality is a riot!!

That woman never knew what a good boy he was and her loss was my total gain...he's NEVER given me one moment of grief, never bitten, never ran away, and certainly has never been aggressive! He's an angel wearing fur! He's absolutely adorable and oh so love-able.

What he has brought to my life is priceless!

Genoa, OH

Loving Spirit Untarnished

I had lost two wonderful cats due to old age. I didn't think I was ready for another new kitty, but decided to browse on I noticed a mixed Siamese with puffy little cheeks who was blind in one eye. I couldn't get

him out of my mind. I contacted the shelter Chesapeake Cats & Dogs in Maryland and, within a few days, they delivered him to my home in Delaware.

Adam has proven to be a gentle, loving companion who has overcome the worst

odds with his beautiful spirit untarnished.

Below is a segment from a poem "Finding my Forever Home" by Kathleen S. Baker that Debbie Lukacovic adapted for Adam (Our one-eyed Siamese cat placed in a home in Delaware):

Poem For Adam

"They took me to a wonderful home,

With another kitty and tons of toys.

They say I'm called a rescue cat,

But mainly I'm a much-loved boy.

At last my "great life" has begun,

And no more will my heart ache.

We snuggle close in bed at night

And I get kisses when I wake.

My heart smiles in my "forever home,"

And love sparkles in my people's eyes.

I'm only touched with gentle hands,

And baby Adam never, ever cries.

Susie Bowers
Millsboro, DE


This is not a story about my own kitty. It is a story about a dear friend who rescued a stray that had come into her yard. He was painfully thin, hungry and crying. My friend fed him and being a volunteer at our local shelter, she thought to bring him to the vet to be neutered and hopefully placed in a forever home. Things went awry very quickly in surgery for Blackie and he suffered many complications. Blackie was sent to the ICU, where he had 3 more surgeries to save his life. My friend Gay's concern was not the expense, but to make sure Blackie was not suffering. She rescued this kitty over and over again and kept him not because of the cost, but because he has the heart of a lion. Blackie is still in the ICU today and improving. He aready has brought so much to his new forever family.

Norton, MA

2nd chance

We found this underweight, flea bitten, tick ridden puppy that had been abandoned in a rural area.

I fell in love with him instantly even though we were not looking for another dog, he wiggled his way into our life and there was only one decision to make; what were we going to name him? Mulligan seemed appropriate even though we are not golfers but the true meaning of the word; most simply put, a "do-over."

My boyfriend Todd and I were both previously married and are now enjoying life with each other in our "Mulligan" relationship. So the name seemed even more appropriate.

Mulligan has turned out to be the best dog ever; he loves long walks and adores going on rides in the car and especially enjoys outings on the boat. He goes to work with Todd everyday and is the office mascot. He even sleeps with us at night and loves to cuddle and have his belly rubbed. We are just crazy about our little Mulligan; he has really enriched our lives.

Diane Richards
Louisville, KY


Sammy showed up on our patio about three years ago. He sat at the glass door looking in at the other cats. I put out food and water and made a bed outside. He was so clean and well-fed, I was sure he belonged to a neighbor. But he never left. One morning I walked into the kitchen and found him staring at me through the screen, hanging on with his claws. He wanted to come in the house! We put posters up for several blocks, but no one claimed him. Poor baby! Of course we adopted him. He is a 15 pound love machine!

Susan Rappoport
San Diego, CA


We adopted our Boxer/Pit Bull Mix from foster care. Tyson had been abused and starved. He will always have joint issues due to early malnutrition, but has made great strides. He is the happiest little boy, with the sweetest personality and a joy to have share our home.

Howell, MI

She stole my heart

For several years I gave food to a feral cat that lived in brambles next to our office parking lot. Each summer I put up with outbreaks of poison ivy from climbing into the weeds. One day I learned two other co-workers were also feeding this cat. We succeeded in capturing her for medical treatment, including spay. Three tiny kittens with colds and eye infections were also captured. All were adopted. The runt -- a tiny female who was blind in one eye -- stole my heart. I named her "Ivy" and we have been entwined nearly six years now.

Madelyn Carroll
Cincinnati, OH


Our beloved lab Lady was taken from our house a year ago in March. I cried and cried, visited the local humane society almost daily hoping she would turn up. In the mean time, my oldest son and his family had a puppy, Dusty, and they were moving and couldn't keep an outside dog, so we took her in to find her a home. We did find a home, but the people ended up abandong her at the HS despite us telling them if she didn't work out to call us.

While looking for Lady, we discovered Dusty at the HS. We decided to go ahead and adopt her ourselves, for fear of her being euthanized.

She has turned out to be the most loving, fun, exuberant, playful and SMART girl! She loves to play with stuffed animals, and she has learned how to bird hunt, which she absolutely loves. We have enjoyed her immensely.

None of our pets have been purchased, they have all been rescues and there isn't a better way to acquire a loving companion. We had a doxie who had been abused and was a biter, but he lived out his life with us respecting his boundaries and he was wonderful too.

I would encourage anyone looking for a pet to go to their local Humane Society or shelters!!

Becky Calcote
Columbia, MO
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