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Our beloved lab Lady was taken from our house a year ago in March. I cried and cried, visited the local humane society almost daily hoping she would turn up. In the mean time, my oldest son and his family had a puppy, Dusty, and they were moving and couldn't keep an outside dog, so we took her in to find her a home. We did find a home, but the people ended up abandong her at the HS despite us telling them if she didn't work out to call us.

While looking for Lady, we discovered Dusty at the HS. We decided to go ahead and adopt her ourselves, for fear of her being euthanized.

She has turned out to be the most loving, fun, exuberant, playful and SMART girl! She loves to play with stuffed animals, and she has learned how to bird hunt, which she absolutely loves. We have enjoyed her immensely.

None of our pets have been purchased, they have all been rescues and there isn't a better way to acquire a loving companion. We had a doxie who had been abused and was a biter, but he lived out his life with us respecting his boundaries and he was wonderful too.

I would encourage anyone looking for a pet to go to their local Humane Society or shelters!!

Becky Calcote
Columbia, MO

I just couldn't leave him there...

When we moved from our one bedroom apartment to a three bedroom house with a yard, my husband and I agreed immediately that we wanted a dog. Having always been animal lovers, that Tuesday we agreed to go to the shelter on the base my husband was stationed at, along with the animal shelter in the adjoining town where we lived to find that perfect pet.

On my way to an appointment on Wednesday I decided to pop into the Fort Sill Animal Shelter. In an indoor/outdoor room with multiple kennels they actually had quite a small number of dogs. The first two kennels had yorkies, and then two kennels down I saw a beautiful Bull Mastiff. Although she was larger than what we were looking for, I was interested…

Then I heard a small cry at the very end. I walked down the row and there he was; a black Labrador/Pit-bull just crying his heart out. His owner had been deployed, and the wife didn't want to take care of him during the 18-month deployment so she dropped him off the day after his owner left. It broke my heart. I didn't go to my appointment; instead I went back to work, called Danny and told him the story. He was at the shelter that afternoon filling out the paperwork, and brought him home the very next day!

A year later we've moved back to New York where we are originally from, and Marley Lee II is enjoying his new life. Named after my husband's childhood dog, Marley loves sitting in his chair, cuddling, barking at the ducks in the canal behind our house and has recently discovered snow! We could not imagine our life without him, and are now looking for a second dog to keep him company!

Jaimie Lee
Freeport, NY

Kayo Kitty and Snowflake

Kayo, a beautiful long haired cat and Snowflake, a grey tabby with emerald eyes were both left behind by student renters. For two years, they lived on the streets, neither one spayed or neutered. I fed them and gave them water, but they were too scared to follow me into my house. By the time I rescued them, Kayo had lost teeth and was very ill. I don't know how many of Snowy's kittens died outside in the cold. Thankfully they both live inside now and are together all the time...spayed and neutered and very happy. Julie ( North York, Ontario, Canada)

Julie Saunders
North York, ON, Canada


We adopted Rusty from the local shelter in 2001. A ragmop of a dog with tufts between his toes, he'd been on the streets, wary and thin. He chewed up our couch and acted out to test our commitment to him. He liked to be petted, but didn't like to cuddle. My husband suddenly became very ill, and was nearly bed-ridden for over a year. Rusty stayed in his lap, giving him a warm heartbeat and lots of love. We thought we saved Rusty, but Rusty saved my husband, nursing him back to complete health. He has found a 'forever home' in our hearts.

Diane Lybbert
Burleson, TX

Lucky to be alive!

Henry was just 8 weeks old and he weighed only 6 pounds when he was found on the side of the freeway. He was taken to the local fire department where he was wrapped in blankets and driven an hour away to get help. Henry was starving, dehydrated and stinky; his colon had prolapsed, laying outside of his body and exposed to debris near the freeway. The vet took an immediate liking to this adorable but disadvantaged puppy and she performed surgery and rehabilitated him, and later discovered that he was deaf. She taught him sign language and the rest is history. He was named "Henry Keller" and he has brought love, joy beyond belief and compassion to his forever family.

Mari Rodriguez
Santa Cruz, CA

My little Abbie

I adopted Abbie from the PetSmart across the street from my office. A co-worker found her trying to get under a fence to "visit" some men playing baseball in a field. She was scared and wanted to be with people. She took her home and then to PetSmart and paid for all her shots and had her spayed. Although I already had an older black cat, Miss Kittie, at home, she talked me into going to see her. I fell in love. Miss Kittie has since passed and now Abbie rules the house. She is very fiesty and makes her own rules. Every morning she wakes me up and waits at the top of the stairs for me to accompany her to the kitchen. She's a little pistol. She's the poster child for "No one ever owns a cat".

Atlanta, GA

A home for Maya

I lost my Staffordshire Terrier about 3 years ago and was heartbroken. Last August I moved into a new apartment and was ready for a new dog so I began looking at the rescues online. There were many puppies and dogs that I went to see but one in particular stood out. Her name is Maya. She looked scraggly and pathetic, when brought out to the play area all she would do was sit quietly next to me. She hardly had any fur and what she did have was dull. Her and her 7 other litter mates were dropped off at the Manatee Humane society by the owner of the Black Lab and Bloodhound, the owner of these two dogs hadn't had them fixed and didnt want puppies. Maya unfortunately came down with Parvo and had to be separated from her litter mates and all other dogs to prevent contamination. Then to top things off she got Demodectic Mange from the Parvo. She was almost 5 months old before she was able to be adopted, by then all the other puppies had found homes. Nobody wanted her because of how terrible she looked; I couldnt resist her. Now, 6 months later I have a beautiful dog who loves me, children, and pretty much everyone else. She loves to go to the dog park, beach and curl up in bed with me at night. While she still has a few health issues she will have forever I would never trade her. She knows what it is like to be homeless, and now she knows how it feels to be loved. I cant explain the love and happiness she gives me in return. Because of her fantastic disposition we will be continuing her training and eventually be a therapy dog.

Rhea Machado
Sarasota, FL

Chloe and Alex

This is Chloe and Alexander. They are Siamese brother and sister. Their original human mommy was very sick and worried about what would happen to them when she died. I had known her from work, we were not friends by any means, but she told me about her worries. I guess she knew I loved cats and felt I would understand her fears. She was right. I told her I would keep them safe for her in my house. She passed away content, knowing they'd be loved. And loved they are! I have 9 cats and no one could be more closer to me than Chloe and Alex. They are with me continually. The other 7 that I've raised, well most of them, are from kittens. They are close to me, also, but nothing like Chloe & Alexander. They are 13 years old and I've had them for about 5 years now. Chloe likes to be carried around on my hip like a small child. I can't even go to the bathroom by myself anymore. Try doing ANYTHING in the bathroom holding a little nutsy cat. Alexander, on the other hand, likes to lay next to me when I'm sitting on my bed. And if I ignore him, he hits me with his paw till I take notice and hold him and kiss his head(he seems to be fond of this and keeps coming back for more). Even my other guys are crazy about them. They're the protection squad. They all sleep together on my bed and keep Chloe and Alexander all huddled between them. We treasure the day they came into our lives.

grace carrin
e. stroudsburg, PA


I went to a pet adoption place with a friend to find her a pet & Paris and I found each other. I saw her backed up in a corner, went in and talked to her. She is a registered cocker and had been used as a puppy mill. She had lost 60% of her coat from stress, had fleas and heart worms, malnourished and dehydrated. Her cocker registration had her name as Paris which I did not find out until after I had already decided to adopt her and just to show how this was meant to be: I collect Eiffel Towers. She is such a wonderful friend and companion. She loves to lay in my arms like a baby and have her belly rubbed and every morning she rolls over for a belly rub before we get up and she loves to give doggie kisses. She now has a clean bill of health & has so much love to give and has brought me many hours of joy over the past 3 years and we look forward to many more years together!

Katy, TX

Cammy our Aussie

This is our girl Cammy. She came to us from a high kill shelter in West Virginia. She had many miles to travel to find her forever home in New Jersey. She came to us during a very difficult time in our lives after the recent and sudden loss of our beloved friend Jazzy. Cammy has been a wonderful addition to our lives.

Hamilton, NJ
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