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Anya and the Kittens

In the winter of 1999-2000, my husband and I were serving as mentors in an "urban missionary" project. Anya was a little stray kitten who sometimes came to our window for food, but steadfastly refused to be captured... until one snowy March day, when she came to the window with a newborn kitten in her mouth. She led me to the back alley, where I found four more kittens in a wet cardboard box. I brought them inside and, with the help of neighborhood children, revived two kittens. All five kittens survived in perfect health.

The kittens -- Dion, Yorkie, Slowpoke, Trip, and Froggy -- were all adopted to great homes. We still exchange e-mails and Christmas cards with their human families ten years later.

Anya remained permanently with us because she suffered some health challenges from becoming pregnant as an abandoned six-month-old kitten. She needed a year of antibiotic treatment to cure a persistent case of mastitis, and she has osteoporosis and multiple allergies.

She isn't a very cuddly cat, which isn't surprising since her first human family abandoned her when she was just a kitten. But she enjoys sleeping on her fluffy old quilt, watching the wrens in their nest in the eaves of our house, and playing with the ribbons on my Bible while I'm studying. Her life is good, and she has been our beloved companion.

'Lord, when did we see You hungry and feed You, or thirsty and give You drink? When did we see You a stranger and take You in…?" And the King will answer and say to them, 'Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.' (Matthew 25:37-40)

Kathleen and Jim P.
Wilmington, DE

Our "Lady"

Lady walked on to our property about 8 years ago as a skin and bones puppy. Her tail was almost as long as she was. I called to her and she came to me immediately..she was so sweet and gentle, a real "Lady" so that is what we named her.

The vet said she had been abused and starved and has a large barbed wire scar on one hip. He estimated her at about 8 months old. As you can see from the picture, she has "food issues" so we can't keep any dry food out like we had done for our other dog who only ate when she was hungry. Lady must be on medication for a thyroid problem as we could not get her to drop any weight with just adjusting her diet. She has lost about 6 lbs now and is much more active, although we don't know how she managed to get that belly up onto the picnic table to eat the food we had left for the birds!!!

Marilyn Urbanowicz
Cookeville, TN

I Picked My New Best Friend

After having lost a beautiful dog that we had as a member of the family for 15 years, we had begun the journey of finding our new friend. We went to the local Animal Shelter on a beautiful spring day to "browse" to see if there were any new friends we might be interested in. I was still quite tearful and sad, but though it might help to look - it could not really hurt. As we entered the area when the dogs are kept in cages, I saw a cute little man who appeared to be part Shepherd and part Terrier who caught my eye. He was charming and kept barking at me as if saying "please take me home and save me". I went to look at other dogs, but this young pup stuck him nose through the cage bars and followed me as I walked the area. He kept barking and whimpering as if to say "I love you.....please please please pick me". Struck by his perseverance and charm, I took him outside to walk and get acquainted. The rest is history. This young man who would be letter named Otto was brought home that day. He won my heart and has become a family member. I will never forget that day and how this little pup really was the one that picked his new best friend.

Katherine Becker
Hamilton, OH

How my Charlotte Rescued Me!

I had just gotten divorced and moved from New Jersey to Florida. I bought a house and even though I had four rescued cats at the time, I knew something was missing. A few months later I took a drive to a city two hours away and adopted Charlotte, a one year old beagle who had been rescued while running the streeets of Orlando. When I got to the lady's front door who had been fostering at that time "Cricket", I was met by 8 beagles!!! I went inside and one little girl beagle came running up to me and practically jumped into my arms, giving me kisses and giving me "the eyes." If you own a beagle you know what I mean by "the eyes."

Anyway, it was love at first sight. Oh did I forget to mention that I was so excited about adopting my beagle that I was caught speeding on I-95 and given quite the ticket by a state trooper? Anyway, Charlotte and I have been best buddies ever since that day. She is quite the co-pilot when we travel to Virginia, New Jersey and Texas to see friends and relatives. As you probably know, a beagle is a nose with four legs attached and motivated by food. She is so friendly with all of the other dogs in our neighborhood.

When I moved to Florida I was very depressed from just getting divorced but since I adopted Charlotte, she has "rescued me" from that depression.

I don't think I could love a dog more than I love her.

Palm Coast, FL

My little "pit bull"

He was rescued from the mouth of a very mean pit bull. He was full of scratches and bad memories. He can't meow, although he tries really hard, and he can't eat much at a time and the meal has to be in very tiny pieces because he can't swallow well. He has finally started growing into his huge ears, thus the name Gizmo! He weighs a whopping 6 1/2 pounds at 2 years old and he has the biggest, most trusting eyes ever!!. He loves my 80 year old mother to death. He keeps her company during the day. She has someone to talk to and to take care of. He's been very good for her.....and me too! He loves the Stanley Steemer carpet cleaning commercial (for some reason) and Wheel of Fortune. He truly has been a God send to us and we love him very much!

Donna Blackburn
Lincolnton, NC

Scarlett, Abandoned Southern Belle

I am looking for a sizable southern or northern plantation that can provide me all the comforts of home or maybe not since the following is what home was. Someone abandoned me on the side of the road with nothing but a blanket. I lived on dirt and gravel for several days until neighbors began bringing me dog food and water. Then on the Friday after Christmas I was rescued by a family that is known for helping out any animal in need.

I love being around other dogs and do OK around cats but I like to chase ducks and geese. Please help me find my own Rhett (or anyone else) to say "Frankly, Scarlett, I care enough to give you a forever home." E-mail to inquire about this southern belle.

Michele' Goad
Cana, VA

Ozzy and Little Fred

We got Ozzy or Jester when he was at the pound, in September of 2008. He is such a good Dog. At first he was having a lot problems with house training and running out of the house. But, with a little love, understanding and a lot of training. Ozzy has turned into a very good dog. We have gotten a lof of other animals from your shelter Blossom our little bunny (or Thumper) and Lulu another dog. We also got a kitten name little Fred him and Ozzy are best friends they play all day chase each other around the house and they fight. Just play fight though. It is funny to watch these two, I am not sure if the dog thinks he's a cat or the Cat thinks that he's a Dog.

Cindy Chamberlin
Santee, CA

3rd ones a charm

Emmi is my 3rd rescued canine. I rescued her, her mama & 2 sisters from a very bad neglect/cruelty situation. She was 6 months old. I adopted out all thru the Humane Society. Emmi's new home didn't work out so I brought her into my pack forever. She is now nearly 2 years old and a handful. She is so cute and such a sweet pup. She fits right into our household and I'm happy that she's here!!

Trenda Ivey
Loganville, GA

Rochester Charity hound

To some people, a family pet is nothing more than , well, just a family pet. But for myself, Joker, my 5 yr old JRT is more then that..

My dog Joker, is a Jack Russell Terrier. I will have adopted him 5 yrs ago this coming November from the Rochester Dog Pound. I was working there as a vet tech student and gladly took him home after his owners picked him up and realized they couldn't handle his energy. Since I went and brought Joker home we have been inseparable. We have begun to raise money and race alongside one another. After my total knee replacement surgery and recovery I started running and needed a trainer and Joker became that trainer.

Joker over the last several years we have done a total of 11 runs and 6 walks ranging from 5k to 5 miles. Total amount raised by Joker for different charities total over several thousands of dollars. . We have attended all the fundraising races that allow dogs. Races such as the Monster Dash in Minneapolis and the Run & Romp 6-legged race even encourage you to bring your dog. The Run and Romp is a great cause and raises money for the Heping Paws Organization in Shoreview, Minnesota.

I have had Joker microchipped so if he were to ever run away, he could be easily found, even though he would never leave my side. He is registered with "Home Again" so I will never lose him. Now where ever we go, I can make sure he will come home to me.

Christine O'Brien
Dodge Center, MN

Raising Ella

We rescued Ella from a backyard breeder 1 1/2 years ago. She was one of 10 puppies. Her brother, Boston, already lived with us and we couldn't stand knowing that she was about to be sold to someone who possibly would fight her or turn her into a breeding machine. So, we came to her rescue!

She's a fantastic dog, full of energy, dog friendly, people friendly and she runs super-fast. When we try to catch her (when we're playing), I liken it to trying to catch a greased-pig!

Kelley Stewart-Lahr
Muncie, IN
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