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My husband needed an Angel--so we rescued a four-legged one!

Missing his 3 children severely and being unable to see them for various reasons, I suggested to my husband that we get a puppy so he could put his thoughts 'somewhere else'.

I looked in the newspaper and found a listing for 'free pit bull puppies'.

We went to the house and three puppies were there all vying for our attention. A little girl was holding one that really got our attention and after holding her and playing with her a bit, we decided that she'd be the one we took home. Right when we were about to leave with the pup, the gentleman told us her name--Angel. How ironic! What a perfect name for a dog that would go on to help my husband (and me) get through some tough emotional times. She's a breed ambassador and a loved member of our family.

God sent us her way to rescue her and in return, sent us an Angel!

Kelley Stewart-Lahr
Muncie, IN

Finding Max

A friend of mine spotted Max in the parking lot the mall, desparately going up to people, hoping someone would take him home. My friend couldn't take him because she had too pets already. She dropped in my neighborhood and told me about him a week later. I found Max on a porch down the street and took him to get his shots and get fixed. Ater that he was mine.

Stockton, CA

Wondering the streets...

My daughter found this beautiful little girl - lab/terrier mix - wondering the streets on a rainy, cold day in a city that is known for dog fighting. She was about 6 weeks old. Terrified that she would be used for daughter picked her up and brought her home. Now, mind you, we already have two other dogs, two cats and two rabbits at this point. We really did not want another dog. However, she has brought so much joy and laughter...we can't imagine what life would be like without her to keep our other two dogs occupied. She is a riot to watch, full of energy and very protective of her family. We just love our Sassy!!

Debbi Thuesen
Waterford, MI

The Unsinkable Molly...

Molly is the only survior from a litter of kittens that was found in a box at a construction sight. The person that found the kittens gave them to my friend Kelly who does a lot of foster work with cats and kittens. Kelly and I do some animal rescue work together and when I wanted another kitten I went over to her house and sat down in her "kitten room". Molly at four weeks old was the first kitten to come over and choose me. She has more personality and energy than any other animal I have ever been around. I have four other cats and Molly keeps all our spirits up with her good natured antics, love and gymnastic feats. She is truely larger than life and should be in Hollywood. I often think she must be living life for all her brothers and sisters.

Terry Sheehan
Lewisville, TX

Three Angels Came Our Way

A young man found three newborn kittens in the local Walmart parking lot who had been abandoned by their mother. Their umbilical cords were still attached. He brought them to me because he knew I was a volunteer at our local city animal shelter. I happened to have kitten formula and bottles so I was prepared to begin bottle feeding immediately. Six months later, all three babies are thriving, healthy, fun and the most loving cats I have ever known. One even gives kisses on the lips! And they come when called. We are so blessed by these three angels who came our way and became part of our family...

Vicki Adkins
Edmond, OK

Corey Ander

Corey Ander came into my life soon after he had been sprung from his jail at a breeder's facility which was closed down by the state due to horrible conditions. The rescue people removed him from a small wire cage, one that he was only taken out when he was needed for breeding. He existed in that cage for the first 3 years of his life. He was scared and horribly matted. I had applied to adopt a bichon frise from the breed rescue and they asked if I would take an abused kid since I had some experience with rescue dogs in the past. Corey came into my life named Frosty. He would run away to a hiding place if any human came hear him. His name was changed to Corey (his grandma nicknamed him Corey Ander) because I didn't want him to have to have a name that reflected his horrible early life. And, he was not cold at all. He was a new guy at my house.

It has taken 8 years, but Corey is almost a regular guy now. He runs and plays with his toys (something he had never seen before) and pushes his little sister around. If he gets scared, he sometimes goes into a special place in his mind. But if that happens, his mom (me) gives him belly rubs and he comes back to normalcy. He is THE watchdog in the family.

Rescue kids are the best and Corey Ander is the best big guy in my house!

Bonnie J.
Philadelphia, PA

Annalivia, Liv for short

Whilst walking my other rescue, Adam Clayton, we came upon this wild beast unattended in her yard. Like maybe 8 weeks old and she was intent on following us. I scooped her up and went to the door, had a conversation, partially in Spanish (which I don't speak) and came to understand they didn't really care one way or the other. They kept her till we were gone, however. I had 3 dogs already but when I walked the little man that way several days later, I let her follow us home. My husband was all like, you can't steal people's dogs! I was all like, they probably watched us walk away. Anyway, crazy, fierce, sweetest and silliest dog ever. She does pick fights with the little man...

Atlanta, GA

Chance, sweet loving dog despite allergies and Cushing's Disease

I met Chance in 2001 when he was 4 years old at a humane society. He had been found with an injured right front leg that he could no longer use. It was bent and had nerve damage. I had just gone to the shelter to humor a friend that had gone through surgery for her thyroid. We ended up seeing him a couple of times there. I had to adopt him. Later the useless leg was removed but never affected his walking (he was used to not using it anyway). He has the sweetest disposition despite suffering from allergies (he gets weekly antigen injections) and Cushing's disease. He's a wonderful and loving companion that loves his fellow canine, feline and rabbit "siblings".

Christine Palmier
Lakewood, CA

They saved Me

After unexpectedly losing my 16 year old persian I knew my life was going to be way to empty. I went to a local shelter the very next day and adopted Vee Vee and BIG Buddy. These are the sweertest cats I have ever seen. After getting them home and settled I laid on the floor to watch TV took a deep breath and began to cry. Suddenly there was Big Buddy rubbing his face on mine wiping my tears away. I knew then I had made the right decision for all of us. Three years and one kitten addition later we are one big happy family.

St. Louis, MO

Gracie knew...

She kept coming to my husband's job site. Just a little puppy. He followed her home and talked to the owners. They didnt really want her and just let her run loose.

So he brought her home till 'we found a home for her'. We all know how that goes!!! She's 8 now, and a lovey tail wagging gal. Has her own fenced in yard and prefers it outside, but likes the bed at night too!

melinda w sowder
ellettsville, IN
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