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Gracie knew...

She kept coming to my husband's job site. Just a little puppy. He followed her home and talked to the owners. They didnt really want her and just let her run loose.

So he brought her home till 'we found a home for her'. We all know how that goes!!! She's 8 now, and a lovey tail wagging gal. Has her own fenced in yard and prefers it outside, but likes the bed at night too!

melinda w sowder
ellettsville, IN

Retired Greyhound Becomes READing Paws Therapy Assistance Pet

Drew, fka L's Main Event, will become a READing Paws certified therapy pet through Intermountain Therapy Pets this spring. He will be featured in local libraries and bookstores in Paulding County Georgia as a Reading Education Assistance Dog. His goal is to improve the reading skills of new learners with reading challenges. His laid back disposition will make it easy for these children to share their reading skills with him and his always willing to listen large ears!

He spent 2 years at racing tracks in Iowa, Alabama and Florida. He raced into our hearts in February 2007 as our first dog adopted from Southeastern Greyhound Adoption. We can't imagine our life without our Greyhound racing buddy. Drew is an accomplished Meet & Greeter at PetsMart each month in Douglasville and Hiram, a Pet Therapy assistant at Arbor Terrace in Austell, GA, and has obtained the AKC Canine Good Citizen designation.

His favorite hobbies are sleeping, resting, playing keep away with his football, and laying in a sunny spot. His love of footballs made him a natural for the Mascot for the Pope High School Football team (the Greyhounds) in Marietta, GA. He attends all Friday night home football games in his jersey # 36, and proudly marches on the field with the cheerleaders. He joins other Atlanta area greyhounds in running down the football field with the players at the start of each game. He's even been know to pull over a cheerleader or two in his excitement. The highlight of last season was an off-the-leash run at the final game with his football. He managed to end his run by trampling over the opposing team's banner which was on the ground. The crowd roared and a star was born - our Drew, Drewbie-Doo!

Lisa Poole
Hiram, GA

Jazz and Rocy

One day while picking up my son from the hospital (his wife couldn't get off work) I told him I had this feeling that there was a little MinPin that just needed a forever home. We had some time so I went to the Omaha Humane Society and they told me they had one that was scheduled for euthanasia (they had him for a few months and because of some deformities noone had shown any interest). I told them that I wanted to stop that and take him home. Turned out he was the sweetest little boy, he had had broken legs that were never fixed (but it didn't stop him from being Rocky) and his ears were not cropped. After a long time trying to convince them to call my vet (their policy was to bring all other animals in to see if they got along, and I have a protection German Shepherd), they finally called my vet and he went home with us. I have had him for 5 years and all my dogs love him to pieces! He even gets really playful with my 110# Rott'n'Lab...who is another rescue I have had for 4 yrs. In July of 2008 I found another MinPin who has some heart problems and is an older dog. She is in the picture with Rocky and her name is Jazz...she has brought more love to me and the other dogs, and she gave Rocky someone his own size. This pic was her first day with us and you could see the excitement in Rocky's, WOW is she really for ME!

Shari Rose
Anna, OH

Adam Clayton

I found this little man outside a convenience store in Blacksburg, SC in 100 degree heat. He had been living on the street a while, apparently, blind in one eye and skin allergies. I already had two massive labs at home but called my husband to let him know we had one more. His hair looked like the U2 band member's in the 80's so it stuck. He's kind of cranky but awfully sweet, and his allergies are under control now and with drops, his eye looks normal.

Atlanta, GA

Precious Sisters

Maggie and Molly were abandoned in an airline warehouse. They were very timid when I first adopted them but have warmed up to humans over the years. They are such loves and so precious. They are my little princesses and I can't imagine my life without them!

Pam Riggs
Garden Grove, CA

The 3 Orphans

From L to R are Alice, Grace & Katie, all street rescues. They are 3 of 6 cats I've adopted over the years & who now share my home (and bed) with me. I also care for 13 ferel cats that live in my front and back yards, who give me endless hours of entertainment. My garage is their safe haven with food, water and beds. My favorite T-shirt reads, "All my kids have paws..." and it's true. Life without my "kids" would be very droll indeed.

Karen Kelly
Phoenix, AZ

Chili and Coney

We looked for along time to find a rescue puppy to meet our needs. Petfinder hooked us up with Westie Rescue Of Tennessee. WRT had just returned from an amish breeder at auction in MO. WRT had saved every one of the Westies from other bidders all breeders. They even saved a beagle mix for 50 cents. We were so lucky and now have 2 beautiful baby girls. Chili is two and Coney is one. We are so lucky.

Rescue should never be your first choice...IT SHOULD BE YOUR ONLY CHOICE!!

Patti and Bart
Hendersonville, TN

Abandoned at Birth; Content House Cat Today!

Edward was abandoned at birth by an immature feral mother in our garage. My husband nurtured the kitten through weaning, feeding and cleaning at two-hour intervals. Today, Eddie is a 16-pound content house cat who "puckers up" and give us "people kisses" since that is what he received at birth!

Debora Tucker
Acworth, GA

Horrible puppy, Great dog

I rescued Lila when she was 6 months old. For the next year and a half, I keep asking myself why! She tore up anything she could and kept jumping the fence. She was totally wild!! I hired a professional trainer but that didn't seem to work. Then one day I noticed that she wasn't a demon after all!! She has matured into a fantastic dog and is a great companion! She is now almost 4 and I cherish her everyday!

Trenda Ivey
Loganville, GA

Holly-Pup ... rescued ... Now a therapy Dog!

In December 2001 I ran away from my abusive home to a nice neighbors house. Later that same day this nice man and lady came to see me. They had lost their beloved Golden Retriever and needed a great dog to fill their lonely days. The lady said I was not what she was looking for as she would like a full-blooded Golden and I was a Golden/Cocker Spaniel mix. The man looked like a soft touch so I ran and jumped in his arms. I just could not go back to the "mean man's house". They decided to take me home with them for the weekend and see how things went.

No one yelled at me in this house. They fed me good food twice a day. Played with me, held me and just loved me. This was very new to me but I certainly liked it. I knew I had found my forever home. My new parents went to the pet store and bought me all kinds of toys, treats, and a nice doggy pillow to lay on.

Mom said I had a great personality and thought I might be able to become a therapy dog. We trained at a local dog school and I passed my Canine Good Citizen test in August 2004. In October 2004 I my made my debut visiting patients. I loved my work and the next year we started visiting teenagers at a local drug and alcohol treatment center. We now visit four different places a week.

Because I was helped and rescued I have a lot of love that I can give to "hurting" or "discouraged" people. My goal as a rescued girl, is to "bring joy, smiles and hope" to everyone we visit.



A Special Therapy Dog!

Sharen Simmons
Fortville, IN
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