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Phoebe Yorkie

We adopted Phoebe from a rescue group almost 6 years ago, she was used for breeding in a puppy mill before that. She had been in foster care and up for adoption for about a year when we found her. Most likely, nobody wanted her because she has no teeth! She doesn't realize this, and eats dry food & treats just like her adopted brother and sister. Phoebe is a little angel and we are so lucky to have her!

Kathy Johnson
Plymouth, CT

MacKenzie's Tale

On Christmas Eve 2007, in Tennessee, where we were born (our momma wasn't spayed like she should have been) my twin sister and I were dumped like trash and scheduled to die.

A nice woman called out for help (her name is Debbie) and we were taken out of the bad place and brought in a big truck way up North, to Connecticut. We were in a big, safe house with our new foster mom, Kim and all her great dogs (Tai is my favorite foster brother). We had fun, played in the pond and learned to be good girls.

One day, Kim took us to the Pet Smart and this lady was there to meet us. She brought her Goddaughter and they drove from a place called New Jersey, just to see us. She said if Kim liked her, one of us would be her puppy and she'd be our forever mom. I liked her right away. She smelled like a nice lady and she loved dogs, I could tell.

I liked her so much I took a nap on her lap, right on the Pet Smart floor. Kim told us her name was Mari and that she thought since I was more independent, I'd be a great best friend for her because I'd be an "only dog".

We drove home to my new house where I have a fenced in yard and a deck! Mom named me MacKenzie. I went to dog school and I was the valedictorian! I love my mom and she says I am the light of her life. We play catch and do all sorts of fun stuff together. My twin sis Avery got adopted the very next day by a nice family, too. We exchange emails and birthday gifts!

Mari Ippolito
Cedar Grove, NJ

Reina's new life

Reina was rescued from a puppy mill in California. She came to us via a friend and suffered from a lot of emotional problems. We have had her for 16 months now and she has made tremendous progress. She has the sweetest disposition and is full of love. She has made our family complete!

Nicole Sylvester
Las Cruces, NM

Alone in a new World

When my wife of ten years left me, taking our two Labs as well, I was devastated and alone...Then ASTRO (Amy) called, wondering if I could watch this big Pit Bull for a couple of weeks...I said sure, why not? After two weeks with the big lug, I said: You're Mine! Welcome home!!!!

He's my best friend, confident, and protector....

Mark Hemmelgarn
Indianapolis, IN

First time foster mom

I started fostering puppies for the Ohio Puppy Rescue in February, 2009. Those poppies in the photos are my first group of babies. (There is another one, Eddie (beagle mix) who was busy somewhere else and didn't want to join us.) Most of the puppies are leaving for their permanent homes. I was sad to see my babies leave, but it was a good goodbye. I'm happy for them that they could find their homes and people who will love them dearly. I'm also glad that I was able to involve in the adoption processes to help them to find the best matches. It is a great feeling. I can't wait to see my next group of puppies.

Laura Cheng
Westerville, OH

Beautiful Rescue

My daughter felt directed to call the Cantonment Jr. Humane Society and found Kaia, a Siberian Husky/Viszla mix. She is under 2 years old and was starved to the point of skin and bones, hairless and left with 5 puppies. We are eternally grateful that they restored her to this beautiful condition so she could join our menagerie of 3 other dogs, three cats and 7 chickens. Sarah Christopher

Sarah H Christopher
Pensacola, FL

The Beagle I always wanted

We adopted Missy from our local shelter after seeing her picture at a booth at the county fair. We fell in love with her instanlty, and even though we didn't think it was quite the right time to add another dog to our family, we couldn't resist. She has been the best dog that we could have ever asked for and I count my blessings everyday that we did decide to bring her home. I don't know what I would do without her.

Auburn, IN


Cheyenne was one kitten from a litter of kittens, whose mom had been born not 10 months earlier. We had neighbors who refused to fix their outdoor cats. Cheyenne's siblings were nursing from mom, and grandmom, it was really quite sad. I believe she refused to get wrapped up in that cycle. She literally climbed the tree, and jumped the chainlink fence to get to me when she was less than 4 weeks old. I dropped her back over the fence to her mama, and she came back over the fence a few days later. I knew she was meant to be mine.

Leander, TX

Brooklyn ~ Our Three Legged Angel

Brooklyn was hit by a car in August 2008. The SPCA received an emergency call in the middle of the night and promptly rescued her. They had to amputate her leg but she doesn't seem to notice. She stayed in the shelter for 6 months, then she touched our hearts. We now have 2 yorkies, a Great Dane and our beautiful Brooklyn. We are so grateful to all the volunters to kept the faith that she would find a forever home.

Leigh Ann
Safety Harbor, FL


We rescued Allie in August of 2008, at around five months. We had no intentions of getting a dog . . . she chose us! Her history was sad and all too familiar. She had been abused, abandoned, and alone for who knows how long. She had never been in a house, and had little to no housebreaking or leash training, nor any social skills with people or animals. Today, she is healthy and strong, loving life and nearly everyone who crosses her path (she's still a little shy at times)!! She is fully engrained in our family life and loves her feline siblings, and her humans!, as fully and unconditionally as any dog could!

Kimberly Strawska Hackett
Cincinnati, OH
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