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Miles & Mitchell

Miles our black "tom" cat adopted my husband just before Christmas 2007. He's a big boy of almost 18 pounds. He came to us from Angels With Paws animal shelter. He had been in the shelter for 7 months. Mitchell the orange tabby came to us a year later when he adopted me. He's our little itty bitty kitty of 8 pounds. He came to us from the Table Mountain Animal shelter. He had been abandoned in a foreclosed home. The cats and our black and yellow labs complete our family.

Cheryl Wilson
Lakewood, CO

Matai - My Gift From God

This is the story of Matai and he got his special name. Matai is Hebrew for "Gift from God". I treasure Matai because he represents two special beings in my life. I found him as a kitten who had been dumped on a country road and he was so scared his claws were literally gripped tightly into the road asphalt. I had to pry them free to rescue him. The day? It was the evening of the day my Mother died, August 26, 2004.

He was so weak he could barely stand. When I took him to the vet in the morning, the vet said from his teeth he was 8 weeks old and we weren't sure if he was going to make it. Exactly 8 weeks prior on July 2, 2004 my beloved Siberian Husky, Kimo (Canandian Champion Last Dance of the Midnight Sun) turned to look at me, howled and he died in my arms from a heart attack or a stroke. Matai was born the day I lost my beloved Kimo and rescued the day I lost my beloved mother.

Several weeks later I was told that a lady who lived near where I found him, saw someone throw a mother cat and her kittens out of a moving car. She thought she had found all of them. There was another one in the litter that looked just like him so we are certain he was from that horrid dumping. Only a miracle can explain how a 6 week old kitten could survive with no food or water for 2 weeks.

God had a reason for this precious little life and I am so very thankful God saved him as a very special gift just for me. He truly was a gift from God.

Sc B. McKinney
Alton, NY

Lovely Leona

My very special one eyed, orange cat named Rooster Cogburn had to be allowed to pass due to his many medical problems. I very much missed his snuggling. So I would go to the local shelter to pet the cats that were there. One weekend we went for a drive to nearby town, so we stopped by their shelter. And saw a pretty cinnamon little girl, she gave snuggles! But she was young and our other orange shelter cat is about 12 years old. We went home and thought about her for a week and went back to get her. She has been with us only four weeks so far and I really cherish the snuggles that Lovely Leona gives.

Susan Daily
Eugene, OR

Saving Bandit

When Bandit was 8 weeks old, he was found by my daughter's friend being abused and she managed to take him. We went to see him and he came home with us. Because of the abuse, he was brain damaged, but he never let that stop him. He was the most loving, sweet 100 lb lapdog. We nicknamed him "MooCow" because he would amble around the yard. We lost him in May 2007 at the age of 7 and he's missed each and every day. Having had Bandit, our lives have been enriched. He was one of a kind!

Goose Creek, SC

Mighty Comes Home

We found Mighty when I was pregnant with my second son. He had been abandoned in a parking lot and was hungry, thirsty and flea infested. We thought he was a baby because he was so small (12 pounds) but the vet said he was almost a year. We took him home, fed and watered him and gave him a bath. He has been with us every since and is now, at a healthy 25 pounds, a part of the family.

Deborah Glynn
Cincinnati, OH

In the Land of Ocean City....

I was with my mom one day in Ocean City when we heard this very loud sound, it sounded like a cat meowing. We went over to the house next door and asked if it was the man's cat (he has a cat) and found out it wasn't his. We started looking for the cat and found where the noise was coming from, a tiny, hungry kitten in a tree. We kept coming back and trying to get the cat for a few days, with no luck. Finally, one day we caught what we found out to be a 'him'. We took him to the vet, making sure he was okay. We found out that he was 9-12 weeks old. Now, over a year later, the cutie has gained his spot as 'cutest cat' in our house full of cats. He has also become a very happy, spoiled house cat. After going to and fro with possible names, we stuck with Chance, because we gave him a chance at life.

Ocean City, MD

Our Boy Tyson

My boyfriend and I were looking for our first dog to bring into our first home together. We went to a local shelter to see an Austrialian Cattle Dog that I saw on and wanted to get. The cattle dog was not very compatible with us,but my boyfriend and I decided to look around before going home. We saw Tyson, a brindle pit bull mix, and my boyfriend wanted to visit with him. I had seen Tyson on Petfinder also, but it said he was not good with other dogs and I never really cared for pit bulls so I passed him by. After a few minutes getting to know Tyson we decided he was the dog for us. We went through the process to appy to get him and then went to shop for some basic needs for him in case we did get him. He fit into our house hold well. He is a great dog, very smart and active. With him being part pit I was not sure about adopting him, but I am glad to have him in my life. Tyson is the best thing to happen to us so far and we look forward to a long happy life with Tyson and our eventually growing family. He was potty trained when we got him, and learned the basic commands well.

jennifer Ray
Tuscola, IL

Sunshine of our life

This is Sunshine. She was found under the Hospice building where I worked as a nurse. After discovering she was very pregnant, we used a humane trap and I took her to my home where I made a nice bed in the bathtub. She did not appear wild at all. In fact, she was quite friendly. I figure someone just didn't want to deal with kittens and dumped her. The next day she had 5 healthy kittens. After they were weaned, I found good homes for them, but she stayed. I have now had her for 15 years and she is still going strong!

Audrey Albert
Grants Pass, OR

2 Great Rescue Dogs

I lost both of my 12 year old German Shepherds within 4 months of each other last year and didn't think I would ever want to get another dog. While looking at the Pet Rescue site one day I saw a picture of Tara (right) and she had the same sad eyes as one of my beloved Shepherds. I couldn't help but go check her out. We took her home that day. Four months later we found our second rescue dog Coal. They have brought fun and excitement back to the house. I know they didn't start out as our dogs and I often wonder what their life before us was like (both were strays) but I am gratefully everyday that these two wonderful dogs are now a part of our family.

Round Lake Beach, IL

To Meet Her is to Love Her

Chloe was part of a litter of barn cats that we rescued (along with their mom) when they were only 5 days old and very sick. We nursed them all back to health and found homes for all but Chloe and her sister Jane. We added them to our family of four existing cats and eleven alpacas, and now I just couldn't imagine our lives without her. She's funny, affectionate, feisty and convinced that everyone who meets her loves her. (And she's right about that!) That's our Chloe Kitty.

Lee Ann Kalwat
Mapleton Township, ON, Canada
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