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rescue of a bloodhound

Hootie Augustus is a bloodhound we bought from a rescue that had many bloodhounds and many other breeds of dogs. When we bought him, he was aggressive about his food and his toys. He now is a gentle,lazy, happy dog.

Wellington, TX

Trap-Neuter-Return. How To Save The Lives Of Unwanted Kitties.

I used the TNR method on Tabitha and her brothers when I found them as feral kittens at my apartment complex. This recent picture is of Tabitha 14 years later. I was able to tame her with a lot of patience. She is one of the most affectionate cats I've ever had, and she is even social with visitors. She is my little buddy, and I love her like a family member.

Kittens born to feral mothers like Tabitha, are left to fend for themselves on the streets. As they get older they are able to reproduce as young as 4 months. The statistics are 1 male + 1 female = 420,000 cats and kittens in 7 years!

Many of these cats and kittens are turned in to shelters and euthanized immediately or within a few days. They cannot be touched by humans, and therefore are unadoptable. To help end this vicious cycle, TNR was created to save the lives of millions of unwanted animals every year.

It is very easy to learn how to do TNR yourself. You can rent or borrow a trap from your local shelter or rescue group. A good website to visit is Alley Cat Allies to learn more about TNR.

I have trapped about 200 cats over the years. Some have been returned to the streets and continued to be fed as a feral colony. I have been able to tame many others, and place them in adoptive homes. I am an amateur compared to some of my local rescuer friends who have trapped thousands of kitties over the years!

If you can only save one female cat, remind yourself of the statistics. You may save over 400,000 lives! It is one of the most rewarding things you will ever do.

Julie Day
San Jose, CA

Remembering Sassy

He walked into our lives one summer day and grabbed our hearts! He was the kind of cat who interacted with people well...he came when called, "talked" and loved to snuggle. Although he is no longer with us we miss him every day!

Kimberly May
Miramar, FL


My mommy and daddy lived in a poodle puppy mill in Tennessee. When the owner had a heart attack and died, some nice people from Animal Control came and found us. Crates were stacked 5 to 6 feet high like chicken coops for the many dogs she bred for profit. The larger standard poodles were kept outside in several fenced areas and were all in varying degrees of neglect. It took awhile for Animal Control to gather all the unsocial, terrified and starving animals in nearly 100 degree heat. I do not know how long it had been since the owner died but I heard it was maybe a week. After all the dogs were collected from outside, Animal Control went inside the breeders' trailer home to look for more and found it deplorable, unairconditioned and unsuitable for animals. They found five more small poodles in the debris. It was just in time because my mommy was almost about to give birth to her babies.

All together they rescued 35 purebred poodles of all sizes that day. Poodle Rescue of Houston sent two cargo vans and two drivers to get us and bring us to Texas. We were born on August 31, 2007. They put me and my brothers and sisters up for adoption and Ms. Pat saw my picture on the website. Now I get 500 kisses a day (minimum) and I have a new mommy, a forever home, and even a step-sister. I am a very lucky puppy.



Actually, I am the lucky one. I named this little darling "Cherie" because it means, "cherished". She is a purebred small miniature poodle and the most loving little creature I have ever seen.


Pat Hataway
Houston, TX

One Cold Night in Maine

It was 20 below zero one December night in Maine and our dog was very upset and barking in the barn. We found a skinny black kitten crying for our attention. Strays seem to like our barn and Eve was no exception. We took her to the vet for spaying and a clean bill of health.She is now one of the "pack" and has made herself right at home, even posing for Christmas cards!

Kathleen Bernard
Bradford, ME

No way!

We own our own business and one day went to pick some products from one of our vendors. As we were walking in, an officer from Animal Control was coming out with a kitten in his arms. I ask him were was he taking it so I could go and adopt him but he said that it would be put to sleep because of a broken leg. I said NO WAY, give it to me and I'll take care of him. Today, Rocky, as we named him, is a normal playfull and loving kitty who loves to chase the other four cats and three dogs around the house... he is a true joy to all!

Carmen M. Allee
Pearland, TX

Miss Phoebe and me

Ten years ago, Phoebe literally called to me between the bars of her cage at the local humane society. To see how adaptable and people-oriented she was, I held her like a baby, handled her paws, and inspected her claws like I was about to trim them, with her purring and calmly looking up at me the entire time. She was a perfect match for me and has been a sweet, loving, vocal, playful, comical, and constant companion ever since. I'm thankful for every day I have with her and hope I have many more.

Lisa R.
Jacksonville, FL

From Molly to Holly

We had to have my beloved Border Collie Molly put to rest a couple years ago. My husband and I were bother heart broken and he was exceptionally hesitant to get another dog. I on the other hand, started searching the internet rescue sites and found our new Molly. 'New Molly' was owned by an elderly man that was moving to an appartment and could not keep her. He had rescued her from a shelter a couple years before and didn't want her to go back. I renamed her Holly. When I brought her home my reluctant husband fell in love with the very calm loving dog that laid down right at his feet.

Cindy Wilcox
Montello, WI

Ella's story

We had lost our cockerspaniel of 10 years and adopted a black and tan mini pin Maxx off of petfinders and decided to adopt another dog a weenie dog, we went to the pound, sat there for over a half hour trying to decide which one to adopt out of 4, when the girl that worked there came back with another one, that was adoped but brought back because she coughed! we fell in love at first sight and adopted her on the spot and named her Ella. She is a little clown and gets along with our Poodle mx boe and Maxx our mini pin. We can't imagine life without any of them.

Lesa L.
Slidell, LA


The four of us came to the Southeast for the health benefit of its sunny weather for our grown and married daughter. The addition to the home we were sharing was just completed when Katrina came calling. Luckier than many, we were to receive only a half-foot of flood water. We now understand it might as well have been more in terms of time, energy and money.

Just before the storm, however, we purchased Barnaby for our disabled daughter as a lovable companion. He was being sold by a local breeder that could see he would be too big to produce the toy Schnauzers she was seeking. Barnaby, while a mini, by all standards "rescued" the four of us. It was hard to remain depressed or angry or lifeless around this small dynamo. He continues to share our home and responds to whatever need there may be on any given day. Needless to say the four of us love him a thousand-fold!

Elli Matthews
Ocean Springs, MS
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