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My Dad's Dog

I retired early to take care of my Dad (88) and my Uncle John (90). They were in pretty good health but couldn' t keep the housework done.

My Dad had lost his Lab dog and missed him. So I adopted a new German Shepard puppy . Dad fell quickly in love with "Little Boss".

Little Boss brought back a lot of love and care into Dad's life. Little Boss was my Dad's dog. He loved him with a passion, and I think he added years to my Dad's life.

Ralph M. Smith
Greensboro, NC


My German Shepherd "Schatzi" was in desperate need of a friend. We rescued "Oscar" from local SPCA.

They didn't want me to adopt him as he was ill, but I insisted on taking him home and saving his life.

The moment I sit on the couch, he jumps and sits on my lap.. He gives unconditional love and lick my tears when I am sad!

I don't know what I would do without him! He has a special place in my heart!

Lorraine Rabie
Cape Town, South Africa

Big Dog, Big Heart

Last year, co-workers had to get rid of their big dog, a Boxer/Greyhound mix named Baxter, for medical reasons. My husband and I went to look at him and my husband fell in love. We brought Baxter into the house with our older Beagle and our little Schnauzer (both pictured also). The three are fast friends. Baxter is a very loving, spirited dog who loves to run around the back yard, go hiking with us and just be a member of the family. His "biggest" downfall is he thinks he's a lap dog and also tries to sleep with us at night! Not to mention that his tail is like a sweeping weapon...however, his heart is as big as he is! He is my husband's constant companion when we're at home.

Donna Ogden
Punta Gorda, FL

The Dog That Rescued Me

Kildare was living with a foster home where they were teaching the dogs to help the handicap for Therapy Dogs International. Kildare had failed and his original trainer, a friend of mine, kept him. She continued to train him and use him as a Therapy Dog. I was living with my mother. One day my mother was killed in an auto accident. I had driven by and seen the accident which caused me to have Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. In the same year my dog of 14 years died. She and I had been through so much together over the years. My friend came to me and said she would like to give Kildare to me. Her words were, "I didn't get into this to have a pet. You are the only person I would let have him. If you take him, he will be serving the purpose I raised him for". This wonderful woman gave me, free of charge, this dog she had raised for 5 years. For the first time since the auto accident I smiled. When anyone asked me about Kildare, I would talk and smile. My friends all said he had made a change in my lonely life. You can see from the picture that Kildare and I both smile and share a very special relationship. He has brought so much into my life and he was well trained. I had the perfect situation. I believed my mother found and sent him to me. Kildare truly rescued me!

Sandy Goga
Livonia, MI

Our little angel Kyah

New friends had previously sold a Maltese-Shih-tsu puppy from their litter to some distant relatives. Upon visiting her at 3 months, they discovered the poor tiny girl shivering and hungry, tied up outside and very neglected. They immediately took her back and gave her to us. Although she was very shy and scared at first, she has since blossomed into a happy, healthy, beautiful 4 year old, who loves playing and is inseparable with her big sister Sindar (also a maltese shih-tsu). She is always protective and very gentle with her baby (human) brother following him around the house like a guardian angel.

Sunshine Coast, Australia

My Boy

Frankie was tied to a tree and abused for the first year of his life. He was surrendered and spent the entire second in a Humane Society. The people there told me he was passed over many times in that year because of his age, his past, and the fact that he is a Pit Bull mix. He was quiet and withdrawn. One look at him, though, and I fell in love! After some much needed TLC, he became the most silly, friendly, loyal dog - so happy, healthy, and full of life now. I can't imagine my life without my big boy!

Kelly-Beth Byerly
Halifax, PA

My Best Boy

Eight years ago we adopted Tommy at a local shelter. He had been left outside for 5 years, which broke my heart. After he was neutered he came home with us and spent the first evening laying by me on the floor, and he hasn't left my side since then. He has been a loyal, goofy guy who snuggled into my heart that first night, and will always be there. In the first few months he was very clear about wanting to sleep snuggled between my husband and I, on his back. Fortunately my husband liked the idea too, and that is where Tommy has slept every night for years.

He had to have an e-collar when he was neutered, but he made the best of it by using it to catch the ball! And when I tried to discipline him by using a spray bottle, he learned to catch the spray in his mouth,and thought I had come up with a great new game to play. He's made us laugh so much and feel loved in the way that only a VERY special dog can.

Jane Jones
Arvada, CO

Itty Bitty Kitty

I had been feeding a pretty orange feral cat for about six months, he wouldn't come in the house, so I fixed him up a nice sheltered spot in the garage, where he could come and go. Later that summer Orange Kitty, as I called him, came walking up to my house with a black, tiny, furry ball, it was a kitten, barely six weeks old. I scooped him up and fed him and took him to the vet where he was treated for ear mites that were so severe they left his ears scarred. I have had him for over seven years now and he is such a sweet kitty. He sleeps with me curled up in my arm. He didn't grow to be very big, so I named him Baby. I think Orange Kitty brought him to me because he knew I would take very good care of him, because after he brought me the kitten, I never saw him again.

Wendy Sawyer
Saint Paul, MN

Kovu - the happy SMILING gentle giant

Kovu only joined the family later in his life. Up until that point he was part of a family who did not care for him properly. He arrived looking very thin, and his coat was not in good condition. He was very scared of us, and spent the majority of his time with his tail between his legs...He was also abused as he hates water! This is very unusual for Alaskan Malumutes!! The 2 other Alaskan Malumutes that we do have [Shanzi & Rushka can never get to the pool FAST enough!] ;-)

Kovu is now comfortable and as you can see by the photo... he is absolutely gorgeous, healthy and HAPPY! I took this photo just after giving him a kiss on his snout and wrapping my arms around his neck for a gentle but loving hug. He is my absolute pleasure! I recall the day that Kovu decided to make friends... I was seated on the couch and he was looking at me... came closer, and then paw by paw he eventually landed on top of my lap - it was and has been love since then!

East London, South Africa

Having That Chance

I was volunteering at my local animal shelter when a foster family brought back a mother cat and her kittens. I noticed one of the kittens, named "YardStick", had three feet. My heart immediately went out to him because I knew his chance of finding a home was slim. I talked with my family that night and the next day we adopted him! YardStick has now been a part of our family for about 8 years, and he is the best cat we could ever ask for with his loving and comic nature!

Jamestown, NY
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