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Rescue Puppy

We found Miller through an organization that rescues puppies from high kill shelters in the south. He and his sister were weak and weary but when we went to meet him despite him not being 100% he jumped and played and ran around the yard and gave the sweetest little puppy kisses. Our hearts melted. You could say we rescued him, but I like to think that somedays he rescues us! He's a joy to have around. He's the happiest dog I've ever met and he bring happiness to those around him. Rescue animals are the best.

Melissa S
Beverly, NJ


My friend wanted to get a kitten from the Humane Society and I agreed to go with her. Although I wasn't looking to add to my 2 cat household, I fell in love with a shy adult tabby. Rowan is still timid with strangers, but she cuddles with me every night.

Chico, CA


We found Sashi, an Australian mix, on Pet Finders. There was just something about her picture. We drove over 3 hours and rescued her from the pound. What a character she is! Very vocal. She likes to swim in our pool, play with her toys and sleep on her comfy bed. Of course her favorite part of the day is our hike in the hills!

Oak Park, CA

A change of heart

Dec. 2006 Spookie entered our world. At 13 degrees, she came to our door and adopted us by laying on our feet.

We did not want another pet and my husband is allergic to cats, but she was just too sweet. The next April my husband became very sick and after returning from the hospital after 3 months and being confined to bed, Spookie "watched over him". He didn't want her around for several months, but she won him over with her silent love. Now, they are best friends and she follows him all over. He's not allergic to her and she has become our little angel.

Gayle Boyd
Ft. Myers, FL

From Jerusalem to Tampa

I found Lefty living in a garden in Jerusalem and surviving off scraps. Of all the strays on the streets of Israel, he was the friendliest and had the most magnetic personality. He had only one eye so I knew no one would take him in. When it came time to come home, I just couldn't leave him behind. Thanks to British Air and my brother, Lefty is living the most pampered condo life in Tampa, Florida.

Linda Meiberg
Philadelphia, PA

One Eyed Jack

I could see he had had a rough life, he had one eye, one ear and half a tail. He was dumpster diving at a restaurant when I met him, but he had a few cute kitten tricks so I took him home. Soon he became the master and now "he calls for his pipe and he calls for his bowl and he calls for his fiddlers three". All in all a very happy ending.

Frank Thomalla
Louisiana, MO

My New Family

After losing my Yorkie, Suki, at age 9 to kidney disease, I decided to adopt a Yorkie. When I saw Benji and Chloe's pictures on Petfinder I knew I had to have them. They had to go together as they are brother and sister. To have put them to sleep would have been cruel. They are the most loving and adoring sweethearts and I wouldn't part with them for anything. They are the loves of my life.

Natick, MA

Smokey: Spokesdog for Animals

I was a week away from going on vacation in Africa when I saw Smokey at a broken down motel tied to a lamp post in the TX August sun. The man who'd been keeping him agreed to give him to me because he couldn't have Smokey in his room.

Now, 14 years later, he goes with me when I table for my organization, The Queenie Foundation, and brings people over because he loves working the crowd. He's a dog with a job and lots of love.

Enid Breakstone
Manchester, CT

Little Bit

About 7 years ago at Christmas time we had to say goodbye to our beloved cat of 15 years, due to illness. Three days later when we were visiting my mother-in-law for the holiday, my daughter was sitting outside when four kittens came up to her and sat in her lap. Someone had dropped them off hoping someone else would care for them. They were about eight weeks old. At first my husband did not want to take one, but after seeing how much our daughter and I really wanted to, he relented. We picked out the smallest one of the bunch and I named her Little Bit. Luckily, the other three were taken by a neighbor's daughter. Little Bit rode six hours to reach her new home. She is the most "people friendly" cat that I have ever had. She loves boxes, baskets and snuggling. She always greets us when we come home from work. I am so thankful for her everyday!

Ellen W.
Round Rock, TX

From Death to Life

My father died of pancreatic cancer on Thanksgiving night. Our family was celebrating life and our many blessings one miniute and grieving the next. Before his death, my three children asked for a puppy for months. My ten-year old daughter who was closest to her grandfather had spoke to him many times about giving a homeless puppy a home. They spoke about the responsibility, fun, joy, and love of an animal and about name and breeds as if they were going to adopt or buy a puppy. This small imaginary dog was named Miss Daisy and was a Haveenese/Poodle mix. When my mother was diagnosed with NonHopkins Lymphoma only three weeks after my father's death, we were devastated and in emotional turmoil. Later that week, we received a call from an animal shelter for my father. They had a black and white Havennese mix who was about four months old. She had been hit by a car and brought into the shelter by an elderly man who could not afford the medical bill and would not be able to properly care for an energetic puppy. The reason for the call was my father had placed a request for a phone call of any dog that may have Havennese or Poodle blood under the age of five. I couldn't say no after hearing the story behind the phone call. So that day my mother, husband and I drove to the shelter to meet the already-named puppy whom we knew would be a new addition to our family. We picked up the kids at school and began a new life with our puppy. Daisy has been an important part of my emotional support since her adoption. After my mother passed away, we adopted a second puppy from the shelter. I love Daisy!

Angelique Ressident
Oakland, OH
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