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Mama Bear

During a very cold Colorado December, a young beautiful black cat kept showing up around our house. I assumed she had a home until one day she showed up covered in snow, appearing very cold and hungry. We took her in despite the protests of our other cats and as the weather improved we let her go in hopes she would go back "home". It became apparent that someone had abandoned her and so our home became her home. We soon found out that she wasn't spayed and a few months later she had 4 kittens. We kept one, my Mom and Dad took 2 and we adopted the 4th to a loving home. Of course Mama Bear has since been spayed. Mama Bear's instincts lead her to us. She is now healthy, happy and very loved.

Aurora, CO

Rescue Story

When we rescued Buck he was only 10 months old and had already been passed from two other homes. Someone had abused and neglected him. For years he was head-shy and would cower at loud voices. He is now almost 14 years old, his coat shines, his face and head know only hugs and kisses. He has always been the sweetest, most loyal friend a family could have. We love him so much and are grateful to be his family.

Lois & Michael
Pasadena, MD

Shelby, Queen of Dogs

Like all our other dogs Shelby, a Gordon Setter, was a giveaway, free to a good home. There was the huge Bouvier whose owner was moving from the Rockies to Boston and we lived in the woods. Then the Keyshound/Cyote mix that belonged to my alergic sisters new husband and a handsome Shepard that came with a cabin we moved into, along with 3 cats and an African goose that we found on the highway. All beloved and remembered forever.

Shelby came to us as a 2 year old because she was too much for the owner to handle. Yes, she punctured a water bed, ate new car upholstery and chewed through a wood door. She could run and wrestle for hours without a break.But our first look at her, in those eyes, and we knew this was a once in a lifetime dog. At 4 years she started calming down a tiny bit, now at 7 she's still wild and happy and brings us joy every day. This is the sweetest most loving dog I've ever met, to both people and other animals.

Sorry about the spelling.

Nancy Baker
Warwick, RI

A little pup in a big dog!

My husband and I had talked about adopting a dog and began the search to find the "one" to join our family. While looking at so many dogs who needed homes, we came upon the add for Ollie, a two year old mutt. It was the week of Thanksgiving and he was being housed in a pound in Ohio who was set to put him down two days before Thanksgiving. My husband & I could not let this "little big" guy down and we started the adoption process immediately. Since we live in Illinois, he was transferred through a shelter to IL and after a day of medical treatment he was ours. My husband brought him home and he was underweight, so incredibly scared, didn't like or know how to walk on a leash, was terrified of stairs and of people rushing him or coming to him from above. After much love, patience and companionship this guy turned around. We took him to training classes, which he absolutely adored and excelled in. He even earned high scoring duo with my husband at his exam. Soon he will be going back to training for the next level and agility training which he loved when he was given the chance to explore. He's a wonderful guy and has come along away from where he once was. We had a little baby join our family and he has been her mother hen of sorts and I know they will be best buddies for life. She loves her doggie and he loves her. Ollie just needed a chance, a family with some patience and a willing to work with him to conquer his obstacles... he's our goofball and lovable guy who brings much joy to our lives.

Chicago, IL

An unexpected angel

Tobi is a 12 year old lab mix that we adopted almost 2 years ago. He was a day away from being euthanized because his previous owners were in the middle of a nasty divorce and neither party could or wanted to keep him. I stumbled upon a desparate plea for a new home for him on a pet blog in a local newspaper and immediately felt a tug on my heart. We picked him up the same night from a long-faced 12 year old boy who was forced to be the mediator and give away his only pet while his parents were self-indulged in their own anger and bitterness toward each other. We first thought that we were the angels sent to save his life, but it turns out that Tobi has actually tought us more about being an angel than we ever knew. His sweet disposition, love and devotion has been a God-send and we will cherish our time with him forever.

The Nace-Jones Family
Red Lion, PA

A True Gift

We found Ramsey wandering along the river road, unfed and obviously abandoned. We stopped and put him in the car, fed him, took him to the animal hospital, cleaned him up and had him checked and treated so that we could take him home with us to live with our other three rescue pets. He is now a happy healthy waggy-tailed dog with a family who will always adore him.

sarah brancato
loveland, OH

Lost and Alone

A lady in the next county over found this cutie walking down a country highway and took her home. Since she had several pets already she wanted to give the kitty a good home. My mom picked up Rosina and brought her home to give to me for my birthday. Today, Rosina runs the house with her step brother Figaro, and the orange highlights in her fur have become much brighter as she gets older.

Preston Hill
Racine, WI

Left behind for me

Just a month ago, I was leaving from work with my dog name 10( he is a rescue as well) to go get him a new collar and see how he would do again in the pet store, for some reason I turned right when I left the office, there was what I thought a dead pup, So naturally ME, I pulled back into the office to pick him up so I could bury him in our special resting place at home, and when I got ther the most beautiful green eyes looked at me with saddness and pain. I struggled to get him in the car and took him to the emergency clinic. We were unsure what the outcome was going to be as he had neurological damage and could not walk. With this Linbar- my new little fellows name, had mange, and was in poor health. He was moved to my Vet and stay for approximately a week, Amazingly, he started to walk - mostly GIMP around and fall, but these were sign of great success. I think with me visiting twice a day, Linbar just knew that someone loved him and cared for his wellbeing.

Today Linbar is into EVERYTHING, he is still gimpy and has a few issues, but my other 10 dogs tolerate him and he has become best friends with 10. But Most of all, I am thrilled that Jesus put him in my path because he knew that I would be Linbar AHA moment for Life.

christina ward
Nashville, TN

Angel...more than just a cat

My neighbors were being evicted in 2004 and had two 4 month old kittens. They were simply going to abandon them here, and add to the already large feral/stray cat population. I told them I'd keep the kittens until they found a new place to live. Well, I never heard from them again. I am disabled, and Angel has added so very much to my welfare that she is not only named Angel, but is an angel. I also have her brother, Lord Byron, but don't have a picture of both of them together.

Christine Dahlgren
Netcong, NJ

How Porch Cat healed two lives

After having to euthanize our 16 yr. old "baby", Paddy Paws, we were so distraught, that we thought we couldn't bear another "pet". Some time later, we changed our minds. Our schedules not being conducive for a pooch, we decided on another cat. Happy as larks with our decision, we both went to the door to get the morning paper and feel the fresh air ~~~ there was "Porch Cat" ! ! ! Skinny, and perhaps 6 moths old. Looking up with his big green eyes, and talking to us. That was almost 3 years ago. The happiness he has brought us is ten fold. He was our gift from Paws, and we will never forget it. We were meant to be, ~~~ he's a dog~cat ! ! Our puzzle is complete. His cousins' name is Mac, a story for later, found by Michaels daughter along side of the road about one year before. Now our family has a Mac AND a PC ! ! : )

Jane Price
Chesapeake, VA
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