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Soxie finds a home


My name is Soxie, I live in Brandon Florida. I was left without a home at my apartment complex in May of last year. A really nice guy was feeding me but wasn't sure if I could get along with a cat he already had named Scooter. I convinced him I was very friendly and was just looking for a nice place to crash. That was almost a year ago, I now have a wonderful life, a great brother and a loving owner who thinks I talk too much!

Happy Trails,


Craig Carreno
Brandon, FL

My Little Mattie

Park Ranger said a witness said Little Mattie was put out of a car at a park where I take my other dog Kalani to train. She was infested with fleas, hair matted (thats how she got her name) tapeworms, double ear infection, starved weighing 26lbs, and scared of humans. Kalani and I took her home and this is what she looks like 1 month later at 38lbs, and

looking and feeling much better, Kalani's best friend, they

get along so well. Thanks to the Park Ranger who kept her safe and to whoever left her, know she has a great loving home!

Linda Reardon
New Port Richey, FL

Maurizio the Italian Lhasa!

After the loss of our old and faithful Pekapoo at age 16, my husband and I had decided that we could not have another dog. With our kids grown, and both of us working, it just didn't seem fair to have a puppy and keep it locked in all day alone.

I've been visiting regularly, though, thinking that there might be a cat out there that beckoned to me--I'm a real cat lover! In February 09 I received an email announcing "new pets for adoption," and visited Petfinder. There on the page was the most adorable little dog looking up into the camera! He'd been picked up as a stray out in the country, paws raw and fur matted and dirty and full of burrs. After a month at the local Humane Society, no owner had come forward, and he was put up for adoption. He'd been neutered, bathed, coiffed, vetted, micro-chipped and tagged, and was ready to make an impression! I called my husband and on a snowy Friday night we sped to the shelter to meet Maurizio. With only minutes until closing, the staff and volunteers were happy to introduce us. He jumped into my husband's arms and that's the way he made the trip to his new home! The art student who names their animals ("because she has the best imagination"), told us that she knows this Lhasa Apso is rooted in Tibet, but he seemed more Italian, thus the name Maurizio.

We call him Rizz, and after a month with us, he recognizes his new name. He is the best dog ever, fully house-trained and very smart. He's a little older and is obviously used to being alone during the day, so we've all adapted very well! We're so glad he found us!

Sali Mounce
Menomonie, WI

My Big Fat Daddy One Love

Love was literally scruffed by the neck and thrown out of his house.

I took him and his nephew Whitey home with me. Whitey passed in 2005 from a congenital defect at the age of 2...the vet said he wouldn't live to be 6 months! Love is healthy, fat and going strong! Just turned 8 in January 2009. I've been blessed to have him for the past 4 years and I hope to have him for many many more.

Grantsville, MD

Rescued Cher

Cher is a minuture schnauzer mix...she was a birthday present for me from my husband and kids, I been searching for a small dog and spent weeks and weeks searching "petfinder" until one day we decided we would check our local Humane Society to see if they had a small dog..I was reluctant because small dogs usually do not last long. I was lucky...Cher was very, VERY scared! It took her a few days to realize we loved her and it wouldn't be long before she would be completely spoiled!!

She is the best present I ever received!!

Dawn McGovern
Bunnell, FL

Mac, Gentle Giant

Mac and I found each other through a rescue group. He had been tied to a tree and left to die out in the country with bailing wire and barbed wire around his neck. After days of suffering, he was rescued. Rotten flesh had to be cut out of his chest and he had to be sutured all the way around his neck. He healed beautifully, found his forever loving home with me, and he has been the love of my life, my companion and bodyguard for 11 years now! He is my Gentle Giant!

Jane Callahan
Austin, TX

Kalani my #1

Kalani was left in the back of a pickup truck wrapped in a blanket; that is where a friend on her way to work found her

wimpering. Since I had no pets at that time I offered to take her so she wouldn't end up at the pound. Kalani was 3 months old. She is now 14 months and just finished High School training. Some things I guess are meant to be, she is my number 1.

Linda Reardon
New Port Richey, FL

Ohgr & Luna

Ohgr & Luna came from a kill shelter in West Virginia when they were about 6 months old. They were very sick with terrible chest infections that took us months to treat successfully. The shelter had no heat, no blankets and no medications. They had never been given treats, toys, or anything to call their own. Luna was also mistreated at some point during her young life. The day we went to meet them, Ohgr put his feet around my neck, kissed my cheek and "hugged" me for 5 minutes straight and Luna clung to my husband's chest as he held her. How could we say no? Ohgr and Luna became best friends quickly. They are extremely spoiled and couldn't be happier! We cannot imagine our lives without them and the special "smiles" we are greeted with daily.

Charlottesville, VA

SWEET Celebration

During a rescue operation in the north of the Philippines, Animal Kingdom Foundation (AKF), together with our mother organization, International Wildlife Coalition Trust (IWCT)-United Kingdom, rescued a weak 3 month old dog together with scores more from a slaughterhouse in Baguio City, the main dog-meat market in the country. Sweet, as we named him, was found cowering in a corner of a very cramped cage along with others without food and water. Earlier, 40 other dogs were brutally slaughtered in front of him, their heads smashed with a wooden club. Perhaps it was his soulful eyes amidst all the carnage that caught the attention of IWCT Director Charles Warternberg that lead him to decide to personally take care of Sweet and bring him to London.

"It is likely that Sweet was more of a family pet who was either stolen or sold to the dog-meat traders as he was in fairly good physical condition when we rescued him", Charles said.

After undergoing rehabilitation for a month, Sweet flew to London with Charles. He arrived at Gatwick Airport on August 2, 2002, to begin his new life with the Wartenbergs.

After just 2 years of living with Charles, Sweet became the United Kingdom's Dog of the Year for 2004. The contest is an annual event sponsored by Daily Mail Weekend Magazine.

Sweet bested over 8,000 other entries coming all over United Kingdom and romped away with a silver trophy, a gold medallion and a grand prize of 1,000 pounds. Prominent members of the British press judged the contest.

"We never thought Sweet would become a celebrity abroad! All we want is for him to have a happy home, now, he is a Pinoy superstar in London!" AKF staff exclaimed.

Greg Salido Quimpo
Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

My Cooky monster

We lost both of our dogs to old age in 2007and were heartbroken, and it was six months before my son decided that my wife needed a new dog buddy for her birthday. We went to the pound and after checking out all of the dogs, we picked Cooky, a Rhodesian ridgeback mix. We made a good choice, she is a really pushy member of the family who guards our house and makes us laugh with her craziness! When she gets excited, she runs at full speed around the house and when she wants to play ball, you'd better be ready to play or she will start making the weirdest noises until you give in! We love her and couldn't imagine the family without her now. Cooky is best buds with my wife, but she chose me as her person and is now my shadow. We call her Cooky monster because she has such a strong personality and is very pushy, but in a nice way. Please get all of your pets from the pound or from rescue groups, they will love you for it.

Lee Jenkinson
Canyon country, CA
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