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Oliver and Katie

Oliver, an Aussie mix we brought home from the local shelter as a puppy, had been part of our family for two years when we rescued Katie, a backyard puppy mill mom, nine months ago. Underweight, frail, and suspicious of everyone and everything at first, Katie has become the happy, healthy, and playful dog she deserves to be. As boisterous as she is timid, Oliver clearly shares the credit for her rehabilitation. He has taught her how to be a dog! They are now great friends, and we can't imagine life without either one of them.

Carol Erikson
Knoxville, TN

My Furry Daughters

After volunteering at the animal shelter, I knew that my next animal or animals would definitely be coming from the shelter. I'd grieved the loss of my beloved dog, Ruby, and come to the conclusion that my house had been empty long enough. So last summer I thought I'd try fostering ... operative word here, "try." Shortly after bringing home these 2 girls I decided that there was no way I could give them up. So a new family was born! This is Izzy and Zena. Who knew that playing in the tub could be so much fun!

Stafford, VA

The Life of Riley

I believe in trap, neuter and return and am currently trapping at the local pet friendly Motel 6 and unfortunately some irresponsable guests leave with out their pets and this has created a huge ferel cat population residing in the woods next to the motel. One evening while setting traps I found this tiny white kitten about 5 weeks old under the bushes, she was very thin with an upper respiratory infection and had ring worm on the back of her neck where all the hair was missing. I took her to the vet the next day and started treating her ailments and slowly the infections cleared up and her appetitie returned. I take her every day to work where she runs around the office and then falls asleep in the chairs, on top of desks, and even in an open drawer. We all love her she is such a joy to have and she plays well with Jinx my bengal cat. We named her Riley and she has found her forever home.

Jeanne Roland
Punta Gorda, FL

On Being Deaf

I rescued ANgel when she was 12 weeks old, knowing she was deaf. We are coming up on her 10th birthday, and this little 5- lb. dog has accomplished so much. She is my soul. Here she is pictured with her with dear friends, Emmylou Harris and the Judd impersonators. Each April, Metro Animal Control puts on their "Tour for Life"; this year will be our tenth year. We spend the summer months promoting deaf dogs. ANgel is also a therapy and service dog and has recently started writing her own column in the local newspaper. She has been on the front page of the local newspaper twice, and yes, her name is spelled "ANgel". It means "an angel". You can visit ANgel's blog to see her friends:

Cookeville, TN

Cocoa and Lilly

My husband and I rescued Cocoa and Lilly through the Dachshund Rescue of North America. They were saved from a house that had 40 other dogs! Though it took some time, they have changed from being shy, scared dogs, to lovable lap dogs!

Chrissy N
Westminster, MD

My little MinPin

I rescued this little 10-pound dog from a man that kept her outside and wanted to sell her so he could buy a car. It was love at first sight and I took her home. I no longer need a heating pad since Bonnie cuddles up in my arms at night. She is best buddy with our Rottweiler and steals his bones. The three of us are going on many campingtrips together and are having a wonderful time!

Petaluma, CA

Rags to Riches

Rags was found running down a road with blood on his fur. He was skinny and his puppy collar had embedded itself in his neck skin. Our animal shelter had his collar surgically removed and took wonderful care of him until he could be adopted. I happened to wander through the shelter, idly checking out dogs and liked his interest in toys and his general friendliness, lack of fear from gentle brushing, curiosity about the grounds when we went out together. When he came to live with us, he went from rags to riches - home cooked dog food, toys, plenty of interaction with us and our other shelter dog, woods to run and dig in, and a bed by ours. He has a rawhide bone in his mouth in this photo.

Melissa Simpson
Fairbanks, AK

Macy Finds a Home

I saw Macy online in the Oxford MS Humane Shelter. She was so skinny, every bone showed. She weighed under two pounds and had a broken front leg. My heart went out to her! The people at the Oxford shelter were terrific, and when I finally got to take Macy home, she was wearing a bright pink cast! She is now the princess of the house and is a sleek and healthy seven pounds. She is finally learning to play! We can't imagine life without her.

Thunder Bay, ON, Canada

Czarina, the former stray.

Czarina is a former stray, who lived in my apartment complex. She's about 4 or 5 years old. When she was outside, I'd spend time with her in the morning before I went to work. She was always waiting for me. I'm so happy to have her in my life. She gets alone so well with my other 4 cats, who I've had since kitten hood. She rarely meows, and likes to coo mostly and she loves to cuddle. Give a stray a chance!

Miami, FL


Magi came to us one October after a group of sheepherders dropped him on the side of the road because of his worn down shoulders. As soon as he wandered into our backyard, we knew he was there to stay! After a quick surgery, Magi is as good as new, and we can't imagine our lives without him. I encourage everyone to adopt their next pet from a shelter: You won't regret it!

C. Jory
Sun Valley, ID
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