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I had just lost my cat to heart failure and was phoning local shelters. I had a specific cat in mind: a male tiger tabby kitten. A shelter had such a young fellow so I went to see him. He was looking up at me with a cross-eyed pansy face and a second later he was reaching out for me through his cage. It was a done deal and I took him home. He ran about in a frenzy for about three hours, as he was so glad to be out of cage and have room to play. I named him "Quixote" as a sign of optimism. That was 15 years ago. We are still together, and he is still alert and playful.He has been by my side through bouts of depression, heart surgeries We have moved many times, but home is aways with each other.I continue to enjoy and cherish each day with him

Pauline Leah Rankin
Vancouver, BC, Canada


My Daughter was walking down the sidewalk by where she lived and a little white kitten was following her. She picked it up and took it back to the house it appeared to belong to. She noticed a lot of other little white kittens. It fit in the palm of her hand, they were apparently very new borns. She knocked on the door and a lady came out and my daughter told her the kitten kept following her she had picked it up and brought it back 4 times and it kept following her down the sidewalk. The lady responded by saying, "YOU CAN TAKE IT HOME WITH YOU , WE ARE JUST GOING TO DROWN THEM ALL ,WE DO NOT WANT THEM"!! My daughter could tell that this lady was serious. She took the little white kitten and came home to call the SPCA to resuce the other kittens. The SPCA did rescue them all. I now have that little white kitten and his name is "ANGEL" as I feel he was trying to tell my daughter to help them all. He is a hero in a way. All of the other kittens found nice homes too, thanks to my daughter and the SPCA.

Kathy Searfoss
Beaver Dams, NY

journey for life

Play was the first feral cat I had ever met. She wouldn't get close to any one but, one night I opened the door to stop her from chasing a squirrel and she just looked at me and then walked over and rubbed against me. I had met my new bestfriend that night. Play was hit by a car six months later and only one week before she was to go to her new home. The inspiration and knowledge that she gave to me changed my life forever and lead me to rescue over fifty feral and abandoned cats and to open an animal rights group advising others about how to help cats like Play and other animals.

sabrina hinkle
columbus, OH

Bootsy the Rat

I adopted Bootsy from the Humane Society of Silicon Valley (San Jose, CA) on 1/2/09. At first he was very nervous and shy, but now he's brave and inquisitive. There are so many little souls like him in the world, both animal and human. I wish it were possible to love and nurture each of them -- they would blossom like wildflowers in the spring.

Karin A. Jeffery
Mountain View, CA


Approximately 10 yrs. ago we rescued Pooji Jude from a puppy mill. She was only 8wks old & had "precious" written all over her face. We found after taking her to our vet for what we thought was a sore on her leg that she had a fungal infection which had entered her bloodstream. It took a number of weeks and injections, but she survived. Two years later I suffered a severe viral infection which made me bedridden for 18mos. during which time Pooji only left my side for calls of nature. She was a "super nurse" and companion during those dark days. Today, we've grown old together and I give thanks for our little gift from heaven.

Maxine Raham
Connersville, IN

Hannah finds a home

It was 5:30 AM on a Sunday when my boys began barking at the gate. They wouldn't quit. I finally went out to see what all the comotion was and there she stood, looking in. It appears that someone decided they no longer wanted a dog so they dumped her in the neighborhood. She is now wanted and loved and makes our lives complete!

Newhall, CA

My boys!

Reggie (boxer/beagle) and Bubba (great dane/lab) were adopted from Beagles and Buddies in July of 2003. I saw Bubba's face on their website and had to meet him. Let's just say I was not disappointed! He is a very outgoing, loving boy and is loads of fun!

Reggie was a terrified little fellow that wouldn't allow anyone near him. He is now a happy, loving boy.

Recycled pets are awesome!!

Newhall, CA

Aspie the Cuddle Bug

I saw a picture of a kitty for adoption on I contacted the organization and it turned out the kitty on the picture wasn't the one for adoption, but was a kitty that looked very similar. I was still interested and drove to meet the kitty. He had been abandoned in a field and recovering from fleas. He was very skinny and his coat was thin. He was scared and scratched up my arm, but I decided to bring him home anyway. After a year and a half I could not imagine my life without him. His favorite thing to do is cuddle in bed.

Santa Clara, CA

Pets are Earth Angels

Our dog Matisse has been an angel in our lives. We found him on and have been grateful for him since the day we went to go meet him. He is such a gift to us and is our best friend. My husband and I have both had some health challenges and Matisse came at just the right time. He teaches us all about unconditional love and also about the importance of living in the present moment. I know that he is our angel and he will be loved until the end of time.

We look forward to taking him on his bike ride everyday and our cup runneth over with joy every time we look at him. We are do grateful that he is in our family.

So, thank you to Petfinder and the Australian Shepherd Rescue for saving his life. But in the end, it is Matisse, our Angel puppy who saved our lives.

Robyn Nola
Phoenix, AZ

My Sweet Elsa - a puppy from the Berkeley pound

Elsa was only 4 years old when our rental house burned down. I was at work and my 3 year old was at daycare when I got the call that the house was gone. I rushed home and heard from my neighbors how brave Elsa had frantically scratched at the back door alerting them that she and my other dog Thomas were inside. One very kind man had crawled into the burning house to pull out Thomas who was groggy from the smoke. One of our old kitties died in the fire but without Elsa's determination and strong desire to live, I would have lost her and Thomas.

Elsa was the love of my life and brought joy to us everyday. We had been without a home and lived in all types of terrible situations and still she was my happy girl. Nine months after the fire, she suffocated in a plastic bag of cat food while I was at work - her death really broke my heart. I will never forget my sweet, sweet Elsa.

E. Colwell
Shadow Hills, CA
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