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Dexter's story

Dexter is a two year old Beagle that I rescued from a local shelter on November 1, 2008. You could tell that the people who had him before me didn't give him the love and care he deserved. He was under weight and starving for attention. He was given up because they couldn't give him the attention he wanted. Of the many dogs in the shelter that day who needed a forever home, Dexter stuck out the most. When I first saw him, he was huddled in the back of his pen with a cautious look on his face but a waging tail. I knew he was mine. I can't imagine not having him around! He's the sweetest dog and he's now my shadow; everywhere I go, he has to follow me. Who knows how many homes he's been tossed in and out of but I do know that he's found his forever home right here with me.

Jennifer Ruocco
Millville, NJ


Since the first day she came to our home our lives became brightly and happy. I usually say that she adopted us and give us such love as a small dog can do with a big hearth. But, some years ago, unfortunately she left us so suddenly that we couldn't say goodbye to, this is a way to say to you we will never, ever forget you because you are in our hearths every single day! Love you!

Carla Sofia Salas
Lisbon, Portugal

Frida the setter

When Frida was 12, she was diagnosed with leishmaniasis and her owner decided to have her put down. Unable to do that, the vet took her home, although she already had 6 dogs of her own.

She knew that I was crazy about setters & that I had lost my English setter Dolly 2 yrs before, so she called me hoping I might want to adopt Frida. I did & my dog Regina accepted her, too. They are best friends today.

Violetta Bennich-Plaka
Athens, Greece

Pepper, One Spicy Kitty

We found Pepper at our local Animal Rescue Center. Our other (rescued) cat was a girl and quite the queen but we felt she might appreciate a playmate. Everyone told us that we should adopt a male kitten since they would probably get along better together. I saw "Peppy" and it was love at first sight. He was so soft and loved to cuddle. When we took him to the vet two days later, we discovered that he was a she but we were already hooked! Pepper, as we now called her, had a few health challenges when we first brought her home, but as she healed we discovered how she had gotten her name. Our previous cats had all been older and more settled but Pepper was another matter indeed. Pepper is everywhere and into everything. If she's not teasing her sister by nipping at her tail or threatening to jump down on her back, she's on the highest ledge in the house adjusting the speed of our ceiling fan!! Pepper is a year old today and she is looking forward to her second summer aboard our boat with her sister, Nosey. While most people view dogs as "boat animals", our cats love their boating life. They are easy to care for and you don't have to walk them in a storm!

We celebrate the kind people at the Animal Rescue Center who found Pepper for their work and their selfless dedication.

Willoughby, OH

How Maggie Chose Us

Although we already had a Cockapoo named "Hanna" we often went to Animal Services to give treats to the dogs waiting for a home or to donate food, never intending to adopt.

I should have known better! There she was putting her paw out of the cage and as soon as I touched her paw she rolled over on her back so I could give her a "Belly Rub", and I was hooked. She came home with us that day ! We named her Maggie and she is a joy to have ! She and Hanna are slowly becoming friends ! It was a lucky day for all of us!

Milton, FL


I agreed to foster this adorable doggy since the rescue group I have worked with before was having no luck with him.Rescued just hours before he was to be put to sleep, they soon discovered that he was extremely fearful toward people, probably due to his broken hip that someone dumped him off at the pound with and no one at shelter noticed. He lived in this pain for over 3 weeks before he was rescued..Irresistably cute, most people would want to adopt him but once they came close, he would lunge and nip. He had learned that people equal pain. I drove him home in a crate and was told to ignore him. Half way home I had to let him out of the crate. Within minutes he crawled onto my lap and went to sleep. We bonded immediately. He still has some issues with people but every day he gets more and more trusting. He has become our best friend and he fits into our family of 2 other dogs and 3 cats perfectly. We are so lucky to have this sweet, affectionate, loving and beautiful dog.

Cornell, CA

Adoption of Digger Phelps

I adopted Digger Phelps from my county animal shelter almost 4 months ago. The shelter felt he was 10 years old and had placed him on their urgent adoption list after having him for 4 months. No one else adopting animals had shown any interest in him. The shelter warned me that he was an older cat and might have medical issues. I told them that was exactly why I wanted him because no one else did. He is a blessing to me every day.He sleeps right next to me all night and has made best friends with my 9 year old cat,Teddy, also a rescue .

Suzanne Folwell
Waldwick, NJ

Friends to the end

Dixie was found in the rain in front of the Winn Dixie grocery story, a very small, very wet kitten. A young girl pleaded with her mom to take her home, but the mom wouldn't let her have the kitten. I asked her if it would be OK for me to give her a loving home and put her in the car to awake to the most beautiful white kitten the next morning. Sheeba was found born under a friends house and they were looking for a home for her. Dixie adopted her immediately and they were inseperable until Dixie passed away from cancer at the young age of 6. Sheeba is now an old gal of 13 and still has trouble adjusting to loosing her best friend.

Barbara Crisler
LaGrange, GA

Catnapped! The Story of Athena

My mother was the original crazy cat lady! She always had at least one or two living with her, and her cats NEVER went outside.

Her neighbours brought a kitten home, only they hadn't brought it into the house: they had left it outside, picking through garbage and drinking out of puddles. Mom waited to see what would happen but nothing changed. Never a shy woman, she marched across the road to confront these people about the way they were treating "that poor kitten!" They laughed at her, so she went home and waited. After dark she snuck over, scooped up the tiny handful and skedaddled home!

Their children came by searching for the kitten, but she swore no knowledge of it. After she had her vet OK and spay the kitten, she found a Greek friend to foster her with who named the beautiful tortoiseshell "Athena". Mom called me to take her: it was "safe" because I lived elsewhere. Athena quickly fit to my little apartment, but I was never "hers" in the way that cats adopt one person as their personal property.

It was when my husband-to-be walked through my door that she found her "person": she took one look at him, leaped into his arms, and was never willingly out of them again!

She died 11 years later, still in his arms and still satisfied with her choice.

Athena and the love she engendered from total strangers reminds me of the love God has for even His smallest and most insignificant creatures. I know He prompted my mother to "steal" her away to safety. I know He prompted Athena to "leap" into my husband's arms, a man certain he didn't like cats and yet was instantly in love with her for the rest of her life.

Sharon Dunford

Sasafrass has a home:

Sasafrass had just arrived at the Central Mo. Humane Society when I went to pick out a new cat. She was starved, abused, and very sick. For a month she was on antibiotics, and hanging on to life. She has now doubled her weight, and is a healthy, loving, happy cat. After having her for 5 years she even trusts my friends enough to sit on their lap. She has come to live up to her nickname of Sassy. She is a very good companion for Boots, my other cat. She is a flame point siamese.

Phyllis Sapp
Columbia, MO
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