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A young monkey called QiQi

I saw a young monkey behind my workplace, stretched out weak without any food. He had torn fingers and toes from an attack by an adult monkey; they so were mangled that you could see the bones. Flies started to surround him, and what was sad was that there were so many people around but nobody tried to help. I decided to take him to vet. I called him QiQi. Even though he was getting healthier, the bad condition of his legs forced him to be on his back most of the time. Many people told me to put QiQi to sleep. I did think about it because I felt for QiQi. But when I think back, QiQi, even though he couldn't stand was always happy with me. It's been a year now that I've been taking care of him, and every time I hold him in my arms, he always pretends to talk and even enjoys falling asleep in my embrace. There was a doctor from a zoo who offered to help QiQi but until now, there hasn't been any news about it! Usually they don't entertain requests like these because it doesn't serve any benefit to them - they don't make profit from helping disabled animals. Because of health factors, I now no longer work outside. I only do part-time jobs and work from home. Now I have more time to take care and nurse QiQi and other animals.

akmar suraya abdullah
Selangor, Malaysia

Cejas and the Great Escape

"Cejas" was saved from the mean streets of Tijuana by a U.S. missionary who was in Mexico with food and blankets for the poor people, and the street dogs. It's a horrible reality, but sometimes those dogs are used for target practice.

The missionary convinced the border guard that the little dog belonged to her, and he permitted their entry to the U.S. "Cejas" (Spanish for eyebrows and pronounced "SayHaas) was taken to a vet and neutered, bathed, had many bad teeth pulled, and got micro-chipped.

Three months later when he was all spiffed up and house trained, and our home was duly inspected by, he was given to us.

Cejas is now taken on long daily walks in the woods of California, sleeps on a soft doggie bed inside, and is given the best of everything.

maggie van ostrand
los angeles, CA

Sweet 'n Sassy

My husband and I have had eight ferrets during the past 16 years, and all of them have been rescues. About three months ago I happened to look on Hernando County's Animal Shelter website, and to this day I don't know why since this facility isn't anywhere near me. What I found was a beautiful sable ferret that was scheduled to be euthanized the next day. Someone had found her wandering around outside, and it's a wonder that she survived at all. Well, I can't tell you how fast I got on that phone to request the adoption, and they promised to hold off until I got there.

When I got her home she was somewhat skiddish, but didn't hesitate to chatter at me quite regularly. So I named her "Sassy," not only for talking back, but for thinking that she's all that and then some. Her new friends, Bear and Kira, were very happy to have a new friend, and I have another "fuzzie" to spoil.

Christi Smith
Tampa, FL

Sally and Boomer

In March 2008, my wife and I, were eating breakfast at our favorite restaurant when the server called me to the front and pointed to a picture of 2 Border Collies that were needing a home. It was Sally (the mother dog) and Boomer her 2 year old male puppy. Their story was quite sad. Their 50 year old owner had died of a heart attack in December 2007. The dogs had been living in a pen - in the backyard of the former homeowner's house. The owners children did not want the house or dogs. I thought about it for about 15 minutes and then told her yes; I would adopt the dogs. I went to the house and it had been foreclosed on. A large pine tree was laying across the roof and one had almost hit the dog pen. The dogs were living in intolerable conditions and if it had not been for one of the restaurant's former servers they would have starved to death. Additionally, Sally had 2 more nursing puppies which were adopted by another lady the same day I took Sally and Boomer. Please keep in mind that at the time, I already had 3 rescued dogs and 2 cats. Now I have five dogs and an one cat (our 19 year old cat recently passed). We love Sally and Boomer they are great loving dogs. I am a supporter of our local Humane Society. My entire family loves animals, based upon my age I have set-up a TRUST for the animals in case they outlive me or my wife. In closing, animals give you unconditional love and much happiness. All animals are heroes to us.

Joseph and Linda Litton
Alpharetta, GA

The queen of the castle

Our cat Princess, who had been with us for 6 years, went out one day and never came back. We put up signs and looked everywhere for her. I decided to visit our local SPCA to see if maybe someone had taken her there, no one had brought in a cat fitting her description, but the lady there said they had a cat up for adoption with similar markings. I was amazed at how much "Neva" looked like our Princess, so I decided then and there to take her home with us. Neva has been with us ever since and that was 10 years ago. As you can see from the picture Neva is the queen of the house and loves to nap all day in the window.

Genesee, PA

Our new baby

Meet Rosco, our new dachshund. He's about 8 weeks old. A man called the Humane Society to come pick up a puppy that "just showed up" in his back yard. The HS had their doubts about the "just showed up" story. Said the puppy was perfectly clean, not thin at all, or anything like that. They suspect this man got the pup and it was somehow injured and the guy didn't want to deal with it.

Rosco's left front leg doesn't work right. Our vet said that his "elbow" seems to have some fractures in it, but probably not repairable. His paw on that leg seems to have some nerve damage and just kinda "flops". The good news is that he's just a baby, so Doc said that there's a good chance the nerve damage will heal over time.

He runs like the wind without using that leg, so all is well. We are thrilled to have a new pup to liven up the household!

Rosco is just so affectionate and loving and is already showing signs of being a brilliant guy! We're blessed to have him.

Mrs. Van Skeens
Mena, AR

Eva's Tale

After I lost my kitty, Pursie from cancer, I didn't think I would want another cat any time soon. We already had one other cat, as well as two bassett hounds. However, it didn't take long for me to change my mind. Eva was a stray that ended up at a cat rescue. When she arrived there, she was very wild and independent, not caring much for human interaction. Whoever captured her took her to be spayed and declawed but then decided not to keep her, so she ended up at the shelter. Her belly was infected and the stitches had not been properly removed from her paws. I brought her home still infected and on antibiotics and it took her a while to warm up. Now, she is the funniest, most entertaining cat, and she gets along great with the rest of our animal clan. She also really enjoys attention from people now too, especially me. She completes our pet family, and as the only girl in the bunch, she seems to think she is the little princess.

Palm Harbor, FL

Rossco our Big Puppy

We found Rossco through Petfinder and through Bingham County Humane Society, who rescued him from the city shelter. We searched for months to find a perfect new member to our family and for our other

Shar-Pei mix that really needed a friend and Rossco was the "one". Rossco has been so wonderfull. He's a big, excitable, young pup of 110 pounds that just wants love and attention. He still jumps and plays like a puppy and brings a smile to everyone he meets on his walks and training classes at PetSmart. I could not imagine our lives with out our "Big Lover". Thank you to all who take time in your life to give a second chance to animals, we would not have our Rossco if it wasn't for such efforts.

Sara Azary
Idaho Falls, ID

Abandoned But Not Forsaken

Abused and thrown out to die, our little Foxie was too young to leave her mom, had a bad cut on her cheek but whoever did this to her didn't figure in the kids at Youth Challenge and how much they needed something to love. I was on my way to the airport when I got the call, "We found this tiny kitten and I thought of you". "YES I want her" was my immediate reply. Tiny and malnourished (but playful & trusting), she quickly bounced back and bonded to me as if I were her mom. Today she is fat and healthy with a full coat and bushy tail (thus her name). She still follows me every step and is our official greeter when anyone comes to visit.

Deborah White
Douglasville, GA

Frankie and Vinnie

I brought Fluffy, Frankie and Skinny Vinnie home after a visit to my family in rural Western New York. My husband and I were still mourning the loss of our beloved cat Zolushka, who came to us as a feral kitten, and who had finally succumbed to feline leukemia after many happy years. Frank and Vinnie were only 5 weeks old and were weak and sickly. The family who found them did not want to care for them and were planning to euthanize them if no one came forward. The local farm vet gave me a little hope, and so I drove the 10 hours back to Brockton with the tiny cats zipped into my sweatshirt to keep them warm. Now, almost three years later they are healthy and wonderful and they bring us joy everyday!

Molly Root
Brockton, MA
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