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I believe dogs find you.

Honey found me in the Ocala National Forest, 30 miles from any town. She was so thin when she found me she didn't have enough nurishment to grow her hair. You can see in the photos I took when I brought her home her hair was so short, there was only a tuft of long hair on the end of her tail, we almost called her Leo because her tail looked like a lion's tail. Once she started getting some food in her the hair started growing, and her tail has grown extra long and extra thick compared to what it was. She is very affectionate and will lay next to me with her head on my chest and stare into my eyes. She has gold eyes, and I stare back into her eyes and say to her, "I am so glad you found me."

Kathleen Malpass
Altamonte Springs, FL

Rescued by my rescue dog

2 years ago I was feeding some donkeys and the jack got spooked and kicked my right arm. The doctor said amputation but was able to save it after a day long surgery. Toby, my border collie/husky, mix took care of me for nearly my entire recovery. She moved my clothes basket to the laundry room, carried bottles of water and mail for me, and even learned to hold the sheets in her mouth to help me make my bed. I wouldn't have made it through multiple surgeries and this long, painful process without her.

April Mattox
Cullowhee, NC

South Paw

Hank is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi that a friend found at a control center in Nashville. He only had days left... My husband drove all the way from Western Massachusetts to rescue him. In his new town, he's an amazing snow-loving pup with a Southern bark. Hank loves hiking, chasing tennis balls and frisbees, and snuggling on the couch to watch a good movie. The notion that anyone could surrender this dog is beyond us, but we're so grateful Hank's ours.

Anne Pinkerton
Easthampton, MA


Shadow showed up at our door one day skinny and covered in fleas. After a couple days of him hanging around we decided to take him. Now, almost 2 years later, he is healthy, happy...and king of the house!

Hilton Head Island, SC

Happiness x2

My husband & I found Dudley & Foxy through when we weren't even looking to have a dog but who could resist those smiles? They had been neglected and abused in different households but, re-bonded in the shelter (they are brother & sister from the same litter) and it was required they be adopted together. Adopting 2 dogs was a decision we have never regretted as they show us love and those warming smiles every day we get home + their playing together is enjoyable to watch and giggle over as they 'bicker' over who gets which toy.

Cris Lemire
Goffstown, NH

Rescue Story

My son and I found Harley when we were out for a walk. We heard a noise coming from a bush and when I checked it out I saw black and white fur..and thought it was a skunk! But the little fur ball turned its head and it was a tiny puppy. I had told my husband we needed a second dog and 6 years later he still teases that I planted Harley under that bush. She is the best dog ever and we love her to pieces!

Denice Gerstenberg
Clinton Township, MI

Our clown kitty

Tucker was dropped off at a week old (along with three other kittens)at the humane society where I was working about two years ago. Another vet technician and I took turns fostering them... bottle feeding and tube feeding. Unfortunately, two of the babies didn't make it, but Tucker and his sister (she was adopted by a wonderful family) were fighters! Tucker had a bad infection in his left eye which left him blind, but hasn't slowed him down a bit! His favorite toys are a plastic bag, a Q-tip and a clothespin. When he wants to be petted, he'll reach out and grab your hand with his paw and pull it to him. He has brought such joy to our lives. He keeps us laughing at his silly antics, and keeps us completely captivated by how sweet and loving he is. Our home would be much more empty without this little guy to share it with us.

Joan Bailey
Gilby, ND

Thief in the Night

A Boston Terrier and Beagle mix.

I call her Bandit because she is a thief.

For she stole my heart...

Found as a puppy, abandoned and abused, dying from malnutrition and worms.

I didn't know if she would make it or not.

Many tears were shed and many prayers answered for her.

I felt a bond with this dog the very minute I saw her.

I had been abused in a past relationship, so I knew what she had been through.

I wanted to give her the same love and care that had been given to me.

Bandit has been with me now for 2 years.

Each and every day she reminds me that God is still there.

She is a very special dog and I am thankful she came my way.

She gives me so much love. More than I will ever deserve, but I know within her, lives an angel.

Laura Franklin
Spruce Pine, NC

Filling a Void

After we sadly had to send our 13 year old Miss Flossie to that Great Catnip Patch in the Sky, we found that we had a very empty house. Our daughter Kate located these two orange fluff balls online at an adoption site and after driving 90 minutes each way on a snowy December day they came home to fill the void. Now two handsome lads of 3 years, wish I could share an after photo, the house is filled again with thundering paws as well as meows of protest as Tiggerr, on the right, harasses big brother Bacon.

Jo Ann
Richmond Hill, ON, Canada

My Romeo

During summer break from college, I worked at a pet store across the state. One day a woman brought in a tiny fluffy kitten who she'd found on the street. The store was apprehensive to try to sell him, because after an initial vet visit, we discovered he had an enormous inguinal hernia. I felt bad for him, and would take him out of his kennel to play with him after the store was closed. Right from the start, he was a cuddler. He loved my curly hair, and would snuggle up close to my face to touch and play with my hair, purring like crazy. I immediately fell in love, and knew his name would be Romeo - my little lover kitty :) I hadn't been planning on getting a cat, or any new pet, anytime soon but I knew in my heart he was meant to be part of my family. I repaid the store for his initial vet bill and brought him back for his hernia repair surgery and neuter. The store let me keep him there while I worked off the rest of the summer, then he made the 300+ mile drive with me across the state back to school. Years later, every night he cuddles with me, playing with my hair and purring as we both fall asleep. He brightens my day, each and every day; my Romeo is my little blessing :)

Pullman, WA
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