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Double Rescue

Five months after losing our "Angel" we were still undecided about getting another dog. During one of my regular visits to Kiya Koda, our shelter, they brought out a thin, scared, one year old bischon mix that had been dumped in the country. When he put his chin in my lap and our eyes met I made a decision immediately! Teddy has made our family complete again!

Helen Kollasch
Indianola, IA

Spica of SPCA

We went to the shelter that day looking for a Peke, since that was the pet I had loved as a teenager. There was this lovely young Siberian Husky female pleading to get out of this noisy hectic place. She took one look at us and said "Those two. I'll take those two please. They will be huge suckers for a husky like me." She was right. We named her SPiCA and she was our best buddy for fifteen years and the first of a long line of Siberians. She traveled everywhere we could take her with us and left a huge hole in our hearts when we had to say goodbye. But that hole has filled in to become a mine of warm and wonderful memories. When it is my turn to approach the Rainbow Bridge, I look forward to feeling that hard head pressed once more against my knees.

Cheryl Dawson
York, PA

Our Grace

When our family was much younger, we decided that it was time for a furry addition to the family. At Pet's Incorporated, a local rescue site, we saw a gray half grown kitty with lively green eyes. As we held her, we knew that this lovely creature was now part of our family. While always a member of our family, on her own, she made friends with her favorite human neighbors. Some reported nice conversations between them. The years have gone by and children went to college, and now Gracie and I now share a new garden home. As in the old neighborhood, she visits with neighbors who are her new friends. I believe she may have met more neighbors than I have at this point!

KT Altman
Columbia, SC

Meant To Be

Cheyenne came to us one day as I was coming home from work. There she was, standing on the side of the road and I got her in my car just as a large truck came around the bend which would have surely hit her had I not gotten her out of harm's way. She's a sweetheart and loves to tease her 2 brothers, also rescues. That was 10 years ago and she still continues to be the jewel of our hearts.

Donna Ksepka
Fort Mc Coy, FL


Lani and cincy Lou are puppy mill rescues. They went from a life of torment to a life of lxury and are the two Queens who rule the nest. We can't imagine life without them.

Rick Abrant
Merrionette Pk., IL

"Something to Smile About"

It was a beautiful June day when I heard a yelping noise coming from a truck & trailer that had pulled in next to my office. There were 8 puppies that were being taken to the pound. My husband told me to pick out a girl because we had 3 male dogs in the house already. I immediately took her to the vet and they told me that she weighed 4.8 lbs. which was less than a bag of sugar! My husband named her Gypsy because of the way we found her. When we had her neutered the vet told us that she has hip dysplasia so she is on 3 meds a day. She talks constantly and also loves to sing. Gypsy has all the boys in control in our house (including my husband!) When I took her to the vet for bloodwork, a kind older woman told me that she is so cute because she looks as if she is smiling all the time! She has alot to smile about!

Pamela Swanson-Muirhead
Franklinton, NC

Rambo & Otis

I found these two sweet brothers outside in the shrubs at work. After several hours of chasing them in that bush, I was finally able to catch them both and take them home. My husband was severely allergic to them both, but after a couple of months (and 3 air purifiers later) we all adjusted to each other. I love them dearly and our house never feels empty thanks to my kids with fur. In all, I have rescued 10 cats at my office and I have enjoyed every minute of it! I am sad to say we seem to be a drop off point for these poor animals, but I will continue my efforts to find each one of them a loving home. I now have the new title of "the cat lady".

Wendy & Doug
Alpharetta, GA

Brown Eyes

When those brown eyes looked at me from her kennel at the shelter, my heart melted. But she was being treated for heartworm which made her a special needs adoption. She would need to be on 6 weeks of rest in her kennel before being allowed to run and play. With much trepidation, I took her home and washed that "shelter smell" away. Apparently no one at the shelter had explained to her about the restrictions she was on, because she was so excited to have finally been chosen!

As soon as the six weeks were up, we went on our first outing to the park! What joy! Gracie is the happiest, best behaved, and most lovable dog we could possibly ask for. We never miss her monthly heartworm preventative. And those brown eyes still melt my heart.

Coppell, TX

Wild about Harry

I saw a picture of Harry on the Great Lakes Wire Fox Terrier Rescue website. He and I have been together for a year now and while he is a wily rascal much of the time, he is the most lovable of fellows. Life is much more interesting with Harry. He was saved from Death Row in an animal shelter by this excellent, vigilant and very caring rescue/foster organization.

Diane Dues
Ypsilanti, MI

I believe dogs find you.

Honey found me in the Ocala National Forest, 30 miles from any town. She was so thin when she found me she didn't have enough nurishment to grow her hair. You can see in the photos I took when I brought her home her hair was so short, there was only a tuft of long hair on the end of her tail, we almost called her Leo because her tail looked like a lion's tail. Once she started getting some food in her the hair started growing, and her tail has grown extra long and extra thick compared to what it was. She is very affectionate and will lay next to me with her head on my chest and stare into my eyes. She has gold eyes, and I stare back into her eyes and say to her, "I am so glad you found me."

Kathleen Malpass
Altamonte Springs, FL
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