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She picked us

I took my dog Shiloh to a local rescue group, a New Leash, to find a playmate for him. While I was looking at another dog, Rosie started playing with Shiloh. He has never taken to any other dog like he did to Rosie so I knew who we were going home with. She has taken over the household and our hearts!

Caroline Kelly
Huntsville, AL

My little Miracle

A Catahoula Spotted Leopard Cur, slated to die, because statistics stated she had a 86% chance of being blind AND deaf, due to her white coat and 2 blue-aka glass eyes, there was no choice but to pull her from her Mother, at just 4 weeks of age. She is approaching 6 weeks old now--6 weeks being the age that hearing and sight are normally fully developed--and she can hear and see. She does appear to be impaired in both areas but to what degree, time will tell. She has a forever home with me, regardless. Love doesn't need hearing or sight, to be a Miracle.

Shreveport, LA

Bob & Eve

Bob is a rescue from the animal shelter and Eve came to the house on Christmas Eve. Both were abandoned and needed lots of love and attention. We didn't know what we were missing until they came into our lives. They both bring so much joy to my husband and I.

Houston, TX

Tank Finds a home!!

Last summer I visited our local shelter to spend some time with the animals... I had no intention of bringing one home... until I saw him. There he was sitting quietly in his pen while the other dogs were jumping around and barking. I instantly felt a connection to him. I opened his cage door and he practically climbed up into my lap. It was a done deal!!! I picked him up the next Monday and he has been a huge part of my life ever since! He is the sweetest dog i have ever had and I am so blessed that that he picked me! Tank is a little over a year old and full of energy. He loves other animals, pig ears, and sleeping on my bed. He is quite the escape artist... due to his "beagle" personality!! I wouldn't change a thing about him. I wish I knew his story and how he ended up in the shelter, because someone truly is missing out! When anyone asks me where to go to get a dog I always tell them to visit the local shelter... those dogs deserve to be loved and I have found that they are extremely grateful. It's almost like they know that you rescued them.

Courtney McElwee
Charleston, IL

Helping save a family

I saw Daisy jumping into our dumpster at work trying to find food. She looked so bad that I started giving her food and water trying to gain her confidence. After carefully watching her for a few days, I noticed she kept going back to the same patch of shrubs. My boss brought his son in one weekend and they carefully examined the shrubs. He called me to report they had found 5 kittens! We moved her and the kittens inside our building and after several weeks of TLC and vet trips they were all worm free and healthy. Several employees adopted the kittens and I took Daisy home with me! She is so loving and "talks back" when spoken to. I cannot imagine trying to go to sleep without her snuggled up against me.

Alpharetta, GA


We lost two poodles due to the dog food poisoning last year. I have to have four little feet following me, so I went to our rescue center and got Ringo. He is the smartest, sweetest, fuzzy friend we have ever had. He is a long haired dachshund, three years old, who was mistreated. He understands everything we say to him. He is my shadow, everywhere I go he is right with me. He loves to go bye-bye in the car and wants to wear his doggie clothes everywhere he goes. Rescue centers are the only way to go!

Martha & Bob Jones
Floyds Knobs, IN


Electro didn't show up to eat one morning. I knew something was wrong, he wasn't in the habit of disappearing. I started searching for him immediately, I knocked on doors, distributed pamphlets, walked and drove up and down streets calling, placed adds and responded to many false alarms before I finally found him 2 weeks and a day later, almost starved to death in tree in the back of someone's yard not far from where I lived. There was a dog underneath the tree, my brother had to get past the dog and rescue him. The sad thing is that if we didn't go into the yard to look for him we wouldn't have known. The people living there didn't care that there was a cat crying in the tree. Never stop looking if a pet goes missing. Who could think that anything could survive that long in a tree. He did have more of a liking in insects afterwards.

Bloemfontein, South Africa

Finally friends

Both my girls were rescue kittens, one from our local SPCA and the other found in a tree in a friends garden. Having moved them to a gardenless flat recently, I was worried about them not adjusting very well, but they are thriving and seem to finally enjoy each others company after years of simply ignoring one another. Nothing beats the warm bodies on the bed at night and when they wrap themselves around your legs looking for attention.

Cape Town, South Africa

Believe in love at first sight? These huskies do.

We got Chinook (left) as a puppy from a reputable breeder. My fiance and I had both always wanted a husky since we were kids. He was our dream dog. After he was about 1 1/2 years old I kept looking at the local shelter for a companion for him. One day I was looking on the website and I saw Koda (right). I got my fiance, packed up Chinook, and we raced down to the shelter to meet her. She was the sweetest dog ever and still is. Chinook and her hit it off right away and were running around the meet and greet room together. We brought her home and gave her a bath. Probably brushed 5 pounds of hair out of her. We got her at 1 year old and she had always been kept outside, even since she was a baby. She was turned in because they had no time for her. I am so glad they didn't know what they had because she is the perfect addition to our family and now she never has to spend another night outside. I will never get another dog from anywhere a shelter. We also have a cat Scooter we rescued from a shelter 4 years ago. Chinook is turning 4 this year and Koda just turned 3. They are completely inseperable and never spend a minute apart. They are the greatest dogs ever and make our lives complete.



We started looking for a new dog about 6 months after we had Callie, our Husky Shepherd mix who had cancer, put to sleep. My Dad was looking at Craigslist one day and noticed a lady that had rescued a Lab Shepherd mix was going to have her puppies at a local PetCo. Before he could email the lady, the post was gone. The day she was supposed to have them at the store, my Mom went up, just to see if they would be there, and fell in love. Delilah will be a year old on April 12th.

Macomb, MI
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