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The boy next door

Buster lived in the barn at the farm nextdoor to our house, he turned up one May morning looking pathetic. He was so cuddly & sweet we couldn't resist loving him up whenever he came around. Well after a month or two of visiting he decided it was time to move in & in he came, right through our doggy door. At first we tried to find him a home with some friends, but no one wanted him & we thank our lucky stars everyday that he chose us. Our vet tells us he is a gorgeous example of a purebred American Shorthair. He is without a doubt the sweetest, cuddliest cat you'll ever meet (except we're pretty sure he thinks he 's a dog).

Our catchphrase is "Everyone loves Buster", and that's everyone..even people who don't like cats. We can't imagine our home without him, he's a happy member of our 4 cat, 3 dog household & he shares the love with every last one of us. He's been a lifesaver to our very old orange tabby, when old Beau found grooming himself too hard Buster took over & when they curl up together in their little basket there's nothing more adorable!

Karen R
Guelph, ON, Canada


We adopted Katie from Echo White German Shepherd Rescue. She was a pregnant stray in Georgia. Unfortunately, the pound that Echo rescued her from put all six of her puppies to sleep. Katie is a very energetic and outgoing Husky/Shepherd mix with one blue and one brown eye. She is one happy dog living with her two sisters (also rescued dogs) here in southern Florida. We just love her and thank Echo for saving her life.

Tracey & Jeff
North Port, FL

Major Tom Turtle's Amazing Rescue

All last winter this ball of fur showed up at the back door for breakfast and dinner then would disappear as soon as he ate his fill. One morning during a really brutal snowstorm I was putting his food out and for the first time he came very close and cried so loudly I sat down in the snow and let him jump into my lap. His long fur was so matted it was almost solid and tearing away in clumps. We lured him into a carrier with stinky cat food and off to our long-suffering vet (we've provided him with quite a few challenges over the years). His entire body except for head, tail and legs was shaved to the skin -- we called him our Space Monkey. He turned out to be completely healthy and a fabulous looking Maine Coon when his luxury coat grew back. He is quite a character and like all Maine Coons -- affectionate and calm. He fit himself right in with the rest of the guys that showed up at the back door and asked for a home in that particular cat way.

lorraine huth
wauwatosa, WI

Bernard, sibling, and friends

My neighbor rescued pups thrown into the creek nearby... to drown. There were 6 of them. 2 died of parvo and the neighbor left the remaining in the care of their son, who never fed the pups. One survivor pulled himself from the creek and managed to make it to my home. He was so afraid, it took a day of patience to even allow me to get close enough to touch him. I named him David, who conquered the giant on his own! These pups were terrorized by the lack of care and abuse. I broght them out of hiding, into my arms, and into my home. They are all nearly a year old. Worth every second, and every penny spent on food. The picture is of Bernard, the most terrorized and antisocial of them all. The photo says it all!

Martha Mason
Dothan, AL

Ronnie the Dog

I've always had pets, but when I moved to CA to be with my fiance, I gave my two cats to my parents as my fiance is allergic. After awhile without an animal, I told Todd that we either got a dog or I moved out! Todd had never had a pet before and wasnt too keen on getting on, but he didnt have a choice. We looked for so long for the right dog, but never found one. One day my friend called and told us that her step-dad's sister had to give up her dog or get evicted, and was wondering if we would like to meet him. We went online and looked at the breed (Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix), I loved them (I love any animal!) but Todd was not so sure. However, we made the trip from Dana Point to the San Pedro shelter, out of politeness. We had no intentions of adopting him, we even had a story as to why we couldnt, but when we saw him we fell in love. He had a tough past, living with a homeless man until he was given to his first family, then a year later had to be taken to the shelter. His previous family was so grateful that we adopted him, they were able to give us all of his toys, leash/collar, food, etc. He was already housebroken, trained, and everything. He gets along with my friends dogs, barely needs to be on a leash, is a great guard dog, and everyone that meets him is instantly in love. He goes everywhere with me, and not a day goes by that I dont get compliments about him. I am so glad that Todd and I went up to the shelter that day instead of automatically declining.

Dana Point, CA

Rescue Stories

Gypsie was born in a junked-out car at Pam's workplace on 03/11/2004. She brought her home every night to feed her (the mother had no milk to feed them). We were supposed to be foster parents, but I could not give her up. She brings love and joy to our home and all our other canine and feline babies.

Tony and Pam LaSpina
Phoenix, AZ


I found him the day he was born on a neighbor's backyard sidewalk. His kitty mom was frightened away by an incoming storm. I took him home for the night and brought him back hoping she would return for him. That was 10 years ago. He has always had me in the middle of his paw. He turned my cat hating husband into his favorite neck scratcher.

Fillmore, UT

Bones the blind dog

In Nov. 2008 I got a call from our local animal control about an owner surrender named Bones. The animal control officer knew how hard it would be to adopt out a blind dog. Bones is now my blind foster dog up for adoption. He has gained 15 pounds and his mange has cleared up since he has been with us. He is an amazing dog. I encourage everyone to give your love to animal with a disability.

El Reno, OK

Double Rescue

Five months after losing our "Angel" we were still undecided about getting another dog. During one of my regular visits to Kiya Koda, our shelter, they brought out a thin, scared, one year old bischon mix that had been dumped in the country. When he put his chin in my lap and our eyes met I made a decision immediately! Teddy has made our family complete again!

Helen Kollasch
Indianola, IA

Spica of SPCA

We went to the shelter that day looking for a Peke, since that was the pet I had loved as a teenager. There was this lovely young Siberian Husky female pleading to get out of this noisy hectic place. She took one look at us and said "Those two. I'll take those two please. They will be huge suckers for a husky like me." She was right. We named her SPiCA and she was our best buddy for fifteen years and the first of a long line of Siberians. She traveled everywhere we could take her with us and left a huge hole in our hearts when we had to say goodbye. But that hole has filled in to become a mine of warm and wonderful memories. When it is my turn to approach the Rainbow Bridge, I look forward to feeling that hard head pressed once more against my knees.

Cheryl Dawson
York, PA
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