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Rescue Story

We adopted Gracie, a pure bred Lhasa Apso from a kill pound. When we brought her home she hardly looked like a dog, much less a pure bred. She was a filthy, starving mess. Three years later she is a happy, healthy, beautiful companion to our Shih Tzu and to my husband and I.

Doris Stegall
Scott City, KS

Loving Laredo

This loving shepherd had been in the local animal shelter for 2 years without a friend. He developed an eye infection that refused to be daunted by treatment, so he finally had his eye removed. Two days later, I went looking for a loving male dog to fill my empty back yard.

Laredo stole my heart, so I agreed to take him home even though he was still on medication and had the stitches in his face. We quickly learned to love each other, and now he is the master of the deck and back yard, that he sometimes shares with my older female. She has learned to trust him, too, and they even sleep together when she decides to stay out awhile.

Laredo has shown no issues with his health and no problems getting around all the things growing in the back yard. He does have a tendency to bury any treats given to him, but maybe he'll grow out of this once he learns his treats are his alone!

Please consider adopting a pet from a shelter, as not all animals make it to a no-kill shelter like Laredo did.

Salem, MO

Belle: The Little Clone

After losing our beloved 10 year old Rott, Chey, our hearts were broken. Especially the heart of our 8 year old lab mix, Scout. It didn't take long before we knew Scout needed a new sibling and NOW. That was when we found Belle. She was at a local shelter and had come in as a stray the day before Chey passed away. It is a little eerie how much she is like the sister she never met. Every day we discover new things she does that we only thought Chey would do. That is why we call her Chey's clone. She has been a savior to all of us and we can't imagine life without her.

Jodi Rummel
Reno, NV

The Perfect Puppy

We got Foxy from my aunt who had kids and had no time to play or take care of her anymore. I took Foxy in since I so dearly loved her and had asked for her since I was in Grade 4. Foxy had tooth problems, skin conditions, ect. I took care of her and took her to the vet. Now she is a little loving 7-year old bundle of cuteness with the biggest Chihuahua x/ Mini Pinscher eyes in the world! My best friend, my buddy.

Calgary, AB, Canada

Foster Mom

Maui has a feral cat problem and we had two female cats living in our backyard who had been born there a year ealier. They both became pregnant and one Sunday morning I was in my backyard clearing brush when I heard crying. After moving a discarded lawn mower, I found two tiny kittens both with their placentas attached, and one still in the birth sac. I broke open the birth sac and vigourously rubbed until the kitten began to breathe. Their mother didn't return, so I called the local humane society. Fortunately the control agent who came to pick them up let me know that they would be allowed to die as they didn't have a foster program. I couldn't let that happen so I quickly learned how to feed and care for them. The next day, I found the rest of the litter abandoned. Sadly, one was already dead and another didn't make it.

The other mother cat had her kittens a couple days later, but did a great job taking care of them. About three weeks later, I heard peeping and found the two kittens from the second litter. We then made arrangements to capture the mother cats and have them spayed. Already having three cats, we decided that we were only able to keep two of the four and found homes for the other two (although one returned and we now have three of the original kittens). I enjoyed taking care of the them so much that I now volunteer as a foster mom and have hand-raised another litter.

Kahului, HI

Love on Four Skinny Legs

I found Lucy wandering the streets, hungry, cold and dirty on December 26, 2008. She had no collar or chip. There were no 'dog lost' posters or internet postings. The people at the house nearby told me to take her. She had been there for a week but they couldn't care for another animal. So I took the little dog, who later became Lucy, with me with every intention of taking her to a no kill shelter. I am a cat person. I have 5 indoor cats; 4 ferals outside. I don't understand dogs. I drove 40 miles to my home with the exhausted little dog on my lap and she became mine. I still don't understand dogs but I love this funny little creature who poops on my floor and chases my cats (it's getting better). Animals and people come into our lives for a reason: In this case, Lucy is Love.

Charlotte Nicks
Magnolia, TX

A Second Chance

A little over 3 years ago upon leaving our favorite restaurant, we spotted a very young kitten walking along the street. My husband stopped the car and I jumped head first into the ivy hoping to save a life. Covered with fleas and black goo which left her unable to open her mouth, an examination by our vet found that she suffered from internal parasites, starvation and severe dehydration. Had we not found her he figures she had about 24 hours to live, so we named her Chance. Chance has developed a heart on her left shoulder and has definitely found a place in our hearts and our home where she and her dog Kyla play everyday.
Buena Park, CA

Rolling with Polly

This dog kept rolling no matter what obstacles were put in her way. The animal rescue wasn't kidding when they said she was a very special dog. She gradually lost the use of her back legs after attempting to stop a home robbery. Polly is the hero in our family and inspires us to keep rolling - no matter what.

New York, NY

BeBe Lori

My Siberian husky, Yuri, died from cancer when he was 12. I moped and cried for over a month when one day in desperation, I stopped at the pet supply/adoption center. I found this beautiful tabby that looked like she could use my loving as much as I could use hers. We had been dog people for 21 years; I think I see being cat people for the next 21.Whoever said cats don't love like dogs does not know mine! She has filled the hole in my heart that was left by Yuri. Wonder how he feels about this turn of events!!

Linda Isrel
Cutler Bay, FL

Fish's Story

Fish and I found each other after someone abandoned him at a local mountain biking area. (His name is Fish because he smelled like he'd been eating fish from one of the ponds near there.) Not knowing if he had been abandoned or was just lost, I tried to get him to stay in the area. As I was leaving, he would jump in my van and I would take him out of it. Finally, he looked up at me with really sad eyes as if to say "you're going to leave me here, aren't you?". I knew right then that we belonged together. Eleven years later, he's still going strong and loves his new life.

Linn Bishop
Tulsa, OK
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