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This little girl is at in so-east Missouri and really needs a home. Sally is now about 10 months old house broken all shots and would be spayed before going to a new "furever" home. Sally loves to be around children and adults and is good with other dogs, cats??? If you can give Sally that home please call 573-857-3218 or also visit us at to see all the animals we have for adoption. Thank You KSARC

Fairdealing, MO

Wonderful Wally

In October 2007 a friend of mine, who fosters Pugs from the DFW Pug Rescue, got a sweet little boy named Walter. Walter was suffering from stage 3 heartworm, blindness caused by chronic dry eye, severe hip dysplasia and luxar patella. After she had him for a short while she called me and said "We cannot let this one go!". I immediately called the rescue organization and started the adoption process. Boy, was she ever right. Wally is a sweet, lovable little boy. He's mostly recovered from the heartworm, and his eyesight is getting a little better thanks to a great canine opthamologist. He is a great friend to all and has just filled up my life!

Wally's Mom
Azle, TX

She found me!!

Every morning I take my dog out to go potty. After she was done, we went inside to get breakfast. All of a sudden, I hear this loud meowwwww at the kitchen window. I saw the kitten, took some food out only she didn't want to eat. She followed me inside and never left. I could tell right off that she was a very young cat who was pregnant. I named her Lilyann and in October she gave birth to 4 of the most adorable kittens. So she and her kittens have joined an expanding household, 8 cats, 1 dog, & 8 beta fish!

Rosanne Brophy
Manchester, NH


We rescued Lacy from our local Humane Society. They didn't say that she came from a bad environment, but after having her at home for a little while, we saw some signs of abuse she probably received as a puppy. They said she was almost a year old when we got her, which was over a year ago now. She has fattened up so much that our vet says she needs to lose some weight! She LOVES playing with anyone she can. She has a couple of neighborhood friends that come over to play with her almost daily! She plays so hard that she just conks out afterwards. This picture happens to be after a day of playing! She is living the high life now and she is such a joy to have that we can't imagine our home without her!

Eudora, KS


Smoke was found roaming outside a fire station. Hence how she got her name. When first discovered she was very thin and in need of some much needed TLC. A few of the firefighters became very close to her and began to feed and take care of her. She adored them and loved to curl up in their laps whenever she got the chance. They could not keep her however as the fire station was not a good place for her to be, so my husband I offered to take her in. We had adopted another cat a year ago and hoped they would be a good fit together. And what a fit they are. She is the most loving cat we have ever had, always needing to be in the same room with you or near her buddies Tigger and our black lab, Winnie. Smoke is forever grateful to her firefighter friends who helped get her into a home.

Heather Muzeroll-Roy
Eliot, ME

Our boy

My husband and I went to the Humane Society because I found a puppy online that we wanted to give my daughter for her 14th birthday. When we arrived someone had already claimed the puppy so we decided to look at the older dogs. We saw many really cute dogs but one in particular caught my husband's eye. In a kennel with 6ft walls there was 1 1/2yr old Zeus. He was jumping straight up in the air, higher than the top of the gate on the kennel, we took him out and went to the meeting room. Our first and only test with Zeus was giving him a treat and then taking it away from him. He passed with flying colors! We knew he had to go home with us. My daughter didn't mind that her present was not a puppy! The Humane Society had him for over a month so his days, I'm sure, were numbered. He is "Our Boy" and we are so glad to have him in our lives. We call him the lap dog in disguise!! :)

St. Louis, MO

He won us over!

George, an English Springer Spaniel, came into our family less than a week after we lost our dog of 12 years. Our Jack Russell mix, Girl, and our Border Collie, Paris were moping around after their buddy died. We went to the shelter to "look around" and I saw George. He was whining and panting, just eager to get out of the kennel and see people. We asked to see him and fell for him right away. Now that we have a little boy who he loves dearly, we know we made the right choice for our family.

Donna and Nate Lewis
Beavercreek, OH

My Little Gypsy

Gypsy was heartworm positive and narrowly avoided euthanasia when an independent foster group saved her from the local pound. They had a tough time adopting her out with her condition. But the moment I saw her photo on, I knew that she was my little girl. We got through her treatment and only a year later the vet called her "the healthiest Min Pin he had ever seen."

Jeff Thomas
Orlando, FL

A new best friend

We had just lost our best friend of 12 years, our beautiful weimaraner Hannah. We were still broken hearted but really felt the need to start looking for a dog. We walked into the Friends of Strays in St. Petersburg FL, and this little guy was the last of a litter that was dropped off four months prior. He was so cute and I couldnt believe he was not adopted out, I immediately said to my husband I dont want to think about it I want to take him home today! We did and he is the sweetest, most loving little guy ever. I absolutely adore him, he mended our broken hearts in no time, and I really thought I would never smile again after losing Hannah. He is a wonderful pet, and I might add our first rescue and our first mixed breed, it is a wonderful thing!

Largo, FL


I found Spaz one night when I was catering. She was maybe 6 months old and had been sorely neglected. The pads on her little paws were scorched from walking on the hot Nashville pavement. I took her home with me, thinking that I would find her a good home because I just knew that my other dog would not tolerate another one in the house. Ten years later we still have her while our other dog, who is now 17 years old, barely tolerates her.

Lori Toth
Joelton, TN
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