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"Libby--from homeless in Mexico to livin' life in luxury"

Libby was found roaming the streets in Rosarito, Mexico barely hanging on to life. She had a severe case of Mange, which left most of her fur gone and she was extremely underweight. She was a living a life no dog should have to live. Then, one day, she was rescued by two compassionate women who operated a sanctuary for dogs near the US border in Mexico. It was there she was treated for her Mange and began to get the nutrition she desperately needed. Within a couple months, she was ready for adoption.

I just so happened to be looking for a dog at the time and stumbled upon Libby. I went to "meet" her right after work the day I saw her photo and fell in love with her on the spot. I brought her home with me that night.

It took some time to domesticate my new little girl and it took her a few days to trust me, but after about a week, she was glued to my side. She's come a long way and her personality has really shined though. I can't imagine having any other dog and I'm so happy I can give her the life she deserves. Libby has changed my life for the better and I know if she could talk, she would say the same!

San Diego, CA

The Love of our Lives!

Our two older dogs were called to Heaven last year. We were so incredibly sad. It took all of 1 week to see Dalton and Barney on the web site. We brought them home and now it is filled with the happiest energy! They are truly the love of our lives!

Debbi Czernik
Matteson, IL

New Home for an Old Dog

We were coming home on a rainy January night when we saw an elderly Brittany Spaniel nearly get hit in the busy intersection in front of us. My 17 year old daughter jumped out of the car and ran into traffic to grab her. She chased her two blocks through passing cars and parking lots before the spaniel was so exhausted she couldn't run any longer. When we got home and got a good look at her she was filthy, covered in ticks and fleas and her nose had been severely burned. Judging her to be around ten years old, we found out that she was so under weight and weak she could barely stand. We've come to the conclusion that she is deaf and her sight isn't very good. We've had her teeth cleaned and we apply ointment to her nose daily. She takes supplements for her hips and knees and is getting around like a puppy now. Dottie is a sweet, loving, smart girl that appreciates a warm bed and a full food bowl. When she curls up next to me I am thankful for the opportunity to give this angel a safe and loving place to retire for the rest of her life.

Odessa, TX

Picture Perfect Love

A rainy January day a man knocked on our door and asked if the puppy at his feet was ours. He wasn't but he was a cutie and I'm a sucker for a stray. We cleaned him up and found a new home for him. He was a seventh birthday present for a darling little girl who thinks he's the most awesome thing ever. We keep in touch with Jasper's family and they send us pictures and updates regularly. It's awesome to find a great home for an appreciative fur kid.

Odessa, TX

Winston, the jester of the house.

It was love at first site when I came across Winston at my vet's office. He and his kitty siblings had been rescued by the staff and he was the last one that needed to be adopted.

There was no question about it, he had to come home with me. Although he's rather mischivous, he is a source of joy and laughter in our house. He thinks he's a dog and loves to play catch with his stuffed AC/DC guitar toy.

The best part is that he's a lover and ejoys giving kisses to his humans.

Long Beach, CA

Sisters on the side of the Highway

My family was ready to get a dog and the only thing I knew for sure was I wanted to adopt. We live off a busy 2-lane highway where big-rig trucks whiz by at 50 mpg. It was on that highway that I saw Daisy (white/black) standing only 15 feet from traffic. I tried to rescue her but she ran off. I later found her with Jumper (brown) in a nearby trailer park.

The residents believed they were dumped two weeks earlier as they showed up together and always stayed close to each other. Thankfully people were giving them food. They both were covered in fleas, had worms falling out of their bottoms, and they were both in season. To boot, I assumed they were both pregnant since they were co-mingling with other dogs from the park that were not neutered.

I swept them up immediatey knowing this was the answer to our family's search for a dog - or dogs! I was able to get low cost spaying vouchers from St. Francis of Assisi in San Martin, CA, (what a wonderful place) and luckily they were not pregnant! Our Vet said she was certain they are sisters, as they were both the same age, in the same stage of being in season and had matching Umbilical Hernias (that she fixed during spaying) which are apparently commonly passed from the Mama dog to each pup in her litter.

Today, they are all cleaned up, healthy, happy, fatter (oops!) and they bless my family every day with their affectionate love and dedication. I truly believe they know they were given a second chance, and for that, they love us even more. Our kids named them Daisy & Jumper, and we are thankful for these loving sister every day!

Michelle Castelo
Santa Nella, CA

Petunia the Porkie

After the last of our 3 large dogs died, the house just didn't seem the same without one. Five days later, I went in search of an Irish Wolfhound, but I couldn't find the address. Determined to at least see a dog that day, I finally stopped at a restaurant and asked the cashier if she knew the location of the animal shelter. She said if I wanted a puppy, she had one to give away because her house had burned down and the new landlord didn't allow animals. When her shift ended, she went home and returned with a little Pug/Yorkie mix, and it was love at first sight.

Petunia is now nine years old, and an endless supply of love, entertainment and energy. We've rescued three more since then, and she let them all know who's in charge. She immediatly laid claim to the blind Irish Wolfhound we adopted a few months later, even sleeping on top of his back. She guarded and protected him until the day he died.

Now it's hilarious to watch the rambunctious young Great Dane/Boxer being dominated by such a tiny creature. Her favorite playtime is "Ball", and he knows to leave hers alone!

Julie Walls
Knoxville, TN

My precious Baby

I already had 4 kitties and when a person found him in a field, he was so cute, there was no way I could turn him away. Since then, he has stuck to me like glue. I even had to come home early from a get-a-way when the person babysitting could not find him. I cam home, he was on my bed waiting for me.

Forest Grove, OR

Found in the Rain

One rainy night in Costa Rica we heard yowling outside and went to investigate. We found a little dog, dirty and wet, on the bottom of a fight with two other big dogs - one a German shepherd. Of course we rescued her, washed her, fed her and when we were ready to return to the US we just couldn't leave her behind. We named her "Moxy" for her courage and lively nature. When I had heart surgery, she stayed on my bed with me for many weeks. She is now even livelier and such a happy girl! The best dogs are often those we find in shelters or along the way. That is the only kind of dog we will have. Moxy has really added joy to our lives.

Mary Ellen
Fullerton, CA

Mr. Personality

I found Gixxer, his name a the time was Pepper, at the local humane society one afternoon. I was 18 and needed a companion while away at school. He looked so lonely there by himself because his sister had already been adopted. He looked up at me with his brown eyes and that was it...he came home that afternoon. Now he lives with my older dog and his best friend, Tobie whom was rescued also. He is such a joy and loves everyone that he meets and shows it with kisses. His personality is so unique that everyone calls him "Mr. Personality".

Gainesville, FL
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