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A new best friend

We had just lost our best friend of 12 years, our beautiful weimaraner Hannah. We were still broken hearted but really felt the need to start looking for a dog. We walked into the Friends of Strays in St. Petersburg FL, and this little guy was the last of a litter that was dropped off four months prior. He was so cute and I couldnt believe he was not adopted out, I immediately said to my husband I dont want to think about it I want to take him home today! We did and he is the sweetest, most loving little guy ever. I absolutely adore him, he mended our broken hearts in no time, and I really thought I would never smile again after losing Hannah. He is a wonderful pet, and I might add our first rescue and our first mixed breed, it is a wonderful thing!

Largo, FL


I found Spaz one night when I was catering. She was maybe 6 months old and had been sorely neglected. The pads on her little paws were scorched from walking on the hot Nashville pavement. I took her home with me, thinking that I would find her a good home because I just knew that my other dog would not tolerate another one in the house. Ten years later we still have her while our other dog, who is now 17 years old, barely tolerates her.

Lori Toth
Joelton, TN

Roxy needed a home

Little Roxy came to us at about 5 weeks old, so young and needing her Mama. My sister's neighbor was in the process of putting her into the car to take her to a shelter when my sis grabbed her and said, "Wait-I think my sister might take her!". So she brings her to me at work, all wrapped up in a towel like a little baby! Even though we had just adopted a pup from a shelter, we couldn't stand the thought of her going to a shelter too, so I put her in a box and took her home. She is so sweet!

Largo, FL

Heaven Sent FoxyGirl

Little FoxyGirl is now a 35 pound Tn bred Mountain Feist squirrel dog. We got her from a young college girl who could not care for her and her energetic needs. Wild would be the word..

We hoped she would keep our much older Lab/spaniel mix Becky, active and prolong her life with us.

FoxyGirl was happy to take the job of being #2 dog in the house, and played happily with the old girl. After a year Becky developed cancer and FoxyGirl was at her side constantly until we had to put her to sleep. Since then FoxyGirl has taken on the role of #1 dog. She loves it. Has her own hand made afghans on chairs, couch, our bed and her pillows. Loves her comforts, and is spoiled beyond words. She is surely heaven sent and has filled our hearts with "puppy love"... She really has it made, but we are the lucky ones..

Ray and Sue
Dafter, MI

Rescued from the Woods

She appeared behind my husband's truck one day two years ago, starving and scared. We fed her for about two months and then had a friend rescue her for us. Although still frightened by many things, she has become very attached to me. Miss Woodly Ann came into our lives right after we had lost two of our cats and just before we lost the last of our original "family". She has filled the void left by their passing. She is the sweetest cat and we laugh out loud watching her play with all her toys.

Cortlandt Manor, NY


Missy escaped from an exceptionally abusive community but in doing so collided with a passing motorcycle. The nerve endings in her leg were badly damaged but fortunately the SPCA was able to go forward with the amputation.

We adopted her 2 weeks later & she was already dashing around without any problem.

Since then she has saved at least one of our lives during a bungled burglary & continues to surprise us every day with her intelligence, kindness & sense of humour.

Vivienne Burton
Randpark Ridge, South Africa

My Icon

Icon is the 3rd boxer I have owned. The last 2 I got from our local Adopt-A-Pet. I got him when he was about 6 months old. He had been chained outside with not much human contact. He had never been inside before his rescue. He came with many issues mostly being very strong willed. He has absoulutely nothing but love to give and only wants to please. He is very food driven so not to be trusted when there is any kind of food around. He brings so much to my life, we have been through a lot together.

Joy Streed
Fargo, ND

Mama's Baby

Mama Cat was found at a burnt down church with her two kittens by my Fiance. After a few weeks Mama was gaining weight and we thought she was just really enjoying the Meow Mix after being abandoned. To our surprise, Mama was "hiding" 7 more sweet babies in her belly! We now love Mama and all 9 of her kittens and could not live without each and every one of them!

Traci Cutler
Indianapolis, IN

My little scaredy-cat

When I brought Lela home from the shelter, she was so scared of humans that she starved herself for 3 days rather than come out and look for food. For months she ran if I so much as looked at her and would only let me pet her if I lay on the floor beside the couch while she was hiding underneath it. Four years later, she now follows me all around the house, cuddles up beside me, and will even let me pet her tummy. She still has skittish days, but I just love her to bits!

Cincinnati, OH


A friend of mine found Jack almost beaten to death on the side of the road a few years ago, so he took him home to try and get him healthy again. After about 6 months he brought Jack to my house because he couldn't care for him anymore. When I got him, almost all of his teeth were rotten and his gums were always bleeding, his feet and nails were tore up and nearly gone, he had patches of hair missing all over his body, and he was very weak and scared of people. It's been about a year now that I've had him and he's perfectly healthy! All his teeth are now fixed, his hair grew back, and I did my best to heal his paws. The best part about the whole thing is now he loves people again. He sleeps with me every night, and like most dogs, he misses me when I leave the house! He's my baby Jack and I'm so glad that he was brought to me because now I have a best friend for the rest of my life.

Aerialle Rieff
Denton, TX
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