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Daily I read stories about how an animal saved someone's life by leading them out of a fire or barked for help until someone came. My girl has never done any of that. I adopted her from the pound 3 days before my husband deployed for Iraq. Not being from a military family, I had no idea what deployment would be like. For 7 months, all she did was love me and give me the companionship that I so dearly missed. The affection and joy she brings to everyone she meets has never stopped since. For that, and so much more, I am eternally grateful.

Menifee, CA

First anniversary with my rescue!

After my mom's rescued pit bull died last March, I knew I still had to have a dog in my life. I went to the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society to check out the dogs when I saw Tito, an underweight Corgi-Lab mix. He was the only dog who wasn't barking, and he followed me every time I walked by his cage. His inquisitive eyes stole my heart, and the next day he came to live with my boyfriend and me.

Tito, now named Keltie, got off to a rocky start. He had worms when we took him home and had to eat special food for his sensitive stomach. He also had separation anxiety and ate our couch when we left him home alone. After 8 weeks he was up to a healthy weight and herding us around the house like sheep.

One year later, Keltie has completed two obedience classes and his separation anxiety has lessened. He spends his days hiking and wrestling with my mom's new dog, and he spends his nights hogging the covers in my bed.

San Dimas, CA

Lucky's story

My husband called me at work one day to tell me he had found a baby kitten abandoned at work. We live outside of Las Vegas, NV, the temperature at 9:00 am was already approaching 90. I told him come by so I could see him. To my surprise he was covered in dirt and gravel umbilical cord still attached. I told him to wrap him up and keep him warm, go to the store and get kitten formula. I would be home for lunch shortly. Lucky was stubborn from day one. We cleaned him up and fed him. No one believed this 3.3oz baby would live. Well he did and is now a very large, healthy, 17lb "baby".

Pahrump, NV

My Personal Therapist

I lost my dog of 18 years before going to medical school. I adopted Chance as soon as I knew where I was going. He makes me laugh everyday and ensures that I get exercise even when it is -20 out. Chance is definitely one of the reasons I am succeeding in medical school.

Dayton, OH

Jesse, the 'wonder dog'

I rescued Jesse, a pomeranian/poodle mix, about six months ago. He'd been a neglected, backyard dog, who missed out on some critical socialization. With six months of unconditional love (and some obedience training), he's gone from cowering under the house to greeting new people with enthusiasm and confidence; he's loved at my mom's nursing home. But his favorite place - and mine! - is on my lap, snoozing and soaking up the warmth. What an addition to my life!

Jean T.
Seattle, WA

Haven's Story

Haven, a Australian Shepherd/Sheltie mix was found with another Australian Shepherd in Abilene, Texas at a truck stop. She and the other dog were brought to the local shelter. A person that lives in the area found the dogs and posted them on the Aussie-L. Seeing the dogs, we drove to Abilene which was about 5 hours from our home, picked up both dogs 2 hours before they would have killed. Haven came to live with us and the other dog was taken by another foster home. Haven was full of matted fur and filthy. We chose the name 'Haven' because we gave her a 'haven' from death and/or a life of wandering.

Bryan, TX

Miles, My Heart

Little 5 pound Miles was left by his former family on death row at a kill shelter. He had a severe case of heartworms. A vet hid him in his pocket and took him home and doctored him back to health and then let him be fostered by a wonderful family. I was lucky enough to be able to adopt him and he has been the sweetest, most wonderful furbaby ever! He had so many issues at first and over the past 2 years we have overcome most of them. I just can not imagine not having Miles in my life. He is my heart~

Deer Park, TX


I have a vision impaired dog and belong to a Yahoo group for blind dogs. One day they had a cross post telling about a 9 month old blind husky that was being kept out in the cold on a chain. I never saw a picture or knew anything else about him, but I just knew that I had to have that puppy. I contacted the person listed as the contact, but the shelter she works for does not do out-of-state adoptions. I told her that I thought that this puppy needed me as much as I needed him and she found a rescue group that would do the adoption. We have had the puppy with us for 2 weeks and have found out that he is not completely blind.

Alexandria, VA


Gracy came to me though my sister who had to many feral cats. But there was something different about Gracy. Gracy was born deaf and blind and with a heart problem. The vet told me she wouldn't see her 1st birthday. I took Gracy in for a check up 9 months later and her heart problem was gone. She is now 2 years old and doing so good! Gracy is a miracle of life!

I also have 3 other ferals cats, they are 3 years old. There's nothing like owning a feral cat, I keep all my feral's indoors to keep them safe!

There's to many unwanted animals in this world...all they want is love!

Be kind!!

Everett, WA

She is my Angel

The Elementary School where I work wanted to see about security having a dog, not a big scary dog, a sweet friendly one so Idecided to look around. I found a breeder who was selling off some of his older dogs so I went to have a look. It's true that the animal picks you! We hit it off right away, she was the best $150 I ever spent (followed by several hundered more since this was my first dog) once she was checked out by the vet had all her shots, was groomed and ready to go to school I got permission.

The kids and teachers love her, she's quiet, social and followed me around the school. It only took 1 staff member to stop her from coming to school, shame the principal wouldn't stand up to the bully, now 400 kids and 40+ staff members don't get to see her come to school once a week.

The great thing is my massage therapy clients get a double dose of therapy when they come to Studio 1501, not only do they get a wonderful massage they get to see and play with Angel if they want and I have yet to have a client not want to pet her and talk to her. She's my little assistant, when I go in for a session she follows me in, doesn't make a sound and goes to her pillow. When the session is over most had no idea she was ever in the room :-) She is such a good girl and I'm so glad she chose me!

DJ Bowers
Louisville, KY
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