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We're Half Crazy For Daisy!

I innocently telephoned about a "free to good home" ad for Daisy and the down & out owner said she'd have her at our home in 30 minutes. HUH ?? I was just inquiring, WHOA, my husband isn't even home!

30 minutes later 6 month old Daisy was delivered with no questions asked of us and we have loved her every minute since. Our lives revolve around this little 8 lb Shiht-Zu and life has never been better. As the song says, "Daisy, we're half crazy all for the love of you!"

Marcie Matassa
Fullerton, CA


When I adopted Jack from the Philadelphia Animal Care and Control Association, he was terrified of people. The workers at the shelter told me he would cower and shake when anybody came near so he was scheduled to be put down the next day. I knew I could offer him a better life so I took him home. He showed his thanks by placing his head on my shoulder on the ride to his new home. He immediately bonded to me and my other dog, Pepper and showed us his playful demeanor by batting at the Christmas ornaments. I've had him for three years now and he has been such a sweet and funny companion. He is even a wonderful big brother to my 4 month old baby.

Laura Clark
Huntsville, AL

My Buddy Buster

This is Buster formally known as Thumper. My husband and I rescued him from the Humane Society. He was given away because the family got another dog. They claim the two just never got along. It's so sad; he was only 2 years old at the time. He was in that cage just barking away and would not let us leave until we took him home. He was so excited to leave! I am disabled and at home all the time. This dog has brought me many happy moments, he's my company, my friend and my confidant. He loves me as much as I love him. I am happy they gave him away and I found him. He is the best dog you could ever have. He has never given us one moment of trouble. He's now 8 years old and I hope he lives for a long time. He even brought my blood pressure down, so no more pills!

Ruthann Porter
Lilburn, GA

Lexie The Lovely

With a heavy heart, I started my search for a new cat. I lost my beautiful Bella to a speeding car much too soon, she was only a couple of years old. My canines Sadie & Kit and I missed having a cat around, so even though I wasn't "ready", I set out to the local shelters and sanctuaries. After a weekend of meeting maybe 200 cats, most happy and allowed the run of their space, I stopped at the municipal pound, a place where the animals aren't so lucky. There she was, a skinny little tabby who had already had too many kittens in her young life. The workers told me she was very nice and had raised an adopted brood as well as a couple of her own. Sounded to me like she had spent enough time pregnant and locked up in a 3X3 cell, so I took her home.

As is recommended, I tried to introduce her to my dogs slowly, but she would have none of that. She paraded right out of her "safe space" and flopped right down onto Big Sadie's feet. It was pretty clear that this cat had no fear, and the dogs accepted her immediately. Now it was my turn.

Still mourning the loss of Bella, it was tough to devote my cat-love to Lexie at first, but she won me over, too. After spaying she plumped up (I'm being kind), and is the world's biggest love-bug. Everyone who meets her is amazed at her charm. She is my shadow and constant companion INDOORS ONLY. Although I live in the country and she would like nothing better than to go out with her dogs, I can't bear the thought of losing another friend to the road. Long Live Lexie Loo!

Woodstock, CT

Kit the Wonder Dog

She started out OK, this beauty of a husky-shephard, but when her owners had a baby, they learned that she wasn't a "kid dog". They thought they had found her a good home, and off she went.

Fast forward two years, she finds herself in a rural town pound, with a broken tail, broken tooth, frequent seizures, totally filthy and her gorgeous fur matted beyond recognition. The caretaker at the pound only told us that she 'seems sad'. Off to the vet and groomer she went, and slowly but surely, the siezures went away and her furry tail started to wag. And wag. And wag. Her now-bright eyes shown like diamonds, and she was 'one of us'. One day after a hike, we stopped at the farm store for some supplies. Working there, unbeknownst to us, was her original owner. I came out of the store to find a girl crying at my car window, calling "Snoopy, you saved my Snoopy!" She told me the whole story, how she had fallen out of the truck of owner #2, and he never bothered to try and find her. After first making sure she understood she could NOT have her back, we promised to visit once in a while and off we went, armed with new knowledge of her age (10!!) and beginnings.

Miss Kit is 15 years old now, and one of the loves of my life. The pure joy this dog exudes is remarkable, and she's as fit as a 15-year old fiddle could be. This household has been blessed by her energy and love.

Thanks for providing a place to tell her story.

Woodstock, CT

Buddy & Scramble

Buddy showed up in my area with no hair and he would run down the street pushing with his back legs and rubbing his body against the pavement. Everyone thought he had the mange and thought he should be put down. NOT ME!!! I took him to the vet and guess what, no mange just a severe case of fleas and ticks! He has turned out to be the best dog! He is very protective and watches out for me when we walk. Scramble (the black and white) who is supposed to be a Great Pyrenees, was rescued by me from a litter of nine that were about to be shot. She is 98 lbs at 11 months old, and the greatest lap dog ever. Yes, I said lap dog, she thinks she is a small dog and she sits in my lap whenever she feels like it! They get to ride to the river and run and swim at least 3 times a week. Thank god for these wonderful creatures in our lives.

Parsons, TN

Comfort Cat

I adopted Skylie shortly after I had to put down my cat Shay. That was one of the hardest, if not the hardest, decision I've ever had to make. Skylie really helped me through it. My husband and I weren't aware of this, but soon realized, that Skylie is deaf. Which is quite ironic because one of my best friends is also deaf. Skylie was in the back room of the shelter and had been there for some time. As soon as my husband and I laid eyes on her we knew she was the one. I'm glad we chose her because she brings me so much joy and comfort.

Ulman, MO

Roo and Tippy Toes

Roo (upper left) and Tippy Toes were rescues from our local shelter. Tippy Toes came into the shelter after I had been volunteering there for a while. I brought my family up to see the cats and Tippy kept reaching out and grabbing my husband's pant leg. After we got home, we decided that we wanted to adopt Tippy Toes but that we wanted another cat so that when we were not at home, Tippy would have company. At that time, Roo was just a kitten but she won Tippy over no problem so we brought them home and have loved them ever since. Tippy is now 5 years old and Roo is four and they are both happy and healthy and enrich our lives every single day. Tippy Toes sleeps on top of me every night.

Deborah Kirkland
Brockville, ON, Canada

Tiffany rescues me ...

Tiffany, along with her brother Sparkles were found living alone on the streets of Etobicoke in the snowy days following Christmas of 1995; they were 2 months old then. After being rescued, their bodies partially shaven (to clean their coats) and fostered by a local vet, they sat there for weeks with nobody wanting to adopt them. I was looking for one companion for Q since we had recently lost Samantha, but when I saw how scared they were, I could not separate them and we(Q and I) immediately opened our home to them. Since then, Tiffany has been my saviour. She helped me through the passing of her brother Sparkles, our beloved Q and now supports my expansion from a place of shared joy! She cuddles right up to me at night purring non-stop and patiently relaxes on the couch while I work from home. We are a team. Girls rule here in Etobicoke!!

Thank you Tiffany for choosing to stick around through these painful years and continue to bring joy into our lives!!!

Daniela Torres
Etobicoke, ON, Canada

Big Ole' Lug

Guinness was 10 pounds of sick puppy when I rescued him 9 years ago. His health issues have taken their toll on him, but he is the sweetest, kindest big ole' lug in the world! His back legs don't work well, and his arthritis has progressed rapidly over the past year, but he still gets up and romps outside when he can.

Patricia Keeney
Memphis, TN
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