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From Italy to Cornwall with Love

The number of displaced and feral dogs in the South of Italy is high! For a year and a half Cara was living on the streets, became pregnant and and then gave birth. It is unknown what happened to her pups. She became pregnant again but thanks to English teacher DIANE SELVANAYAGAM (left) she was rescued, spayed, vaccinated and placed into a kennel compound where she remained for the next 9 months. After many failed attempts of finding her a secure and safe home in Italy it was decided that she would come here to be with us in Cornwall UK - it took from Feb 15th., to November 2008 to arrange her passport and raise funds for her travel. After two days of travel by car, train, bus and plane she arrived and immediately made herself right at home, it was as if she had been here all her life. Definitely meant to be and we are so proud to have been able to give her the home that she so deserves!

This is her story:

Mary Alice Pollard, Cornwalls Voice for Animals
Gerrans, United Kingdom

Brothers and buddies

Two years ago I volunteered at a rescue centre, working with cats because I'm a 'dog person', didn't want to add to the family! These brothers, tiny, thin, clinging together, had been found in a ditch in winter. I lifted them out to clean their crate and still they held on to one other, a furry ball with four big eyes. Someone said they'd be easier to place separately - so - they came home with me.

Their names are Bodhi and Cheetah, from the word 'bodhichitta' - which means 'awakened heart'. Still close, healthy, happy and my best friends.

Burlington, ON, Canada

My Mimi

Mimi was rescued off the post-Katrina streets of New Orleans by ARNO (Animal Rescue New Orleans) and Best Friends Animal Society approximately four months after the hurricane. It was probably during those first chaotic months that she contracted both Feline AIDS and Feline Leukemia. When I volunteered with Best Friends in January 2006, I met Mimi and immediately fell in love. I knew I had to adopt her and give her the best life possible even though the prognosis for FeLV cats is grim, with a 2-3 year life expectancy. Having this wonderful cat in my life was the greatest gift ever! Mimi loved to snuggle and be held. She was affectionate, funny and playful. She fought her illnesses bravely. Mimi took a large piece of my heart with her when she passed away in April 2008 due to a bladder tumor as a result of the Feline Leukemia. I have eleven other cats whom I love dearly, but Mimi will remain the ultimate love of my life.

Dallas, TX

Love Conquers All

Hailey came to us as a breeding female, who was tossed after her second owner decided there wasn't enough money to be made in the breeding game. Three litters in eighteen months had left her scrawny, with teats hanging down-to-there. Her coat was blown- nothing to hint of the beautiful redhead she is today!

Still, the story was all there, in her eyes. She wanted nothing more than a quiet place to rest. For me, it truly was love at first sight.

At first, she would hide every time we got in the car, burying her face in the seat. Forget getting her in a crate! With with time and lots of reinforcement, she began to follow the lead of our resident male, Sam. She learned that the car represented good things: Walks in the woods, or trips to the lake for a dip.

Today she lives for a swim and or a ride in the car. At age 10, she's served as hostess to many a rescued Golden. She touched our hearts and lives, making every moment we have with her truly golden!

Charlotte, NC

The love of the family

Felix, who's 12 years old now, was a small furry pet, maybe 2 months old, when my father first found him. He was going around the small mountain village where my dad had a family house and they felt in love at once; Felix followed home my dad and both my mom and me couldn't help but love him right away! He was so sweet and very hungry too! Lately we discover that he had to be the "fruit" of a summer love between a wild local cat (big like a dog, grey like Felix) and a lovely Persian pussycat belonging to a couple of tourists. Well, we cannot be thankful enough for that because Felix has been with my family and especially with my father all the way through, he had Alzheimer's disease and Felix was his only contact with reality in the last period. Felix still sleeps on my dad's bed and continues to be our love.

Stefania Valderetti
Rome, Italy

Yoda, the King of Egypt

My husband is employed in Giza, Egypt. While visiting him there recently, we found a stray kitten in a block of flats. He managed to get up to the third floor but was not able to come down again. He was dirty and very hungry. We decided to adopt him and bring him home. Yoda recently joined me in South Africa where he is now very happy at his forever home. It's amazing how rescued animals know when they get a second chance to a happy life. He is such a cutie pie!

Cape Town, South Africa


We adopted Rocky from a local shelter five years ago. The name was decided on after he punched his way out of the cardboard kennel on the ride home. Despite the violent origin of his name, he's a very peaceful cat and a great companion.

Lancaster, PA


Kitty wandered into my office building one day. He walked straight through the lobby, into my office and up on my chair! I took him home that afternoon. We found out later he was FIV+; someone likely dumped him when they got the news. Definitely their loss! He's been a healthy, talkative, wonderful addition to our family. When our dog, Denver, was recuperating from a recent surgery, he even checked up on her several times a day. We can't imagine what life was like before that fateful spring day.

Sara Howe
Springfield, IL


13 years ago, my father rescued our wire-haired Jack Russell, Vicy (pronounced V.C.) from a shelter. We were told that she'd been abused the first two years of her life by the men in her former household, so she really wasn't too keen on other males. However, for some reason she took my dad instantly, and they were inseparable until his passing 5 years ago, at which time my sister, our husbands, and I took her into our care. We've watched her already-huge personality grow even more: from her love for pickles (yes, pickles), to her affinity for barking at random strangers, or the fact that she sports a pink mohawk (red food coloring + white fur), she's become a key member of the family. She splits time at both of our houses, which is how she's become known as our "timeshare dog." Now, at the ripe old age of 15, while she may have lost a step or two(she's a Jack, so that basically brought her down to a normal speed), she is bringing the same joy into our lives that she'd brought to my father for so long. While we miss my dad immensely, he could not have left us with a better memento to remember him by.

New York, NY

We needed each other

When my darling cat, Kiree, died tragically 17 months ago I was totally grief stricken. A friend suggested I "foster" a homeless cat that she knew someone was feeding. Without hesitation I collected the cat and brought her home. Kelly (named after the lady who was feeding her)and I have been inseparable ever since. I could never part with my furry bundle of joy. I often find her on the windowsill watching over Kiree's resting place in the garden. I wonder what she thinks?

Brisbane, Australia
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