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Jamie was found chained up to a fence in a 3ft by 5ft pen, in someone's backyard and the grass was overgrown by 2-3 ft. You could barely see Jamie back in the pen. She had no food or water and she was skin and bones. I took her from the yard and went straight to my vet. She was only 20lbs she had full blown heartworms and on the verge of dying. But I told the vet I would pay for anything she needed and i would keep her. It's been 4 years since that day and Jamie is now 92lbs,healthy and strong!! She's the smartest most lovable dog I've ever been lucky enough to have! She's very protective of me and our home. She runs the house, with all of her stuffed animal toys that grandma brings over for her. For Christmas I got my dad a t-shirt from the Rescue site that reads "Ask me about my grandog!" He loves it!!

Pembroke Pines, FL

Mikko's Rescue

She came to the MAGDRL when she was 1-1/2 years old. I adopted her after my other Great Dane passed away. I was very heart broken. I read Mikko's story and thought, "There's a dog that needs someone to love her".

So here's Mikko's story. Mikko was born in Kentucky. When she was a pup her owner kept her in a 8x8 room and left her out to do her business 1 hour per day. She didn't have anything to play with. The owner also clipped her ears to look like a pit bull. He wanted a mean dog to guard his property. If he would have taken some time to get to know Mikko, he would have discovered there's not a mean bone in her body. She's a very sweet girl. Anyway, because he couldn't make her mean, he took her to the ASPCA. That's where MAGDRL picked her up.

So after I read her story, I told my husband that she's the one. We went to pick her up in West Virginia. She jumped right in the backseat of the car and rode like a perfect lady. When we picked her up she weighed 150 pounds and you could see her ribs. Now she's a very healthy 180 pounds. She has all the toys she would ever want and she loves running in the large yard. She teases the neighbor's dogs because she can run farther than their fence allows them. She's found her forever home.

Thank you for letting me share Mikko's story. Keep up that great work you are doing.

Jamie Masser
Smithsburg, MD

My Jardine Parrot Sam turned out to be my Hero & Guardian Angel

I'd like to submit my Jardine Parrot Sam as my animal hero and Guardian Angel. I'm a breast cancer survivor and without him I wouldn't have made it through all the tough times that were ahead of me. Sam gave me a reason to get up everyday, even when all I wanted to do was pull the covers up over my head and stay in bed. When ever I was scheduled for surgery or a difficult procedure I would think of him and know I had the strength to get through it. I always looked forward to coming home and having him cuddle up on my chest, right over my heart... that was my favorite thing. He has given me such unconditional love and given me the strength to get through what I thought was the most difficult time in my life. The most difficult time though was still awaiting me, I lost Sam in May of 2008 during a medical procedure. My animal hero has now passed over the Rainbow Bridge but I still feel the comfort of his wings wrapping around me when I need him.

Donna Smith
Taunton, MA

He's Not Adoptable

While volunteering at the local kill shelter I saw a starved doberman wild-eyed and quivering in his cage. The shelter manager told me "don't go in - he's dangerous. He will be destroyed tomorrow". I went in the cage, sat down, not looking at him and talked softly with my hand out. 20 minutes later, he was in my lap with his paws around my neck. I got him out of the shelter and to the vet. He weighed 32 lbs, full grown. I carried him around for 2 weeks as he was too weak to walk. He growled at everyone because he was so frightened. It took 2 years of patient love to give him confidence. Now... 8 years later, he weighs 72 lbs. He loves everyone and plays with children! He never stops smiling. He sits in my lap and just gazes at me for hours; every now and then he gives me a gentle lick. We have a deep and profound love. My Dobi.

Mary Kaschak
Las Cruces, NM

My Buddy Leo

Ten years ago, Leo scrounged for scraps behind a restaurant next to a busy Texas interstate. He dodged cars to beg for fries or a bite of hamburger. Sometimes he would get lucky and someone would be kind and share their food with him. Other times people would shoo him away or yell and throw things at him. Leo still loved people and would approach customers with the same love and friendliness every time. The manager called Animal Control. Leo went to the humane society shelter where I worked. We became friends and I couldn't resist bringing him home to join my two other cats, Sylvia and Taz. Leo accompanied us on the long trip from Texas to Minnesota. Leo became a dignified older gentleman of 18. He outlived his friends and was set in his ways and content to be "THE" one and only household cat. Leo had his very own room, complete with 3 cat trees, furniture, TV, A/C, his very own heater (to keep him toasty during tough Minnesota winters) and 24/7 dry food buffet. Although he was free to socialize throughout the house, he preferred his quiet private quarters but loved to get visitors. Leo enjoyed going to PetSmart, where he walked on a leash and harness while we shopped for his favorite treats and visited with employees who always asked about him and stopped to pet him and fuss over him and give him catnip and treats. Leo lived out his golden years as a dignified and thoroughly spoiled senior feline. On Feb 22nd 2009, he succumbed to a pre-existing heart condition. The emergency vets did all they could for him but it was time for Leo to cross the Rainbow Bridge. My old buddy is missed but he is remembered with much love.

Joe Torres
Rochester, MN

Smarty Jones

On a trip to my local feed store early one Sunday morning, I was approached by the owner, who asked if I wanted a kitten. It seems a mother cat had wandered into the storage area of the store and given birth to five kittens, three little tuxedo kittens and two orange ones.

She brought out the two orange kittens for me to see and one of them put his little paw out to me immediately.

He was really too young to be away from his mother, but the store owner was very concerned that the kittens would be accidently killed by the forklift operator, as the mother cat kept moving them around.

She gave me a nursing bottle and formual and Smarty Jones and I headed for home.

Even though he got off to a rough start, he grew into a beautiful strong cat, who loves to snuggle in blankets. I'm so glad I "rescued" him!
Shamong, NJ

Lost Little Kitten

For Christmas, Santa brought us a gentle red tabby kitten, Boo Boo. Then, on an unusually warm day for March in St. Louis, I spotted a beautiful Siamese kitten outside. A neighbor said the poor kitten was hanging around crying for 2 weeks and she felt so sorry she finally began feeding it. She wore a purple collar and was either lost or dumped in our neighborhood. She was gorgeous, bright blue eyes, light wheat color with seal points, 4-6 months old...the perfect playmate for our Christmas Kitten. We took the newcomer to the vet right away to be checked out. After several days of sniffing each other under the door getting acquainted, it was love at first sight for Boo Boo and Li Li. That was in 2003. but Li Li's fight for life wasn't over. In November '07 we almost lost her to a severe episode of lipidosis and diabetes. If the vet hadn't placed a feeding tube in her neck, she surly would have died. We saved her from starvation by tube feeding her for several months. The diabetes caused healing delays. Finally her hair grew back and she has doubled her weight, over 10 pounds. This is the second year of daily insulin injections but Li Li is doing fine. For a free kitten found outdoors in winter, she has become the bionic cat, now very slim but worth her weight in gold! The vet thinks she may be purebred Siamese. Her light wheat colored coat returned, replacing the dark shades her coat had grown into before she got so sick. She's a great cat and sweet Boo Boo is still in love!

Jan Hutchinson
St. Louis, MO

Once Bitten Twice Shy now loved to death

A testicle pressing against his bladder caused Sam to have a urination problem. Instead of getting him medical treatment, two different families (one was supposed to be a rescue family) severely abused him and forced him to live alone outside in fear and the cold without shelter. We rescued him, had him neutered, and he has not had another problem. He fears others but is loving and protective over me. He is wonderful company as I recover from major neck and back surgery. He won't allow anyone near me for fear that I will be hurt. He is a riot to watch play! I love him so much I cry when I think of his past; but at least his future looks bright!

Rev. Dr. Leigh Foster (aka DJ Ice)
Rose City, MI

Our Famous Amos

We rescued Amos when he was a tiny kitten running lose in the parking lot of a large apartment building after he was saved by a good Samaritan and put in a cardboard box. He was a clever rascal showing no fear of anyone or anything from day one. He quickly became our Alpha pet getting plenty of respect from our other pets. Once we had construction remodeling done at our home and as the dump truck was loaded with an old bathtub, toilet, broken tile, wood, mirrors etc. and about ready to pull away, I noticed Amos sitting at the top of the mound. Thank goodness I was able to run out and stop the driver and get Amos out as he was headed for the dump... We nicknamed him Famous Amos!

Marcie Matassa
Fullerton, CA

We're Half Crazy For Daisy!

I innocently telephoned about a "free to good home" ad for Daisy and the down & out owner said she'd have her at our home in 30 minutes. HUH ?? I was just inquiring, WHOA, my husband isn't even home!

30 minutes later 6 month old Daisy was delivered with no questions asked of us and we have loved her every minute since. Our lives revolve around this little 8 lb Shiht-Zu and life has never been better. As the song says, "Daisy, we're half crazy all for the love of you!"

Marcie Matassa
Fullerton, CA
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