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We're half crazy for Daisy

I innocently telephoned about a "free to good home" ad for Daisy and the down & out owner said she'd have her at our home in 30 minutes. HUH ?? I was just inquiring, WHOA, my husband isn't even home!

30 minutes later 6 month old Daisy was delivered with no questions asked of us and we have loved her every minute since. Our lives revolve around this little 8 lb Shiht-Zu and life has never been better. As the song says, "Daisy, we're half crazy all for the love of you!"

Marcie Matassa
Fullerton, CA

Long Recovery

My husband and I went to our local animal shelter where we found Roxxorz. She was our perfect match! We brought her to her first vet visit, where we found out she had a severe gum infection and was on her way to starving herself. After 2 mouth surgeries and lots of food and love, she's a happy healthy cat.

Rome, NY

Dog Found and Loved!

Lucy wandered into our courtyard during the sizzling heat of an Arizona summer. Our German Shepherd mix had lured her in though the narrow bars of our front gate. We felt very lucky that she went unclaimed as she has become an irreplaceable member of our family. Nowadays, you can find her cuddling and playing with her big sister Sasha (a rescue herself), curled up in one of her humans' laps, or sunning in the flowers.

Alicia Smith
Tempe, AZ

She picked our place!

One morning I had left for work and my wife thought she heard something at the front door. She opened the door and this cute black kitten came into the house, went to each and every corner, chair, couch, even the bedrooms sniffing as if to look for something she might have lost. Then she jumped up on the couch, laid down with her tail flipping back and forth, and looked at my wife as if to say, "this will do me just fine". Fourteen years later, Isabelle has been a real blessing to our family.

David R Oelschlager
Leesville, LA


Roadrash was brought into my vet's office at the same time as I was bringing in my diabetic cat for his glucose check. The girl who brought him in was crying hysterically...she had watched this little guy get thrown from a moving car on the interstate and stopped to pick him up and took him straight to the vet. He had lost half his left ear, had a broken jaw, and his right eye was damaged so badly that we thought he would have to have it removed.

I brought him home a week later. My 17 year-old diabetic cat died 2 days after that. I believe Roadrash was meant to be with me, and that Kawie knew I would be looked after...

And we have saved his eye.

Stone Mountain, GA

Our puppies

This is TJ (left) and Kita. TJ is a rescue from our local shelter, he has been with us since June 2006 when he was about 10 weeks old. At first the folks at the shelter thought he was rotti/shepherd mix but now they say he looks more mastiff than rotti. Kita is a shepherd and is 10 years old. We rescued her late October 2008 when her former owners were talking about putting her down because they could not find a home for her. Both dogs are a huge part of our family and we could not imagine our home without them. They share our home myself and my husband and two cats, Tippy Toes and Roo.

Deborah Kirkland
Brockville, ON, Canada

My Zorro

Zorro was at a no-kill animal shelter for an entire year before I adopted him in 1995. I like to think, each time someone passed him by for being too big or jumping too high that God told him, "just wait Zorro I have someone special for you." Zorro and I were a team for many years after that. He loved to swim and was so proud of himself for doing the doggie paddle! We went for walks and runs in the woods all over the state of Michigan. I had to say goodbye to Zorro on January 13, 2009. But he will remain in my heart forever.

J. Langwith
Howell, MI

Rescued Rat

Cool Whip was a classroom pet for the first two years of her life. She arrived in the clinic where I work as a veterinary technician for euthanasia one afternoon; I couldn't bare the thought of her owner putting her down simply because something was wrong with the skin on her face. I asked the owner to sign her over to me and I would attempt to treat and medicate her in hopes of allowing her some more time to live. She was the sweetest, friendliest rat that I have ever owned. It was obvious that she was grateful that I took her in and put out such a huge effort to make her feel like a pet and not a property. She was incredibly attached to me, I knew she was thankful for all that I was doing. She came to work with me everyday; I took her out in public. Everyone who took one look at her told me I was horrible for letting her skin get as bad as it was, and gave me dirty looks when they saw her. Of course, they didn't know the whole story; they didn't know she was a rescue and we were doing everything we could to figure out what was wrong. The doctor and I never could figure out what was wrong, and we never could cure it. As time progressed, Cool Whip started to develop terrible reproductive issues from not being spayed. I had to let her go barely eight months later. I know that our time was short together, but I also know it was the best 8 months of her life no doubt.

Tiffany Dieringer
Conroe, TX

Big Boy, Duke

This is my big boy, Duke, a pit bull/mix. My daughter found him in a dark parking lot at 4:00 am, after leaving work. She had pulled into the parking lot to find her cell phone in the car and saw a grown dog. She got out of her car to check on the dog and found Duke, less than an inch from her front tire. As you can see, he is so dark and was so small (the vet said he was probably three or four weeks old), she had not seen him. We already had three dogs and two cats at the house. She knew another one would be too much. But, that did not stop her. Of course, I fell in love with the tiny bundle of fur at first sight. It's been almost two years. My daughter has moved to her own place, taking two dogs with her. One cat, also a rescue, adopted a neighbor because he couldn't take all of the dogs. I've moved to a new place. I still have a cat named Courtney, my dachshund mix named Harley (aka Bebe) and big boy Duke. They have kept me going after my fiance died suddenly of a heart attack. Their unconditional love and companionship are a constant joy.

Nashville, TN

Life Saver

While singing in a band years ago, I was driving very late one night on my way to the next gig. There were very steep and dangerous ditches on either side of the road. Spanky Scissorpaws traveled in his kennel in the passenger seat with the door open so he could reach his food and litter box.

I don't remember nodding off but a sudden, a extremely loud, "Yow wow!" woke me just in time for me to avoid ending up in the right hand ditch - a crash that would have killed us both.

Spanky will be 18 years old March 19 2009, and I love him more every day.

Karen Hjalmarson
Calgary, AB, Canada
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