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The Mighty Fen!

We had just lost our Trouble, one year to the day that our beloved Skimbee had passed away. Trouble was Skim's grandkitty. Heartbroken, we looked online at a local animal shelter - not the one where I volunteer, but another that utilizes euthanasia for unadopted pets. And there she was, the image of Skimbee, but tiny (he and his grandkittys all went 28 pounds or so), with her freckle on the other side of her nose. But the same huge green eyes and grey mask on a white face. She'd been on the street for some time, in what was one of the coldest, snowiest winters in the town where she was found.

When we saw her for the first time, it was love at first sight. She wrapped herself around my husband's arm and there was no turning back. Today, she has been with us for a year, and totally rules our household. Even has her own place at the table (as did Skim and Trouble). Her name is Fennore, which means ghostly spirit in Gaelic. So often we see a passing moment or feeling of Skim or Trouble in those expressive celadon eyes. When she's "zippy" as she often is, we think of her as our Tiny Mighty Fen!

Kathryn & Burke
Ridgway, CO

Awww, Lucy, give me five minutes to 'splain!

This is Lucy. We adopted her from Adams County SCPA when she was 4 months old. She had already been adopted by a family but was returned for "exhibiting puppy behavior!" Huh?? Well, she was a PUPPY and required training and lots of love!!!

That's were we came in! We have adopted before and even rescued a litter of feral kittens.

Lucy is a JOY!! She is now four years old and the most loving, easy-going dog. She now has a sister, Twiggy, who was also adopted (she was a stray) and two kitty-siblings, Thomas and Ozzy, both rescued.

If everyone who wants a pet would ADOPT instead of buying from a pet shop or a breeder, this world would be a better place for both humans and the abandoned animals...IMAGINE!!

Kathleen Faber
Glenville, PA

Tornado Survivor

Bebee is from the city of Bebee (which she is named for after the fire department rescued her) in Arkansas and a survivor of the outbreak of tornadoes that swept through the state in January 1999. She was brought into the clinic with broken bones sticking out in her front leg, a dislocated knee, full of maggots and weighing only 3-1/2 pounds. She was but one of the thousands displaced and brought into Little Rock over a period of weeks. In all her pain and suffering when I placed my hand in the box, she purred, and that sealed our fate. I had only planned to foster her but after 3 surgeries and living under my bed for 6 months, she became a family member. She was the first of our 3 rescues we now have. She is a healthy inside, 17 pound door greeter and just had her 12th birthday. Sometimes in tragedy the most beautiful gifts are found. More then 100 animals were adopted from our clinic alone among the reunions to owners and families.

Pembroke Pines, FL


This is 10 month old,"Tuffy". His mama, who lived in the woods, deposited him and his sister on the door step of a near by house. She did this several times before the lady of the house got the hint and took the babies in. She gave the two kittens to her neighbor who owned a dog grooming shop. That's where I found Tuffy. He was only 1 1/2 pounds and about 4 weeks old. He had been weaned and had very good bathroom manners. It took 24 hours for him to get used to being handled and now he can't get enough "handling"!

Roxanne Snyder
Titusville, FL


Georgie always looked like he knew far too much about bad situations in his past. But he had a strong constitution for going ahead with life and hoping things would get better. I hope his time with me was as good for him as it was for me. I got Georgie in his middle to late years, as I don't know how old he was. He had been living with a distant neighbor who was moving and wasn't real sure what would become of Georgie or his mother. I took both cats home. Sadly, Georgie's mom had inoperable cancer, but she was given lots of love and TLC in the last 3 months of her life. Georgie loved to come and sit on the couch with my boyfriend and I and be petted. He had never lived inside before. He had a favorite catnip mouse that he used to carry around in the middle of the night while meowing loudly. He loved to lay in the sun on the slate patio, especially near the end of his days with us. One summer he was outside and didn't come in before dark as per usual. We had a storm which caused massive flooding in the neighborhood. Our grounds were underwater, and he would have had to swim home for the next 3 days. Of course I was frantic and put up signs and went looking everyday. On the 10th day, when I got up for work, his little face greeted me outside the french doors to the patio! I was never so happy to see anyone! And he never strayed far from home again!

Sarasota, FL

Phil and Gracie

We found Phil (orange tabby) first at Phil's gas station laying in grease and oil so weak he couldn't get up. We bought him home and he is doing great. Two months later we found Gracie she had a rough start, her mom rejected her and she was going to be put down. We stepped in and bottle feed her every two hours for months Phil and Gracie where the best of friends always together always side by side. On February 29th ago we took Gracie to Forgotten Cats ( a cat resue) to be neutered and she passed during the operation, they say this is rare but we are heart broken(:0( Gracie's best friend Phil was so lonely without her. We found Phil a new friend name Cole a pure black stray. We will never forget our Gracie.

Nikki Butz
Philadelphia, PA


One evening I heard a cat meowing as I fed my 2 barn cats their dinner.

I looked up to see an orange and white kitty sitting just on my fence line

in the grass. I told him to come on over, and it didn't take long before

he was joining Totti and Pinky daily for supper. I took him to my vet for

neutering and his shots, and he has called this home ever since.

It took a bit of time for the other 2 cats to welcome him wholeheartedly

but they are all friends now. Julius likes to play and climb trees and


In fact if it weren't for his insistent cry that first night, I might have

missed the chance to get to know this sweet boy.

Sarasota, FL

My "KFC" Kitty!

I saw him scamper from the front of the restaurant towards the back. A

swoosh of orange and white. A small swoosh at that. I followed and up a

tree he went. I told him I would be right back with some chicken for him,

but when I came out, of course he was gone.

I returned later that day with a trap borrowed from a friend who does

animal rescue. After setting it with some delectable tuna, I left. I spent

a few hours wondering if I would be successful, and to my delight, he

was indeed inside when I came back just before dark.

He was named Biscuit, after first trying "nugget" on for size. He has come

a long way from the scared kitten he first was, and will let me pet him and

we are learning to like a comb too! He loves playing with another of our

strays - they chase each other back and forth and up and down! What a face!

Sarasota, FL

Orphan Annie

Annie found me at at horse show in KY. She was a older puppy who had obviously been dumped there. She was so thin and hungry. She was flea infested and had mange. Also she was coming in heat. In spite of all her maladies she was so friendly. She just wanted to play and be with the other horse show dogs. People would shout at her and run her away. She found her way to my trailer. I immediately fell in love with her. She came home with me nine years ago. She is the best dog. Loves everybody. They say one man's trash is another mans treasure and that what she is to us a treasure.

Nancy Kunkel
Bedford, KY

O_R_E_O !

My Oreo is a wonderful year old B&W cat. My cat Oliver & I had lost our cat Kiki recently - he & I were heartbroken! Oliver is an Orange Marmalade Colored male who is also half Maine Coon Cat! He has the fur patterns, Pads, Fur ruff, etc. of the Maine Coon cat, he's gentle as a lamb, except in the presence of feet in socks!

I popped into Mom's house one day & my Niece had two kittens being being shown to her as potential adoptees. Little tiny Oreo walked over to me, gently climbed onto my Shoulder & went to sleep purring!


To my astonishment, Oliver completely welcomed him immediately, no territorial acting out or issues from Oreo or Oliver! WOW!! 6 months later, "male" Oreo went into heat! Ta-dahhhhhh! (Ah-haaH!)

Oreo is an incredibly lithe and talented Acrobat, has thumbs, and can balance on the back of a thin railed chair perfectly. Oreo has perfected the "Who, ME???" look to perfection! Oreo is very bonded to me and while Oliver patrols the house at night, Oreo sleeps in my Bed, and watches over me all night long! My Niece adopted Oreo's Brother, who apparently is pretty wild and pesky! Guess who got the RIGHT cat! LOL.

I never had a female before- she teaches me something new everyday. Oliver loves her too! He went from non-stop crying out and searching for Kiki to loving, grooming and playing with Oreo. Both respond to my whistling for them.

My life would be empty without them!


Steve B.
Worcester, MA
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