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Robusto a.k.a. Buster Brown

Our Robusto, aka Buster Brown was one of a litter of newborn kittens taped up in a box and thrown in a dumpster. Fortunately, a passerby heard their tiny cries and they were taken to our local shelter. We fostered the kittens with help from a surrogate mother cat. Buster Brown grew up big, strong and lovable. We can't imagine life without him!

N. Peavy
New York, NY

Our Little Pookie

That is our Pookie....Pookie Danielle to be exact. She rules the house hahaha. She is so sweet....has a little beauty mark on the end of her nose. When I first found her I went to the shelter looking for a cat that had gotten away from me. While searching thru the cages to find him I found one little kitty that would make me smile again.

I did not know her name then....nor did she know mine haha...but we connected. I opened that cage door looking for the other and I found this beautiful big eyed kitten that came to me right away. She never meowed at me...she didn't have to....she was mine and I knew it. I picked her up out of the cage and just turned to the officer there...he said "just take her...I can tell you care"...and so yeah I brought her home.

Pookie got named Pookie because my wife thought it was funny to hear me and my oldest son say Pookie. You just have to hear our voices to understand that part of it. But to understand why it does not bother us to say the name have to know her. She was not even fully weaned, still had milk teeth, and longed for just someone to love her and help her. She has loved us....helped us. I, and my family, were lucky enough to have Pookie become a part of our family. There are so many more that want the same please everyone come find your own a life.

Bowie, TX


One day at a job site, one of the residents told my husband about a dog she had found. A beautiful golden haired little mail Pekingese. My husband fell in love with him and told her if she couldn't find the owners we would take him. Even with our other dogs!

She called us after a few months of intense searching, to see if we still wanted him and my husband immediately brought him home. His regal behavior created his name and he immediately fell into the routine of the house!

Charlie is such a sweet, laid back dog that even the other dogs can't get mad at him! Charlie can take a treat or bone right out of the mouths of the other 3 dogs, WHILE they are growling and showing teeth and walk away with it...leaving them to heave a sigh and go get another one. Our one rescue, Hattie, is deaf and she just loves Charlie..and Charlie is the only one that can take Hattie's bone without a fight!

Charlie even got to be a model one time, doing a photo shoot with me as he sat beautifully on the deck bench during mass picture taking! What a pro and what a ham!

Charlie is the biggest mooch too, following my husband around trying to beg some of his meal! And of course he is really hard to say no to!

We are very lucky that Charlie came into our life. And I'm sure he agrees that he has lots of love in this family!

Seville, OH

Peanut is the grand lady

I was at one of my rehearsals for a musical and heard a lady talking about how she had picked up a dog at the shelter but when she brought it home it had nipped at her baby and she was worried about taking it back to the shelter. She described it as a bigger chihuahua like terrier. Well I heard her and just had an instinct to talk to her about the little dog. I just couldn't let her go back to the shelter!

She brought the dog to the next rehearsal...oh what a sweetie and I fell in love and took her home. She fit right in with the animals we had then and has since become the "grand old lady" of the pack with the newest four. She is a very reserved, grand lady that watches over her domain and the rest of the family. A very gentle, loving sweetie.

Peanut jumps into bed, curls under the covers and then comes out, lays back with her head on my pillow, puts her paws over the blanket and sighs. She is ready to go to bed! Peanut is the one dog of our four that really thinks she is a people. She acts more like a little lady, even in the way she will take a treat. Peanut has been with us 9 years now and is very much a part of our family.

Peanut is the biggest "kisser" of the family to, unfortunately (for us) she has the looooongest tongue!! But we just love her to pieces!

Seville, OH

Bailey Rae

This sweet little girl was dumped in a parking lot when she was only about 5 weeks old. Someone found her and took her to a local vet's office. She was going to be euthanized if she wasn't able to find a home. One of my neighbors worked at the vet's office and brought her home hoping that someone in the neighborhood could take her. We had been wanting to get another puppy, and this little one just fell into our laps! Bailey is almost a year old now and the best dog anyone could ask for! She's so smart, sweet, and loving... I'm so glad she found her way into our lives!

Simon & Doris Irvin
Greenwood, MO

My brave girl

This is Nikki. We got her from the shelter 10 years ago. She was skittish, afraid to go with me at she is so loving and protective. I was at a Target store and noticed a man following me around. When I checked out my purchases I noticed him standing by me. I walked out of the door and looked behind and sure enough he was walking out the door...I ran to my van, opened up the hatch and without me saying a word, Nikki jumped out and ran after the guy who hastily retreated back to Target! After she was satisfied with her bravery she retreated back into the van. I'm convinced this guy thought he was going to rob me.

Thank God for my big girl!


Susan O'Day
Watsonville, CA


Buddy was a rescue from CARE (Companion Animal Rescue Effort). They rescued him right before the pound was going to put him down. He is now a successful member of society and contributes by "working" for PetPals Animal Assisted Therapy. He has so much love to share with everyone and I am privileged to be able to share him with others. We love him so much and can't believe someone didn't want him!!! He's got such a deep soul, and his eyes show it. In his free time he loves to be the "little brother" to his older sister Mochi and torment her. It is so funny to watch them interact with each other. They remind me of how my little brother and I were with each other. Buddy is like how my little brother was to me.....I remember how he constantly bugged me. They say rescue dogs know that they were rescued and show it.....this is so true! He shows how much he loves us EVERY day.

San Jose, CA

Regal the Cat

Regal was a stray I'd seen for several weeks. He'd come near for food but always ran away. He started to run not quite as far. In the meantime we had rescued a stray husky/Shepard mix with a Have-A-Heart-Trap. I set up a doghouse with straw hoping the dog would go in as we had minus 20 weather in Jan. Nothing doing, but we eventually found her a forever home. So I left the doghouse out for Regal as it was still very cold. With the opening facing the side of the garage, it gave good cover from the cold. We also bought a heated bowl so fresh water was always available. He had gotten used to our dogs going out. I could tell when he was in the house because our dog Xena would sniff the house. I knew he wasn't feral, no feral cat would ever sleep that close to people in a dog house. Then a miracle happened, Regal smelled canned food! One of our kitty friends from down behind has 3 legs so he gets canned once in a while. Regal could not take the smell of the canned food any longer. He let me pet him, he purred so loud the whole neighborhood could have heard him. I thought he'd been in fights as his ears were all messed up. He was roomed at the HS. A week later I visited him and found out he had not been in any fights but had FROSTBITTEN ears. He lost the tip of one and about one third of the other. In addition he was coming down with an upper respiratory infection. We got him in just in time! Now he is up for adoption and is a happy healthy 7 year old!!!

Dulles, VA

Kirby - A saint from New Orleans

I had wanted a dog ever since my family's dog, Vanilla, passed away at 18 years old. Vanilla was a mini poodle mutt with a pink nose, the sweetest dog in the world. He was so easy going, he let me use him as a horse for my dolls. So you can see how I would want another "Vanilla". Unfortunately, living in an apartment would not allow it. I chose to volunteer at the local SPCA to get my dog fix.

Fast forward to October 14, 2007. My husband and I have been living in a house for five months and I am chomping at the bit. We had a week off from work and I decided that it was time for us to adopt our dog. We went to the shelter and immediately Kirby and I saw each other. I took Kirby outside to "meet" him. My husband was checking out the dogs we were really interested in, according to the local SPCA website. As wonderful as these dogs were, I didn't feel the bond I felt immediately with Kirby.

Fast forward another 30 minutes and Kirby, a boxer mix, was legally ours. But just who was this "Kirby"? A woman we met at the local off-leash dog park said he looked like one of a litter of nine Hurricane Katrina puppies rescued by a local shelter. Since then, we have seen four other dogs that look just like our Kirby, so that very well could be his story.

Now, almost 1 1/2 years later, Kirby is a happy, healthy 3 year old who gets along with his 14 year old sister, Kitty, a cranky, diabetic cat who gets twice daily insulin shots. This makes us wonder. Maybe he really is a saint from New Orleans.

Jessica and Chris S.
Cincinnati, OH

Smokie and Moose

Our Boys, Smokie and Moose, rescued us on a cold December day back in 1997, when they were appx 8 weeks old. They were walking down a heavily traveled country road in the snow and ice. After many weeks of trying to find their home, or a new home (together), we discovered what they already knew - they were home - with us!

They have lived very happy lives with us, and are our best friends, so we're making sure that they both enjoy every day to its fullest!

My heart breaks daily for all the lost and lonely animals out in the world. Please don't hesitate to help a critter in need!

Central, SC
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