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Smokie and Moose

Our Boys, Smokie and Moose, rescued us on a cold December day back in 1997, when they were appx 8 weeks old. They were walking down a heavily traveled country road in the snow and ice. After many weeks of trying to find their home, or a new home (together), we discovered what they already knew - they were home - with us!

They have lived very happy lives with us, and are our best friends, so we're making sure that they both enjoy every day to its fullest!

My heart breaks daily for all the lost and lonely animals out in the world. Please don't hesitate to help a critter in need!

Central, SC

Buster Brown

I adopted Buster from our local shelter, and I'm very greatful to have found him. He is a sweet-tempered, beautiful Beagle-Basenji mix, who loves to run, play, and stand on his hind legs.

He has brought much love and joy to our home.

Byram, NJ

Jingle Bells, our best friend

Our cat Jingle Bells came from the Animal Orphanage in Old Town, ME. She was brought to the shelter with a dislocated hip. She had five tiny kittens who had to be raised by a foster mom kitty. The day I met her, our vet had to put our old cat to sleep, and afterwards Dr. Volk said, "I've got someone out back I think you should meet". As soon as she saw me, this kitty started singing and wanted a belly rub! After a couple of months recuperating at the shelter, she came to live with us. She's sweet-tempered and well-behaved - a joy to have around.

I'd encourage people who want a cat, dog or other pet to give a loving home to an animal from a shelter or rescue program. Your best friend may be waiting for you at your local shelter!

Connie Rand
Lincoln, ME

My "Main Man" Muttley

Due to my chronic illness, my sister and I were looking at properties for sale so we could live together. While looking at a duplex, there was a small dog in the backyard that was rail thin, covered in fleas and ticks and apparently trying to survive. We asked around the neighborhood and found that one of tenants moved and left him. I already had two large female dogs but I brought him home.

Whenever I have a low blood sugar, he lays down beside me and won't leave my side. Typically, if someone is at my front door, he barks; however, when the paramedics are called, he lays quietly, right beside me, while they attend to me.

I have a total of 5 rescues and they all have their place in my heart. Muttley just happens to go above and beyond in his role as protector.

I have been on Disability for 4 years now and I know that the time I spend with my dogs helps to keep me healthier.

Victoria L Bill
Oklahoma City, OK

Bonny-Jean Comes Home

Me and Mom adopted Bonny-Jean right before Christmas '08 at a local PetsMart. A pet rescue group was there and we immediately fell in love with the little Westie dog they had named "Allie" who was up for adoption. She was rescued from a horrible puppy mill in Missouri. We took her home and she is the happiest little dog in the world. We changed her name to Bonny-Jean (very Scottish). She loves our other two dogs Joshua and Annie and they love her too! Her favorite plush-squeak toy is her "Mr. Turtle". We adore Bonny-Jean and she is defintely home to stay!

Julie Trammell
O'Fallon, MO

Looking for a Home

About a month ago, my female black lab Josie and I noticed a stray cat hanging around between our house and my neighbor's, who has four cats of her own. Every time we went up to the fence he would look up and cry so pitifully. He seemed friendly so I started feeding him. With those blue eyes and long hair I found out later he is a silver Persian. I took him to the vet and got him tested and up to date with his shots and found out he is about two years old and neutered. He had to have his hair shaved off because of the burrs, so he enjoyed a day at the spa. It's been a week and Josie and he are getting along just fine. When I leave for work in the morning I see them sitting in the bay window together, and it shows how quickly animals accept each other. A good lesson for us humans.

P.S. I named him Gabriel, Gabby for short. In the evening when I'm home, you can find him in my lap!

Dayton, OH


An old neighbor called me just before Christmas, desperate to find safe harbor for 6 horses. Several months earlier, 25 horses had been included in the sale of a church that offered a riding program . The church's new owners had decided to terminate the riding program, and had insisted that the director of the program remove the horses from the property by the end of December. Many horses were sold to students who had been riding them, and to other private parties. At the time Nancy called me the deadline had been shortened - there were 4 days left.

I immediately called my neighbor, Gonzalo, who had made the mistake before of offering to help if I ever had emergency "horseguests". Housing arranged for two horses!!!

Contacted people who might have friends with empty stalls - got an offer from Krissy - 2 more stalls reserved!!!

Called my girlfriend Kelley, and lined up a second trailer...

The photo I posted was Penny "before". Penny is a tough old bird - the only horse I've ever seen willing to challenge Delight. After the starved look went away, we realized that this mare had awesome conformation, & must have been really a looker in the past.

She went to a riding buddy of ours with horse property in Yorba Linda who's never owned a horse. Now Barb rides with her neighbor. Barb trailered to Chino Hills with him, & because of a locked gate it turned into a 3 hour ride. Penny was totally in her element; she came back leading the ride :) Not bad for a 30 year old w/ navicular....

I have an "after" picture - Penny is glowingly lovely! The neighbor borrows her to take his girlfriend camping. Penny is loved & fussed over by Barb.

Ingrid LeMasters
Mira Loma, CA

Maggie & Buster

When Maggie was 8 weeks old, she was found at the side of a busy road and brought in to a local animal shelter. I was in the process of looking for a second dog so when I brought Buster in (who was 9 years old) to meet a different dog there, she ran right up to him and I took that as a sign that she was the one to get. Buster's been her hero ever since. Although I technically adopted Maggie, Buster is the one who actually found her.

Cathy Benecke
Saint Germain, WI

My tuxedo pals

I rescued Pippin from some boys tossing him around. A year later I rescued Sam and Stasia from an old wooden cage filled with feces and urine. They saunter (cats don't run to you) to greet me when I come home from work, and they fill my home with mischief and joy.

Jersey City, NJ

Precious Persian

My husband traveled daily and stopped at a rest stop frequently. For 3 weeks he saw a little persian in the same place, but never could get close to her. As winter was approaching, we drove 110 miles to the rest stop and managed to coax her to come. She was emaciated, weighing only 5 pounds, had ringworm and roundworms. We nursed her back to health and she is now the most precious, loving, little baby in the world.

Jennifer Brown
Richmond, ME
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