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Shana is 10 years old and came from Cape Coral, Florida. She truly makes my heart smile. She is the smartest cat I have ever known. When I throw a toy for her she brings it back to me. She listens to my calls and does exactly what I want her to do. To get my attention, she will do exactly what I don't want her to do!

Lake Worth, FL


Molly was an indoor/outdoor cat and lived across the street from me, her owner passed away and Molly came to my house and welcomed herself home. She has never desired to go back outside again. She had a bad eye which had to be removed and her only eye has glaucoma so she needs alot of TLC. She is special because she lives with one eye and takes eye drops three times a day and doesn't complain at all. Thankfully for both of us she just puts her head up and lets me give the drop. She is very sweet considering all she has been through.

Lake Worth, FL


We adopted Raja almost 6 years ago, this coming November. She was abandoned on the streets and our local Vet knew we were looking for a female tabby and she immediately gave us a call. She was approx. 3 months old, undernourished, underweight, very shy. After several months of Vet Checkups, she was given a clean bill of health. She has bloomed into a very socialable cat and we spoil her with everything her heart contents. She is the best friend, a pet owner could ever want.

Marta Quilliam
Cadyville, NY

My Sweet Annabelle

I adopted Annabelle after she was found abandoned and starving, stuffed in a tree stump at the City Lake. She was an indoor cat, but ventured outside one February and was chased out of the yard by the neighbor's cat. I searched the neighborhood and put up flyers, but after a year and a bucket of tears, I stopped looking. My sister refused to give up and called one morning to tell me she saw her sleeping in a lady's yard across town. She had already been gone for 3 years, 2 months and 5 days. The lady said,"Yes, the cat has been here for about 3 years now and is wild as the wind. We feed her, but we can't get near her." I sat down in the grass, called her name and she came right to me. She's been home with us for almost 3 years now and we're so glad we found her. I still can't believe it. What are the chances?

Boerne, TX

Luci and Merlyn

At the time my hubby Gary, had only agreed to just one kitten, and my choice was the most active in the cage, trying to get the heck out, we named him 'Merlyn'. And for an added blessing, Gary asked about the other boy, who was pleasantly sleeping in the very back of the cage, not at all worried about getting out. Once in Gary's arms, all he said was 'This ones going to be real handful ! Lets call him Lucifer.' And so we did!!!

Both our babes, 'Lucifer' & 'Merlyn' absolutely adored my late husband Gary. He was so very ill, and rarely left the house, plus, they could lay right on top of him, for hours and hours and hours, sleeping contently. Plus they were amazingly obedient to him too. Where as me, well, they more or less looked at me like we used to look at our Mom's as teenagers.....right ?

The day we lost Gary, April 14th, 2007, they knew something wasn't right. When the ambulance was here, trying to revive him, they ran under the bed, and didn't move for nearly the remainder of the day. They knew that Dad was gone, they didn't even come out for their supper until, very very late in the night. Eventually things smoothed out around here (somewhat) and it was just the three of us. There are many nights when I've been sobbing my heart out, and each time, they've appeared from where ever they were, eyes wide open, staring at me, as if to say, 'What can we do to help you Mom?'So I know they're very smart. These little bundles are the reason I get up every morning, and I'm very grateful that Gary said finally we could have not one, but two!!!

Sheila Joyce Gibbs
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Dolly & her 7 Puppies

On Valentines Day I found a stray, skiny, malnutrioned Mama dog in the middle of the street, when I tried to coax her into the car, she took off and led me to an overgrown part of a Tree Nursery. She hid in a very large mulch pile. I figured this is where she was hiding her puppies, but I couldn't get into the nursery. For the next 3 weeks my husband & I went twice a day to feed her. She still wouldn't let us get close to her. Last Saturday the nursery owner saw us and ran over to find out what we were doing, when we told him we were feeding the black stray Mama dog, he gladly responded "Do you want her & her puppies?" Yes we said! But how do we get her? He replied, come back on Tuesday and get her & her 7 puppies! He didn't want them and as a matter of fact they were a nuasance. Well, we went back on Tuesday, the puppies were a breeze to get, the Mama dog, not so much, the Nursery workers were able to catch her in the afternoon and we were able to bring her home. It's clear she's been abused and scarred, but she's starting to come around and we are earning her trust everyday. Her name is Dolly and she is now ours. We are having fun with the puppies and trying to find caring loving homes. We will probably keep one of them as well. They have brought so much happiness to us! Here is a picture of Lucy & Pongo (named by my niece), so you can see how great they are doing!

Homestead, FL

Maggie Mae, our little Mugsie

Mugsie was a baby kitten found abandoned in a box on the roadside. She was sick, had fleas, ear mites and was too young to leave her mother. We adopted this little bundle of gray fur and gave her a lot of TLC. She recovered to become an overactive, super achiever in the kitten division. For months she looked like a bad hair day with a bushy tail. Her crazy kitten antics kept us laughing and helped up to cope with the loss of our previous cat.

Mugsie kept her bushy tail but grew up to have beautiful, long gray fur that shown silver in the light. Her favorite activities were chasing "Da Bird," playing tag with me and sleeping in my lap.

When I was bedridden after surgery, Mugsie stayed in bed with me day and night, leaving only to eat and visit the kitty litter. We devised another cat-pouncing game called "hide the bookmark under the bedcovers."

At age 13 Mugsie had many vet visits, experiencing health problems involving her lungs and her intestine. She lost weight but not her spirit. Her vet felt that she would last only a few more months. I had a second surgery that left me in a body brace for 3 months. I prayed that our little cat would be with us for that duration, and she was, once again in bed with me while we watched Animal Planet together. It was so heartbreaking to say goodbye to our best little friend.

Nancy Krupa
Shoreview, MN

Robusto a.k.a. Buster Brown

Our Robusto, aka Buster Brown was one of a litter of newborn kittens taped up in a box and thrown in a dumpster. Fortunately, a passerby heard their tiny cries and they were taken to our local shelter. We fostered the kittens with help from a surrogate mother cat. Buster Brown grew up big, strong and lovable. We can't imagine life without him!

N. Peavy
New York, NY

Our Little Pookie

That is our Pookie....Pookie Danielle to be exact. She rules the house hahaha. She is so sweet....has a little beauty mark on the end of her nose. When I first found her I went to the shelter looking for a cat that had gotten away from me. While searching thru the cages to find him I found one little kitty that would make me smile again.

I did not know her name then....nor did she know mine haha...but we connected. I opened that cage door looking for the other and I found this beautiful big eyed kitten that came to me right away. She never meowed at me...she didn't have to....she was mine and I knew it. I picked her up out of the cage and just turned to the officer there...he said "just take her...I can tell you care"...and so yeah I brought her home.

Pookie got named Pookie because my wife thought it was funny to hear me and my oldest son say Pookie. You just have to hear our voices to understand that part of it. But to understand why it does not bother us to say the name have to know her. She was not even fully weaned, still had milk teeth, and longed for just someone to love her and help her. She has loved us....helped us. I, and my family, were lucky enough to have Pookie become a part of our family. There are so many more that want the same please everyone come find your own a life.

Bowie, TX


One day at a job site, one of the residents told my husband about a dog she had found. A beautiful golden haired little mail Pekingese. My husband fell in love with him and told her if she couldn't find the owners we would take him. Even with our other dogs!

She called us after a few months of intense searching, to see if we still wanted him and my husband immediately brought him home. His regal behavior created his name and he immediately fell into the routine of the house!

Charlie is such a sweet, laid back dog that even the other dogs can't get mad at him! Charlie can take a treat or bone right out of the mouths of the other 3 dogs, WHILE they are growling and showing teeth and walk away with it...leaving them to heave a sigh and go get another one. Our one rescue, Hattie, is deaf and she just loves Charlie..and Charlie is the only one that can take Hattie's bone without a fight!

Charlie even got to be a model one time, doing a photo shoot with me as he sat beautifully on the deck bench during mass picture taking! What a pro and what a ham!

Charlie is the biggest mooch too, following my husband around trying to beg some of his meal! And of course he is really hard to say no to!

We are very lucky that Charlie came into our life. And I'm sure he agrees that he has lots of love in this family!

Seville, OH
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