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Millie Saved Two Hearts

My best friend, Gracie (a rescue dog made up of much mixed heritage just like me!), died on March 3, 2008, 5 days shy of her 12th birthday. When she was 3, we rescued a 5 week old mixed breed little boy dog we named Dutch. When Gracie left us, Dutch was understandably very depressed as she had become his mother, sister, best friend, etc. I was not emotionally ready for another dog, but Dutchie was going downhill too quickly so I immediately looked online at the shelters in our area. I saw Millie's picture and loved her right away. My daughter wanted to join me to get a dog and she wanted to go to another shelter closer to her work. I agreed, even though I wanted Mille. On the way to meet my daughter, I said out loud, "Gracie, I know you will lead me to the right dog." When we reached the last cage at the very end of the last row in the shelter, there was Millie! She had been transferred to this shelter as no one would adopt her from the other because she needed to be spayed, had heartworm and was extremely timid as she had been badly abused. One week to the day that Gracie died, she led me to Millie (whom they had named Isis at the shelter)! She is now heartworm-free after treatment and has saved two hearts: Dutchie's and mine. I hope we've done at least as much for Millie. Thank you, Gracie.

Lisa Ericson
Chesapeake, VA

Sylvester The Seal Rescued On New Year's Eve

Our animal welfare group, the NWSPCA, was just about to finish a very busy year when one final call came abandoned seal on a near-by beach. We dispatched a volunteer inspector and located the seal after a short search. A small group of beach walkers had waited with the seal until our help arrived.

The seal pup was surprisingly energetic despite its ordeal. It is common for seals to leave their pups on beaches while they search for food, eventually the pup will learn to hunt for food itself. However while on the beach if the pup has any human interaction, this can cause the mother to abandon the pup, leaving it unable to fend for itself.

The NWSPCA has great support from the local community and following some quick calls, the Irish Coastguard and the local Lifeboat (RNLI) group dispatched their officers to assist in the transportation of the seal pup to the local lifeboat station. From here the regional officer of Ireland's National Seal Sanctuary arrived to bring the pup to their facilities.

Following their great work, the seal was rehabilitated and prepared to be released back into our community. Their seals are released back from the same beach they are found.

So at the end of February, we were able to contact all our members to let them know Sylvester was coming home. A large crowd of people, from kids to senior citizens, had turned up for the special event. Those in attendance formed a human passage way to the sea, ensuring Sylvester will be directed the right way. After a countdown, Sylvester's container was opened, and he emergered, following a quick look around, he pushed himself down to the sea. And with one last look back, he swam away starting his new life...Success!!

Colin Webb
North Wexford, Ireland

A Striped Tigress and Mutual Salvation

My mother cares for many animals. While I was visiting her, she said, "There's a soft grey kitten around here who I've been feeding." Sure enough, there was a lovely, tiny kitten, living under my mother's outdoor shed, afraid to come out or interact with people.

I spent lots of time sitting near her and talking to her, and eventually she came out and played and let me touch her gently whilst she sipped milk and nibbled her kitten kibble.

When I left to go home, Bridget climbed into my hand and came right along. She has been with me for more than a year now. She entered my life when I was having a sad, difficult time, and she helped to dry my tears.

She has since been my companion and playmate, guardian and caretaker, and when she's sleeping, curled up next to one of her favourite toys, an example to me of life's beauty.

I am not sure who rescued who. I think it was a case of mutual salvation.

San Antonio, TX

Mi perro Chuspi

Se ha muerto el 15 de Enero, era muy listo, yo le hablaba y me entendia todo, yo le decia por la calle a donde ibamos y entraba en la tienda antes que yo. Sabia lo perezosa que era yo para salir y me ladraba a las horas en punto de sus salidas, parecia un reloj y me hacia levantarme del ordenador. Porque me cuidaba mucho si alguien se acercaba,un dia tiro de la cadena para que yo subiese por un monte y asi no me cai, tengo muchos recuerdos y le echo mucho de menos, han sido 17 anos juntos. murio sin sufrir. esa foto se la hize tres meses antes.

adios Chuspi, siempre te recordare y te querre mucho.


Cantabria, Spain

40 days

This 20lb wonderdog, started life with a horder, when she relenquished custody of more than 150 animals my Tanner was among them. Rescue organizations from several states stepped in to help. Our small group in NE Wyoming took 13 of these dogs. I wanted to help make one of the less desirable dogs more adoptable, so in the early days of December 2006 I picked Tanner, who wouldn't eat or even come in to his run to get warm. He was doing wonderfully until a few days later he slipped out of my fenced yard and was gone. I searched for weeks and at Christmas time had just about given up hope. I recieved an email forwarded from a friend of a friend, she described Tanner right down to his collar and tag. He was on I-90 on Christmas day and all attempts to befreind him were rejected. I started using I-90 to go into town and look for him at every opportunity. I used a live trap after I pin pointed his location and a few days later I had him.

As it turns out it was excatly 40 days from the day he left, I took it as a sign that Tanner was my new dog. That was two years ago and Tanner goes everywhere with me, never on a leash,

Gillette, WY

One Good Rescue Deserves Another

Kelsey is my 8 year old Yorkie who came to live with me when she was 5 - her previous owner "didn't want her anymore". One day we headed out for our 1 hour daily walk, got about a block away from our house & she plopped down in the grass next to a privacy fence & stared at me. I was asking her what she was doing when I heard the chirping of Cockatiels. I realized that the sound was coming from a very small concrete shed on the other side of the fence. It was an extremely hot Summer day and there were only 2 brick-size airholes at the very top of this shed. We knocked on the front door of the home but it was abandoned. We opened the shed door and found a cage containing 2 Cockatiels sitting on the hot concrete floor - no food, no water, and the cage was filthy. I took them back to our house, gave them fresh food and water, and watched them eat for almost half an hour nonstop. I introduced them to our 8 other rescued Cockatiels and now we're one big happy family! Kelsey's unusual behavior saved two lives that day. She's truly an angel from Heaven and I feel very blessed to be entrusted with the care of all my "babies".

Gina S
St. Louis, MO


Lola came to us through a Lab rescue site on the internet. She was lonely while languishing in her former owner's backyard for over 4 years and was ready for a change in her life! We brought her indoors, settled her into her new dog bed, took her to the dog park, the beach and even on a 9 day road trip!

She is in training to become a service dog for the BARK program in our local schools. Elementary school students will have the opportunity to read to her, have a photo taken with her and be awarded a certificate for their effort. She has come full circle from her solitary beginning to a well loved pet and has taught me many lessons. Eat with gusto and enthusiasm, Run, romp, and play daily, Thrive on attention and let people touch you, Don't hold grudges, Live with a sense of purpose and Celebrate every day. I am not sure who rescued who to be honest!

Karen Embree
Seal Beach, CA

Extended Family

We have 5 dogs, all from shelters. Besides the 3 pictured we have a Beagle/Huskey mix and a full blooded German Shepherd. The dogs in the picture are a Black Lab mix, Coonhound, and a Terrier mix. Shelters and rescue groups have the best animals around. Our Shepherd was very sick, and the shelter didn't think she was going to make it, thankfully because of their dedication, she did. I couldn't imagine our home without her. All of our dogs are children to us. Most of the time they talk back less than our real children...except the Shepherd. She barks and howls when it's time to eat and will not stop until she's fed. She's always instigating her "brothers" and "sisters" to do the same. They all have such wonderful personalities, we wouldn't trade them in for anything. I can't stress enough how much we love our family, and how thankful we are to the shelters for taking care of them before we were lucky enough to find them.

Spartanburg, SC

Socks to Sox

We heard about a despondent Akita at our local shelter. She was starving herself, very depressed and needed a foster home asap. We already have a female Akita, but we couldn't leave this girl to suffer and quite possibly die.

We brought her home, and I wish I had room to tell you all the ways she has brought joy to our lives. When she first arrived, she didn't know how to play. We worked with her, but it wasn't until I dropped my dishrag and she swiped it that I knew she'd caught on. Now, if you leave a towel, a dishcloth, any kind of 'rag' unattended, it is likely to be involved in a tug-of-war. So, don't let anyone tell you old dogs can't learn new tricks. Socks was nearly eight years old when we brought her home -- I doubt she'd ever had a real home -- but somehow she knew this was her place.

We adopted her a month later, and as a tribute to her incredible spirit and lovely, slightly wicked smile, we rechristened her Sox. I tried Spirit, but she made her wishes quite clear. She only answers to Sox.

Shelly Keyes
Lansing, MI

Finding Max

We had already rescued a cat and two dogs so I really had no business going on but I did. It didn't take me long I spotted Max. I never thought I was a chihuahua person but his profile is what won us over. It was 2 month process because Max was in a different state. I had home visit and whole nine yards. On the friday before Thanksgiving, I got the call that Max was ours and I could pick up on that Sunday. I drove to Jacksonville, FL. from Hilton Head, SC and back on that Thanksgiving Sunday. The traffic was not the best but we would do all over again in a second. He is truly a blessing to this family. I can not imagine life without him. This is a rescue family and always will be.

Bluffton, SC
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