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Puppies for Christmas

Since I was a child, I always wanted lots of puppies on Christmas morning. Five years ago, I got my wish and a whole lot more. It came to my attention that someone we knew had a dog that had a litter of puppies on December 14th. The puppies were unwanted and when I found out that they would be spending the winter underneath a trailer or Gator bait,I insisted that they bring the puppies and the mother to my house. We already had 2 older dogs, 2 cats, an iguana and 3 Sugar Gliders. I had to keep the mother dog and everyone else seperate. We managed! We set the mother dog and the 5 puppies up in the garage with a baby pool and a heater. I should have just slept there with them, because that is where I spent most of my time. When Christmas Day arrived, we brought all the puppies inside by the Christmas Tree and let them play, what a Christmas present that year. My 2 older dogs were 14 years old at the time and aging quickly, so when it came time to find good homes for the puppies, I chose one that did not look like any previous dog I have ever owned (I can't bare to compare any of them). I made the right choice, because 2 years later I had to make the choice to euthanize Megabytes and Buddy before they had to suffer. Sunny, the puppy I kept, ended up having similar behaviors from growing up with them, keeping them alive in her behaviors. I did receive the best gift of all that year and would never give that opportunity up in a million years, I became the lucky one, not the puppies!!

KellyAnn Young
St.Cloud, FL

Special Kitty

Trystan was diagnosed with hydro encephalitis when she was a kitten, which left her blinded in one eye and barely able to see out of the other. She would be at risk for seizures and an early death due to her condition. My cat had recently passed away and I was still raw from that very sad day. The person told me they were trying to find a home for her, but I wasn't sure if I was ready for more heatbreak. I decided to take her, figuring she needed me and I should step up to the plate. Turns out I am the one who needed her, and my family could not agree more. She is the house nursemaid, and tends to anyone who is sick or just feeling down. She knows when she is needed and won't leave that person's side until they are all better. Kindness is not a trait I usually think of when a cat comes to mind, but Trystan is truly one of a kind and an important part of our lives. Everyone she meets is smitten- to include my formerly cat disdaining husband. She is his cat now.

Annapolis, MD

Small Miracle

Francis was left tossed in a sealed container in a dumpster at a local store by my home. I only happened by chance to see the container moving; when I first laid eyes on him I couldn't even tell what color he was...cold, starving, and covered in scabs from mites. I took him home and with help from my vet I nursed him back to health. The love that he has brought me has changed my life for the better. We ultimately saved each other.

Hackensack, NJ


I passed this dog several times in the shelter, thinking "he's cute but looks like trouble." Robbie was on his last days at a kill shelter when our local shelter rescued him, gave him a home, exercised and trained him - beautifully. He spent 10 months there! How could such a cute dog be there so long? Two days before Christmas I went back, and the trainer heard about my interest in him, & got him out for me. When I saw him plop himslef on the dog bed in the shelter office, grab a toy & throw it up in the air & catch it, I was hooked. First night home he slept on his dog bed, jumped on me at 3 AM, gave me a kiss, and went back to his bed. He is quite the character, loves people, and I can't imagine life without him. I've had Robbie for more than 2 years now, he is the Christmas present that keeps on giving!

He loves to go back at visit his friends at the San Clemente Animal Shelter, who gave him such a wonderful second chance. He announces his arrival with a "woo woo woo" and his infamous half-smile.

Robbie is the best dog ever!

Jan Troutt
Oceanside, CA


I found Allie as a tiny kitten after a neighborhood dog had attacked her. She had two huge wounds on her neck from the dog's teeth. I was amazed that she survived. Although she was filthy, covered in fleas and very skinny, she oozed personality right from the start. I could tell she was a tough little cat. She fit right in and became our little Queen. But she always kept her street smarts. She was a great hunter and could catch any bug that came close! June bugs were her favorite! She was my faithful and devoted companion for a short but wonderful fifteen years. She has now crossed the Rainbow Bridge and peacefully awaits her mama. I miss her terribly!

Lura King
Slidell, LA

Jack Russell Number 5

I never look on Petfinder-it upsets me to see all the homeless pets. For some reason, this day I looked and thank goodness-there was Fred. He is a great addition to our family and rounds out the number of Jacks we have to 5! Gotta love Jack Russells!

The Jolly Dog House
Ocean View, DE

Kira & the Kitty

Kira was a "rescue" in July, 2008. She needed a home and lots of love.

Kitty needed about 2 months to accept her. She now lets the dog have the chair (sometimes).

We love Kira's sweet, friendly nature. She filled a big hole when our corgi passed on.

I like to say, "she was not the dog we were looking for, but she was the dog we needed"

Ron Rothenberg
Bedford Corners, NY

The Best Christmas Present Ever

Our kids had been begging for another dog for Christmas and we had secretly been looking for just the right one. I had my eye on several small dogs, all at various shelters and rescues. But a week before Christmas, Harley found us. He was a stray that made a home for himself under a friend's tree, during a bitter cold week. We received an email from our friend explaining the situation and we knew we were meant to give this dog a warm home.

Granted, Harley's MUCH larger than we had planned on; the vet has determined he's part Mastiff! But he's got tons of love (and kisses!) to share and we simply cannot imagine our lives without him now!

Mason, OH

Lover, Not a Fighter

Starr was born into a household which used their Pit Bulls for fighting, a fate she was doomed to endure. She was the sweetest, most loving puppy I had ever seen, and I made it my mission to bring her to our house instead. That was almost 8 years ago. Being a Pit Bull and weighing in at 102 lbs intimidates people, until they get to know her. Her character has changed many a person's mind about the Pit Bull breed. She is my best friend, a beloved member of our family and the best dog in the world!

Elle Richardson
Racine, WI

Hurricane Katrina Victim

I had just lost my baby girl Sheba to Lymphomia a couple of months earlier. I came across Sammy's picture on a website. He needed a home. He was a Katrina victim separated from his family. I contacted the woman who was fostering him in Louisiana and paid for him to be flown to me in New Jersey. There was an immediate bond. He came to my rescue as much as I did his. I am forever thankful to have found my precious boy.

JoAnn Russomanno
Harrison, NJ
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