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Dog alerts owners to cat's diabetic reaction

My rescued dachshund, Laci, woke me up with incessant barking. This was unusual, so I got up to investigate and found my 17 year old diabetic cat, Sandy, staggering while walking around aimlessly in our bedroom. Sandy was having an insulin reaction and Laci's barking alerted us to her condition. If not for Laci's alert, Sandy may have continued to deteriorate through the night and may have died from low blood sugar.

Lori Powell
Delray Beach, FL

Chandler Anne

My daughter, Maggie, rescued Chandler Anne from the Lee County, Alabama Humane Society when Chan was only a few months old. As we were looking at all the puppies, Chan was the only puppy that was not jumping all over us. My husband suggested that Maggie pickup the little black dog sitting in the back corner. Maggie never let her out of her arms. Chan had found her forever home and her family. When Chan was only 6 months old, I was taking her for a walk around the block. She saw two little boys playing ball. She wanted to play with them and pulled the leash out of my hand. Just as she did, I saw a truck coming and tried to stop them. The driver was not looking where he was going! She was hit by the front tire but luckily, the back tires missed her. I franticly called my husband who had heard my screams and was already getting in our car to come find us. Chandler had surgery the following day at Auburn University's Vet School where a rod was placed in her leg due to all the bone damage. When we went to see her, Maggie very carefully picked her up. Chan put her head on Maggie's shoulder to cry and moan. We all cried with her, it was a very sad day. About 6 months later, the rod had to be taken out because it was started to come through her skin. After much, much pain and lots of money, Chandler Anne is now a fun, silly, 90 lb. baby girl who will be three years old in May. Chan and Maggie have fallen in love with Wes who adores them both! It is such a happy ending!

Auburn, AL

Willow found her forever home!

Willow found us! It was chilly that day...I am a die-hard boater so it didn't matter to me. I was off to my favorite island to camp overnight on my boat. I called my wife on the cell phone & told her I found a great spot on Willow Island. What I didn't know-is that I wasn't alone on this island.

When eating my lunch I heard a dog barking in the woods. There was this very thin Australian Blue Heeler barking frantically. I thought she was a wild dog or sick, perhaps and shooed her away. I called my wife again to tell her about the dog. We both worried that she was somehow lost but figured a boat would be coming by soon to rescue her. I was getting ready for bed when I spotted her again, lying in the woods, quietly watching me.I turned in for the night and in the morning there she was curled up as close to the boat as she could get! I noticed how very thin she was, ,she had been lost for quite awhile. I invited her in and she hopped right into the boat. I took her home with me and my wife immediately fell in love with her. We fed her again and she snuggled up to our old German Shorthair, Rudy, as if it were a natural thing. In September, my wife had surgery for uterine cancer and that dog, who we named Willow refused to leave her side. I think our Willow is destined to be a hero. She has a new buddy--Boots, a rat terrier. Her friend Rudy passed away in 2006 and she missed her terribly until Boots came along with his manic terrier energy-but that's another story!

Ron Edfors
Clinton, IA

Buns rescuer

Honey Bear had a best friend named buns. Buns was a huge white new zealand rabbit that lived in our backyard. Buns would escape under the backyard fence and run the neighborhood, Bear would go out and track him down for me to bring him home. They would play chase in the backyard everyday. Bear would chase buns until he stopped and would face her down, jump in the air and kick out his back feet at her, then turn and romp off with her in pursuit. One winter, we had 22 inches of snow in one night. When I went to look for buns the next morning he was no where to be found. I took Bear outback and told her to go find buns. She found him buried in the snow about a foot away from where he would go under the deck to spend the night, nearly frozen. Had Bear not found him, he surely would not have lived thru that ordeal. Bear loved her buns and she saved his life that day.

joannie drayer
harrisburg, PA

Putter the Miracle Cat

Just before Putter's 3rd birthday, he was diagnosed with "Acute Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy", and given a diagnosis of 200 to 500 days to live. The cardiac veterinarian, Dr. Rupp, held out little hope. She did tell us though that in "rare" cases the disease has been known to reverse. She started Putter on Enalapril 2.5MG 1 a day; and Lasix 12.5MG 1 a day. She continued to see him at 3 month intervals.

On his second visit to her, she was slightly hopeful. His condition had not worsened. We continued his medications and she saw him 3 months later. At this time she was very, very happy with his progress. She cut the Lasix to 1/2 tablet a day for two weeks, then 1/2 tablet every other day. He remained on Enalapril, 1 a day. His prognosis had gone from "Acute" to "Moderate". She wanted to see him again, but not in 3 months, but in 6 months.

The next visit on May 11, 2005 was one of the happiest days for us. His diagnosis was now "Mild Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy". He went from "Acute" to "Mild" in just over a year's time. Dr. Rupp took him off the Lasix and left him on Enalapril, 1 a day. His chance to live a normal cat's life span was now excellent. Gone was the dire 200 to 500 day death sentence he originally received.

Today, March, 2009, Putter is a healthy, beautiful, loving, and playful eight year old. He still takes his Enalapril once a day, and thanks to Dr. Rupp at the Veterinary Specialists of South Florida, Putter is alive and well and my "Miracle Cat".

I hope Putters' story will bring hope to anyone whose cat has been diagnosed with Heart Disease. Where there is love there is always hope.

Sue Judge
East Liverpool, OH

A helping hand or paw

Ti was thrown away at birth in a trash can before he was rescued. When I was extremely ill from diabetes he stayed on my bed with one paw wrapped around my finger to let me know someone was with me. I used to hold his paw when he was a baby soothing him as he slept.

Love goes a long way.

Boynton Beach, FL

Best Friends

After looking for a while on, a picture of a young calico named Tess popped up. She had been adopted and then returned. When I went to the Norton Animal shelter to see her, another cat was out of its cage and paying close attention. "Who's that?" I asked. "Oh that's her brother Tony. Do you want him too?"

Tess & Tony are now good friends with our all-white longhaired cat named Charley. No heroic stories to tell, they're just great companions.

Newton, MA

Mississippi Mud Pie

Having worked with a family who'd moved to Mississippi and lost everything they owned from Katrina, I had a strong, unwavering desire to assist with the aftermath. I checked with the pastor of my church to find out if they had a mission planned. There wasn't, but I didn't stop there. I googled Katrina Missions and much to my surprise, found a church leaving in less than two weeks!

It was my hope to assist with counseling and the rebuilding of homes, however, I was also asked to assist in the animal shelters. I was informed that the animals were "low priority" due to the fact employees had lost their homes and were preoccupied with attempting to coordinate with FEMA.

My response: "you don't understand, I grew up on an animal farm; there is no way I can look those animals in the eye and not want to take each of them home". Needless to say, I did work in the shelter bathing all the pups, walking all the dogs and cleaning all of the pens. Although I was determined not to look into their eyes, as I was cleaning the cage of one dog, I saw her cowering in the corner, shivering fearfully. I quickly turned away and tried to jet out of her pen. However, she ran over to me, took her little paws, wrapped them around my ankle and did not let go. As her little body dragged along the concrete, she never let go of my leg and I burst into tears!! Consequently, my little Mississippi Mud Pie and her sister in the next cage, Kitty Kat Trina drove 18 hours home with me in the back of someone else's Mercedes Benz and never made a peep. They have become the biggest Blessing in my life.

Debra L. Haley, LCSW
Clayton, DE


One fine day, a tiny kitten was following some children as they passed by my house on their way home from school. They were very worried, so I offered to distract the kitten so they could continue on their way. That was in September 1987, and although we put up signs all around the neighborhood, no one ever claimed her, and Pepper and I have been distracting each other ever since! She is now totally deaf to voices, but I am a pianist and she always comes to sit next to me on the piano bench when I practice. I took the picture above on Pepper's 21-and-a-half-year-old birthday, as she pawed my leg asking to be petted!

Kathryn Flueck
Golden, CO

Bird Saves Son

No one was at home one night except for my son and Screech, my pet lovebird. After my son had gone to bed, the box fan's motor he was using caught on fire. If it hadn't been for Screech's persistent screeching, possibly the house and everything in it would have burned. We feel Screech played a very big part in saving his life.

Katie Heatherly
Monmouth, IL
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