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Chako...My Hero!

One day while he was outside, my dog Chako was barking like crazy. I thought it sounded like someone may be out there, so I went to see who he was barking at. Well, Chako was barking at my car! I checked all around the outside of the car but couldn't find anything, so I opened the door...and there was a garter snake curled up on my seat. I can only imagine what would have happened if that snake had appeared while I was driving! Chako is my hero!

Lynne Decker
Seneca Falls, NY


This sweet dog was a rescue from the Collierville, TN pound about 10 years ago. She was estimated to be about 6 months old. She wasn't what I was looking for, I wanted a shepard mix, but she wanted us. She was shaking and crying and my heart went out to her. She has given us unconditional love these past many years and we have done the same for her. My life is fuller because of her. We call her Darlin' and she truly is.

Jean Koebernick
Beloit, WI

Parker & Kirby - Bonded for Life

Parker and Kirby were actually born in our home. We fostered their mothers during their pregnancies for a local organization called Rescue House. Sisters, Katie and Kelly each had two litters of five within a matter of hours of each other. They both nursed, groomed and loved all ten kittens to the point that we didn't know who belonged to who. We referred to it as, "The girls are tag teaming again." Parker and Kirby, two of the ten, grabbed hold of our heartstrings and adopted us for life. They are either brothers or cousins - we're not sure which. At 2 years old, they are different as night and day, but totally inseparable.

Kat Baker
San Diego, CA

Super Duper Cooper

Cooper was left in a junkyard with his mother and three other puppies. A kind neighbor found them fed his mom and found homes for the puppies-

Late one dark and rainy December evening we drove to her cabin to meet him.

He lay on my husband's foot and then came when I called him. We took him home. Two years later he is a handsome, charismatic, polite, smart, funny, strong and sensitive dog. He loves new friends, kids, scent work and of course, the ball.

And we love him.

Portland, OR

Harley, the Little Pomeranian with a BIG Heart

I got Harley 3 days after I had to put my beloved little Scamp to sleep. Harley has made me smile every day since then. He is as full of love as he is energy.

I have severe social anxiety, but since I have to take Harley out 3 times daily for his constitutional, I'm not allowed to just hole up in my apartment. He is also a great ice breaker. I live in a retirement community, and he is loved by all here. He brings such joy to the lives of my neighbors! Some of them fuss over him as much as I do!

Topeka, KS


When our older Wheaten Terrier, Daisy, became too old to play with our younger Wheaten, Shana became depressed. We decided to bring a new companion into our house for her but were limited because of allergies. My daughter and I went to our local shelter and the only dog that fit the bill was a very large AirDoodle that had been abandoned twice in his short life. My husband thought that we were crazy and Murphy was trouble from the start, eating shoes, molding and vertical blinds. The other 2 dogs wanted nothing to do with him but we didn't want to give up on Murphy and persevered. After about 2 weeks everyone settled in and now Shana and Murphy are inseparable. When we lost Daisy Murphy kept us all going. Murphy has the most wonderful personality and keeps us all laughing.

Wendy L.
Cocnut Creek, FL

Oscar P

My kittens had become cats, less willing to play than to sleep. I went to get the mail one morning and this little kitten ran over to me and started to purr. "How sweet," I said to myself. I sat down and he climbed right into my lap. Just the day before I had said how much I had wanted a lap-kitty, and here he was. No one responded to my ads to find his owner, so I added him to the family. It took a little time for him to become accepted by the others, but he still loves to sit in a lap and purr.

Sacramento, CA

Our family lifeguard

Chudleigh, just a big gentle boy rescued from the side of the road on Christmas Eve 2003, saved his best friend, Quizno, also a rescue, from drowning in our pool. The boys love to play, wrestling like little boys do. This time Quizzy got thrown in the pool by the "rough housing". Chudleigh came in, demanded (remember Lassie) that we follow him out, only to find Quizno in the in-ground pool. My husband scooped Quizno out, while Chudleigh and I offered encouragement. Our boys, black and white, big and little, as different as yin and yang. Best Friends forever and the current loves of our lives.

Mary Cuda
Fort Oglethorpe, GA

Scarlett's story

Her picture was on the board at the Animal Shelter Booth. A big black blob! She was going to be "put down" in 2 days. I had to see her. Her fur was so matted and filthy we didn't know what she was! She just looked at me under all the mess and somewhere under there I just knew there was another little girl that needed us. At that time we already had a saved little Pekenese, terrior and a deaf jack russell and my husband thought I was nuts!

THREE haircuts and a shave later, we could finally see the little tiny Shi-poodle underneath! At first she was very hesitant to accept the other dogs or us and would hide under the bed. She has ONE toy that is hers alone and she won't share that one...a beat up Snoopy that we gave her when she first came home with us. Even after 2 years..that is still "her" toy!

She now knows how to wrap us all in her little paw, loves to be cuddled like a baby and bounces around the house like a little kid. And of course my husband just loves her!!

When you pick her up, she hangs on you like a little baby and makes little cooing noises. Whenever we leave the house she stands at your leg with her paws holding on, tail down and looks up with those little eyes so you have to pick her up one more time and cuddle before you leave! Her favorite place in the house is our bed! She sneaks in there whenever we leave the door open! The bed is crowded at night, with my husband, me and four little doggies! They are a wonderful part of our lives.

Seville, OH

Hattie's deaf, but she heard us!

Volunteering for the Forgotten Animal Shelter, I was shown a picture of a gangly, long legged, goat haired, white, Jack Russel dog. The dog was born totally deaf and was going to be put to sleep if someone didn't take her. The animal shelter was having a hard time finding anyone to take a deaf, 4 yr. old dog.

Well I called the foster family and had them bring her over to meet the rest of the family. At that time we had a little black and white Shitz Tsu and a brown little mutt terrior that had also been "saved". The foster family brought a cage and Hattie was on a leash. I had them bring her into the back yard and let her loose. The people thought that wasn't a good idea, but boy when she got loose, she ran around and around, stump tail wagging like crazy, came back to me and rubbed her head on my legs, took off again with the other two dogs chasing her in play. The romped and finally came and all laid down in front of me. Hattie was home!

She didn't know what the toys were, but she learned quickly! Now her favorite game is tug of war! The minute anyone comes over that is her friend, she runs to get her toy and shoves it into their lap to play.

When I had chemo/radiation for cancer, she would curl up tight next to me whenever she could. She seemed to know I was too tired to play tug of war and would just cuddle for hours with me along with the other doggies.

Hattie just eats up every bit of love you give her and gives it back ten-fold. Rescue doggies are just the best!!

Seville, OH
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