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Baby Girl

I first saw Baby Girl one evening as I was feeding the stray cats around our house. She was extremely thin, her eyes were cloudy, and she was very lethargic. She was one of the neglected animals that belonged to one of our neighbors that we ended up rescuing. I brought her into my home, although my mom warned me that she didn't have much of a chance to live. Fortunately, she pulled through, and she is now a much loved member of my family.

Marion Center, PA

Lady Bug's choice

A few years ago,our little TN was planning on a fair to raise funds for a park. My husband plays the bagpipes and was asked to come and play from time to time. He was playing "Scotland the Brave" at one point and felt this little furry body against his leg. He looked down, and here was a little three-legged dog snuggled up! He reached down and patted her and the shelter volunteer who had brought some dogs over to possibly find a home led her away. He played again later and the same little dog appeared, as if mesmerized by the bagpipe music!

My husband told me the story and later that month as the weather got colder, we went over to see how the little dog was faring! The wonderful lady who runs Noah's Ark brought Lady (the dog's name) out to see us, and she jumped right into my lap in the car and into the back seat, as if she knew she'd found us! Our Lady Bug was a delight with a mind of her own, and gave us her trust and love at no charge! She crossed the Rainbow Bridge last year and we still miss her! My heart goes out to all those dear little animals who need to find homes!

Kate Cahoon
Dandridge, TN

Madeline: One lucky pup!

Madeline and her puppies were rescued from a high-kill shelter in Ohio by a wonderful woman who runs a pitbull rescue. We're thankful that she did, because Maddie is the sweetest and most gentle beagle-mix dog ever. We're still often asked if she's a puppy, but she's just this cute full-grown! Maddie brightens the day of everyone she meets, and has really changed our lives!

Rochester, NY

47 of 49

When my senior Manx cat passed I knew I would want another Manx. I learned of a rescue that had just taken custody of 49 Manx and Bob tail cats. They were all living with their owner in a studio apartment.

When most of the cats had been vetted and taken to a "staging" apartment so that they could be seen and adopted I made the 3 hour journey. Imagine! I had to choose one cat from the 38 who were there.

When I arrived there were indeed cats everywhere. It was like a beautiful collage of fur and whiskers. 2 1/2 hours later I was still meeting cats and feeling more than a little overwhelmed. Finally, the very patient volunteer said, "let's move the love seat. They like to hide under there." Sure enough! There was a perfect rectangle of cats jigsaw-puzzled together under there. They scattered immediately.

Finally I stood, dazed and not moving. Suddenly I heard a squeeky 'meow'. I turned to see a scrappy orange and white manx looking up at me. It took 10 minutes for me to coax him into letting me pet him. He purred very loudly. His collar indicated that he was the 47th cat of the original 49 to be caught by the rescuers.

Once I had patted him no matter where I walked in the apratment the orange cat was two steps ahead, looking back into my eyes and meowing as if to say, "It's me you ninny! You have to take me!" And that's what I did.

Had we known what a lover Noah would become we would have named him Romeo! He is truly as sweet as the day is long.

Lisa Phelps
Barnstead, NH

Gloria - the Non-Fighting Pit Bull

Gloria was born to a dog fighter in Manhattan. At only 4 months old she did something that made her monster of an owner mad. She probably wasn't interested in fighting and that angered him to the point where he beat the left side of her head nearly flat. She was rescued by an Angel who spent thousands on treating her, but Gloria was left with severe brain damage.

When I saw Gloria's picture I knew she should live with us. She doesn't know she has a disability and she sure doesn't know pit bulls are supposed to be mean. She loves the other dogs and us, showering us with kisses at every opportunity. She races through the yard with the others, legs windmilling to keep her balance, eyes sparkling and a big grin on her face. She's very smart and funny. The brain damage causes impulse control (she will try to jump in your lap while you are eating) but she is on Prozac which has worked wonders and allows her to think a little more before acting.

Pit bulls deserve a chance - not the bad rap they are getting.

Jane Walbridge
New Haven, CT

Rescuing Chloe

I found Chloe at the local animal rescue, "BAR"--Border Animal Rescue in Bisbee, Arizona. She was a half-grown calico kitten curled up as far back in her cage as she could get. When I took her out of the cage, she was terrified but let me hold her and, of course, I couldn't put her back so put her in the car and took her home. She spent the first month hiding behind the toilet. I could hold her on my lap but she would promptly return to her safe space in the bathroom when I put her down. I knew she was mine the day she came into the den while I was working on the computer and crawled into my lap. She has since become a more social cat and will even let our grandchildren pet her.

Judy Pike
Bisbee, AZ

The Manicure For Mutts Challenge-Help Shelter Animals Everywhere

We may not be able to rescue them all but won't you join me in rescuing those we can.

In 2008 I decided to give a gift to myself; in place of spending $50.00 per month for manicures on myself I sponsored an animal at my local shelter and another at my favorite sanctuary.

When I read those words "I was Adopted" or found their "New Forever Home", well it felt so much better than any manicure I ever received!

Well, with the economy in shambles I have a deep fear that our Shelters, Rescue Leagues and Sanctuaries will suffer and donations and sponsorships will decline.

So, I will continue giving up my own manicures again in 2009 and continue to use those funds to sponsor the animals.

If you can, won't you take my Manicure for Mutts Challenge, and give up even one manicure for yourself and sponsor an animal or bring a donation to your local shelter.

The need is so great and this is so simple to do.

Now all you guy animal lovers, you may not get manicures, but you can help too, ask yourself do I really need another power tool?

Please join me, thanks.

Sheryl Jabre
Lee, NH

Hugo the Prince

Hugo is a miniatureschnauzer and he is so cute and his ears are amasing. He love children.

I have adopted him when he was 6 years old,

he was barking when he was alone at home, so the earlier owner feel so sorry for him and wanted him a new home with someone who never let him be alone.

And they choose me and my famili and we are so happy for that. With me and famili he is never alone, he is always with someone of us, where ever we go. He be 11 years old this summer 2009.

"Hugo the Prince" is Pepalfas Zeal Zews

Ewa Leidesdorff
Stockholm, Sweden


At ten weeks old, Daisy was found by a gentleman when he came home for lunch. She had followed his three Westies through the doggie door and made herself at home. No one claimed the spunky Puggle, so she was taken to the vet, who called me in to meet the sweet pup. I had recently lost my furry companion of twelve years. One look at Daisy and there was no going home without her.

Des Moines, IA

Luther, the rat terrier

I found Luther, a rat terrier, on the Petfinder website. When I saw his picture I said,"Luther, we will be there as soon as possible to get you and bring you to your new home." He is such a bundle of love and has brought so much laughter and fun to our family! I thank the Lord every day for allowing us to to live with this sweet little boy!

Sally Albright
Gadsden, AL
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