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A Malamute's Sad and Happy Story

I was involved with a no-kill group. We had a meeting at the Humane Society one evening. One of the group members mentioned that a malamute had been picked up wandering the streets, and that he was in one of the kennels in the bulding. I went to see him after the meeting. He was a four-month old beast, not house trained, chewing on everything, out of control but desperately craving human contact. I picked him up and he melted. So did I.

After being approved by the Humane Society, I took this wild creature home. I've had dogs all my life, but this one was determined to beat me. After two weeks, I was ready to take him back to the Society and forfeit my adoption fee. He wouldn't eat, he would urinate and deficate everywhere, and tore up anything in his path. Some of his history was discovered; he'd been a puppy mill puppy, and was given as a Christmas "gift" to someone who had no clue how to raise a husky. They opened their front door and kicked him out. He had wandered the streets for so long that his toenails were worn down to the pads of his feet. I decided that he needed lots of TLC, exercise and more patience than I thought I had.

Twelve years later, I said goodbye to this loving, gentle giant. A tumour in his tummy was killing him. He was the eternal puppy, and had no clue how sick he was the day he crossed the rainbow bridge, in spite of months of pain killers. Innu, I named him, after the First Nations peoples of Labrador and Quebec. I miss this guy every day, and am happy he spent his life with me.

Rosemarie Buchanan
Port Alberni, British Columba, AB, Canada

I didn't think I was ready, yet ended up with two

This is Cosmo (tuxedo) and Swizzle (tabby).

I was heartbroken when our fur baby Bailey Piper crossed the Rainbow Bridge. My husband suggested I get a new cat, but I was not ready. A month later, I volunteered at an adoptathon held by United Paws, our local cat rescue society. At the end, the foster parents were taking the cats who hadn't been adopted home. A tiny kitten named Mo had wedged himself between the litter box and food bowl in his cage. His litter mates and mom had been adopted and he was all alone shivering. His foster mother had a family emergency and said she couldn't pick him up. I removed him from the cage to comfort him. He eventually nestled in and fell fast asleep. I held him for over 3 hours before his foster mom picked him up. On the way home, I realized I had bonded with him.

My husband and I decided to adopt a 2nd kitty along w/ Mo. We had an older cat and wasn't sure he would like Mo. We felt Mo should have a playmate. Mo was the runt of his litter, so I began looking at United Paws webpage for another runt. I located Evelyn. She was 10 days younger than Mo and also extremely small. She too was the only one in her litter who hadn't been adopted. I contacted Mo and Evelyn's foster parents for a meeting to see if the kitties would get along. They immediately snuggled together and fell asleep. I adopted them together. Once home, they were renamed Cosmo and Swizzle.

They are now 3-years old and still great friends. They get along well w/ our older cat, Crook, too. Cosmo is our wild child, climbing everything and demanding snuggles at the most inappropriate times (generally while on the toilet). Swizzle is our sweet petite, weighing just 7 lbs. She loves playing fetch, attacking 12 lb. Cosmo and 25 lb. Crook, and being a lap cat.

I can't imagine my life w/out them and am thankful every day for United Paws adoption.

Wendy Gnau
Lincoln City, OR

He fell in to my life

This is Crook. My coworker and I were on a walk during our lunch hour when we heard faint, but frantic meowing. We followed the sound and saw a kitten dangling from a tree high above the main road in town. She stopped traffic while I stood below the tree branch. The kitten fell safely in to my arms. We returned to work and I placed him in one of our exam rooms (I worked for a doctor) until days end, then took him home. I posted his photo in the paper, called the local vet and animal control to see if he was lost. When no one claimed him my husband and I decided to keep him. We named him Crook because he looked like he was wearing a robbers mask, had a crook in his tail, and stole our hearts.

He is now 12-years old and still an amazing cat. He continues to suckle himself to sleep, either on my husbands arm or my neck. He is extremely vocal, playful, strong and smart. He is our big boy weighing in at 25 lbs. He is an indoor kitty (because we live where there are coons and coyotes) but loves going for long walks when the weather is nice. I leash trained him so we go out a lot. All of our neighbors know him, and he trots up to them chattering away for loves. He even will go on walks w/ the local dogs, who he's befriended, and vice versa.

I can't imagine my life w/out him and am so thankful that he literally dropped in to my life.

Wendy Gnau
Lincoln City, OR

GOD was Listening

When my little Pomeranian Foxy Lady died from a pit bull that a man had taught to fight. I was praying for her to live. Unfortunately, she died instantly, I never thought I could love another dog like I loved her. The other dog was put to sleep since he could not be trained not to fight. Even that dog's death did not help my grief for my lost companion. You see Foxy Lady was born on my wedding anniversary and was given to me on Valentines Day. I felt she was my love child. My husband and children searched for another Pomeranian but were unable to find any that we could afford. Then one night I had a dream that I would get another dog and call her Baby. A few weeks later my daughter called to tell me a friend of hers Poodle had puppies and she had one female puppy that was curly haired and o so cute. I said I would think about it and my daughter surprised me the next weekend with the puppy. I fell in love with her and called her Baby. My daughter said that's what her friend called her. I then asked when she was born and I then figured out when she was conceived, I then realized that God did hear my prayers. Baby was conceived on the day I buried Foxy Lady and she was the only female in the litter and was not like any of the other puppies. She has been my constant companion and I thank God for her every day.

Lawrence, KS

Sylvie-the cat with 3 lives! Always a cat, next a caterpillar and then a butterfly----

Lost my beloved Cookie & needed a friend for Missy, who missed her brother. Off to Petco, looking for the saddest cat we could find to give a good home & there was Sylvie-a lost soul who was a mess. The previous dastardly-owners kept breeding her & she was one pathetic girl-had giardia & was in terrible shape-but my sweet girl went from being the caterpillar into the butterfly- a beautiful 12 pound long-haired girl-in her forever home.

ayn silverman
new york, NY

Who's That?

This Harry. HIs brother Antonio had just returned from the vets, and was recovering from abdominal surgery. Antonio was still wobbly and wearing a surgical cone. Harry was very confused about who was this stranger in his house! This picture captures his shock and awe. :)

bushkill, PA

I didn't need another cat...

I had 3 kitty girls, all rescues adopted from local shelters. But I saw on the humane society’s web page that 2 little tortoiseshell sisters were going to their adoption center at Petsmart. I don’t know why, but I felt the sudden need to go see them. I was at work and had to get someone to cover for me so I could drive down. I ended up having to sit and wait because they hadn’t even arrived yet. But when they did the little 2 month old girls were adorable. I ended up choosing the one that was a little bit fuzzier and had to stop by the office to show her to my coworkers on the way home. However when I got her home one of my older girls hated her and kept trying to attack her. I had to keep them separated for a month, doing the site swapping and feeding on each side of a door. Finally it got to be too much so I put them both in the bedroom, holding a squirt bottle in 1 hand and a dangling toy in the other for distraction. After 30 minutes they were both OK. The baby is a year old now and rules the house. But I didn’t need another cat….

Janice Walden
Prescott Valley, AZ

When a Cat Adopts You...

When you adopt a cat, every day is amazing. You get to interact with a small, furry, childlike person who may speak a very different language, but who definitely understands love.

The same is true when a cat adopts you.

Four years ago, during a small summer barbecue in the backyard, my family was adopted. A tiny, severely malnourished, sweet gray cat with a loud voice frightened my young daughter and chased her across the lawn. "It's just a cat!" we shouted reassuringly - whereupon she turned around and, all innocence and eagerness, chased the little gray cat back across the lawn. Eventually we got it all sorted out over a hamburger slider.

The little gray cat clearly needed help. She was far too thin, her paws were ragged, and her ear crinkled with injury and rehealed. She had no microchip or identification. For weeks, all she did was eat ravenously (that hamburger was gone in seconds) and sleep. But after lots of care, good food, and love, she woke up - and turned into a healthy and active young cat.

Today Jazzi is a mischievous, playful, loving member of the family. She still loves to eat, but she also loves to be brushed, plays endlessly with paper and cardboard, and considers the bath mat her personal property. She pokes fun at the other cats, too, which is a good thing; they need a little waking up every now and again.

Sure we rescued her. She wouldn't have survived much longer on the streets. But she added something sweet and irreplaceable to our family as well. We wouldn't be the same without her.

We're so grateful to have been adopted.

Rain City, WA


For 12 years, this big beautiful boy was mine; his feet never once touched grass. Last week, after a two-week illness, I had to help him cross over the Rainbow Bridge and say goodbye. To say my heart is broken is an understatement. For 12 years, Bailey’s Irish Crème (“Bailey” to his friends, but “Bailey-Boy” to me) met me at the door each day, sat on my vanity to “help” me get ready for work each morning, and let me know when it was bedtime each night. My Bailey-Boy liked to be rocked, would never ever consider sleeping on an unmade bed, and loved his “beauty-shop” time. I will love and miss this very special kitty-boy always. Rest well my sweet Bailey-Boy.

Freida Talley
Dalton, GA


We already have a 63# 12 yr old otterhound, so wasn't anticipating adding another Furkid. But Life interferes for a purpose.............we gave a donation in Memory to an Animal Hospital where a friend was a Staff Veterinarian before losing her battle with Cancer. That's how I learned about George, a "Special Guest" there.

George had been a patient at the Clinic for over a year since having surgery in 2016 to remove an eye from trauma, etc. When we met in summer 2017, George had become an owner surrender due to financial reasons. It was because recently another surgery was required to remove the other eye.

I fell in LOVE at "first sight" with this now blind 13#, 8yr old shihtzu-poodle mix! So a meet and greet with hubby and our Furkid, Harley was arranged. There is a happy ending...............

MAX now has a 2nd chance with a new loving and forever family. He has a BIG personality and doesn't feel or act handicapped at all.

PLS consider Adopting a Special Needs or Older Pet...........the unconditional Love you get in return for being the "chosen" one is PRICELESS!!!

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