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Angel Sent by God

I found Angel around the end of July 2014. We'd just lost my husband's black kitty Mischief to lymphoma and were discussing adopting a new kitty from a local shelter--my husband wanted me to pick it out this time because it'd been longer since my own kitty had passed; I decided I wanted a white kitten, something I hadn't had for ages. So one night not long after we had buried Mischief, while on my computer, I started hearing plaintive mews from out in my side yard. We have lots of visiting strays and one neighbor with his own cats, so I initially tuned it out. Some 20 minutes later, I realized the mewing was getting more distressed sounding, so I grabbed an umbrella and went out in the pouring rain to see if a kitten was stuck somewhere. What I found was a tiny, white kitten, no more than 3-4 weeks old, face-down in the wet grass, seemingly unable to get up, its feral mother sitting about 5 feet away looking completely detached and unconcerned. I picked up the kitten (because, seriously, what else could I do?) and took it inside, where my husband was waiting with a towel, and wrapped it up, rubbing it dry and keeping it held in my arms until it quieted down and fell asleep.

Later, I discovered it was a female; I bottle-fed her, weaned her and litter-box-trained her. She's now used to being petted whenever she eats, is very purry and has no health problems, other than being overweight from me erring on the side of caution trying to be sure she got enough to eat after weaning. I don't think it's a coincidence that she is exactly the type of cat I was considering getting from the shelter, because this is the second time we have had a cat "sent" to us by God (yes, even my agnostic husband believes that). Proof of that is the fact that the little played-leg kitten face-down in the grass had fallen right in front of Mischief's grave!

She's 1.5 years old here.

Gamin Davis
Springdale, AR

My Rescue Cat

My mom needed to get her pet friendly carpet cleaning shampoo, and all of the local stores were sold out. I suggested trying the pet store since I had seen it there before. My sister and I went inside to find the cleaner, but we also ended up looking at the animals who were up for adoption. There was a cat named Boo whose adoption price had been marked down to $10. He looked like he had given up as I watched him barely raise his head when we walked past. When we checked out, my sister asked why Boo’s adoption price was so low. He had been transferred to the store from the local animal shelter in hopes of giving him more time to be adopted. Boo’s time was almost up, and the shelter would take him back, label him “unadoptable,” and he would be euthanized. My boyfriend and I had been talking about adopting a second cat, so I said I would talk to him about coming back to get Boo. My sister and I barely backed out of the parking space before I told her to stop. I went back inside and adopted Boo. They didn’t say much about his previous experience other than he was skittish and had a tendency to bite as a defense mechanism from prior abuse. I changed his name to Phillip to try and give him a new chance at life. For the first few days, all he did was sleep. Then, he made a tremendous turnaround and started showing his true personality. Nearly two years later, he is full of life and personality! He follows me around our apartment, love treats, chirps at birds outside, and holds a special place in my heart. I have no doubt that I was meant to be at that pet store at that moment! I cannot begin to imagine what his first 2 1/2 years of life were like before I met him, but I make sure he knows he is loved and will be well taken care of for the rest of his life.

Wabash, IN

The cat who Stitched my heart

I had recently moved back to my home town. I was battling depression as I was struggling to get settled into a new life with my two cats. A neighbour in my building, had invited me over for coffee to see her new kitten. She had recently lost one of her two senior cats. The cat had escaped out of the apartment building while she had gone to work. She had found a little tabby kitten who was a bundle of energy and mischief. I met this little fur ball and quite liked him. He came up to me claimed me as I sat on her couch. A few days later I had found the neighbour's cat in the alley.

Upon realizing she had her beloved cat back, the neighbour decided she didn't need the kitten anymore and wanted to throw out the tabby kitten in the alley. I insisted that I take him. I knew nothing about the little guy other than he was fuzzy and cute. She happily gave me the cat who I would name Stitch after the Disney movie character. He was little, looking for a home and a family and I was broken. Ohana applied since none were left behind. The night I brought Stitch home, he wolfed down all the food he could muster, and proclaimed the place his own. He later curled up in the crook of my neck when it was time to sleep, and purred the entire night. He always falls asleep with his paw on my hand. He didn't bat an eye when it came to my two other cats. They took to him after two weeks and taught him how to cat. Ten years and three major depressions later, we are and still Ohana.

Edmonton, AB, Canada

When 2 hearts and 8 paws saved my life

It's been almost 6 years since my father passed away. I was so sad and depressed, and didn't quite know what to do. Later that month, I saw a Facebook post about 2 cats, sisters, needing a new home. Something about that photo struck a cord, deep inside me. Black cats get a bad wrap, but when I met them, I immediately fell in love, and never questioned they were meant to be mine. I've never owned cats before, and didn't know what I was in for. Dogs, sure, but never cats. I asked my friends who had cats, and they were so supportive with tips and best practices. I brought these 2 girls home, and by the 2nd night in my home, they were purring up against me, and sleeping on my bed. It's been the best love I've ever known. If anyone is to be in my life, they must love my girls, and my girls must love them. They are my world, and I hope I am theirs. I may have rescued them, but in truth, they ABSOLUTELY rescued me. They gave me unconditional love when I needed it most, and I would go to the ends of the Earth for them. Welcome to my place, the Liz Carlton, a "4 Paw" resort.

Bakersfield, CA

A Black Cat named Cream

Until now I wonder what this sweet baby had gone through. Her whole body especially her belly hurts with the slightest touch. Scared of broom or any long object we're holding, she'll cringed like we'll hit her with it or something. Front declawed and fixed, so at 1 point in her life she must have had a home. Now, such a big change. She purrs and rubs on you to death. She'll wake my daughter up for school, the same time every morning including weekends :p She'll get worried if our other cat gets up on the fence.

You can see the difference between the cat that's been out and scared for her life compared to our one that's been pampered like a baby. She's always still cautious and lets us carry her now. We try to make her understand that nobody is going to kick her or hit her anymore and that she doesn't have to hide ever again. Our Male Cat loves her, his name is Cheese. Now we have Cream and Cheese!

Picture on top is Cream now. Bottom is when we just got her.

Chicago, IL

The Cat Who Fell Out Of The Tree

My husband, Michael, and I lived in a small apartment complex when we first got together. One day in the late fall, we came home from grocery shopping and noticed movement in the small dogwood tree in the side yard of our building. Suddenly, out from the branches fell a solid black cat. He then rushed over to us and did the famous "flop" right at our feet.

Well, that was it for me. However, Michael insisted that since we already had a dog and a cat we couldn't take in any more animals. So all during that autumn I left food and water out for the stray, and I would pet him whenever I went outside. The weather got colder and colder, and a couple of days before Christmas it actually started snowing. I came in from work and before I could get anything out, Michael grumbled, "Get the carrier, let's take him to the vet to make sure he's healthy". And that was how we first met Simon.

Simon lived to be about 24 years old. We just had to let him go a couple of weeks ago due to extreme old age and mini strokes. But he was loved and pampered every day he was with us, and we will miss him for the rest of our lives.

Kemin McCutchen
Atlanta, GA

Vanimandor the healer she saved me

in 2006 I lost my 4 cats in a fire, needless to say I was devastated, then a co worker mentionned she had a friend given away kittens, it had been about a month but figured lets go see. so I went and saw this frisky litttle lady clawing and full of energy. I decided she was the one for me. so I took her home, and she hated car rides she clawed at the box like crazy. she helped me get over my loses. Together we went through many towns cause of my work, she enjoyed walk outside on her arness, climbing fences and sleepin on the back rest of my chair. then on feb 28th 2016 she had an epilepsy attack, after a while she seemed fine, so I took care to stay with her and be there in need, then march 2nd she went over the rainbow bridge in my arms knowing I will always love her and keep a special place in my heart for her, Vani you brother Jack, Pika and sister Tati and Lady will be waithing for you over the bridge you all in my heart keep an eye on me

Alain Carrier
sherbrooke, QC, Canada

18 years of Sweet Pea

This is my beloved cat Sweet Pea. I rescued her in 1998. She was just a kitten but she had been badly abused. She was very timid and did not trust people. Over the years she grew into a beautiful cat and eventually she came around and would let us pet her. She got plenty of love and affection after that. Sweet Pea was the best cat ever, she would never leave the yard, and mostly stayed in the house. She loved to groom herself, always keeping her beautiful coat looking it's best. She had a long happy life growing up with my children. Sadly, one day, in the summer of 2015, she had a stroke which left her back legs paralyzed. She couldn't walk. I lovingly cared for her, providing her with all her basic needs. She never gave up trying to walk and would crawl using her front paws. Sweet Pea loved sitting on the back patio in the sun. However, in February 2016, she began to cry, it was a different cry from her normal meow. This was something that sounded very sad, like she was in pain. I tried comforting her but over the next several weeks her cries just became more frequent and more distressed. She was no longer enjoying life. All she did was sleep and eat and I would carry her outside to relieve herself. Sometimes she would stay out in the sun, but she mostly just slept and cried. I knew the time was here, she was relying on me to take care of her, but there was nothing more I could do. I held her extra close her final few days, giving her as much love as I could. It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do, but on February 25, 2016, at the age of 18, I took Sweet Pea for one last ride to the vet. It was time to say goodbye. She was purring when the vet came in. She looked at me and went to sleep, purring loudly, as if saying thank you and farewell.

Anita L Beesley
Apple Valley, CA


Back in August 2000 someone was giving away an American Eskimo. He was 10 months old and it didn't take us long to realize that he had separation anxiety and we learned never to let him home alone. He became our buddy and our constant companion. Last Saturday, February 27, 2016, our buddy went over the rainbow bridge. We are so heartbroken and our house is no longer a home. It is just filled with memories and the sadness we feel at the loss of our friend. I just don't know if I could endure this pain again.

Altoona, PA

Precious BabyGirl Kittykat

In 1996, I had roommates. One of my roommates, Jerry, brought home two kittens. He gave me one (Smokey) and he kept one (I forget what he named her then). One day I came home and he had thrown his kitten up against the wall, she was lying there stunned. I asked him what happened, what was wrong with her? He told me she bit him so he threw her across the room. If I could have afforded to kick him out, I would have but instead she immediately became my kitten and he was banned from touching her ever again. She was such a sweet little calico that I immediately renamed her Precious BabyGirl.

Last week, after 20 years together, kidney disease won the battle she'd been fighting for a year or so. She was gently and lovingly sent to the rainbow bridge, in her mommy's arms. We spent a lot of quality time together in her last week. We spent her last 24 hours with each other, lying on the couch as she was too weak to do much else.

She never did anything you told her to, she never cooperated with anything asked of her and she never acknowledged that any rules applied to her. She was precious, she was b1tchy, she was spoiled and she was loved.

Martinsburg, WV
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