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Dog rescue

Incident happened at night in October 2015. I got call from a friend about a street dog stuck between wall and bar of grill while it was chasing a cat. I rushed there and saw that lots of people were trying to save the dog. I suggested people that its matter of minute to release the dog if gate gets open. So someone called owner of that compound and he opened the gate. As gate got open i caught legs of dog so that it i can change its position as it came in sleeping position i pulled it out easily from the gap.

Palak Thakor
surat, India

Sisters for life!

We lost our border collie mix Sassy a year and half ago. She was 3 months shy of 17 years old. We were devastated and did not want another dog right away. Well, it took about 2 months for us to realize we needed another fur baby to get over missing Sassy.

We adopted Sally, a 1 year old sheltie/shepherd mix who definitely chose us as we walked by her cage. I think Sassy had something to do with that! About six months later I had convinced my husband Sally needed a sister. I had always regretted Sassy being an only child. We adopted Sandi, a 1 year old terrier mix from the same shelter as Sally. We saw her ears before the rest of her. They love each other and play together constantly. They are sisters for life!

Surprise, AZ

Rainy Day Miracle

My husband is an MP (Military Police) one night when he was getting ready to start shift he got a call from his guys out at a guard shack off post that they had found a small kitten taking shelter in the guard shack from the rain we had been having all day. He told them to try and find the owner and leave his name and number to call him just in case she didn't show up.

Of course she didn't so on my way home I stopped by and picked her up. She clung to him and he was in love already. She curled up in my back seat and passed out before we left the parking lot.

We named her Jinx (top). It only took about a week to get her and our 7 month old cat (Bella - bottom) to love each other. In the mean time I took her to get all her shots and check-ups. When I went to get her fixed the vet called me to tell me that she was chipped and they had to call the owner. I was already bawling at this point and scared my husband half to death when I called but he said they'd have to take him to court to take our sweet baby away. Turns out those nasty people at The Haven (look that up, it was terrible) were the ones trying to claim her so the vet said legally she was ours anyways because we had the last medical records to prove we'd been taking care of her.

Once that was handled we got her home and haven't let her out of our sight since. My husband was never a cat person before but Bella (bottom) and Jinx (top) have changed that forever and they are inseparable.

Lillington, NC

You Left A Paw Print On My Heart

My Kiara was a special girl. She came from a house full of animals. She was with me for 19 years. She loved me. I felt it. She waited for me every day staring out the window and running back and forth if I took too long to come inside.

She greeted me with head butts and cries, purrs and excitement. She would wait on the bathroom counter as I showered. She would sleep with me every night no matter where I was. She would sit with me or near me, always. We went through a lot together...Watching a child become an adult, breakups, deaths, break-ins, new jobs, birthday parties, vacations, moving, illness, new editions, happiness and fear. She made me happy.

When I found out she had cancer my heart was broken. It moved so quickly. It was in her mouth and it made it hard for her to eat. So I fed her through a syringe to make sure she was getting nourishment, she was on medicine to control the pain. She struggled to drink so I would splash the water on the side of her mouth so she could get enough. She could manage to get down rotisserie chicken. I went to as many stores as I had to for that chicken. (I still cry when I pass that at the store)

We were a stubborn two. Neither of us wanted to let go. Even through all if this, she still slept with me. She stayed because I begged for "just one more night" every day until she couldn't get up to greet me anymore. We both knew it was time. On her last day, I didn't want to leave her side, even after she was gone. She was more than a cat. She was my kitty soulmate and her paw prints are forever on my heart.

union city, CA

The Passing of my 20 year old Tiger Cat

My Tiger Cat, Miss Kandee was 20 yrs old when she passed away on January 4, 2016. She died of old age. Kandee died in her sleep. She was strickly an indoor cat. She didn't have health problem she was healthy. Her vision was starting to fade a year ago.

She will be truely missed in my life. I saved her life and she saved my life from destruction. I truely do believe that she was Heaven Sent.



Lynette Campbell
Linglestown, PA

Our Fabulous Frodo

In 2006 I was 17 years old when our house burned to the ground and we tragically lost all 4 of our beloved cats, as well as tanks full of rodents and fish. We were obviously heartbroken, and hesitant to consider getting another pet so soon. Well, my mom had a job that required her to visit animal shelters (DD career coach) and it wasn't long at all before she had fallen in love with a gangly pair of hyperactive adolescent twin brothers. They were called Frodo and Gandalf, inspired by Tolkien of course. For a year they were an absolute hurricane of love and joy. Getting into everything, pouncing on you from above, and terrorizing our old dog, they ruled the roost. And then one night Frodo woke me up and insisted that I follow him outside. He was crying in a way I've never heard before or since. Tragically, Gandalf had gotten out and was hit by a car right in front of our house. His brother wanted to make sure that I found him in time, and he passed away there in my arms. Frodo grieved for weeks, until a feral litter was abandoned in our yard. Caring for these kittens gave him some comfort, and he did it for the rest of his long beloved life, because rescues always seem to find us. He would even let them mock nurse! Our beloved Frodo, sometimes called Dodi, became ill just 2 months ago, and before we could even get a diagnosis he passed away at home on 2/21/16. Our lives will never be the same, and we are so blessed to have known a cat like him.

Eugene, OR


I posted Kira's story on here a few months ago and figured I'd post about his brother!

I worked at a theater last summer that was next to the inner loop. (The inner loop is a highway that loops through our downtown area.) One of our employees let us know she heard meowing late at night, so we went to check it out. There were baby cries from brush on the side of the highway, not seeing anything we left food and went home.

The food was gone the next day and we heard the cries again. Turns out a small Kitten was just in sight past the fence. Squeezing through we tried to lure him to us, didn't happen. We tried to go to him, but he hid in a hole. Every night for the next week we would leave food and sit by the fence and each night he would creep closer. Everyone at the theater starting getting involved and one guy made the kitten a makeshift box bed.

He was still skiddish after a week and as it just so happened the highway was to be filled in and his little tree home destroyed the next month, so during my day shift I brought in a live trap and within five minutes the hungry little one was inside.

I brought him home with all intents to re-home him, I didn't even give him a nickname! But, my boyfriend did and he became so attached I said we could fit ONE more into our family.

Little Master Bruce Wayne (for his huge bat ears!) was energetic and loving. He quickly warmed up to everyone and everything. He's almost two now and the biggest cat we have! Our oldest, Cash, will still bathe him like he's her baby, Kira tolerates him (he loved being the only baby!) and our dog loves to play hide and seek with him under our covers.

We found our furry superhero!

Angelle Martin
Rochester, NY

Master Batcat

I just recently said goodbye to the best Batcat a girl could ever have after 19 years of loving companionship, face licks and head boops.

Podge was the tiniest ball of fur with the biggest belly when I rescued him and his even smaller brother, Midge from being 'dumped', and we all had a wonderful and happy life together.

He saw me through the various traumas and trials that human relationships can bring with a rugged determination, and filled my life with an unconditional love that no human has matched - providing his food was ready in timely fashion!

He thought nothing of hogging the entire bed, staring at me in the bathroom and singing me the song of his people at 3am and I cannot tell you how much his natural passing has left a huge hole in my life.

He really was a big part of my life and a happy cat. He loved to play sentry duty on that gate post, ready to grab Lubs and hugs from any unsuspecting person that walked by.

He's gone over the Rainbow Bridge and I know he is waiting for the day we meet again.

Wear that Bat mask with pride Podgey Boy. You wore it so well.

Jenny Lowman
London, United Kingdom

Our Flower Pot Baby

We had 4 indoor cats after we got married. Two boys mine & two girls my Husband. I moved into my Husbands house in suburban GA. We thought our 4 cats were more than enough for our new family. However feral cats came to our back door begging for handouts. How could I just look into those hungry eyes and ignore them? So of course I fed them and then they began to multiply! Oh Boy! We had to do the right thing and discovered that you could catch, fix & release feral cats! Too late for the litter of 5 in our backyard. I took this adorable pic of one kitten who favored our flower pot. With God's help I was able to capture all kittens during one terrific rain storm! They scurried into our drain pipe on the side of our house & Mama cat ran somewhere else for cover. I knew it was my big chance - so I took it. In the back door ringing wet with the muddy pipe full of mud & kittens. I thought I caught 1 - ALL of them were inside! Well.....this story is getting long. Bottom line: We found homes for the 2 girls & ended up keeping the 3 boys. All of the outdoor cats are fixed & living their happy lives. The kitten in the flower pot is our beloved "Skeeter". He likes to play fetch & is a sweet loving boy. We couldn't imagine our lives without every single one of our fur babies.

Tanja Ray
Lawrenceville, GA

From Feral FIV+ Tom to Loving Lap Cat

"I've caught another cat," announces my friend who sets a live-trap for possums raiding his chook pen.

''Domestic or feral?"

"Looks pretty wild to me."

"Female or male?"

"Male, probably -- it's pretty big."

I sigh. "Bring it over, then."

When they show up, I see a huge, scruffy black-and-white cat crouched against the wire mesh, its green eyes wide with the unfocused terror I'd seen a year before with Phantom, my first feral cat, trapped by the same friend in the same place. After five weeks of hiding in a dark corner of the roomy enclosure I'd built, she'd gradually become a trusting, playful, affectionate companion.

But she'd been five months old at most. This big tom looked five years, probably more. What were the chances I could earn his trust?

But what choice did I have, except to try? Taking him to the tiny local SPCA was a virtual death sentence. Staffed by volunteers at one cat-lover's home, it had neither space, time, or resources to tame a wild adult cat unlikely to be adopted..

We put it in "Phantom's Palace." I brought food twice daily, speaking gently to the shadow in the darkest corner, cleaning the litterbox, and leaving. After five weeks, he started emerging, inch by inch, to take meat from my hand. Then I tentatively scratched his chin as he ate, eliciting a tiny purr. During five more weeks of incremental progress, he accepted stroking, then holding; then he learned to play and vocalise.

When he trusted enough to enter a carrier, I had him neutered. The vet discovered he had no teeth, due to FIV! With much care, he became a strong, shiny, robustly healthy cat, occupying my home office with a catdoor to his own deck enclosure complete with tree. He loves to play, "talks" constantly, and basks in affection from me and all who visit.

Now an endless source of love and delight, Photon ("a small particle of fast-moving light") is a constant reminder never to give up on any animal. Love and patience truly can conquer almost anything!

Lethea Erz
Golden Bay, New Zealand
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