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Kitten thief

Late summer two years ago a black cat showed up at our house. I started putting out food and water hoping to keep it fed so it would kill the wild birds that came to the feeder. As cold weather approached I made a feral cat house out of a cooler for it. It went unused. I continued to put food and water out and the food would be gone the next day. I would not see the cat everyday and not sure where it went to keep warm in the below freezing temps. In the spring while I was away caring for a sick brother my husband called and said that the cat that I thought was a male had kittens in our shed. When I came home a month later the now "Momma Kitty" growled and hissed when I went to put food out. We decided to trap her to have her spayed as I did not see the babies nursing. After leaving her at the vet I trapped the three kittens and brought them inside to socialize with the hopes of finding them forever homes. After the doctor spayed "momma" she called to inform us that "this cat has never had kittens", When we asked where the babies came from she said "momma" probably stole them. After returning "momma" to our yard we soon started to hear coyotes nearby. We enclosed the porch with hardware cloth and made an insulated house with a light for the winter. She soon became tame enough to pet and pick up for a few seconds. Well, you can probably guess, "momma" and all three kittens found their forever homes - inside with our other cat and two dogs. All get along fine and keep us entertained.

Faye Kratzer
Robbinsville, NC

Abandoned after 14 years

He already had a name. In fact, he had a home for fourteen years, with the same family since he was a kitten. When his owners moved into a new apartment, they decided to make Sonny an outdoor cat, even though he had always spent most of his time indoors. He lived on the steps and porch of the apartment building, and his owners threw out scraps of food if they remembered. I noticed him out there as I walked by with my dog and learned his story, so I started bringing a can of food every morning and night. He was missing part of one ear from an unfortunate encounter with a dog some years ago. He had to fight with feral cats and run from loose dogs in the neighborhood, so he was always nervous when we approached him.

In May, I found out that the owners had moved away and left him. He was still sitting there, hoping they would come back, but they never did. Even though I had been feeding him for a couple of months, I never dreamed of taking him. I'd never even owned a cat and didn't even know how to care for one. I also wasn't sure about my ten-year-old rescue dog accepting him. Still, I went to the pet store and bought every cat supply that I thought I would need, and I scooped him into the cat carrier and brought him home. It has been over four months, and he is a happy and healthy old man. He spends his days hunting and napping in the back yard, and his evenings are spent lounging in the den, sharing snacks with us and enjoying his new life. The dog has accepted him, as long as he stays away from her treats! I'm so glad that he came to live with us, and I will never understand how someone could abandon him. He is a welcome addition to our family!

Michelle Hyde
Florence, AL

One Last Chance

They dumped her at the adoption center in the middle of a rainy night, taped up in a box and shoved under the bumper of a van… the last detail to be taken care of by people with no desire to take on a spoiled cat after the death of her elderly human. She spent the next two weeks in a cage suffering the indignities of physicals, unwelcome handling, and the frightening sounds and smells of a building being remodeled around her. She wasn’t at her best, and didn’t understand she needed to be if she was going to find a new home.

As the days passed, her temperament grew worse. It became apparent she wasn’t doing well – and would continue to decline. The sad reality of animal rescue is that there isn’t room for one who isn’t at all trying to cooperate. She was moved from the cage to a carrier and put back in the same van she had been shoved under several weeks before… on the way to being put down.

Enter my husband and me, in the very nick of time. We had just buried our Gypsy – another rescue – and had room for another furchild. We lean toward hard cases… older, abandoned, special needs… unwanted rejects without hope.

It wasn’t a match made in heaven. Nana wasn’t any happier with us than she had been at the rescue. It took nine months to convince her she was home to stay. She now sleeps with us – and anywhere else she pleases. She comes to me at least once a day for combing and loving.

Home, again, at last.

So be patient. Be open to the ones who aren’t perfect. You never know when the perfect one might be hiding inside – like Nana.

Jenny Dahl
Oklahoma City, OK

Mufasa, Leave Behind or Take With Me in my RV

I came to stay with friends in ID last yr while filing for my disability, which I was awarded recently. While here I befriended a semi-feral spayed Female cat that had been left behind yrs ago by a previous renter. I've managed to tame her considerably. She likes food. I can pet & hold her. She seeks out love & affection from me. She sleeps on my bed. My friend says I should take her when I move. Mufasa only knows living free in farm country. I would LOVE to adopt her. I bought an RV. Mufasa Loves being in it. She wasn't thrilled when I started it up, but she did really well with the new experience.

I'm leaving this area next month. I want Mufasa to come with me. I'm the Only emotional attachment Mufasa has besides Eddie, the dog. I'm her person. She is very content being inside. She is food motivated.

Can I use that trait to solve the following: Mufasa will only go to the bathroom outside in the dirt in her "special spots". She'll hold her pee/poo all night & wait to go outside in the AM. I tried dirt from the yard in a litter box in the RV, no dice. If cats could laugh Mufasa would have when I showed it to her & tried to place her in it. What can I do to get an approximately 6 yr old cat who's lived outside her entire life to live indoors & use a litter box??

I just want to do right by Mufasa. The thought of her getting left here one renter after another kills me. I'm concerned she will be stressed in the RV. Food can only fix so much. Although I think she could get used to being confined. Its the litter box training that's got me really worried.


Cindy Montalbano
Rupert, ID

My Angel with Paws

Easter 2014, I was sick with severe bronchitis. I took a nap, suddenly woke at 9:30pm. I decided to take trash out and look at the stars. As I opened the front door, I noticed two pairs of eyes in the dark. Turning on porch light, I saw 2 cats. One striped and one all white. I went outside, striped cat ran off, and white cat looked up at me with crystal blue eyes. He was the cutest most beautiful Cat I’d ever seen! I walked to garbage can, when I came back, white cat was still there, sitting in same spot as if he was waiting for me. He sweetly looked up at me again, and I instinctively picked him up. He snuggled his head under my neck, put his paw around me and purred. I stood there, holding him and felt a wave of love. He held onto me tighter with his paw, as if he knew. I carried him inside the warm house and told him,“that’s it, you’re staying.” I put him down, he wandered around and sniffed everything for over an hour. I left him a dish of milk, chopped turkey and bowl of water, and went back to bed. 20 minutes later he found me - ran into my room, jumped on my bed, laying next to me with his head on my pillow, and paw on my chest where my lung hurt. He stayed that way all night, not leaving my side holding me with his paw. At Sunrise, he softly brushed my face with his pink nose and whiskers, as I petted him and he purred. I wondered where this magical Cat came from. It had to be a miracle. I rescued him and he rescued me. He is the light of my life, my Angel with Paws. And, 2.5 years later, he wakes me with purr-fect furry love every am, and he still sleeps with me every night.

Traci Elizabeth
Las Vegas, NV


While getting ready for work one morning my roommate and I saw a man standing at our glass backdoor. We immediately called the Police and that afternoon I went to our Humane Society to get a “medium” size dog. Walking down the aisles of caged runs with all the dogs either barking or whining for my attention I noticed a very skinny, male Great Dane pushed against the back of his pen. I walked past because I was looking for medium, not huge. I went back and asked to see him. He perked up a bit when we were outside together but not much. Back inside I saw he was scheduled to be euthanized the next day. That was NOT going to happen! It was too late that day to adopt him. I felt horrible knowing he’d think he’d been left again. The next morning I was the first in line and when he saw me he was wagging his tail so much I thought he’d fall over. Slathered in kisses by both his tongue and eyes we headed to my tiny two door car. He didn’t wait for an invitation, climbed in back and sat in the middle blocking my mirror with his enormous head the whole way home. He assumed that position every time we went in the car and always sat on the couch with all four feet touching the floor.

I got married not long after that and when my son was walking he’d always close his eyes tight because Rufus’ wagging tail would get him in the face every time. Rufus crossed over the rainbow bridge from Lymph Cancer 4 years after I got him. That was the only time I ever saw my husband cry. I still think of him often, 32 years later. We love and miss you Rufus – Mom. (We lost a bunch of photos but this public domain photo looks very much like Rufus.)

Salem, OR

Taco the three legged cat

Good meowning!

Taco the Cat only has 3 legs. He was in an accident as a kitten and the PDSA had to amputate one of his front legs. After spending some time at a local rescue (Rescue Me Animal Sanctuary, Liverpool, UK) he chose his furever home with Button (another rescue kitty) and their humans.

People often ask how Taco copes with 3 legs and are often worried/upset if their cat is in a similar situation facing amputation.

So we made a video to help those who have concerns or who may be considering adopting a three legged furiend!

Button and Taco

Liverpool, United Kingdom

Gorgeous George

In 2004, approximately 2 months following the death of my son's cat, Maggie-Mae, we headed to our local Humane Society to see if we could find 2 more felines to embrace us.

My son found a 3-month old kitten right away and named her Missy-Mae. She was almost identical in markings and character that Maggie was. Me, I was more discerning. I walked up and down looking into the cages numerous times. Finally I stopped in front of a cage that looked way too small for the cat that was inside of it. He didn't call attention to himself. He just laid there with his head on his paws and golden eyes, following me going up and down. He seemed to be saying to himself, "Why bother, they only want the little kittens anyways'.

So I asked permission to take him out his cage. Permission granted and when I adjusted him to my chest...he was a big fella, he immediately put a paw on each shoulder and nuzzled his head right into my neck and let out a loud "puurrrrrr' which I took to mean "I'm yours". I took him home that very day.

George was so affectionate and even tempered that I brought him to the nursing home I worked at, and because he was too heavy to carry (weighed almost 18 lbs) I got a wheelchair to place him in; and he sat in that wheelchair for almost 2 hours, during which time he let many of the residents pet him, and even let me place him in a bed to lie down beside a bedridden resident. We continued to do this for many years.

Unfortunately, Missy-Mae passed away in 2014 from kidney disease. Then this April 2016, George was diagnosed with kidney disease. With sub q's twice a week, George did well until this past week. He started not to eat and then on Friday, September 26th, I noticed blood in his litter box. George was euthanized on Friday, September 26, 2016 and I miss him immensely. Of all my cats, he was truly unique. R.I.P.

Sault Ste. Marie, ON, Canada


Chloe came to us from a puppy mill situation. She was in a run in a barn in rural Ontario with no heat or hydro. The people who took her out of there believed that the dogs were never let outside the barn. She was around 4 ½ years old.

Wheatens need to be groomed as they have hair not fur. Chloe had never been cut and we were told that she looked like a dirty, smelly sheep. The mats pull at their skin and the whole mess needed to be cut off her. The foster told us that she was thrilled to be out from under it.

I met her the next day and I’ll never forget her little curious face peeking out from behind her big foster brother Logan. As I talked to the foster she kept coming back and leaning into my leg. She was so starved for gentle, loving contact. It was like she’d never experienced it before and she probably hadn’t. I remember thinking to myself this dog will be alright as she’s still more curious than afraid. A week later she came home with us.

She had so much to learn. Housebreaking, walking on a leash, elevators, stairs, coats and the dog park. And so many new things to experience. Fresh water always. More food than she could eat. Treats and belly rubs. Soft beds and sleeping with the people who loved her. The knowledge that people could be trusted. For seven glorious years she was ours. She was the sweetest, gentlest dog in the world.

We ended her suffering from a vicious cancer on August 30th. She died at home surrounded by the people who loved her. We will miss her forever.

Deborah Soroka
Toronto, ON, Canada

Rescued bears touch soil for the first time

What a monumental and wonderful day it was for PrideRock Wildlife Refuge’s staff and the three bears. Rowdy, Coco and Toro were saved from euthanasia in January from a closing sanctuary where they had lived on concrete. Never having touched soil, PrideRock build an outdoor play pen for the bears and then anxiously awaited the day the bears would take their first steps on ground. The bears were a little hesitant at first but by the end of the day, where running, swimming, and touching nose-to-nose for the first time.

PrideRock staff was thrilled, proud and overwhelmed with emotions.

Toro, our shy bear, took a dive in the pool first. Coco decided to follow Toro, and Rowdy is still apprehensive about the new liquid. Although the three bears were raised together, they have never been able to touch nose-to-nose. Coco and Toro touched noses through the fence first and then Coco and Rowdy followed.

All three bears have thoroughly sniffed their hammocks, logs, and platforms, but so far, can't figure out what they are for or how to get on them.

The next morning, Rowdy, Coco, and Toro romped again in their new digs and Coco ran in and out of her tube, going around in circles as if she had found the best toy in the world.

The PrideRock bears are special and fortunate. Not only did they escape an untimely death, but they ended up at PrideRock Wildlife Refuge, which makes the animals a top priority and spares no expense to make the animals as happy as the can be. Rowdy, Coco and Toro are now enjoying the fresh air, soft soil on their feet, climbing tree logs and swimming the back stroke. PrideRock Wildlife Refuge is blessed to have these three bears and know it is a rare privilege to share their lives with them.

Robyn Wheeler
Terrell, TX
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